Tonight’s podcast is one third the length of last week’s with half the talent! Join me as I discuss chassis rifles, the first whiskey I ever shot, UT vs. Baylor, and staying up late to Cerakote rifles. Also covered are the impending hunting season, what to do with your kill (make soap!), and the luxuries of rifle stocks you no longer care about. Big congratulations to last week’s winner who snagged a GeoBallistics Weather Station and a muzzle brake of his choice for listening all the way through. As always, comment below with suggestions for future topics. Thanks for listening!


  1. “… the first whiskey I ever shot,…”

    The first whiskey you ever shot, or the first whiskey you ever did shots?

  2. Good subject. I consider myself a competent gunsmith and reloader, but if I can’t get a long gun to shoot well under an inch I get rid of it.


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