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LA Rep. Steven Scalise (courtesy

“Enough is enough,” Texas-born guitarist Caleb Keeter (not shown) Tweeted, after witnessing the Las Vegas spree killing up-close-and-personal. “We need gun control RIGHT. NOW. My biggest regret is that I stubbornly didn’t realize it until my brothers on the road and myself were threatened by it.” Contrast that with House Republican Whip Steve Scalise . . .

Back in June, a gunman shot and almost killed the House Republican Whip as he practiced with his Congressional baseball team.

The civilian disarmament industrial complex had been hoping that Mr. Scalise — a politician with an A+ rating from the NRA — would change his position on firearms freedom to support gun control after his brush with death.

Nope. Much to the mainstream media shock and chagrin, Mr. Scalise continued to publicly support and defend Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms.

On Sept. 28, after multiple surgeries and weeks of rehabilitation, the Louisiana legislator hobbled back into Congress. Three days later, Stephen Paddock opened fire on the open-air country music festival below his hotel window.

“Our Founding Fathers believed strongly in gun rights for citizens,” Scalise told NBC’s Meet the Press. “And those rights have been upheld over the decades even as our society and technology have changed.

“Don’t try to put new laws in place that don’t fix these problems,” Scalise said. “They only make it harder for law-abiding citizens to own a gun.”

For his bravery under fire, both literal and rhetorical, Mr. Scalise earns TTAG’s Gun Hero of the Day award.

We need more politicians who honor their pledge to uphold and defend the Constitution’s clear prohibition against government infringement of our gun rights. RIGHT. NOW.

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  1. A class act that knows a misused tool was not responsible for what happened to him but rather an untreated, unrestrained mad man. Bravo Mr. Scalise, you may expect at least one out of state campaign contribution to support your re-election.

    • The man that shot Mr. Scalise was NOT an untreated, unrestrained mad man. That is providing an excuse for his behavior that is not warranted.
      Instead, the man who shot him, and others, and would’ve shot many more except for his being shot and killed before he could succeed, was an evil-but-sane, reasoning, dedicated Leftist who thought to bring about political change through assassination. He had sufficient political hatred drilled into him that he truly believed that it was acceptable to kill people who held differing political opinions than his own. He was, in fact, a domestic terrorist; One cannot excuse terrorism by defining a terrorist as being mentally ill.
      When people here applaud that Leftists are buying firearms, reasoning that somehow the mere possession of a gun will inspire them to more Conservative views, it makes me cringe. The Left is NOT buying guns so that they can be more like us, for self-defense, sport, or hunting; They are doing so to put themselves on an equal footing with us so as to be able to kill us for disagreeing with them. They are taking the 2nd Amendment concept of defending themselves from Government tyranny in a manner diametrically opposed to most of us: They want to destroy the government that WE would desire, as it currently IS, not the one that we fear may come.
      The Left is completely in favor of armed destruction of our way of life in the long term, and the overthrow by force of our system of government. To do that, they must have guns–after all, ‘Political power comes from the muzzle of one.’ Why anyone would want and encourage them to ‘tool up’ for The Struggle is beyond me.

      • Oooooookkkkaaaayyyy….can I still donate to Mr. Scalise’s campaign or do you have a diatribe about that too?

        • Gosh, was that a diatribe? I was trying for a ringing peroration, a soliloquy, or at least a harangue. I’ll do better next time. Harrumph! Harrumph!
          But, I digress. Of course! Be my guest! Mr. Scalise is a fine fellow.

        • I would have stopped with “the guy that shot the rep was a dirty commie that learned how to be a dirty commie from other dirty commies”. Now ban dirty commies!

      • I’m not quite sure that this giant, polarized miasma of impending violence and doom you’re shouting at people is anything more than a dramatic fantasy.

        “The Left.”


        Yes, there are comically misguided extremists like you on both sides. A lot of them even congregate on this site (I’m sure this will cause a few to emerge). The thing is, most people, to include the ones that think differently than you do, are not in the loadout room gearing up for a fight. Most people are all talking out their butts based on a sliver of information that may or may not represent a small part of reality and they’re doing it in a echo chamber where everyone thinks the same thing.

        Try taking a breath and thinking for a whole day before you keep spouting this nonsense about “The Leftists” and I’m just going to assume “The Right” having a violent showdown across the county. It’s a fantasy. People are afraid and prone to posturing and never acting. They’ll yell some things at politicians over the Internet and will eventually move on to whatever new issue is sexy afterward.

        Your writing, on a base level, makes you seem smart. Try to deliver on that with the subject matter and do something besides tribal fear-mongering.

      • I read the comments, and I just have to chime in with some hesitancy. Of course, not every leftist is buying guns and preparing to kill conservatives. Obviously, with recent events and groups (Antifa), however, small percentage of the left have gotten extremely violent. There is no way for a reasonable person to deny that. The problem I see is that this small percentage is still a lot of people who can cause real damage. Another problem I see is the majority of Democrat Party members will not openly condemn this violence committed by their comrades. In fact, some well known Democrat Party members have even come out to justify and encourage this violence as if the victims deserve it for daring to have different views. But, here is the scary part. Throughout history, small minorities of violent people with authoritarian views have overthrown governments, subjugated people, and murdered millions. This is historical precedence. So if anyone thinks that this leftist violence is somehow benign and innocent, than I am convinced they have already lost.

  2. Maybe Mr. Keeter should reach down and grab a pair. First off it sounds like he’s just going hysterical and secondly how do we know he was ever a friend to POTG? Could be he was anti gun all along and put on a good show for his fan base if he ever did any hunting videos or whatever but now has come out waving the bloody t shirt. Wtf did he do while people were being shot? Hide behind the bus and hope people with guns stopped the shooter?

      • thanks. To be honest I had never heard of Keeter till this happened. Don’t really know Mr. Aldean’s stance either. I’m more a Brantley Gilbert, Chris Stapleton, Eric Church, Hank Jr., Hank Sr., and ZZ top guy. No I don’t care about ZZ top’s political stances I just dig the cars and the girls….

    • He’d have to grow a pair first. Seems like he has been socially neutered by his “peers” well before this incident.

      Too many people these days fail to self-actualize. That is, to know “who the fuck you are and where the fuck you stand, and more importantly, why.” to quote my father.

      When it comes to our rights and liberty, we don’t need fair-weather-friends like Keeter. May his chains sit lightly upon him, and may posterity forget he was our countryman.

    • Does he somehow think we don’t *already* have gun control? Can anyone be that stupid? This is simply one more demonstration that gun control does not do what is claimed for it. Ever.

  3. Well done.

    Was anyone else surprised at how cordial Mr. Todd was when it came to this issue? I sort of expected him to get really aggressive and start throwing out a bunch of BS “facts” rather than just asking questions and waiting for the answer.

  4. Hear hear! Steve Scalise for President! WHY oh WHY has no heat been given to violent leftard Berniebots?!? If a Trumpite had shot a democrat you’d never hear the end of it!!!

  5. Good for him. I would not have been surprised if he had changed his stance on guns. The fact that he stands by his principles and logic even in the face of tragedy reflects extremely highly upon him. Wish there were more like that.

  6. He should switch to playing the bass guitar. Everyone knows the bass player never gets laid. Since he has no balls it would be a perfect fit.

  7. right now the woman in caleb keeters life is telling him that they should both start seeing other men

    just like johannes paulsen

  8. Makes sense. I suppose if I was unarmed, for some reason, and was then shot while unarmed, Id be damn sure to never be unarmed again.

  9. HOUSEKEEPING – Scalise was shot on June 14, not “Back in September”. He returned to Congress in September.

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