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Denizens of Hades will have felt a chill wind blowing through the underworld today. The Washington Post – as stout a defender of civilian disarmament (and Barack Obama) as you will find in the mainstream media – has called the President on the carpet for his inaccurate remarks about gun control at Benedict College, Columbia. S.C. No, seriously. In a piece entitled Obama’s odd series of exaggerated gun claims WaPo’s fact checker lets the Commander-in-Chief have it with both barrels. Metaphorically speaking. You gotta see this, excerpted here for your dining and dissing pleasure . . .

“What we also have to recognize is, is that our homicide rates are so much higher than other industrialized countries. I mean by like a mile.” – President Obama

So the United States certainly has a rate that is above average—and indeed, countries such as Japan, Germany, France and the United Kingdom all have homicide rates that are well below 1 per 100,000. But the president said that U.S. rate was higher “by a mile” when in fact the rate is five times lower than Brazil and four times lower than Mexico.

Brazil and Russia are not officially members of the OECD, though they are certainly industrialized nations. But even if they were excluded, Mexico easily exceeds the United States (and Chile) “by like a mile.”


“It’s easier for you to buy a handgun and clips than it is for you to buy a fresh vegetable” – President Obama

This is just a very strange comment that appears to have no statistical basis. Perhaps one can just shrug it off as hyperbole, but is this really something the president of the United States should say to college students? As far as we know, there are no areas in the United States where background checks are needed to buy vegetables.


“People just say well, we should have firearms in kindergarten and we should have machine guns in bars.” – President Obama

The Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, which supports gun restrictions, says “the vast majority of states – 48 of them – and the District of Columbia generally prohibit any person from carrying a firearm onto or possessing a firearm on school property, within safe school or gun-free school zones, on school-provided transportation, or at certain school-sponsored events.” Most states also require the expulsion of students who bring firearms onto school property, the groups says.


The gun debate is serious enough that it should not be poisoned by exaggerated claims and faux statistics. The president earns Three Pinocchios.

How great is that?

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  1. As far as we know, there are no areas in the United States where background checks are needed to buy vegetables.

    Look for rulemaking by the US Department of Agriculture within the week.

  2. Something has gotten into Glenn Kessler these last few months, he has pretty regularly been calling Obama out on some of his wilder fabrications. Maybe Kessler figures it’s ok to diss the Dear Leader now since he can’t be re-elected anyway–and Kessler can burnish his “objective” creds without harming a viable Dem politician.

    • I think he seen the last election and the bagging the dems took. He realizes that dems have to seperate themselves from obama and this is his way of helping them out. Either way, you have to tell a real dossie for the wapo to call you out like that.

    • My guess is Jeff Bezos has had a talk with hiz editors, and shared the financials. Not sure if its even possible for WAPO to regain any credibility as a news organization, frankly, but I dont see Bezos as being patient too long.

      If the red ink and layoffs at NYT, and other print media, and the desperate programming changes at MSNBC, CNN, CBS, etc are any indication, that they are all fighting for a shrinking segment of the reality challenged left, and outright propaganda doesnt sell…then you would exoect to see a return to old school journalism ethics.

      I’d guess Glenn has taken note of WAPO’s pension plan changes, and reputed changes in performance standards and wants to keep his job, and salvage some shred of his own individual brand, for telling the truth, for thats all you really have thats worth something as a real journalist, at the end of the day, as they say.

      The cautionary tale and poster boy for the downside of abandoning that “old school” ethic is Brian Williams.

      • There is no “honorable” Michael Bloomberg. There’s a “lying elitist weasel” Michael Bloomberg, is that the one you’re thinking of?

  3. Is it common for people “to buy a handgun and clips” at the same time? I haven’t heard any ridicule about part of the statement, maybe because the following claim is so outrageous.

    • Well, only because it’s a “magazine” not a “clip” — most handguns come with at least 1. Mine, came with 3.

      So yeah, you do buy magazines and handguns at the same time. (Most people usually buy ammo then too! the horror!)

      (FYI:Technical difference between Clip/magazine — Magazine has springs – clip doesn’t. )

    • Sure you can. They make these great little guns called the Ruger LCP and KelTe makes the P32 and P3AT. They have Allen heads on the slides where you can attach a clip like your pocket knife and it counts as a holster in some states. Hold on, wife’s yelling at me….

      WHAT?!?! That wasn’t what he meant?!?!

      Sorry, never mind. Carry on.

    • I imagine you can pick up your cherry Mauser C96 and some clips at the same time.

      I have to imagine that’s not what he’s referencing, though.

    • Exactly! What would he need to say to earn 4? The worst part is that in California your vegetables are always rotten after the 10-day cool-down period.

