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At 1:35 into VICE news’ report on the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack in Paris, a synagogue staff member explains why a Jew could well be safer in Israel than France. “Here we are not allowed to defend ourselves,” he opines. “We don’t have the right to have weapons, we can’t do anything.” I guess he doesn’t know much about Israeli gun control; despite recently relaxed rules in response to a terror attack, the Jewish state makes it extremely difficult for the average citizen to exercise their natural right to armed self-defense. Still, point taken. But there’s a wider issue here . . .

The VICE report mainly focuses on French “Islamophobic” attacks after the Hebdo incident. For those of us who ascribe to the “armed society is a polite society” school of thought, the rise of ethnic or religious or class conflict is an entirely predictable outgrowth of disarmament. When the cost of conflict is low, the chances of it occurring are high. That’s just how it is.

The young woman bemoaning Muslims’ exclusion from French society [at great length] fails to understand that there is no government “cure” for ethnic, religious or sexual orientation intolerance. No government policy or edict can eliminate it. By the same token, the presence of 10k French troops on Paris streets and other areas of potential conflict will do nothing to ease tension, and much to exacerbate it.

The only way to ensure personal security is to “let” people defend themselves by force of arms. Once they are secure in their persons, those who would do them harm are forced to live with them. Then, and only then, can a full rapprochement begin. Yes, there are community leaders who work to integrate groups (such as the boxing club in the film), but there are also community leaders who exploit tensions between groups for their own power. Guess who wins. Guess who loses.

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  1. After those statement buy French does make me want vist there country any time soon. Along any other country think like French do on this matter.

  2. The state can actually do much to integrate various ethnic and religious minorities and it starts with the education system. Classes in France should only be taught in french, Classes in America should only be taught in English.

    Assimilation through shared language and customs is what builds society, anything less tears it apart.

    • Finally the truth. I have been saying this for a while and the only reason for I have been saying it is, I know that it’s true. I lived in Europe for a large part of my life and I’ve seen multiculturalism fail (it has failed here in the US as well). It’s multi ethnicity that won’t fail, but only if under the same culture. One nation, one culture, one language. All the alternatives to this fail miserably and are utter BS.

    • Robert is right here. The problem is not differences in culture or religion, but in the ability of some to impose their will on others. They can impose that will only if everyone else is either unable or unwilling to defend themselves and their friends.

      Aggression and lack of self government is the problem, not diversity of people.

  3. Good lord VICE and their PC liberal islamaphobia nonsense, theyve completely forgiven extremists murdering french citizens(subjects) and are on to blaming European people for the acts committed by others. Just another day in the VICE propaganda labs I guess. I really enjoyed the talks of the dude representing the gym, glad to know that some people are willing to man the middle ground and be honest about the situation.

  4. Multi-culturalism is a failed policy. The Europeans are finally awakening to the fact that Islam is not compatible with democracy. Regardless of the legal implications, the Jews of France should arm themselves and carry in defence of their lives.

  5. The Vice News vid was really spot on. Isn’t the real problem with all violence born of those who feel hopeless? And in the case of gangs or terrorism, the only ones who ‘care’ for them are intent on further crime and violence.

    France is a beautiful country, with deep historical significance with our country. And like the USA it has a deep seeded problem in not addressing the problems created with failed government social state programs.

    • “Isn’t the real problem with all violence born of those who feel hopeless? ”

      Did you forget the sarcasm off tag?

      If not boo frisking hoo, let those hopeless muslims move back to koranus land.

  6. While there are a few Jews who haven’t had their craniums firmly embedded in their rectums for the last 40 years on the subject of gun control, the majority of Jews have either been proponents of policies that usurp their right to self defense, or they have agreed and assented to these policies, under some idiotic notion that it would make them “safer.”

    Now, rather late in the day, these gun control-supporting Jews are finding out that history repeats. Gun control didn’t save millions of Jews from being killed in WWII, it won’t save them from being killed en masse this time ’round.

