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Dogs may be man’s best friend, but not all of them are.

A 7-year-old girl is in a Tulsa hospital after she was attacked by dogs near a bus stop in Broken Arrow Friday morning before one of the animals was fatally shot by a resident, police said.

The incident took place at 8:43 a.m. in the 1700 block of North 30th Street when three pit bull dogs attacked the girl as she waited for a school bus, Broken Arrow Police Department spokesman James Koch said in a news release.

Residents who witnessed the violent attack told responding officers that the animals managed to open a door to a house and escape onto the street, Koch said.

Again, guns are used far more often in this country to save lives and prevent crimes. This is just one of the more than 1 million times that happens every year.

“Several people in the area made efforts to free the child from the attack,” Koch said. “Once the child was carried from the scene, a nearby resident shot both of the dogs, killing one.”

The wounded dog was later put down.

The owner of the dogs, who has not been identified, was cited for animal at-large, failure to secure a vicious animal and no rabies vaccination violations, Koch said.

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  1. Pit pulls? Can’t spellcheck a headline, or most articles. Comment system so fucked up it’s a pain to do just that, comment. Real professional.

    • 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂 all true, but still a great place to read articles about firearms.

      • @WhiteDevil
        @Cruzo 1981

        Are you ticking all three checkboxes below the URL block? There seem to be several different combinations that need to always be checked in order for the edit function to work. Start with all three checkboxes, if that works, uncheck the others to find the combo best for your access configuration.

        • I did all thst Sam. Nothing works the way it should. If they cant move to a functioning comment system, then that shows just how much they care sbout their readers.

          • “I did all thst Sam. Nothing works the way it should.”

            Well…that’s poopy. No one would mind if you reply to your own comments with corrected text. Not great advice, but can be useful.

            TTAG does not host this blog, they contract for it. If you have had business experience with contracted IT, you know the service company works off the projected revenue that would come from addressing a problem that is very minor in the universe of customers for that IT service.

        • Fair enough. I wasn’t aware of their not hosting this site. Perhaps, I should learn a few things before I mouth off then. Also, I wish they would have stuck with whomever was hosting before the big swap. I had no complaints then.

          • ” I wish they would have stuck with whomever was hosting before the big swap.”

            Actually, I lost the edit function when RF was running things, and got it back after (well, long after) Dan took over.

            Ain’t technology wunnerful?

      • It has to be according to plan. The comment section worked really well when RF was at the helm. And typos got corrected in jig time. Plus he read the comments.
        Too bad how far this website has sank. But, it still has the best set of commentors around.
        Its the only thing that keeps me hanging around. It sure isn’t the articles. Now it’s nothing but reruns, pasted in pocket dumps, and sponsored content.

  2. This breed has far outlived any usefulness it may have had. Its size and instincts make it a potential menace any time it’s loose and away from its owner. Their owners have no consideration for the general public and try to take a victim’s stance whenever their literally dangerous breed is thrust into the spotlight (again).

    If you want a dog, get a retriever. Their worst days are better than any pit’s best day.

    • Thank you for the education good sir. Your so wise I wish you could make all the best choices for the rest of us. I almost blamed the individual dogs and owner but your so right, it’s the entire breed. They clearly serve no purpose.

        • I’d say it’s not so much the breed, as the kind of people who decide they want a pit based on its reputation and then don’t bother to train it.
          Just like how before pits, the same kind of people wanted dogs of the “rockwilder” breed. Back in the early 90s, Rotts were the “evil” dogs, pits weren’t so popular yet.

          But I digress… what kind of gun did the guy use on the dog?

        • So to all of you “Pitbull” haters out there. There is no such breed of dog that is called a “pitbull”, if you are referring to the Staffordshire Terrier then your are absolutely incorrect in 99.9% of your statistics. The Staffordshire does not account for the “most” dog bites, that award goes to the Chihuahua, it is however in the top 5 due to ignorant people who train their dogs to be aggressive and to fight other dogs. The Staffordshire is also NOT the most aggressive breed and also not even in the top 10, that one goes the the Border Collie followed by Saluki, Shetland Sheepdog, Dachshund, chihuahua, and Schnauzer. Of those 6, 3 of them are herding dogs and their instinct to herd animals which they do by nipping is what makes them “aggressive”.

          From the looks of it, the Chihuahua is the one to watch out for. but no one cares about that because of that breeds size, And “pitbulls” are big scary looking monsters that kill everything in sight. According to most people and the media.

          • “And “pitbulls” are big scary looking monsters that kill everything in sight.”

            To steal a move from someone else….

            “And AR-15s are big, black, scary looking weapons of war that are only useful to kill everything in sight.”

            Any players?

        • No such breed as “Staffordshire terrier”. There are: three bull terrier breeds (white, colored, and miniature), American Staffordshire terrier, and Staffordshire bull terrier. There is then the pit bull….bred for performance. The other breeds bred for confirmation the past several decades. None are true “terriers”…dogs that go to earth and root out vermin. Finally, recent stats are, at 5% or so of the U.S. dog population, pit bulls are responsible for 72% of fatal attacks on humans. Genetics matter.

      • They may be useful in a junk yard. I don’t trust that breed and a few others. A gun is much safer and doesn’t attack at will.

        • Yes, Pit Bulls and guns are both dangerous, we shouldn’t be allowed to have any of them…..

          Or there is this crazy idea of casting the blame onto the owner of the pit bull/gun and their actions. Weird nobody has ever thought of that….

          All of you who blame the breed are trolls and probably vote blue…

      • It’s hard to read sarcasm, sometimes. Can I share some dog wisdom with a catwoman? I love German Shepards, or Alsatians, and German Police dogs. Know what? My beloved Sheps are THE MOST CITED OF ALL DOGS when it comes to dog bites. That hurts my feelings, but, honesty forces me to admit: if someone is bit by a dog, they were probably bitten by one of the dogs I love.

        DESPITE the fact that my dogs are most likely to bite, Pit Bulls are almost always the dog at fault when someone is KILLED or SERIOUSLY injured by a dog.

