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University of Minnsota law professor Richard Painter's post-Begas shooting tweet (courtesy the video below, Fox News host Tucker Carlson takes on Richard Painter. After the Las Vegas spree killing, the left-leaning Minnesota University law professor — who, for a law professor, is surprisingly inept at debating — posted the Tweet above — and several (shown in the video) which the academic has subsequently deep-sixed. Mr. Carlson is having none of it . . .

Carlson stays right on top of Professor Painter’s prevarications, demanding specificity, blasting holes in Painter’s “arguments,” and defending Americans’ civil liberties.

This is not the first time Mr. Carlson has confronted members of the civilian disarmament industrial complex.

Apologies to Carly Simon, but nobody does it better. Nobody holds the antis’ feet to the fire quite like the failed Dancing with the Stars contestant. Chris Wallace is an excellent interviewer, but Carlson is in a class of his own.

For asking the questions we want asked and for standing-up (sitting down?) for the Second Amendment, we award Mr. Carlson TTAG’s Gun Hero of the Day honor.

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    • Apparently Tucker is polite enough to give his guests an idea of the exact questions he’s going to ask, and yet still this is the performance these people bring to the table. They deserve his famous 1000 yard confusion stare.

      • I didn’t know he gives his guests his questions in advance. Agree, that explains his confusion.
        “You’ve had a week to prepare for that question, and that’s the best you can manage?” I especially like seeing him dismantle academics. It shows how intellectually lazy one can get living in a self-constructed and rigorously enforced echo chamber.

        I’d like to see him do one more thing, though I don’t know if it would make a difference. When a guest spouts off with some standard talking point, he sometimes asks for a source to back up the statement. But I think he should put his sources on the a web site with links for vetting, and invite his guest to do the same. Then report back on whether the guest followed through with putting their cards on the table for inspection (most, I suspect, will not).

    • Don’t Fvck with the Tuck!

      The studio floor is littered with the shattered remnants of guests that think they can use the standard Leftist lines that they get to regurgitate on all the other networks.

    • I’ve asked that since the start of his show! people come on his show and he destroys them with almost no exception.

      You’d think they’d avoid it like the plague.

    • You tried to put more than 42 gun in a canoe? What did you think would happen?

      Tucker is a HUUUUGE improvement over Bill Oh Really!! Pretty much the only one worth watching on Fox.

      • Many times O’Reilly talked about agreeeing with “commonsense” gun control laws. Typical GOP-elitist.

        The Left thought they scored a victory by getting O’Reilly canned but they ended up with Tucker that blows huge holes in their Leftist agenda.

        • O’Reily wasn’t classy enough or cultured enough to be an “elitist”.

          Really he was a typical New York City Republican, like the one I had a huge argument with on the weekend. A guy who is more conservative than me on every other issue, but doesn’t believe that the 2nd Amendment has any place in a crowded (with immigrants) 21st century. Yup, we can’t have guns because of brown people and crazy people.

        • Everybody says “clip”. They think it gives them street cred. It is very annoying though. Mainly because it’s wrong but not wrong enough to keep correcting them on it.

        • Hannity is an idiot. He has a Bernese Mountain Dog and he was still calling it a “Burmese” mountain dog two years into the dog’s life, even after people called his show and corrected him.

          He only has about five shows. Just keeps saying the same things and re-running the same video and audio clips from five or ten years ago. Yes the same clips.

  1. If I were a semi-intelligent anti-gunner, that Painter guy would have embarrassed the hell out of me…therefore, I’m sure, the vast majority of anti-gunners are proud of his performance.

  2. I don’t think Tucker Carlson is on MR Painter’s Christmas Card list anymore.

    Sometimes I agree with Tucker; sometime I don’t but I always get a kick out of watching him eviscerate anyone he interviews.

    MR Painter had no defendable position and was completely outclassed. Apparently he never saw any of Tucker’s prior grillings interviews.