    Oh well. The wages of stupidity are painful.

    • Not totally related to your comment, but if you’re interested, I’d highly recommend checking out the website of the organization, Jews for the Preservation of Firearm Ownership. They have a LOT of really great articles, especially when talking about how so many jews can actually favor gun control, despite the fact that they have been persecuted all over the world for as long as their religion has been around.

      • Oh, I’m quite familiar with JPFO.

        During the really dark days of gun control in the early 1990’s, Aaron Zelman was the stand-up guy who took the fight for gun rights into the teeth of the beast. Aaron was an absolutely resolute man on the RKBA issue, and I’d say that in the period between 1992 and 1995, if it had not been for JPFO getting information out there ASAP at gun shows, on the earliest forms possible on the ‘net, by mail, whatever, things might be very different now. For RKBA absolutists in the early 90’s, information on legal cases, well-researched information and effective stats studies were difficult to find. This was in the days when the ‘net was in its infancy, and most people were still dialing up an ISP on a modem, if they connected to the ‘net at all. JPFO was out there at gun shows all over the country, handing out information printed at their own expense, giving out leaflets, getting people information that not even the NRA was aware of at the time. The NRA was still evolving out of their “as long as they don’t take my Superposed, I’m cool with it” phase. JPFO, GOA and SAF were perhaps the only outfits in existence then who were envisioning a resurgent RKBA. The NRA was far too eager to play DC “let’s make a deal” politics.

        But the GOA and SAF weren’t there at gun shows, handing out leaflets. JPFO was.

        The few Jews who are on the side of the right to keep and bear arms pull a load utterly disproportionate to their numbers. Aaron Zelman, Dave Kopel, Don Kates, et al were there in the early 90’s. Now we have Alan Gura and several other lawyers carving a wide swath through the case law for RKBA.

        The trouble is, for every pro-RKBA Jew out there, there’s three Jews who think that gun control is a swell idea. This is not a proportion of support for self-defense that bodes well for Jews in terms of survival in the face of Islamic ascendancy.

        • The few million Jews who don’t understand the 2nd amendment are usually jinos and barely get the 1400+ years of jihad issue.

          Much like the hundred million or so CINOS in America who also don’t get either issue…

  7. Multi-culturalism is NOT a failed policy. It is an open invite by government for immigrants to flood a country and gain supporters for a political party. AND governments love Muslims. Why?….Islam is about submission to God and governments want people to submit to their authority as well. Merging religion and state provides a block of voters politicians can rely on.

    • I agree that Islam is about submission more than most religions, but what you say could just as easily apply to any religion. After all, that’s kind of the main idea of religion: submission to a supposed higher power.

      • I would agree about that statement that most religions encourage submission to a human run organization; if you include Liberal/progressives. Their religion is the submission to the state; since to them, government is god.

        • If the so-cons in the US had their way, god would be government and we would see little difference in the ends, despite the means.

        • Or the real puppet masters could keep pulling the strings and dividing the people into “libs” and “cons” let us do the work for her (I was gonna say him, but I didn’t want to be sexist)

        • @Grindstone…..what a crock….the story of the US has been a constant progression away from social conservatism for 200+ years and essentially a freefall for the past 50 years. Only in the paranoid dreams of the MFM and leftist professors (and their indoctrinated drone students) exists the bug-a-boo monster of social conservatism.

  8. I’m shocked — shocked! — that antisemitism flourishes in France. Then again, Captain Dreyfus and Klaus Barbie would probably consider it business as usual.

    The issue isn’t multiculturalism, it’s antisemitism. Jews have no future in oh so tolerant Europe. Hatred of Jews is as French as Coquilles St. Jacques and as German as strudel. That’s why Israel exists.

