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Let’s start with this: “Nobody at that home was arrested.” That would be the Odessa, Texas residence that the FBI raided which “led to several suspects arrested on charges of possession with intent to distribute drugs.” Of course it did. Otherwise, the Fibbies would look pretty stupid, raiding a house with neither perp nor incriminating evidence. Of course, what happened at the empty home makes them look pretty silly, regardless. Here’s Efrem Zimbalist Jr’s successor’s official statement:

“The FBI, along with the Odessa Police Department, Texas Department of Public Safety and HSI [Hispanic-Serving Institutions?] executed arrest and search warrants early this morning in the Odessa, Texas area. Several individuals were arrested for possession with intent to distribute drugs and will have their initial appearance this afternoon. An FBI agent suffered non-life threatening injuries this morning. This is an ongoing investigation with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.”

According to, “Shaniqua Starling said she heard a gunshot, then saw the injured man limping down a ramp. Blood was on the porch and inside the residence.” You don’t have to be a federal law enforcement officer to connect those dots. But just in case you do . . .

Family says FBI and Odessa Police came to their house with guns drawn and entered searching every room. At one point the officer was in the back of the home when he accidently shot himself in the foot. The family says the officer then walked out of the home and was carried off by other officers.

Perhaps Ms. Starling should take the wounded agent to the range when he recovers for a little gun safety refresher and, afterwards, a nice bottle of Chianti. Our highly-trained, taxpayer-supported Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day deserves nothing less, and probably a lot more. [h/t MN]

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    • I think they still have triggers so no it won’t fix the “glock” problem. Barney just needs to keep the booger hooker off the bang switch.

    • You put a glock or any other firearm in the hands of someone who has no clue how to use it, they will shoot it in the wrong direction. I am no glock fan boy, in fact, I hate the stupid things. However, this is not glock’s fault.

  1. You what stops ND’s with Glocks? Keeping your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot. It’s like Sex Panther Plus. 100% of the time it works every time.

  2. “intent to distribute” could be anything from “breaking bad” to “a single pot brownie.” Why do I get the feeling this whole thing belongs in a Cheech & Chong movie?

  3. I would assume another no knock warrant served.

    So the whole point of a no knock warrant is that they don’t have the evidence to actually arrest anyone; yet.

    So the feds are breaking violently down the door of what is supposed to be in the eye of the law an innocent citizen.

    Now there are thugs that dress up as cops that invade homes all the time. So if I surrender to the illegal home invaders, they might kill me after being raped and tortured like Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom.

    Hmm, I’d be better off dead fighting them off; who knows, I might survive.

    Or they might be “legal” home invaders that picked my house by accident that are risking my life and theirs by breaking down my door in the middle of the night.

    Hmm, what to do? Well, in the greater picture; either way, the illegal and legal invaders are both violating the sanctity of ones castle; whether by thug law or by the color of law. They are both violent death dealing gangs that are willing to deal death on what is ultimately an innocent citizen. If death falls upon such persons in the middle of instigating such a violent and obviously illegal act; (are you listening USSC?) by the person being invaded, so be it.

    And who knows; if I was to survive such an invasion by the legal invaders, the courts might agree like they did in Texas.

    • “no-knock” warrants are a crock, as you rightly point out. Why bother? If you have no evidence to make a arrest you are worse at being a cop then they are at being a criminal.

      Society needs to step back and assess what their priorities are. If you legalize and regulate brothels and drugs, illegal drug and human trafficking massively reduced. All the foul people who make money by soliciting the demand created by society will have to get a day job! OMG! A person could severely reduce the violent impact drug cartels are having in foreign countries and stem the tide of illegal activities across the borders of many nations by simply legalizing and regulating local supply!

      Course, then nobody would get kickbacks from the illegal stuff, so, scrap that idea…..

      • And the DEA would have to get a real job! OMG! Scrap that idea.

        The illegal nature and flow of drugs keeps the DEA employed. They are not looking to “eliminate” all the illegal drugs in the US. Job security.

      • The War on Drugs is about power, control and money; both as taxes and bribes.

        Government is about all three. The “war” is ultimately a war on the American people. The only results have been the loss of our freedoms and the growth of the police state; and the drugs continue to flow unabated.

        • Look up Portugal. They legalized all personal drug use. Now, the drug use is down. They use the money they save in putting these people in jail in giving free drug counseling.

          People actually being treated as adults. What a concept.

      • Do you have any case studies of a country like the U.S. suddenly legalizing all drugs?

        I don’t believe for a second that violent (and non violent) criminals involved in the US drug trade are going to find an honest day job if drugs are legalized and provided by the state. My random ass guess is that 75% of the criminals will just move to robbing random people in the street, breaking into homes, and home invasions.

        With all that said, I’m at the point where I’d probably vote for the experiment. I just dislike the dishonesty of the pro-legalize side that talks up the rosey picture of the current drug gangs turning into boy scouts.