        Less than 3% of the US population of dogs is responsible for well over 75% of all dog-related deaths.

        If I find a pit bull on or near my property, I shoot it, dead, then shoot it again. Never trust a pit bull.

        • You just wrote that you kill dogs that are not even on your property, no matter their behavior. It sounds like you are the one that shouldn’t be trusted.

        • There are no such thing as bad dogs, only bad owners. Speaking of bad dog owners, you guys ever hear of this guy who claims to shoot dog breeds he doesn’t agree with if they’re near his property? I’d be far far more worried of such an unhinged person. That or he wouldn’t actually do such a thing in which case he’s a liar who’s word is worth literally nothing.

          Dog owners need to be aware of what they’re getting into. A high energy dog breed has different needs. As do willful breeds, protective breeds, and even aggressive breeds. Meet these needs and every dog can be a good dog

        • A clearly biased website. Read the “about us”. Their statistics is very likely intentionally flawed. They admit they and their purpose is to outlaw pitbulls….

        • Pitbulls are dogs. You cannot outlaw dogs. You *can* sue dog owners who allow their pets to eat other people. To get a clue, try to categorize every dog designated a border collie.

    • “This breed has far outlived any usefulness it may have had.”

      The Second Amendment has far outlived any usefulness it may have had.

      See how that works? Someone misuses an object (maybe a lot of someones), and it becomes “reasonable” to end the possession of that object (see UK for further illustration). On another serious note, destroying an object because it outlived its usefulness is the base argument for erasing old people (and other “deplorables”).

      • Here’s the difference; your gun won’t get hungry and mistake a 7 year-old for a target. Your gun won’t bite through a screen door to get at the neighbor’s Glock. These dogs aren’t objects, trophies, paperweights.

        They’re mammals bred to kill other mammals. They have little brains and high metabolism. Frankly, they’re much more dangerous than guns, (which are objects and can be trusted to sit idle until needed).

        Your counter wasn’t addressing my argument. Where are you going with that?

        • Ignoring the rest of this uninformed argument…

          “They’re mammals bred to kill other mammals.

          So are we.

        • “Your counter wasn’t addressing my argument. Where are you going with that?”

          Your comment was predicated on outliving usefulness, I pointed out that such justification can be used for all sorts of outcomes you might oppose. You would then be left with defending one sort of discard due to uselessness, but not another.

          The fact that a dog breed is misused (trained/bred to aggressiveness) is not the fault of the dog (if so, then all sorts of character traits bred into humans fall to the metric of usefulness of that characteristic). If one can determine that the intentional abuse of an animal justifies extermination of the breed, then one can validly argue that misuse of firearms proves that the Second Amendment is also subject to removal because of misuse (“outlived its usefulness”).

          “My gun” does seek out youngsters, as we read each year of a number of child deaths due to NDs. A bullet (if misused) will tear through a screen door (or walls) to get at children.

          “These dogs aren’t objects, trophies, paperweights….They’re mammals bred to kill other mammals.”

          Guns aren’t objects, trophies, paperweights…they’re destructive devices invented by humans, and sold to kill other humans.

          All this is to point out that eliminating, exterminating, banning anything because it is misused is a slippery slope.

        • But you’re missing/not addressing the point that these dogs have an inherent trait of attack. Despite well-meaning owners, the dog’s designed traits are telling it to attack. It takes a massive effort to train pit bulls not to attack, and even after the training, they will still attack if left alone.

          A rocket launcher won’t do anything without a person picking it up and making a series of decisions to fire and harm.

          A Camaro needs a drunk driver for it to pile through a crowd.

          A pit bull simply __needs to exist___ to harm others. That’s it’s nature. To harm. It will harm independently of any other stimulus. An owner must restrain a put bull at all times.

          A negligent discharge requires a human interaction. A dog attack simply needs the presence of a dog and victim.

          These types of dogs are not worth defending. There are better options.

          • “These types of dogs are not worth defending. There are better options.”

            Guns are not worth defending. There are better options.

            If Pit Bulls are so dangerous, why do we not hear/read about dozens, hundreds of Pit Bull attacks every day (every week?)?

            If privately held guns are so dangerous, with 350 million in circulation, why are we not hearing of hundreds of killings by gunfire every day (every week?)?

            When some idiot uses a gun to illegally kill innocents, we are in an uproar for punishing every gun owner for the sins of one. Calling for the extermination of a breed of dog because of the sins of one (or a few annually) seems to be no different.

            If you don’t want to own a gun, don’t buy one, but leave me alone.

            If you don’t want to own a Pit Bull, don’t buy one, but leave me alone.

            The parallels are just too close.

        • The parallel you are making is tenuous. And we’re commenting on a gun blog so I get the angle and the stress you feel.

          I don’t want any entity to outlaw anything. Ever.

          I would prefer dog owners to see, through biology, that pit bulls are dangerous to those around them and make a bad choice of pet.

          They can make that determination in their own. I just hate that it takes mangled children for them to see that.

          There are no natural parallels to guns. Again, a gun is not like a living thing. I’m checking out and watching the ball game.

          Buy more guns. Buy more ammo. Don’t buy animals that want to attack small people.

        • “I would prefer dog owners to see, through biology, that pit bulls are dangerous to those around them and make a bad choice of pet.”

          If dog owners did as you ask and combined this with actual knowledge of raising dogs and statistics they’d know that you’re wrong and that realistically a full sized Schnauzer or a Jack Russel are “more dangerous”. Because that’s what the science actually says in terms of biology, bite and aggression statistics.

          The Pit simply is capable of massive damage and happens to be popular with a bunch of people who intentionally try to make the dog “mean” because that’s what those people do.

        • Yeah, which is exactly his point. What you meant to say, but instead used lots of whiny, obfuscating language, is that druggies and their dealers frequently keep this particular breed. Why do you think that is, dumbass?? They know their penchant for ferocity. Yes, a Jack Russell is just as likely to kill you! Lol. Let me guess you spend a lot of time reading pot-use justification literature as well and it has no known detriments to the human mind! Do you live in Colorado?