  3. That was painful to watch. I had to take a knee, in the winded sense, not the NFL sense.

    Wow, that takes me back. I can see and hear myself perfectly clearly taking on liberal professors back in my undergrad days and having some of them stammer and stutter, equivocate and obfuscate, when I cornered them in debates.

    At the time, you wonder whether you’re actually right, because there is no omniscient textbook whose answer key in the back you could instantly consult.

    You wonder whether you’ll get in too deep and be outmatched and embarrassed by the superior debater with an inferior position (yes, you will, but with fading frequency the more practice you get). You wonder whether you’ll be punished explicitly via grades (yes, you will, because that’s their last refuge).

    • I warned my oldest boy when he went off to college that his beliefs would not be welcome, and his debate punished, so he should choose his debates wisely.

      Professor can be very petty and vindictive. Worse if you challenge their tripe in full class.

  4. Painter invoked the Pulse nightclub shooter in his call for LE to check on people buying too many guns.

    That shooter had TWO guns.

  5. Tucker might be just enough reason for me to start watching Fox News again.

    Though he’s not hear as cute as Megan Kelly when she’s really mad.

  6. Man, Tucker Carlson is savage. “I’m going to cut you off, because you’ve got a job, and you don’t want to be embarrassed in front of your students.”

  7. It’s not that Carlson is a master debater, its that his guests are completely helpless, illogical hypocrites. You know; college professors, elected liberals, and fake news mongers.

    • Yet nobody on regular TV today tears people apart more completely then TC.

      Yeah Shapiro and Prager are better but they aren’t on TV.

      I don’t think Prager has ever fired a gun in his life but he still had a great absolutist pro-2A argument on the day after Vegas. (i.e. All burdesome laws today exist because somebody thought they were proposing a “commonsense” good idea – He had plenty of examples)

    • The difference is that Tucker actually knows the facts and these people have no idea how to deal with someone who knows more than they do about the subject. Professors expect their word to be listened to but not argued with and have now idea how to deal with someone who knows more than they do. They just think he’s another student they can dump their crap on without any argument. I too, just love it when he tells someone not to embarrass themselves. Great job and hope he keeps it up.

  8. Carlson is bold enough to use his platform to defend the Second Amendment. Good on him for doing it. Good on Fox for not curtailing him.

    And Painter, he came across as something of a rabid, irrational zealot. His twitter feed is particularly disturbing. Supposedly, he is a Republican (ethics counsel under 43). In reality, he is likely a squishy one who the term “elitist” much better defines. “Disarm the proles!”

  9. They never have any answer to “and then do what?” I guess they figure it’ll all just magically resolve in some way.

  10. Tucker is ‘Da Man!!! Massive improvement on blowhard O’Reilly. Yeah I too couldn’t believe how inept this “perfesser” was. My favorite is all the black SJW types who come on to get their azzes kicked. Greg Guttfeld is a close 2nd😜

  11. I rather suspect that Professor Painter does not teach criminal procedure or Constitutional law. Sure the police can come to your house, any house, and ask all the questions they want. But you don’t have to answer any of them, if you don’t want to, and unless they have probable cause, there’s nothing they can do about it. And this idiot kept on saying “guns plus” (other unspecified evidence) should be enough to allow the police to investigate. Well, in the Vegas case, there was no “plus,” as far as the police and the press have been able to ascertain. No affiliations with terrorists, foreign or domestic. No disabling history of a mental health condition. No criminal history. Nada nothing zilch. And when asked, what laws would you propose, what solutions–this guy had nothing but some unspecified authority of the police to a) know what you have, and b) be able to ask you questions about it when some undelineated threshold is crossed. In other words, nothing but a further intrusion into the right of Americans to be left alone.

  12. I don’t want to embarrass Professor Painter more but if you buy a lot of guns in “a short period of time” there is a federal law enforcement agency that knows about.