        • I have no reason to believe or doubt him but ThomasR just above your post mentions Portugal as one such nation who legalized. Again, I have not looked into it myself so I might be spreading false information. If so, sorry about that.

          Now, I would like to ask: When, in the entire history of history, has the prohibition of anything, EVER worked?

          • We don’t have machine guns that weren’t in circulation before 1986 and those that were are price prohibitive. Even though the 2nd amendment was supposed to prevent that very type of prohibition. Seems like it has worked quite well for the government.

        • Repealing our own Prohibition worked pretty well. Some pure criminals continued a life of crime, but most criminals ceased being criminals because what they had been doing all along was no longer a crime. And criminal organizations lost the massive influx of cash from the sale of alcohol to literally everybody in the country.

          We still have some pretty severe penalties for marijuana, while, as of 2016, we will have 24 years of presidents who were elected AFTER informing the country they had used marijuana. Both parties. 24 years. WTF are we doing? The War on Drugs has been going on for 40-50 years now, at a cost of trillions of dollars and millions of lives, and as of today you can buy any drug you want on a streetcorner in any city in the country. Completely ineffective, why don’t we have the sense to quit?

        • Yep, Doesky2, what LarryinTX said.

          Prohibition is the perfect example of what happens when government makes a drug illegal. Gangs violently protect their drug territory while providing a wanted commodity; making huge amounts of cash that they use a small part of to pay off the police to look the other way.

          Then, once the drug is made legal again, the crime drops through the floor and returns to more of a normal base line of criminals being criminals, just with less cash and the reason to do battle in the streets.

          The results would be the same if the government ended this current “Prohibition”.

    • Without disagreeing with the failed policy of no-knock raids, that was not the case here, according to the article I read. This was a warrant search for a person who had previously lived at that address. The house was occupied (contrary to what the OP states), but just not by the person for whom they had a warrant.

      • Which an hour or so worth of investigation may well have revealed.

        Unless, of course, the new residents are continuing to use utility services in the old resident’s name, or are still receiving exclusively HIS mail at that location, etc.

        How old was the “Last Known Address” known to be known, anyway?

        • Once again, I’m jumping in with little actual knowledge of the situation… but here’s MY take. With all the oilfield roughnecks in the Midland-Odessa area, it is possible that the one they want was living with someone else for a while and has since moved on.

      • When I read the article, it wasn’t clear if the feds just knocked on the door; showed their bonfides and allowed the home owner the ability to determine of they were really cops with a warrant signed by a judge or if they violently broke down the door in serving the warrant.

        The first example is legal and what I would allow the second is not And I would violently resist

  4. Ah…..Sunday night…time for some more copbashing eh Rob? A Bud and a bash. Of course, your bashing pales in comparison to the bashing that poor dude is going to suffer from his squadmates.

    • Mac, can you do me a favor? Can you link to a story that you feel shows a police officer legitimately and squarely in the wrong? I am dead serious. I want to know what a cop has to do before you consider it ‘over the line’, because so far nothing on this website does it for you. I want to know how high your thin blue line really is set.

        • “@JR_in_NC, nah….it came through loud and clear.”

          So, where’s the link then? I’m curious, too. What constitutes “over the line” to you?

          It’s a fair question since every single cop-critical story that is posted you respond with the same “TTAG and RF are so anti-cop” shtick.

        • JR, come on, he answered real well, especially after he confirmed it again. Here, let me translate for you. A situation where he felt the cop was firmly in the wrong was FERGUSON. IOW, he thinks the cop who shot little Mikey Brown dead was firmly in the wrong. See now?

          • @LawrenceofLalaland, le me ‘splain something to you. When you and your little anti-cop buddies were ready to hang officer Wilson, I counseled restraint and the “wait to see what the truth is” approach. Sure enough, the truth about the gentle giant was that he was a thugass punk and was righteously shot for his efforts. And guess what, the Grand Jury after review all the evidence, agreed with me. Thank you very much.

            • But the question was…”link to a story where the cop was wrong”.
              You are being accused of always taking the side of the police and accusing TTAG of always taking the opposing view.
              If you can, find an internal link where you believe the police were in the wrong. In other words, find one cop story on TTAG where the story was critical of the LEO’s actions and you agree with the writer and share in the displeasure of the police activities.

              Here is a suggestion: The non warranted entry into a fenced back yard by a cop who then killed a man’s dog when it barked at him. That is one of many. Get to work or STFU!

    • Good lord, you will excuse anything cops do. You’re a good little bootlicker aren’t you? And you can’t even answer Vhyrus’ question. So toss in terrible reading comprehension or just plain ignorance, too.

      • @Grindstone, bootlicker? Me? Hell, you could give lessons on bootlicking. A certain “author” has your DNA all over his boots. You are no different than any other anti-gunning broad-brush painting chicken little doofi that populates the Swamp known as DC. Troll much?