      • Muslims, Jews, it doesn’t matter to the french state. The state of France doesn’t care about their sheep on an individual basis. If a few sheep are lost here or there – what does it matter as long as the flock is healthy and beneficial to the shepherd? French statists agree – guns are not the answer. More government control and regulations are the answer. Lose a few sheep? Time to re-enforce the fences.

      • Interesting question. I’d have to say the muslim shooting of French jews disarmed by their government, when the muslims clearly have NOT been disarmed, yes, that hatred is French.

  9. Interesting to not how the muslim french bitch in the end kept on saying that it has nothing to do with religion. Of course, darling. Nothing to do with seeds of all they are ready to do with what is written in that book, the quran, right? Nothing. Not the case. I can’t believe the level of denial in muslim people. Even with their backs against the wall, they continue to lie. But we should know better, as lying for muslims is completely acceptable and it’s actually part of the book, once again. Go read about the Taqiyya: legit lie with the objective of survival and invasion.

  10. Jewish people can always make the aliyah, Muslims in France (Algerians) have their native country, but the French are stuck in a war between both. I hope they get their country back, seeing as everyone else has their own homeland. Peace through distance, I say.

    • Between? Like a war between shooters and targets?

      This is ALL on the native French who refused to procreate, invited in 8 million aliens instead, then treated them like crap, exacerbating the tendency of Muslims to not assimilate.

  11. This is what happens when a nation based on freedom of speech/expression gets hijacked by spineless cultural masochists (Vice magazine included) who turn immigration policy into a suicide pact. What starts as a grateful community of immigrants becomes a hostile colony in two or three generations when they frown upon assimilation and the host population refuses to demand that it be enforced out of political correctness or some other garbage. The result is an immigrant population loyal only to the social welfare programs of its host country while being aggressively intolerant towards its customs, language, laws, and the natural born citizens who so graciously allowed them entry in the first place. We don’t have it quite as bad here in the states because a lot of our own immigrants’ kids see learning English and gobbling up American pop-culture as a way to fit in and be cool. Once that trend goes away we’ll start to see the hostility. And of course, in these European cases, there’s the religious interpretation factor Vice not so covertly sweeps under the rug.

  12. A terrorist attack anywhere of any kind PROVES again that ALL GUN CONTROLS FAILED AGAIN …..they got the weapons and in most cases the BEST WEAPONS made … what we are left with is only people/rights CONTROLS…. by nature all governments care only for more power…NEVER THE safety of any of the people … and note the leaders of any government ALWAYS have their OWN ARMED GUARDS… DOUBLE standards and total people control. who wins EVIL…..the very nature of Islamophobia is thought crime control of the totalitarian state . comes down to never have a disagreement with the agendas of the SLAVE STATE LEADERS.. anywhere , anytime , for any reason …. NO THINKING ALLOWED , NO LIBERTY ALLOWED.. FRANCE lies about it’s own so called LIBERTY …they were NEVER FREE..

  13. Being blunt, the French have an anti-semitic streak literally a mile wide.

    They still haven’t forgiven Dreyfus for not taking his punishment on false charges of espionage:

    And don’t forget French weapons being sold to the Arabs during the Cold-War and post-Cold-War periods, some of which ended up being evaluated by the Soviet Union. With allies like France, who needs enemies.

  14. Well, as was said, access to firearms for self defense is very restricted in Israel. If they want to carry into synagogue, they can move to Prague.

    Not only shall issue CC and no gun-free-zones, but the Czech Republic has long been the least antisemitic country in Europe. And cops are all armed, all well trained for active shooter scenario.

    Last but not least, moving there is their right enshrined in EU law, as long as they are French citizens.

  15. We are all forgetting a very important point. The US was founded on the rejection of the Right of Kings, Aristocracy and Monarchy. France had a revolution in government structure, but it never rejected the power of the central government to dictate how the people will live.

    This is true of most of the “democracy’s” in the world. Power is held in the hands of an elite or ceded to bureaucrats who know best, and regulate your life.

