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We started our #ImLoading photo campaign in response to the laughable #ImUnloading hashtag advocacy that implores the socially conscious to divest their 401Ks of any firearm-related companies. As if the preening narcissism of that weren’t enough, in their infinite wisdom (or slack-jawed cluelessness) the brain trust behind #ImUnloading chose a convicted felon who was tried for murder as the face of their “gun safety” campaign. Hence #ImLoading. So check out all of the pics we’ve received so far at our Facebook page (a few selects after the jump). If you’d like to contribute your own image, email it to [email protected] (please put IM LOADING in the subject line). And thanks for reading . . .











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  1. That last one is glorious. I’m sure tons of Moms are hiding in their closets and calling their local pol. I wish I had that much ammo and organization.

  2. I actually had no idea about his criminal history. It doesn’t surprise me, but I’ve seen few more ironically tone-deaf PR decisions in my life.

  3. lol I normally use the funnel to get cash from my wallet to the ammo counter. I guess I’m using it wrong!

    • Seriously! I laughed pretty good at that one. And the funnel! Sighted in a new Burris AR-332 today… I’m wishing I would have taken some photos to send in reloading while surrounded by hostile cows in a field that would be suitable for cow pie bingo…

      • I’m now learning that finding pistol powder locally is as challenging as finding .22lr. Looking forward to the new hobby.

  4. What’s that round that looks like an anti-tank penetrator?

    And on your FB page, who’s feeding Absolut vodka to an innocent rifle?

  5. Nice enfield. Went hog huntin with the enfield today, where can I get some of those sweet stripper clips?

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