        • @GuyWithUnnecessarilyLongName If you have to resort to ad hominem, then you have no argument. Instead of calling strych9 a dumbass, which he undoubtably is not, present a carefully reasoned counter-argument. If you cannot do that, then, perhaps, you should find another blog to frequent. We don’t want that nor do we need that, here.

        • “Why do you think that is, dumbass?? They know their penchant for ferocity. Yes, a Jack Russell is just as likely to kill you!”

          Yes, and the AR-15 is the deadliest WMD ever made, just look at what mass shooters use! I heard it on CNN!

          Uh, no. this is because those people don’t understand what the breed was meant to do. Those same types of people used to keep German Shepards and then Dobermans and then Rotts and now Pits. Yet not a single one of these dogs is ranked as in the top 10 as most likely to bite or most aggressive. However, two of them have been known for decades upon decades to be very, very trainable and good family dogs to boot.

          So it’s not the dog’s penchant for ferocity. It’s the buyers penchant for stupidity combined with ill intent. They got a dog with a reputation based on media, common usage by police/military and how the dog looks.

        • Hey WhiteDevil, I will comment where and when I want. Now you go back to childhood and learn to be a male who isn’t hurt by the hurty-wordies. This entire thread is full of ad hominem. Also, this guy always replies with these exceedingly long and windy diatribes that are remarkably short on facts and full of hyperbole. Read his stuff for a time and the last impression you get is one of knowledge. He frequently spends half a page talking around the issue and concludes nothing whatsoever, hence my comment about Colorado and pot. I was right. Thank you, dumbass.

    • Bullshit. Terriers like this were know as the “nanny dog”. People in the 20s left them with their babies while they attended to farm work and the like. Petey from our gang was a pit bull.
      Just like with firearms, it is not the fault of the gun, it is the fault of the owner. When you train them in blood sports and keep violent dog lines going, you will get killer dogs. Even the dogs taken from Micheal Vick’s compound were helped with love and affection.

      • I am not a lover of PBs. It is the owner that is ill trained, not the dog. Also most, IMO, owners are the pro sports types ie Mike Vicks or the slum scum that use animals as a status symbol. Same with chickens. Some towns ban chickens to prevent cock fights put on mostly by low rent (read illegal) hispanics. It seems to be a cultural thing.

        • The breeding of pit bulls is terrible. 90% or more of pit bulls are breed by idiots and “tough guys” and they have no idea how to breed to get a good tempered dog.

          I do not ever trust pit bulls regardless of the owner. The breed is so polluted by terrible breeding, I don’t think it can be fixed at this point. 95% of dog attacks like this are by pit bulls. You don’t hear about this stuff from other breeds, that’s why people blame the breed because that is the one common factor.

          Want a great dog? Get a Labrador or Golden Retriever.

        • Dday what do you know about dogs it seems you know very little. Maybe you should try checking out a library book on dogs.

        • Yo, WI! I’m guessing you’re a kid, since I see nothing remotely racist in that post. Maybe you needed to live in Selma, AL, in 1969-70 like I did, in order to get your terminology straight. That post makes you look like a fool.

      • I bet that’s what the dog owners in this story thought right up until their dogs tried to kill a little girl. Maybe they still think that. I hope the girl is ok, and I hope the remaining dog is put down and the dog owner gets sued into the poor house.

        This has been an interesting conversation to read with good arguments on both sides. But I’m not buying the comparison of guns (inanimate objects) with pit bulls (dogs with wills of their own). PBs are 6% of the dog population and commit 60% of dog attacks in the US, and I have no problem with breed-specific legislation or bans.

        I encourage people to check out https://www.dogsbite.org/

        • To WI; not racist, whatever that means today. Just my observation and reading articles like this one. DDay has the right of it. The breed has been debased to the point of becoming a a joke and a stereotype. My comment re chickens stands as fact. Take it to the bank. Wyoming is one of the last free states but town councils DO ban chickens for the reason I stated. I’m just more blunt than an ass-piring politico.
          Has been an interesting thread, though.

        • A clearly biased website. Read the “about us”. Their statistics is very likely intentionally flawed. They admit they and their purpose is to outlaw pitbulls….

        • To those people, every dog attack is a pitbull until it is proved otherwise, just like every gun attack is an AR until it is proved otherwise (and then it’s a GLOCK).

    • The AR-15 has far outlived any usefulness it may have had. Its capacity and lethality make it a potential menace any time it’s carried and stolen from its owner. Their owners have no consideration for the general public and try to take a victim’s stance whenever their literally dangerous gun is used in yet another mass shooting. (again).

      If you want a gun, get a revolver. The worst any of you ignorant gun owners could do with a revolver is better than what would happen if you turned an AR15 loose on society.

    • I have seen part staffies go from friendly playful dogs to psychotic killers in the blink of an eye. All it took was another dog picking up a ball or something getting with 5-10 yards of the owner.

      A few thousand dollars in vet Bill’s is why I’m wary of dogs I don’t know and why I wear steel cap boots when walking my dog.

    • Pitts (and rotts, Dobermans, German Shepherd and other dogs that are seen as badasses) suffer from two related problems:
      1) poor breeding practices which can cause physical health problems and mental instability
      2) trashy owners who want a mean-looking dog and don’t care to do a good job raising and caring for them.

      I suspect that the overwhelming majority of the dogs in stories such as this either have a trashy owner or were rescued from a bad owner.
      -not a pit bull owner

      • A distant cousin of mine had a pit bull that he had rescued from owners who molly coddled it. With pits you need a firm hand and self discipline yourself or they wont respect you, more-so than any other breed. If you have their respect and trust they are not dangerous any more so than any other breed even to others.
        The dog my cousin had before he got it had to be kept on truck load chain because it kept breaking anything less and food and water had to be pushed to it with a stick. He broke it out of that, showed it he was boss but then showed it love and respect. Several times when he was at work (he did train it) there was attempted break ins on his house. Came home to find the dog had them bailed up in a corner but had not touched them. He called the cops and they took the person away. That is the difference between a trained pitty and one that is not trained or has lost respect for its owners.

        personally i think the most viscious dogs (though commonly owned by old grannies) is the Chihuahua. This is one breed who while not capable of doing damage because of their small size I would hate to see crossed with a larger breed. They have about the same savagery as a pitty with rabies

  3. Why was the owner not identified, again? I hope they are at least getting forcible rabies vaccine injections themselves, same as that poor kid. That, or being decapitated like the dogs, so their spinal fluid can be observed for infection.

