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No plan survives contact with the enemy, and this week’s podcast is no¬†exception. I’d planned to include Jeremy, but a) we got too busy at the Firearms Festival, b) he got sick, and c) I had to fly to Vegas for work.

So in this week’s podcast, I addressed the lone question from last week about my gear selections for hunting and long range shooting. I also touched a little on the weekend at the Firearms Festival, the people I saw, and all the cool gear that was there.

As always, I ended by picking on Nick. Next week, Jeremy will be on (promise!), and we’ll discuss our EDC gear selections, our experience of the Firearms Festival, and then we’ll probably pick on Nick. As always, leave a comment to let me know what needs to get better, and any questions you want me to answer. Thanks for listening!

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  1. Once again, nice podcast.

    Thanks for touching on my question from last week. I think what I’d clarify is that since you’re really involved in the T&E side of things and active in stuff like the Run and Gun, I’d like to hear about the gear you use and why you’ve chosen it over other options out there. Like why did you chose scope A for your hunting kit or rangefinder B for your long range kit, that sort of info.

  2. Tyler, Two questions for you.

    What are the slings you where talking about for your M77? I’d like to get a “real” sling for my Savage 11 in .243.

    How well do you like the Havalon (pro’s/con’s)?

  3. Good stuff Tyler. I’m currently packing for my upcoming elk hunt. Since its by horseback and mule, we have a weight limit. I’m allowed two hundred pounds of gear for a 5 day hunt. All gear must fit in 20 gallon Tupperware totes.
    I’ll be in the middle of the snake River wilderness, about 3 hours travel time east of the town of Imnaha.
    This will be spot and stalk at its finest. Base camp will be at 6,000 feet.
    Rifle is my very accurate Savage stainless in .300 WSM, shooting Berger 168 grain HPBT hunting VLD bullet.

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