  4. In the slummier parts it might be easier to illegally buy a handgun and “clips” than legally buy a fresh vegetable.

    • Honestly, I think that is what he was talking about and honestly, I can’t say he’s wrong on that. I’m sure there are areas in the big, blue cities where not a grocer or a bookseller is to be seen, as neither could hope to make a profit between the theft and the lack of purchaser demand. , and guys are selling Hi-Points out of car trunks

      • Heck, it’s not just the slummier parts. Anywhere with high enough density is likely to have shitty produce. I live in Newport Beach and I haven’t seen a decent tomato at the store in 5 years. Even at the distributors they look awful.

        • That may be in your area. I’m in the Tampa-Orlando area and there are a a number of ‘Boutique’ grocers (with the prices that match). Most are independents.

          Sounds like your area could use stores like the independents.

    • Probably true.

      But since those “dealers” generally don’t conduct a background check other than to ask who sent you and if you’re a cop, I fail to see how passing more strident background checks would help.

      Then again, it’s a simple answer to a complex issue, and therefore quite attractive to politicians looking to be seen “doing something.”

      • Precisely. The guns didn’t create those areas, they are serving a demand rooted the same forces that created those areas. The guns are a symptom, not a cause.

  5. “People just say well, we should have firearms in kindergarten and we should have machine guns in bars.” – President Obama

    But people DO say that. People HERE say that.

    • “People just say well, we should have firearms in kindergarten and we should have machine guns in bars.” – President Obama

      Personally, I’m in favor of bars in kindergarten. They keep the kids calm and the teachers from going crazy.

    • In my city, they have a bar in a range, which also has Class 3 rentals. So he’s not far off. It’s just you can go to the bar first before hitting the range.

  6. I hope Obozo keeps up his ridiculous statements. Every time he opens his mouth, his credibility and the Donkeycraps crumbles further.

  7. Nobody with half a brain believes anything that comes from the mouth of obama…….this man just makes up crap and figures he’s president so that makes it true…….how sad is this for the American people.?

  8. The gun debate is serious enough that it should not be poisoned by exaggerated claims and faux statistics.

    If it weren’t for exaggerated claims and faux statistics, there wouldn’t BE a “gun debate”.*

    *Unless it were about the adequacy of 9mm as a defensive round, or the propriety of off-body carry, or whether Jerry Miculek is even human.

      • If you throw a gun at Jerry, he catches it, loads it, and puts all the rounds in the ten ring before you have a chance to blink. Superman just ducks.

    • How else would the antis be able to demonize on the issue with faux statistics and exaggerated claims?

      Notice I didn’t say debate since the antis don’t want a debate.

  9. I can see WaPo’s point…Obama’s remarks were so silly, anyone with 2 brain cells to rub together could see that the completely undermine his position.

    • like he cares? he is on his way out, hope he leaves his Nobel peace prize in the WH. Him being elected to sit in the big chair is why he got it in the first place.

    • Well, I think the problem is Obama has pretty much been disconnected from reality for some time, maybe since Colunbia, if you believe the psychological profile of narcissistic borderline personality floated by a couple of supposedly reputable experts

      He’s had minders and mentors not to mention Moochelle and her mlm living in the White House and that would crack any man,eventually. I actually feel sorry for the guy, for he’s probably sick and tired of behaving and playing nice, and if you look at his past handlers ad PR minders, there’s no adults left in that sandbox…

      That he trusts…except ValJar…and she’s equally delusional, but like Rasputin her power is fading partly as its becoming she’s incompetent, post Iran secret talks…and she’s probably working her next gig, ambassador to Qatar, to leave the sinking ship too…

      Tiny Dancer took his payoff ratching several rungs up the ladder in Chicago, but he has his hands full and maybe out of a job.

      Plouffe and Axelrod bailed when the getting was good, and except for some lame contracted talking points, of low enthusiasm, I expect are running from the tar baby.

      Denis McDonough, he of “coward” and “bull-$hit” unattributed quotes for Netanyahu, and I suppose the architect of the recent spectacle of playing “pouting child taking football home”on the matter of listening to the leader of only democratic country, and smartest intel in MidEast, on the pro’s and cons of the nuke arming a proven proxy for two decades of terrorist attcacks on US citizens. Nope, that guy is a back stabber and like all back stabbers, the One is cagey enough to use and discard…

      Dems in Congress? Haha, when you see the most jr corruptocrats, like Mary Landrieu running from the tar baby, thats not a good sign…

      No, I think we are seeing Barrack Unleashed, here, and the Emperor has no clothes, and he’s running around having the good time he’s long overdue, and getting even with the cheapshots he thinks matter…

      Heck the only reason the SS hasn’t wheeled him over to Walter Reed is Slow Joe…

  10. The best thing about this article is the comments, where a few proud social justice warriors have decided the right tactic is to shame Mexico and Brazil. Here is the deuce I dropped on them;

    ” I love how we have forced the liberals to air their disdain for the dirty dirty third world. Question; if you live in America, and want to avoid the “thirld world” style neighborhoods because you, you know, DON’T WANT TO BE MURDERED, what would you be looking for; the areas with liberal democratic political leadership, or republican? The areas with high numbers of Obama voters, or the ones with the Romney voters? The ones with decades of “third world style” gun control, or the ones with traditional, red blooded American 2nd amendment rights? The answers to these questions bother the liberals so much that they immediately resort to despicable poverty bashing to deflect attention from their failed social engineering. HEY GUN GRABBERS, YOUR PREJUDICE IS SHOWING!!”