    “The extent of the girl’s injuries is unknown.” Three animals involved.

    • In dog cases they sometimes don’t name ownersor even cite/charge until a full investigation has been completed. In case it’s not the owners fault such as cases where the dog was defending itself or had a brain parasite etc.

      • Must be some kid, to pick a fight with three brain-parasite-infested, living mechanical jaws with bodies attached.

        • I didn’t say that was the case in this instance. I said that’s why they sometimes don’t release the names of the owners, because there’s no way that the owner is responsible. That does happen. There can be various reasons why a dog may do things that an owner cannot control and sometimes a locality wants to find out that kind of thing before they publicly shame the person by releasing their name.

      • According to the article, the owner had not done the proper rabies vaccination, as required by law.
        The owner had also not properly restrained the dog, again as required by law.
        The owner was cited for these violations.
        If convicted, the owner could then face a far harsher punishment than the law could give, as any civil case would be a lock for the plaintiff. Monetary judgements are often far harsher than legal judgements.

        And despite the recent spate of comments about the comment section, we get no evidence of any action.

    • Yeah the death penalty for owners. We should be banning more unsafe things.There are so many things out there that are unsafe. And we should definitely be killing people based on news articles and get rid of due process of any kind. Due process and rule of law is such a waste of time in the internet age of instant always accurate information from our non biased media.

  4. Poor kid. She’ll be terrified of dogs the rest of her life. Hope she’ll be OK.

  5. If this girl survives it will be because the folks in that neighborhood were not the ‘me and mine’ types we see commenting here all the time.

    • “If this girl survives it will be because the folks in that neighborhood were not the ‘me and mine’ types we see commenting here all the time.”

      I know you really didn’t mean to use leftist debate style by conflating disparate issues. The comparison is “cats and dogs” (vs. “apples and oranges”). In the instant case, the facts seem to be much more clear who was being attacked, who was armed with what, etc. The shooter in this case, made sure everyone else was safe…first.

      • You said that if someone isn’t sure they have adequate insurance and legal protection against even the possibility of lawsuit, they shouldn’t get involved and “let nature take its course.”. Those are your exact words, when you encouraged gun owners to do nothing while rapes and murders occur.
        It is a good thing for this little girl that not every follows your sub-human advice.

        • “You said that if someone isn’t sure they have adequate insurance and legal protection against even the possibility of lawsuit, they shouldn’t get involved and “let nature take its course.”. Those are your exact words, when you encouraged gun owners to do nothing while rapes and murders occur.”

          I will trust you on the quote. However, the situations are different in every way. Armed assaults on persons are much more fraught with danger to the intervenor (is that even a word?). As noted, the situation posted left very little doubt as to who was doing what, and with which, to whom. Also noted, the “shooter” had “cleared” the surrounding area of other threats. Thus, there can be no comparison between intervening in an armed attack of one human on another, and the posted situation.

          Critical analysis of a proposition is a valid pursuit, but creating an wholly different proposition, then attacking it is not useful. You have reasons to be critical of “me and mine”; fine. But pasting that meme onto entirely different scenarios, then projecting an outcome, complete with obvious derision, is not appropriate in ascribing actions and motivations that were/are not before the jury. It is taking a proposed response to one scenario, and deciding without inquiry that the same response would be present in a different scenario (human v. human, versus human v. animal). The proper avenue of analysis would be to pose the question, “Given this set of circumstances, what would “you” have done differently than reported? Subsequently, comparison between two circumstances could legitimately be analyzed for similarities, and/or differences. Only then would it be valid to claim, “Based on previous surveys…”me and mine” group would have responded in similar fashion to two different circumstances”.

    • That’s what I was going to say. If there’s a consolation here, I believe most of the ‘me and mine’ types are full of bluster (or more likely shit) and would have jumped to the rescue for this girl.

  6. At least it wasn’t an L.E.O. that had to shoot the dog to save the child. That would have been a felony. Stafford Shire terriers are not an aggressive breed. Owned them since ’83. Only one was aggressive. I couldn’t understand it until I caught the neighbour’s teen age children teasing him in his pen. Throwing rocks, etc.

    • I doubt most people would take issue with a cop shooting these animals, given the fact that they were chewing on a little girl. Most people, instead, have a problem with cops shooting a dog that posed no threat to the officer in any way. Like the fucking loser that shot a chihuahua and was only fired. Not charged as we second class citizens would have been.

    • It’s intellectually dishonest to claim Staffordshire terriers, pit bulls, or their spin off breeds as non-aggressive. Just because you managed to raise them well does not mean they do not contain the violent instincts and build that was intentionally bred into their genetics. I lived with a vet for years and have seen every breed. I agree with the top poster…there is little place for these breeds in modern society. We can find much safer and better guard dogs.

      • All dogs are aggressive. They are ALL descended from wolves.

        The issue is knowing the breed then knowing the individual dog and treating it appropriately. The number of dogs, even pits, born “violent” is very low. The number of people who are morons and own dogs is high.

        Pits can be some of the best dogs ever or the worst. The same is true of all breeds. You can train a Golden Retriever to be mean as fuck if you want to.

        Two of the most naturally aggressive breeds of dogs are one no one thinks about and another next to no one knows of. The Chihuahua and the Jagdterrier. Jagdterriers are so aggressive that outside a flat out working dog they’re not recommended at all and there has been serious discussion among breeders about ending the breed.