    France is a police state. All power resides in the State. Your passport is taken when you arrive at a hotel, it is scanned, and your whereabouts are known at all times. The challenge they have is a population of non-assimilated muslims is so vast, the powers of the state cannot cope with them….Or perhaps, WILL NOT cope with.
    The bulk of the French population live in the metro Paris area….which is also where the bulk of the unassimilated muslims live. The European governments, especially the French, have a long history of uprisings in cities. They don’t end well for anyone….this may not have reached the level of the French caring. As others have commented, the French are extremely anti-semitic. While we know the Vichy government happily loaded up Jews to send to concentration camps. The Dreyfus affair is also a good reference point.

    The Israeli’s lack of general access to firearms MAY be part of a sound policy decision. There is a vast population of Arabs living in Israel. It doesn’t make sense to arm all of your Jewish citizens only to have them mugged, and have their weapons end up in the hands of their enemies. This is pretty much the doctrinal way to arm yourself in an insurrection.

    Any Jew living in France now should leave.

  16. Here is a paraphrased thought that seems to apply. I lifted it from E.E.Doc Smith in his Skylark series.

    “We would have been glad to cooperate with you in every possible way. Obama and his supporters say and continue, “It would seem self-evident that all intelligent races, whatever their outward appearance or mental status, should work together harmoniously for their mutual advancement.”

    “Bah!” snapped the Enemy (think Muslim, Russian, North Korean etc.) savagely. “That is the talk of a weakling—the whining, begging reasoning of a race of low intelligence, one which knows and
    acknowledges itself inferior. Know you, feeble brain, that we, your enemy, neither require nor desire cooperation. We are in no need either of assistance or of instruction from any lesser and lower form of life. We instruct. Other races, such as yours, either obey or are obliterated. “If your race obeys our commands implicitly and does not attempt to interfere with us in any way, we shall probably permit most of you to continue your
    futile lives in our service; such as …

    Not the image I want or need for this great nation!

  17. My takeaway from the VICE Video is that when Government destroys the right of self-determination and the opportunities needed to allow self-determination to flourish, you get exactly the problems France has. In the U.S. we have done it to the Black Communities and the Hispanic Communities, and we are seeing the same problems emerge.

    Race, Ethnicity, Religion or any other diversity-factor is only a minor component. Every person innately desires to fulfill their personal potential. The happiest people you will ever meet are those who have realized that fundamental human goal. The most bitter, angry and violent are those to whom self-determination has been denied, and there are many factors that can deny that right. As long as France (and every country like France, including the U.S) follows the path that the Government must control the lives and “well-being” of its People, these are the results you will get.

    Part of self-determination is the ability to defend oneself. In the Video you see people lamenting the fact the Government cannot/may not be able to “defend” us. Those people are already lost to the basic concept of self-determination. Are we to make an industry out of hiring other people sanctioned by the Government to protect us? In so doing, do we surrender the fundamental underpinning of fulfilling the potential of our individual lives? To the former question, I think NOT. To the latter question, I think YES.

    • Bravo, Derry! Exactly this. When we accept ownership and authority over our lives and property, we can fulfil our inmost needs best. They are not, and cannot be the same for everyone, and they cannot be imposed.

  18. Robert, you took this quote out of context when you wrote:

    “At 1:35 into VICE news’ report on the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack in Paris, a synagogue staff member explains why a Jew could well be safer in Israel than France. “Here we are not allowed to defend ourselves,” he opines. “We don’t have the right to have weapons, we can’t do anything.” I guess he doesn’t know much about Israeli gun control”

    He made that statement in the same breath when he first said that Jews feel safer in Israel because the Government takes terrorism more seriously there. Then he made the point about gun control in France. That is not the same as saying citizens of Israel have more gun rights.
    I took it to mean that the need for self armament is greater in France given the lack of security.

  19. So he’s training the misguided, potentially radical children in high-level hand-to-hand combat techniques, in order to keep them focused? Hmmm.


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