Wow. There’s a whole lot of crazy in the gunblogosphere today. Normally, TTAG’s intellectually challenged material hails from the fringes; YouTube being a gold mine of firearms-related oddities and Darwin Award candidates. Today, the National Shooting Sports Federation hits the bull bullseye with one of its audio NSSF Insights with┬ásome advise on how to avoid gun theft. “One way to discourage robbers is to disassemble each piece and scatter the components around the house.” I know: this could easily be a “What Could Possibly Go Wrong” feature. I’d also like to point out that it’s generally a bad idea to tell a Jew to take anything to pieces. “Of course this system is not totally foolproof” the honey-toned gun guru opines. No, but this idea might appeal to them. Just sayin’ . .


  1. I have heard of field-stripping your gun to make it inoperable (and thereby safe for the little one’s hands) in the event you don’t have space in a safe or something, but this seems a bit excessive. If you are that concerned about theft of your gun, buy a safe for Christ’s sake (yes, I figured one good theological reference deserved another :-)).

  2. Great idea, I’m sure the BG’s will let you have a little extra time so you can locate all the parts and put your gun back together.

  3. This may be a little ridiculous for most of us who have a quality safe (or three), but it works for those who may be a little financially challenged (read: recent college graduate). I have a small safe for my handguns and I keep my AR bolt in there to render it inoperable, as well as piss off any BG who’d steal it.

  4. Years back there was a “friend of a friend who’s cousin’s brother’s best friend” type of story about a guy that built a house with guns hidden behind the sheetrock at certain locations. The thinking was that if the cops came looking, no guns anywhere. If a bad guy broke in, then the home owner could – Bruce Lee style – punch his fist through the sheetrock, create a hole big enough to withdraw the gun, pull the gun out of the protective plastic wrapper, then shoot the bad guy (who hopefully had the reflexes of a particularly slow turtle). My buddies thought this was genius. I was more like, uhh, how do you expect to outdraw a guy when you gotta punch a hole in sheetrock first.


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