    • Not necessarily. At least in TX, buy a gun and get a carry license, you can buy all the guns you wish without anybody other than your dealer knowing it. The 4473 must be filled out, but is not processed other than writing your license # on it and filed in his books. The NICS law very carefully and deliberately does not include any “notification”, is supposed to be a *BACKGROUND CHECK*, not a back door registration scheme. Which is exactly what UBC is supposed to fix, the proposal has nothing to do with background checks and everything to do with firearm registration/confiscation.

  13. Painter was an “ethics lawyer” for the Bush administration. Pretty much tells you everything you need to know…

  14. That eye twitch! I work with a guy the gets a twitchy eye when stress levels escalate, but it’s small time compared to the Prof. Dude needs to get it checked out, or wear shades all the time.

  15. Carlson’s a talented protagonist, and he certainly comes down on the right side of the 2A, but face it, he brought this guy on his show because he’s a buffoon. Definitely more intellectual than Hannity and more enlightened on the 2A than O’Reilly, but it’s still the same old dog and pony show. No intellectual curiosity.

    • I completely agree (see comment below). I like the format, but I’m sure he picks intellectual midgets on purpose. I wonder what goes through some of these guest minds when they accept his invite.

      • Buffoons rarely realize they are buffoons. Plus, they’re true believers who live in liberal bubbles where everyone agrees with them, so they think that their message is so altruistic that even the right wing pigs who watch Fox News will see the light if they can only get their message to them. They’re even less intellectually curious than Carlson.

  16. Let’s not forget that Mr Painter are the “types’
    the Bushes surrounded themselves with.

    A thousand points of light – no a thousand points of idiots!

    These are the crackpots whom inhabit the wonderful
    state of Maoisota.

  17. Though I love watching TC, he is just as clueless as the rest of his ilk when it comes to the real issues. He tossed out support for a potential bump fire stock ban as if it was nothing. He clearly has no understanding of the nuts and bolts of the issue. Certainly these folks can’t be subject matter experts on every topic, but I really wish they would put more effort into finding the experts and try to better understand the true complexity of at least the issues that are really important.

    • Ask to be on his show so you can enlighten him and “his ilk” with your unique insight into the “real issues”.

  18. 42? If you hunt small game, big game and birds then you do action pistol competitions and you carry a gun for self protection and you have multiple members of your family that has the same interests, 42 is not hard to come by in my family.
    I fish too, so don’t ask how many fishing poles I own.

  19. Clearly Tucker did this guy a favor when he cut him off. Typical dimwitted leftist arguments dutifully trotted out by committed socialist. This guest deserved the kindness because the stroke that partially paralyzed his face may have damaged him intellectually as well.

  20. I’ve never understood the left’s obsession with the number of guns someone owns. Real life isn’t like a game a Quake where you can carry around 47 rifles and shoot multiples at a time. This particular incident is the only mass killing I know of where the killers used more than two guns. How exactly is someone with 500 guns more dangerous than someone with 1?

    I saw a similar Tucker interview on Youtube where the guest (a former congressman) also demanded the police know how many guns you have. Like Painter’s response, the congressman had no idea where to go after “the police should know”. Tucker asked 6 times and the guy would not answer. Finally, Tucker cut off the interview.

    In summation, the left’s plan for safety seems to be:

    1) Notify police of gun purchases
    2) Something
    3) No more crime

  21. He carries on like a visit from the police is a magical cure-all.

    Cop: “Um, Sir, we notice you bought 25 guns in a six month period. Any particular reason why?”
    Guy: “Yeah. I like guns.”
    Cop: “…”
    Cop: “And you’re not a terrorist? Planning a jihad? Going to mow down a concert?”
    Guy: “Nope.”
    Cop: “…”
    Cop: “Not at all? You’re totally not a bad guy lying to us?”
    Guy: “Nope.”
    Cop: “Can we search your house?”
    Guy: “Got a warrant?”
    Cop: “Um…”
    Guy: “Nope.”



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