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Ben, a University of California, Santa Barbara student writes:

Hello, I am a UCSB student and rather vocally pro gun. I am also an advocate for the ending of police abuse and have had several run-ins with campus police. It started freshmen year when I was flying out of the airport in Santa Barbara and forgot that I had left ammunition in my bag which was doubling as a range bag at the time. Airport security found the ammunition, which I surrendered to them. They alerted UCPD (campus police) . . .

…who then showed up at my dorm room demanding to search it. I refused and they left.

Then, after the killings that happened here last year, the UCPD did a firearms check on me (they can see all the firearms I own because of California’s “universal background check” system) and contacted my parents, telling them I had bought a handgun, shotgun and rifle in the past year.

I thought that was the end of it, but most recently I received the attached letter (above, click to enlarge) from the Assistant Dean of Student Life accusing me of carrying one of my guns around Isla Vista.

Now I am 100% against any laws that restrict citizens’ rights to carry guns in public, but I also have made the decision to not violate the unconstitutional laws that prohibit me from carrying my gun (it’s not worth the jail sentence for me at this time). I do not carry any of my guns around in public at this point.

I understand that the judicial affairs officer is just informing me of the laws in California and potential consequences, but at the end of the letter she advised me to not keep my guns in “campus-adjacent” communities, i.e. my apartment in Isla Vista, a completely lawful place for me to have firearms. She also even admits that they are not sure the report is even about me, yet they sent the letter anyway.

I feel like they are singling me out simply because I am a gun owner and someone might have seen someone carrying a gun that fit my description.

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  1. Time to transfer. My understanding is that TX universities allow for firearms to be on campus as long as they are kept locked in cars.

    • In Kentucky it’s the same and has been tested in court. The campus does not have the right to disarm a student during the commute off campus so car storage on campus is legal.

    • Locked in a car is better than nothing, I suppose, but still inadequate for protection if you need it in a hurry.

    • Better yet, come to Colorado. One of only two states where it is simply illegal for universities to ban people with CHL’s from carrying on campus. Every other state in the country either has it totally outlawed, or leaves it up to the description of the schools (who, naturally, deny students their right to self defense).

      • I’m pretty sure Colorado isn’t the bastion of gun rights you’re making it out to be. Don’t they have an “assault rifle” ban and magazine capacity limits?

        • There is not a single state right now that recognizes the strictly correct interpretation of the 2nd amendment. Limiting the decision to one that concerns the ability to legally carry concealed on campus leaves very few places to choose from. You might name other places with better overall laws but few if any of those are relevant to this person at this moment.

        • Only the city of denver has an assault weapons ban. We do have mag cap limit of 15 though. We have legal permitless open carry and state preemption. In many ways we are better off than texas.

  2. California is the test lab of idiocy for the rest of the socialist project across the country. From the obliviation of the 2nd amendment, immigration, gay marriage, green energy, and water issues, whatever is happening in that once golden state will soon be coming to a zip code near you. Move out and help the numbers of old America here in the flyover states.

      • and we export. when a failed specimen from a failed town in a failed state runs out of money to continue making bad decisions, they pack up and move to nicer places, like Austin, TX and Reno, NV. then they breed and vote.

        • Haha. Good joke. Wait, were you implying that you would challenge laws you disagree with by using violence?
          No wonder people think we are violent psychopaths: there is an unhinged guy like you threatening LEOs in every thread!

        • Hey guys, look at the size of this troll I caught! Should we use it for bait or just throw it back?

        • Logan,
          The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.
          Thomas Jefferson

      • If it was a female student and such purchases were reported to a spouse I bet the civil liberties people would be all over it. Reckless endangerment.

    • What the heck is up with them reporting this to your parents? As you are an adult I see no reason for that. Might be a reason to check with one of the Law School students and see if you have a case to bring a lawsuit against the school for that. Seems to me they are doing all of this to scare you into submission. Might be time to scare them back with a legal threat or even legal action.

    • More than 40 years ago, I was a married, self-sufficient, 28-year-old, graduate student at a Midwestern university. The town library would not give me a card unless I gave them my parents’ name and address. The library wanted it so they could go after my parents if I absconded with a book. Looks like attitudes haven’t changed.

      • When I was 23 with a dd214 and attending a big ten university nothing I did was anybody’s business but my own.

        • I too remember those days as a 22 year old veteran freshman. I walked out on our all day orientation after about a half hour, refusing to play socially progressive role playing games with the other eighteen year olds.

