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“Bulletproof” by Zachary Caballero, performed at the 2011 Austin Slam Poetry Championship.

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  1. How can you counter such blazing eloquence?

    This isn’t about civil rights. It’s about placing constitutional liberties in the hands of students who haven’t taken their first government class yet.

    I wasn’t aware that exercising the second amendment (or any other ennumerated right, for that matter) required completion of a college level government class. That should cut down on the number of guns in this country.

  2. There was so much stupid in this ‘poetry’, that I was frightened that this kid should, possibly someday, be a regular voter. Really, the university is stealing money from this kid.

    I kept thinking ‘I guess Virginia Tech didn’t happen, right?’

    Cam Edwards played this on NRA News the other night. He then countered it with his own poetry slam. Hilarious.

    • “mikeb302000 says:

      April 25, 2011 at 1:30 PM

      Did you hear that audience appreciation of his message?”

      Of course we did. Just like the African plains, we have more cattle then cats.

    • This is a bit simplistic, but if the audience’s “appreciation” of the speaker’s “message” were the only criteria by which the value of an idea was measured, then we’d all be in real trouble.

      The audience at the Nuremburg Rallies was similarly enthusiastic in their response. And like the audience for a doggerel “slam” in Austin, TX, could be asssumed to have been similarly predisposed towards the speaker.

  3. I feel this issue has two somewhat related but ultimately separable components. Guns on campus for self-defense, and the expected level of maturity of a college student.

    Pretty much everything that the guy said about “guns on campus” was really false.

    What he indicated about the trending maturity of a modern college student was however true. Now I know there are MANY exceptions to this stereotype (I was one of them) but there still is something to be said on this issue.

    If a larger percentage of college-aged adults just acted like adults, then the right to adequately equip one’s self for personal defense while attending class would probably not even warrant debate. If a larger percentage of college-aged adults just acted like adults, there would be a lot of debates which could easily be put to rest.

    In the meantime I am content to not tell other people what to do or enforce my personal threshold of “responsible citizen” on them. If you allowed concealed carry on campuses starting tomorrow I truly do not believe there would be any observable uptick in violence. I think in most cases the people who have thought soberly about the responsibility of CC will do so, and those who haven’t won’t. Maybe it would even force students to acknowledge the fact that they are adults with adult responsibilities and improve behavior overall?


  4. Wow, an anti gun poem at an arts festival in the most liberal city in texas? Say it aint’ so.

  5. Maybe the average 19-yo frat boy doesn’t have the maturity to carry a beer, much less a pistol. But they can’t pack because they’re under 21. So what’s the issue? Grad students can’t carry — why not? Law students can’t carry — why not? Med students can’t carry — why not? Professors, administrators, grad assistants, all over 21, all responsible adults, can’t carry — why not?

    The average age of undergraduates at UT is 20.7 years. Senior undergrads and grad students make up about half the University student population. They are all disenfranchised. In the Graduate Schools (Graduate School, Graduate School of Business, and Pharm. D.), the average age is 29.4 years; 7.8 percent are more than 40 years old. The average age in Law School is 25.3 years. All of these students are more than mature enough to carry — so why not?

    Hey, wingnuts, stop with the bullshit already. We’re up to here with your crap.

  6. its the same argument over and over again. the anti-CC on campus’ main argument is that its going to make every student a gun-toting psycho. this isnt about giving every student a gun and say go to class. its about letting those who ALREADY HAVE A STATE ISSUED PERMIT TO CARRY, the right to carry on campus. those who already have met the requirements to have a permit have already exhibited responsibility of that weapon, have gone through hours of training, and have gone through extensive background checks. an anti-CC on campus friend of mine said, “well there are other places you cant carry, like a federal building”. true, and most federal buildings have armed guards. and its one building. campus is an entire town more or less. he then said, “i have the right to go to class without worrying about the kid behind me who has a piece.” you walk around town with people around you who are carrying and you dont even know it. the idea that a person is responsible enough to carry a gun around the whole state, minus a few government buildings, but then once he crosses an imaginary line, he becomes a killing zombie, is ridiculous. there are approx 25 universities, with approx 70 campuses in the nation who allow CC on campus. THERE HAS NOT BEEN EVEN ONE incident on these campuses of gun violence commited by a permit holder. crime rates in these areas have declined. your argument holds no water.

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