        • Domesticated wolves are pretty damn tame compared to pitbulls. Even the wild ones would rather mind their own business than bother with people. Now wild dog packs… they go for the kill.

        • “Domesticated wolves are pretty damn tame compared to pitbulls.”

          I’ve known both and adopted wild-wolves that were picked up as pups after their mom was killed by a poacher. I’d say both are fairly safe but “non-beginner” animals for the most part. I’d trust the pits around a baby more than the wolves though. OTOH, the wild-born wolves were far more protective of “their people”.

        • “You can train a Golden Retriever to be mean as fuck if you want to.”

          If you believe that, you don’t have a clue about dogs. You absolutely cannot train a Golden to be mean. You can’t train a Lab to be mean, you can’t train most breeds to be mean. The breeding of labs, golden’s, etc. is for temperament, they don’t have the ability to be aggressive.

          Stop talking about dogs, your ignorant.

        • Really DDay? So the laws of nature don’t apply to those dogs? Those breeds are “special”? That’s what you’re saying here. That certain breeds are incapable of learning aggressive behavior and, in fact, won’t even defend themselves if attacked (which is what would be required for your statements here to be true, a totally passive breed). That’s horseshit and I suspect you know you.

          I’ve personally trained well over a dozen dogs including a Golden. Closer to two dozen really. I assure you that all dogs have an aggressive instinct and it can be brought out and nurtured if that’s what you want to do with them because every single one of them will defend itself. If you bring out that behavior and reward it properly you will get more of it. Certain breeds are easier to have do this than others but Labs and Goldens are not unique in that they won’t bite, they’re just hesitant to do it because they have a soft mouth. But back one into a corner and beat on it and see what happens. Make sure you tell the ER doc to use fake stitches and fake meds for your fake bite though, cause you know, those dogs can’t be made to attack a person.

          Next you’ll tell me that a Husky can’t be taught to sit. SMH.

        • strych9 you are utterly clueless.

          We know what you’re about though. Beat a dog enough and it will become aggressive. Please do us all a favor and stay away from all dogs. You’re a person who needs help.

      • I have a male Pit and yes, they have instincts, all dogs do. His prey drive is very strong.
        I’m lucky that I live in the country with acreage. I still have a fenced in yard that I keep an eye on.
        Why did I get him? My daughter picked him out from a rescue when she was 15. He was never a fighting dog and never abused. He was thrown outside and lived on a chain year round.
        I went to second shift when she picked him out and I felt a lot better with her having a protector around.
        That was 4 years ago and my daughter is out of the house now. I still have him and wouldn’t trade him for any dog.

      • You must be a liberal, because if you believe what you just wrote, then you must also believe there is no room for guns either…

        Additionally, you haven’t a clue, and I’d be will to bet that you couldn’t tell the difference between an APBT, an AmStaff, or most other bully breeds…

        I happen to be proud owner and handler of an American Bandogge Mastiff, who just happens to be my service dog as well, and you’d be hardpressed to challenge his demeanor, I’m more like to bite or shoot you than he would be to cause you harm…Get your head out of your ass…

  7. Americans have a strange relationship when it comes to dogs in particular. On one hand you have Pit Bulls that fuck kids up and on the other you have tea cup dogs and pugs that can’t breath for shit.

    I was at the 9/11 memorial in PA and during a very quiet and solemn outdoor presentation of the area involving the tragedy, this lady’s pug was constantly choking and sputtering and just causing a massive disruption by simply trying not to die. I fully expected a bald eagle to come swooping from the sky and snatch away the pathetic creature in its talons like “Respect Bitch!”

    I don’t own a dog, so I may be well out of line, but is it not cruel to keep breading a dog that basically is saying “please kill me” simply for our own pleasure? Or aggressive breeds outside of the role of guard or police dogs?

    • Most pugs breath alright in terms of surviving. They just make that ungodly noise from time to time. More often than other breeds but nearly all dogs do that.

      Pugs still stupid though.

      • Dogs come in all shapes & sizes; some big, some small, some fat…some unlucky to have ever been born.

  8. I find it interesting that if the anti gunners had their way, you would have to shout ” heal or stop” or something like that. Or maybe use a baseball bat to beat the crap out of the dogs.
    A gun a lot easier and more effective.

  9. So sad to see idiots not taking care of their dogs. I hope he can never legally own another dog again. And I hope they enforce it diligently.

  10. Good dogs, bad dogs, good owners, bad owners, all well and good… but when is the last time you heard about a pack of poodles killing kids?

    Breeds matter. The ability to kill has been bred into this one.

    • When is the last time you heard of a poodle being raised by abusive dirtbags that beat and starve their dogs and throw them in a fighting ring? There is a reason pits disproportionately make these headlines. Pits are disproportionately raised wrong.

      • It’s not just the owners. There are stories all the time about pits from loving homes that just snap and attack for no reason. The breeding has been so bad in that bred that you cannot trust them.

        I have a Lab, he’s been around literally hundreds of dogs and is as friendly as you can get. He’s only been attacked once and that was by a pit bull. The dog attacked him for no reason at all and it would not stop. My lab did not fight back at all, did not try to fight back, he tried to run away. I tried to pull the pit off, it would not stop. Only after 5 over the top haymakers did the pit finally stop attacking.

        The POS owner did nothing to stop it either. After the attack, I grabbed the pit by the collar and literally threw the female pit about 20 yards down an embankment and into a large tree. I hope I broke it’s back, I hummed that pos dog.

        It’s a bad breed. There are millions of dogs and plenty of bad owners. You don’t hear about violent attacks with other breeds even those there are bad owners of those breeds or mixed breeds. You can’t say it’s bad owners because the common factor is always pit’s, not bad owners.

        • Except that the “common factor” is bad owners because the “common factor” of dog changes over time and therefore isn’t a common factor.

          If it were breed specific that wouldn’t be the case.

        • Oh boy lets use anecdotal evidence to condemn a whole breed. I have a pit and it has never attacked anyone. I had an English Golden retriever and it drew blood on 4 family members. Each time it was being overly aggressive when someone was taking something from it that it shouldn’t have had. English Goldens aren’t a bad breed but I got an aggressive one. Pits aren’t bad breeds but there are bad ones.