        • @Rad–

          What are these socially progressive role-playing games you speak of?

          I gots to know!

      • How did a library plan to go after your parents, if you were 28? Did they have to cosign for your library card? I am about to puke, I’m laughing so hard.

      • When I was 18 in public high school, asserting your age of majority meant the only adult privy to being contacted by the school regarding me, was me. Contacting the parents was violating my privacy rights. I would imagine that applies here as well, unless the parents are directly funding part of your expenses.

    • Nothing stopping them I guess but that doesn’t make it right. It’s an obvious bully/ intimidation tactic to get me to not own firearms.

      • Ben-

        Lots of us pro-2A gun owners are in your corner. I highly recommend you seek legal advice from a good 2A attorney who has experience in this kind of stuff. Check the USCCA website for recommendations. Intimidation letters based on hearsay, not specific, hard evidence against you might be actionable to either the Assoc Dean herself who wrote this bs letter and/or the University. It’s worth checking out.

        But you have to remember, Santa Barbara is like living in China when it comes to firearms. They are elitist, Marxist, swine who do not like ‘average’ people being armed and able to defend themselves. If you are going to stay there, abide by the law… OCD abide by the law (ok?) and stay safe. They will be watching you and that is what is most important to discuss with your lawyer; how to be proactive from now on and expect what is likely to come next.

        Best to you!

      • The first amendment is a right of the people, not the government. The gov has a responsibility to secure privileged information.

    • To be fair, I didn’t see any claim as to the poster’s age, or any reference to a CCP. We don’t need to improve his position over what he claimed, that was certainly good enough for me. I would have loved to see him send his parents a letter for their signatures to send back to the school, since I bet they could say things which would get him expelled if he said them. I would sure have done that for my sons, had they asked.

      • I am 21. I purchase my handgun the day I turned 21. Bottom line is that firearms purchases are publi record in California. Police are actually required to check if someone owns guns if they are doing a welfare check now. That’s what they did to me. It is my guess they told my parents in an attempt to get my parent to file a gun violence restraining order under AB 1014. It just goes to show you that these laws will be abused by authorities so make sure to fight them in your state before they are passed.

  3. It is completely normal for any violation to be reported to campus judicial affairs. I’m not sure how they know but it is normal.

    Unfortunately you live in a communist country, (The Communist People’s Republic of Commiefornia). I’m not supprised by any harassment of any gun owners there.

    What I don’t agree with is calling and reporting what you bought to your family. How is that anyone’s business. I was also under the impression that the gun registry was for legitimate law enforcement use. Giving it out to non law enforcement is probably a crime if it’s tied into the law enforcement computers. Get a lawyer and sue if it is and try to get the officers who gave it out sanctioned.

    The letter is crap. If there was any proof then it would be more than a letter. Write a rebuttal as you did a good job in the article. if you do and can sue have the lawyer look the rebuttal over.

    • A violation reported is one thing but they had no proof of a violation and a visit to your residence is harassment no matter what state you live in.

    • Not only does everybody agree that is a misuse of registries, but everybody knew it would instantly start happening, without apology. Just like the only reason we don’t get the same thing from the Feds, is that their registry (culled from 30 years of 4473s) is illegal, and therefore a “secret”. Anybody who thinks it does not exist (probably several iterations, in separate agencies, at enormous cost to the taxpayer), is unbelievably naïve. But they can’t throw it in your face.

  4. This is exactly why I left Los Angeles. Thankfully, Georgia is much more accomidating. Now if I could just carry at work…

    • Unless you go through a metal detector, it’s more “may not” than “cannot”.

      Small gun + loose pockets + shhhh!

      • And depending on where you work, you might be subjected to random searches even if there are no metal detectors.

        Say, as at some federal facilities.

        Probability of search? Low. Consequence if caught? Severe. Product of probability and severity? Too high.

      • While wouldn’t judge you for carrying a gun on campus, I have made the determination that is too bug of a risk for my liking. Concealed carry permits are almost as scarce in Santa Barbara county as they are in DC and I am not willing to risk the lengthy jail sentence for carrying illegally.

    • Ben, if you have the time I would encourage you to try and find some legal representation, maybe someone will do it pro bono for you, and try to make life difficult for this fascist.

      • Reach out to, they’ve taken the People’s Republic of Kalifornia to task multiple times..they may be willing to pick up your case.