        • You really do live in your own little world full of never-do-wrong cops. You are the very essence of delusion.

          • @Grindstone, You really do live in your own little world full of always-do-wrong cops. You are the very essence of delusion.

    • That WAS funny.

      There was the “DEA agent shoots himself in classroom”on youtube that shot himself in the foot after telling a high school class he was the only one trained well enough to handle a gun.

    • Snicker. Guffaw. Chortle. You can not make this stuff up. !8 yo with a pellet gun gets shot thru the head trying to rob an old fart and now a highly trained professional shoots hisself during an unapposed house raid. I have gotten much humor from TTAG this weekend.

      And while I support law enforcement, let’s face it, this is funny.

      And no knock raids have to stop. Just stop.

        • The link to the article on NBC is posted. Do you have an issue with an article posted by the local news? The point of these articles is to counter the oft-repeated contention by anti-gunners and police officials that only cops have enough training to handle firearms, and that therefore restrictions on the possession of firearms (or various types of firearms) by civilians are a valid exercise of the police power. (Police power in the technical sense of the word–the power of the government to control various behaviors deemed harmful to the public weal.)

          • @Mark N., per the link and per this TTAG article, it was not a no-knock raid. English, bro…try it.

    • Was a cop in Las Cruces NM shot himself in the foot. Two different times! Even made it to “and now for the rest of the story.” His dad was an orthopedic surgeon. Moved out of town after the second time.

  5. Agent McAgent needs to go back to Quantico. Maybe he could review the section that says don’t touch the damn trigger unless you are ready to fire the gun.

    • Nah Scott,
      The FIbbie just needs to get some Cortizone 10 for that itchy trigger finger, and quit using the Glock trigger as a scratching post.

  6. Kind of reminds me of that DEA bastard who was in front of a classroom of kids and said that he was the only one in the room mature enough to handle his gun, before he shot himself in the foot trying to re-holster the damn thing. Don’t we all love how the liberals talk about how highly trained law enforcement are? It’s so cute when they think their (wrong) ideas matter….

  7. Why oh why does Homeland Security (HSI) need to be involved in local affairs?

    Remember when the cops took care of simple drug busts? If someone was going to be shot in the foot, it should have been a local LEO.

  8. Just curious: what is the rate of ND and of injury by the 750,000 LEO? How does it compare to the ND/injury rate for the 100,000,000 non-LEO firearms owners? How does it compare to the ND/injury rate for the 11-12,000,000 non-LEO with carry permits of one form or another?

  9. Four, count ’em, FOUR LE agencies required to serve a search warrant which should not have been issued? WTF is that about? Are they paid by the raid, or something, invite all your buddies to get their “early morning” raid ticket punched for this week? You have to wonder if anyone was in charge. The reason they guy they were looking for was not present was probably that he died of old age before they could all organize a time and date which didn’t conflict with other necessary duties, donuts, speeding tickets, etc.

  10. It is very easy to second guess and FBI bash. Until same or similar shit happens to you. A little more maturity is in order. Unless you been there, done that, STFU because there but for the grace ……………

    The comments are more childish than the story itself.

    • @really45, you offer grace and logic…commendable. Very. It won’t be well received in certain corners. But I applaud you.

    • “It is very easy to second guess and FBI bash. Until same or similar shit happens to you. A little more maturity is in order. Unless you been there, done that, STFU because there but for the grace ……………

      The comments are more childish than the story itself.”

      Get over yourself. There are millions of man-hours of firearms handling done every year that don’t result in someone shooting himself in the foot.

      Some folks on this very board have been handling firearms daily for DECADES without this kind of crap.

      It is very worth it to ‘second guess’ mistakes like this. That’s how grown-ups learn from the mistakes of others and seek to impress upon newcomers to the world of handling deadly weapons how important it is to remain disciplined.

      So, save your righteous indignation for the bed-wetters that make excuses for every little thing in life.

    • It’s no surprise El-Mac supports your comment. He says a lot of stupid things too.
      Let’s break down your comment for educational purposes.

      “It is very easy to second guess and FBI bash.”

      Yes it is. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do it.

      “Until same or similar shit happens to you.”

      That isn’t even a sentence.

      ” A little more maturity is in order.”

      Criticizing unsafe gun handling is about the most mature thing you will find on this post.

      “Unless you been there, done that, STFU because there but for the grace ……………”

      So you are saying I have to shoot myself in the foot to be allowed to speak against it?

      “The comments are more childish than the story itself.”

      The comments and the story are not childish. They just are. Let each comment stand on the merits of being truthful or not, sarcastic or serious, logical or, as in your case, nonsensical. Who are you to stifle the spirit of conversation.

  11. This article lies about it being unoccupied. It also fails to mention the agent was bum rushed by a woman and kids and they ran into him… But yeah, keep posting here, cop bashing a guy that’s done more gun training than anyone on this site.

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