          • “Oh boy lets use anecdotal evidence to condemn a whole breed.”

            Thought POTG were all about facts and data. The plural of “anecdote” is “data”.

        • Any mailman will tell you that it is scared dogs that bite. Little dogs – chihuahuas, small terriers have been hurt by humans(and kids) and are scared of them. We have chihuahuas and rat terriers that are good with kids – but, we always watched them in play when they were young.
          All dogs can bite, POS owners that teach them to attack people and bite them are the problem, that includes police service dogs that are not properly contained. We are legally responsible for our dogs, so we(the owners), should take care of the problem animals.
          I had a bloodhound, who would back at people out front lying down(to lazy to get up), mellow as you please, but cornered the lady she knew who was feeding her when we were on vacation. Mellow, nanny dogs have a protective streak, but will not hurt their own without some outside stimuli.

      • My guess is there are plenty of abused poodles out there, but you don’t hear about them because abused poodles don’t break out of their houses and try to kill strangers like pit bulls (abused or not) do.

        • Yep. The common factor is almost always pit bulls but don’t tell these ignorant pit bull owners. They have no clue about the breeding history of their dog, they have no idea who it’s grandparents are or great grandparents are as people do with responsibility bred dogs.

          The only thing worse than pit bulls are their ignorant owners.

      • U.S.N. SEALS have used full sized poodles a time or two. It’s much easier to kill people when they are disoriented. Enter the Fur Shark. They can swim better than most people, smart enough to be trained when not to bark, and you don’t have to pack in a lot of food for them, but it do tend to make there feces smell a bit peculiar. Your results may vary. F-K-A

    • Mutts are the #5 killer of people in terms of dog attacks.

      Realistically I don’t think breed matters much. I think the owner matters far, far more and for a few reasons.

      First off any dog can be aggressive and attack a person. Most owners will tell you that “their poopsiekins” would never.

      Secondly, certain breeds attract certain people. Every gangster I’ve ever met wanted or had pits, rotts, pinchers, chows etc. It was a personality thing: I’m a fucking hardass so I gotta get a hardass dog! The problem is that’s a really stupid way to 1) pick a breed and 2) raise any dog. If a Laberdoodle had a “badass rep” guess what all the gangsters would have and guess where the Laberdoodle would rank in biting? High.

      Third, if you look at the stats on dog attacks/killings over time you find that they seem to change by decade and those changes coincide with when a certain dog has a “rep” with generally lawless people and are therefore desirable to the criminal class. In the 60’s it was the GSD and it was #1 for attacks. In the 70’s it was the Pincher, and it was #1. That list goes on. Pits just happen to be at the top now. Whatever dog is the “badass” dog is what all the “badasses” get and the “badasses” are piss poor dog owners.

      Forth, what’s the number one biter right now? The number one dog that inflicts the most bites on people in the US? The fucking Chihuahua. Why? Because it’s an aggressive little bastard and who gets a Chihuahua? Dumbass soccer moms who don’t know the first thing about training a dog. #2 is a bulldog, 3# is the Pit, followed in order by German Shepherd, Australian Shepherd, Lhasa Apso, Jack Russell Terrier and the Cocker Spaniel.

      What are the most aggressive dogs? In order, ranked by breeders (but on what exact criteria I do not know):
      Bearded Collie, Saluki, Shetland Sheepdog, Basenji, Dachshund, Chihuahua, Chinese Shar-Pei, Standard Schnauzer, Bulldog and the Chow Chow. Pits, Rotts, Pinchers, GSDs etc don’t make the top 10.

      Pits, Rotts and other “bad breeds” are not bread to “kill” their bred to be highly trainable. If their owner is a moron a wanna-be gangster the dog is going to be hyper aggressive.

      • You refuted your own argument; posturing thugs & losers want a living pair of “aggressive,” “powerful,” “muscular*” jaws to intimidate with & show off…so they seek out whatever breed best meets that idiotic criteria…and it’s neither the “fault” of the dog/breed nor indicative of its temperament.

        No one disputes dogs are bred for tasks; many American Pitts and Pitt-looking mutts (for you sticklers) are selected for the same reasons their dog-fighting ancestors were, but without even that much sense driving the breed’s “development” (or devolution), many simply wanting a semi-tame monster…the rest thinking they can tame a monster despite myriad “quirks” that clearly stem from genetic mental problems that make them unsuitable as pets despite the best intentions of their owners. The result is too often a mix of dangerous & unstable.

        *Pit enthusiats /love/ going on about how strong their dogs are, often the jaws specifically

        • Well I would say that it’s not indicative of the breed or the breed’s temperament because, as you said, the people making this selection criteria are morons. Their mistakes shouldn’t be considered a reflection of the dog rather but what ignorant people think of the dog.

          I’m just going to use a couple examples, but this exact thing has repeated about every decade or two with a different breed.

          Back in the 1960’s the dog that people talked of banning was the GSD because it was a “bad breed”. It also had the highest incidents of biting people. It no longer has that numerical status though and is no longer talked about as a “bad breed”. What happened, ultimately was that dumbass gangsters didn’t realize that the dog, while intimidating and capable, was picked by the police and the military specifically for a three main characteristics: namely trainability, fearlessness and loyalty. They wanted an animal that would listen and follow commands in chaotic conditions even upon pain of death.

          And in the 1960’s guess what all the billy badass guys wanted to get? A GSD. They trained it poorly and/or abused it and the dog’s reputation went from “a pretty good working/family dog” to “mean as fuck” and people started talking about banning it. In the 1970’s this cycle moved on to the Doberman.

