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At Jeremy’s suggestion, I’ve retitled this the Tuesday Evening Podcast. Why? Perhaps because he was the only guy who liked it. Of course, that has nothing to do with when it may post here.

In this installment I addressed your comments from last week, talked about this weekend’s Texas Firearms Festival, and called Nick Leghorn various names. As always, leave a comment below, and I’ll address it on the next podcast. Speaking of the next one, Jeremy will be on, so you don’t have to listen to me drone on. Thanks for listening.

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  1. Good stuff. I listened to it while working in the shop. So if something didn’t get assembled correctly, I can blame it on you Tyler!
    Deer hunting has come and gone here. Next up is an elk and bear hunt over near the snake river.

  2. Pretty entertaining.

    I think all I would suggest, not to ripoff the ITS #geartasting show, would be to talk about the kit you’re currently using and why. Be it deep dive type details on your deer hunting kit, long range target or your EDC kit, etc.

  3. A bit longer than I had expected, but I enjoyed this. Looking forward to having Jeremy on next time.

  4. Definitely tighter than last time, the extra preparation showed.

    I too look forward to hearing from Jeremy. I know you are going to have him on because of the festival, but having one of the other writers on the podcast regularly might be fun. Even if the topics didn’t really change, banter is more engaging to listen to than a monolog. That’s why even if a radio show is officially hosted by a single person, the host will often riff off of producers and other people in studio.

    I think it would broaden the appeal as well. I think a lot of readers would be interested if the writers rotated through the podcast and we got to hear you guys talk for a while, especially if it involved high profile stuff from the blog.

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