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Do they use the word chutzpah in Texas? If not they should. Other than the standard example—the boy who kills his parents and asks the court for leniency because he’s an orphan—this is a damn good example. “Texas state lawmakers want an expanded right to carry guns in public places,” the UPI reports, “a right that wouldn’t be extended to other citizens.” In other words, some Texas lawmakers believe they should be exempt from the laws that they passed on restricting concealed carry (e.g. bars, churches, schools, sporting events and amusement parks), laws that they’re sworn to uphold. And why would that be? Let’s ask the bill’s sponsor, Tim Kleinschmidt . . .

“Obviously we present a greater target for those people that are emotionally disturbed out there in the public than the average person does,” Rep. Tim Kleinschmidt, R-Lexington, told the Fort Worth (Texas) Star-Telegram Saturday. “With that gold pin on your jacket, when you put that nameplate on and [stand] at the microphone, you make a target.”

And now Kleinschmidt and his colleagues are a target for enraged Texas concealed carry permit holders who vote. Gun owners who feel, rightly, that an elected official has no more right to exercise his Second Amendment rights than they do.

Ever the politician, Kleinschmidt has an answer for that one: by establishing the right to carry anywhere for legislators he’s paving the way for the common man.

What we have learned over a period of time … we have to incrementally approach these situations . . . If you try to jump all the way to the wall in one jump, invariably someone strikes you down.

I just threw up in my mouth a little. Oh, and did you see that “R” in front of Kleinschmidt’s district? Yup. And Democrats know a politicial opporunity when they see one (even if this particular Democrat was stupid enough to tell the media he doesn’t carry a gun).

“I think it’s another example of legislators trying to live above the law,” Rep. Lon Burnam, D-Fort Worth, “It sets a really bad example. It’s embarrassing, frankly.”

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  1. Limits on constitutional rights are for the little people. We’ll try this out for a while, and maybe we’ll consider expanding it for the commoners. Or some of them. If we see a potential political advantage in doing so.

    Or they may just forget about it after a while, in which case we’ll just leave things as they are and thumb our collective nose at the people who elect us.

    Tar. Feathers.

  2. Privileged elites always need protection from the “ignorant unwashed masses.” It’s an aspect of authoritarian regimes. New England liberal police officials (not beat cops but brass) jealously oppose any “armed civilian” because being armed in public is THE special perogative they “earn” at the police academy. They are better than you, you need them.

    Politicians with this attitude need to be returned to the masses. Vote him out.

    “A Free Man shall never be debarred the use of arms” –TJ knew tyrants

  3. Equal Protection?

    They get law enforcement, money, and security.

    A single mother with 3 small children is a lesser target?
    Her life and the lives of her children are worth LESS than that of a politician?

  4. As mandated in the Texas Constitution, the Legislature meets for 140 days every two years. (There are a number of people who believe that to be a typo – shoulda been “meet for two days every 140 years.”) Texas legislators are just this side of volunteers. Public service in Texas is…different. For instance, the two most powerful men in the state are the LIEUTENANT Governor (NOT the Governor) and the Speaker of the House. In many ways, the Governor has less power than the Lt. Governor.

    I bring all this up to remind everybody that the Texas has a rich history of politics. That history does not include the Legislature as targets for assassination, assault, or other mayhem.

    But you gotta admire the guy’s cojones. (Which is how we say “chutzpah” down in the Lone Star State.)

  5. “With that gold pin on your jacket, when you put that nameplate on and [stand] at the microphone, you make a target.”

    So take off the gold pin, step away from the microphone, and live like the rest of us.

  6. ALL citizens should be able to carry in any location that doesn’t meet ALL of the following requirements:

    1) Police officers not specifically on duty in that location must disarm
    2) A secure perimeter with metal detectors or physical searches is ENFORCED on all those who enter that perimeter (even airports don’t qualify for this one usually)
    3) Secure storage is provided for those who need to check their firearms

    About the only places that MAY qualify are prisons.

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