          Dobes look badass and because of their primary uses as guard dogs they get a reputation that entices people who want a “scary” dog to get them and even alter them to look more scary. The “classic” Dobe look is altered. Naturally they have a long tail and longer ears, but then they look friendly (or in the original case those things got in the way of their work in some ways). So people crop the ears and the tail for that sleek, alert, aggressive look. In reality though a Dobe that’s not trained to be so, isn’t particularly aggressive unless it’s threatened. Like certain hounds it’s fairly territorial though and you can train it to be aggressively territorial if you want to. This is where it gets the “junkyard dog” reputation. Again, take the dog and train it poorly or abuse it and you’ll get a mean motherfucker. People recognize and fear the Dobe for this but they’re no worse than either of my Plott Hounds, in fact these two Plotts are certainly worse if you choose to fuck with me or my wife. It’s just that no one knows what they are and with a big tail and giant goofy ears they look friendly and disarming but make no mistake they’re bread specifically to take down bear and wild boar, they’ll rip your ass a new one real quick.

          Also, movies and TV play into this, IMHO, quite a bit too. Rin-Tin-Tin made the GSD popular as “mans best friend”, Max-the-Bionic-Dog helped with that too. Their military reputation made them popular as “guard dogs” and that popularity led them to be popular guarding things that were illegal. Criminals raised them to be mean to ward off other criminals and they got a bad rep. A 1940’s movie, the name of which I forget, did the same for Dobes in terms of an introduction. They eventually got a bad rap and James Bond reinforced that while Magnum PI kinda sold the same idea of badassery since it’s Higgins who has them, but also showed the dogs as being very intelligent just like their owner.

          As you move through time the “bad breed” of the day changes. This is highly suggestive that the breed itself has less to do with this than the popular perception of the breed which is attractive to certain people.

          There’s a crazy history of this, meant for perspective buyers of a new dog and what to expect etc, in a book called, IIRC, “The Dog Bible” which gives you the history and overall temperaments/characteristics of nearly every dog you can imagine and even some you probably don’t know exist.

          In my personal, and admittedly anecdotal, experience pits are mostly pretty friendly dogs that just so happen to have an enormously powerful bite for which they gained a reputation. The ones I’ve met that were bad dogs were owned exclusively by neighbors of mine who were all gangbangers or drug dealers and who had the dogs specifically to scare off other criminals who might try to rip them off.

          The worst dogs I’ve ever encountered myself were a mixed pack of mostly mutts owned by a neighbor of my parents. Those dogs routinely attacked other dogs and people even costing one lady her leg below the knee. In and of themselves the dogs were just dogs but the owners never trained them for shit and let them run wild. The owners would consistently deny that their dogs were responsible for anything, and would even deny that they ever got out. Those denials happened right up until they couldn’t deny it anymore because one of the dogs got shot dead in someone else’s yard for attacking that person’s dog.

      • “First off any dog can be aggressive and attack a person.”


        You have zero clue about dogs, breeding, etc. Just stop posting this BS, some idiot might believe this garbage you are posting.

      • An Akita and a Rhodesian Ridgeback are an unbeatable combo. For situational awareness, a Queensland Heeler will never disappoint you, it’s kinda funny, but they are hard wired to gently “herd”, everything…little kids, cats… anything. Early one morning, one ‘herded’ me away from a puma, waiting for breakfast on an overhanging tree branch. On advice of the Sherrif I got cat tags, yeah, it didn’t get a lot of publicity but he told me they were pretty much everywhere. Found some big, fresh pug marks by the dumpster at the burger place closest to my house… interesting to see how this latest habitat encroachment works out. -30-

      • Pits are number one in kills over all the others due to the jaw strength, when they do bite it will simply cause a lot more damage than a Chihuahua. I have owned Chows and love the breed. The first three I had were incredibly gentle with the family and most protective dogs you could have. Yet like the Shar pei their eyes are deep-set, which limits their peripheral vision and they have a startle response. The last Chow I had got aggressive as it aged and nipped at a few of my daughters friends, for just trying to pet it. That was the last Chow I had. Now I have Viszla.

  11. From the news report it appears the citizens who rushed to help the child got her free and on the way to the hospital before the dogs were shot. All deserve commendation for helping to save a young life!

    Sure hope the dogs test negative for rabies. Be awful if that little child has to go thru a series of rabies shots.

  12. Even though this is horrible…That girl should of had a or a Parent or her own self defense dog….

    A 7yo girl should of had supervision @ a bus stop in god knows wherever that is or pepper-spray and training!

    I watched my sweet helpless beagle as a 5yo get eaten by a neighbor’s 150pound dog who escaped his owners. It happened so fast..if i had a gun it would of been difficult to hit the bad dog. Yeah…so when my Dad got home he paid a visit to that dog with his 12gauge Pump.The neighbor knew what happened and said u beat me to it…..the dog actually tried to attack my Dad running right toward him…my Dad said come on get some…. and let him get close b4 the head shot with 00Magnum.

    I hope she recovers and the dog owners are fed to the dogs.

    • The dogs are dead and their heads are on the way to the lab to be tested for rabies. The owner will likely be sued well past the extent of their homeowners insurance. Stupid to keep an aggressive dog much less two of them since pack behaviors will magnify the issue.

  13. My sympathies for the young girl, I hope she did not suffer any life altering injuries. Likewise, I am thankful the neighbors interviewed rather then record the attack on their smartphones (an all to common occurrences these days) in the hopes of having the next viral video on YouTube.

    This should be a warning to all of us that sometimes our single stack 9mm may be insufficient when faced with multiple threat and a situation that does not allow for a reload using a spare magazine. Three large aggressive animals could easily be too much for seven or eight rounds while under stress or during an attack.

    • DrewR55,

      Unfortunately, I might be reporting on your prediction. In case you have missed my recent posts, my neighbors across the street have three large German shepherds (two of which are hyper-aggressive and have already bit one human and one dog totally unprovoked) that keep getting loose. I have had multiple stand-offs with one or two of them. Recently all three are getting out. Of course I cannot have them attack my children which means I will be the human who intervenes. The ugly question is whether or not I can stop three attacking 90 pound shepherds with 15 rounds of 180 grain hollowpoints before they inflict permanent injuries on me.