  11. WaPo is already backtracking. They have “updated” their column with a few weak excuses because they got “some push back from readers and the Administration”.

  12. I missed his speech and am now somewhat regretting it.

    It’s occasionally useful to hear what two hands grasping desperately at straws sounds like.

    • Quite.

      At least Brussels sprouts make decent slingshot ammo. Broccoli is the vegetable equivalent of a frangible round..

  13. OK, some points that people don’t think about when they’re obsessing about guns and crime.

    1. In some nations, (eg Japan), the police have powers of arrest and interrogation that we can’t even imagine in the US. In Japan, you have to check in with your local constabulary every six months or so. They can swoop in and catch up people for questioning on what is little more than a whim, and they can sweat a confession out of you. They have an absurdly high level of case clearance in Japan.

    Part of this is cultural – they have little to no immigration. They’re homogeneous in ways that we can’t even begin to imagine here in the US. Most certainly, they’re not importing criminals by the 10’s of thousands from their southern border.

    2. The legal system in places like Japan and France give their prosecutors a horrific advantage vs. a defendant. There aren’t trials with juries in lower criminal courts in France. Their system is one of inquisition rather and adversarial, as in English and American law. Basically, a judge or a panel of judges decides your fate in their courts. In Japan, the courts are basically what we’d call star chambers. Japan has a 98%+ case clearance rate, with conviction rates to match.

    In short, there’s no comparison of crime rates that can be made without taking into account what punishment a gun crime is apt to find. In Japan, if you commit a murder with a gun, odds are you’ll be dead. The Japanese execute people in secret when they have a capital crime penalty on someone – there’s none of this protesting and hysteria by anti-death penalty people in Japan. All the next of kin receive is a box of ashes.

    Any way you look at it, Obama is wrong on this issue. Furthermore, he’s now winding up his cadres in the inner cities. I heard Holder bloviating about the shots taken on cops in Ferguson last night, and Holder shows no self-awareness that he and Obama helped create the problem.

    • Great points. Many countries in Europe adpoted parts of the Napoleonic Code, which subsumed individual rights to the States needs, and when functionally expressed in corrupt oligarchies, like Mexico, means:

      Possessing any firearm means you are going to jail,
      And guilty until proved innocent…

      The criminals, of course, dont report gun crimes against them, and criminals includes most branches of law enforcement…making the stats in Mexico, and other corrupt states that disarm their citizens,

      Worthless for comparison to the US, except to skew conclusions, for propaganda points.

  14. I long ago ran out of Pinocchios for the Liar-in-Chief. I even worked hard into the night in my ole wood working shop to make more Pinocchios but realized soon after ObamaDoesn’tCare was implemented that I would not be able to keep up.

  15. Let’s not get this twisted, they just want the extremists (Obama included) to tone it down a bit. Just because he went off the deep end doesn’t mean they wouldn’t drown us in the shallow end if they could. The last sentence gave it away.

  16. I hope Obama’s hard left gun control blathering continues to cost Democrats their job. I hope Hillary continue in her arrogant, lefty ignorance. I wouldn’t choose either one to lead so much as a charity carwash.

    Meanwhile, Obama’s rhetoric is a contributing factor to the energy of gun owners everywhere. Sales of guns and ammo hit record highs when he talks about the Arms Trade Treaty, pontificates about “common sense” gun safety, or chastises us for being unwilling to accept his closet control Universal Background Checks. For that, I award him the Gunsalesman Of The Century Award. May his legacy end in prison.

  17. “Brazil and Russia are not officially members of the OECD, though they are certainly industrialized nations. But even if they were excluded, Mexico easily exceeds the United States (and Chile) ‘by like a mile.'”

    It’s about damn time someone admitted this. Gun control advocates have been ignoring Brazil, Russia and Mexico with that stupid claim for ages and it’s been getting on my nerves.

    • Thanks, thats a keeper, and maybe worthy of a link or future article for Facts About Guns tab?

      We are going to see more misleading surveys, and misrepresentations in the StateRunMedia, posted by embed Journolistas, as the anti-gunners scramble to make stuff up. It would be great for the POTG, to have an indexed by key talking point issue with a data based ounter argument, to pull up on the mobile phone, talking with family and work associates using reason, if they aren’t true believers.

  18. “It’s easier for you to buy a handgun and clips than it is for you to buy a fresh vegetable” – President Obama

    And what is wrong with that? Why should it be harder to exercise a natural, civil, and Constitutionally protected right than it is to buy a fresh vegetable?

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