      • Yeah, I had missed your other posts on this. That is a terrible situation to be in and I am genuinely surprised that local law enforcement hasn’t become involved if the dogs have already attacked one person. In a situation where a person is defending themself or a child against two or more large aggressive animals I don’t know if there is any “daily carry” options that would feel sufficient especially given the speed for which an attack could occur and the level of violence that the animals could bring. Sometimes we just have to hope that our precautions are enough.

      • This is a bad situation. I’m not sure there is a good solution for owners like this. The law won’t get involved until something bad happens at which point someone is likely injured or dead.

        I suppose you could talk to them and suggest that they learn to control their animals or, if something happens, they’ll be hearing from your lawyer about how much money you need for the medical bills and, of course, millions for the mental anguish.

        Other than that I really don’t have any suggestions.

      • Oh, bullcrap. You know where these dogs are, when all is quiet walk down the street and pop them, walk back home and deny everything. Does nobody have balls anymore? At worst, you killed a dog.

        40 years ago a coworker had a similar problem with his next door neighbor. I gave him the same advice, he popped the dog from a 2nd floor window, then knew nothing when questioned. No problem.

  14. When I was seven years old I was attacked by a pack of stray neighborhood dogs. My mothers husband waded into the pack and started picking them up and throwing them out into the street where several got run over by traffic. We were both cut up and gnawed on. No broken bones, nobody died so no trip to the hospital. Why call the PD, it was a pack of strays. Finding the owners would be like trying to lift water with a fork. The old man always carried a Colt New Service and a skinning knife that he and my grandfather had forged long before I was born. There was no time, Zero time, to use tools. My physical scars are hard to find. My family prevented me from aquiring any psychological scars. Good thing, as I spent most of my growing up on the farm and there were dogs, cats, chickens, cows, horses and the occasional raccoon. Any of them could and would mess you up if they had a mind to. One time, on the first night out, doing a job that nobody in there right mind would want to do, I woke up with my segundos’ three Am Staffs spooning me fore and aft and one at my feet. I can’t ever remember feeling that safe. It’s just like everything else in this world…”I don’t like it”…make a law to stop “other people” from doing it. There are only two kinds of people in this world; the ones suffering from delusions of adequacy and wanting to control everything and the regular ones that just want to be left the hell alone. Fortunately, these ones are patient, ’cause we are the ones with most of the guns and all of the best training, the thing of it is, patients only last so long. …come the Rising. F-K-A

  15. Easy solution. Simply pass a law that says dogs can no longer bite people, and place signs up on every street corner so the dogs can read them. Poof we’re all now safe once again.,

  16. Cattle are heating up the whole world with their fraudulence. They are putting us all in jeapardy. They have outlived their usefulness and must be destroyed.

    • Or we could also ban methane, CFCs, and CO2 from being mean to the atmosphere. Of course we will have to raise taxes to place more signage in the sky to raise awareness.

      • Let’s keep going, people. Remember, we have nothing to fear but people who fear things that don’t exist. -30-

    • I’ve destroyed more than my fair share of cattle in my day. Fire up the bbq and catch up you slackers.

    • Yes, true but slowly please. I love a good steak as much as anybody but there’s no way I can eat all them steaks myself.

      May have to form a Steak Eaters Club to rid the world of all them nasty flatulent bovines.

  17. Pit bulls are fine, it’s the owners that are shitty. And that’s most dog owners including me not doing things the right way, though I accept responsibility for my dogs poor manners.

    Do a little research on the breed(s) before you pick one out.

    I hate seeing a husky in an inside kennel 23 hours a day or a German shepherd puppy in a third story apartment crapping all over because the owner can’t get home in time and is too lazy to train. Also hate to see all the dogs without collars or as roadkill in my rural area.

    If you can’t be responsible for your dog, you can’t be responsible for your guns and I’ll be forced to call the ATF for a house visit so they can eliminate the issues.

    • Maybe if you stopped getting fucked in your shitty ass for 5 minuets you could form a coherent sentence.

  18. I put pits in the same class as hand grenades, wouldn’t hurt a flea until somebody/something pulls the pin, then all hell breaks loose.

    • “To all the Pit defenders out there you better look at this first”


      We like to herald the fact that very few people have actually been killed in “mass attacks” over a given time span, then compare that statistic with the number of guns, number of gun owners, all to “prove” that fears of random shootings are overblown.

      So, here…433 people killed twelve years. That’s 36 per year. Total dog bites? Not in the data. Total dogs in the country? Not reported in the data. Total number of dog owners? Not in the data.

      In short, 36 dog bite fatalities each year doesn’t even rise to the statistically “noise” level. POTG are eager to dismiss 500 “accidental” gun shot deaths every year as being not worth considering for changes to law that claim to be able to reduce such “accidental” deaths. Why the consternation over Pit Bull attacks (which are rated at 23 per year).

      Am I the only one detecting gun-grabber logic is some of the comments? “You never know when one of those legal gun owners will just go off and start shooting people”.

  19. All dogs are shit, and pitbulls are the biggest turds in the toilet bowl.

    The people that defend those dogs are deluded at best, however their shit arguments often make them sound retarded.

    • Just because you don’t like dogs, doesn’t mean that dogs are shit. Dogs are great judges of people. If my dog thinks something is wrong with you, I am NOT going to let you be anywhere near me or anyone I care about.

  20. I’ve had a dozen German Shepherds, currently have two. Some were meaner than others, all could whup other dogs. One could destroy any three, saw it happen. My Catahoula Bulldog is as gentle as a lamb and doesn’t want to be The alpha, but when the shit hit the fan last week and three big aggressive dogs came on my property and attacked the shepherds, it was the Cat-Bull, a muscular athletic 70 lbs, that did all the ass whuppin’, ran all those dogs off yelping into the distance. I saw the whole thing. The CatBull is amazing, nothing matches it in stamina and strength of will. I love GSDs because they’re good with kids and they DO WHAT THE FUCK I TELL THEM. No better quality in a dog, IMO. The CatBull does what she wants to, but man she’s special.

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