  5. “The use of any weapon of any kind including a gun”
    I they can not even use a knife to protect themselves? Even the police do not have a duty to protect them. So what are the students meant to do to protect themselves from criminals who follow NO law?

    • I wish my father took it the way you did. Unfortunatly, as is the case with many Californians, he is not very fond of firearms.

      • I’m sure a school in another state would have your major, be more open to guns (at least less a-hole about it), and be cheaper to boot.

        Unless there’s a good reason to stay in Cali for school? I’m not okay with the lack of a right to defend oneself. It seems to me that lacking that right makes it MORE likely that I would NEED to defend myself. But the chance is small-ish either way, and I know that other things play a factor in deciding where to live.

        I would take the opportunity now to move to another state if I could.

        • In-state vs out-of-state college costs will normally cancel out any savings on the move. Living expenses might be enough different to get you close. I’m assuming the parents live in KA, otherwise WTF are you doing there in the first place.

    • I could hear my dad if they would have called and tattle tale one me. First he would have said, “That lil bastard, and he didn’t get me one”? Then he would give them an ear full and question why they were calling and tattle tale and that I was no longer his responsibility and that I was an adult and can do as he pleases and to take it up with me, and do not call again.

  6. Vocally pro gun in Santa Barbara and especially Isla Vista? There’s your problem. Just carry and keep to yourself. Discretion is your friend. Coming from someone who used to live there but got out.

    • No. I am a little to nervous to be vocally pro gun in my part of ca (too much swatting), but I love that Ben has the guts to spread the word.

    • If we were to assume that Ben had a Ca. CCW (which he appears not to), then it would be legal for him as a private citizen to carry concealed on campus (absent a restriction on his license that some sheriffs impose). As a student however, since it is a violation of the “student code,” he could undoubtedly be expelled. I think it might be an interesting test case if they busted an off-duty cop taking night classes and tried to expel him….

  7. Wait–even though there is absolutely no proof of anything, you’re getting a vaguely threatening “letter in your file” for possible future use against you?

    Also, what authority does TSA have to contact UCPD about you?

    • An excellent point here. Why did TSA contact that school and do they actually have the legal authority to do that ? Might be worthwhile to follow up on that.

    • I find it highly offensive that the school would put a earning letter in his file that was based on nothing but an unsubstantiated rumor, a letter that could be harmful to him later.

    • At the airport, the Santa Barbara County sheriffs were called because I did have ammunition (8 rounds of 22lr, about 3 rounds of 7.62×39, and a few empty 9mm cases if I remember correctly) in my bag. They interviewed me and I told them that I lived on campus (I lived in dorms on campus at the time) and I think thats what led to them contacting the UCPD (I have since learned to say as little as possible to police). A few days later, two officers showed up at my dorm asking to search my room.

        • Exactly, I was of age and wanted to at least be allowed to keep guns in my residence. I am glad I do have multiple defensive firearms in my apartment now. There have been 3 separate home invasions in the complex next door to me in the past year. Luckily, I have a pretty strong metal door and my complex is gated so the likelihood of needing my guns is small but I am still glad try are there.

  8. There are schools as good as the UC system in states that respect gun rights. UT in Austin and UW in Seattle are both well respected for math and science.

    • Double for UW in Seattle. Especially if you’re interested in aerospace engineering (even though Boeing hates WA these days) or computer-related field (bazillion tech companies in the area like Nintendo, Microsoft, etc.).

  9. The Gunshine state is debating allowing full campus carry with a bill in the state legislature. I highly suggest you help to defund the UCSB and go somewhere that respects your rights.

    • Meanwhile, a bill has been filed in the California State legislature that would strip CCW holders of their current right to carry concealed weapons on all school campuses (absent a specific restriction placed on the face of their license by the issuing authority). Why, I don’t really know. I am not aware of a single case involving a shooting on any school campus by a CCW holder in this state. Not that it matters. The bill will likely pass.

  10. The part about keeping a copy of the letter in your file is tantamount to a punishment. Since most administrators are leftists who have an irrational fear of guns, this addition to your file will certainly harm you in the future. This based on no evidence at all.

    • Exactly, it is just an accusation from an anonymous person no evidence besides anonymous statements given to police. I talked about getting this off my record with the lady who sent this letter today and she insisted that it was a disciplinary thing. It was just to record that they had reached out to me. Typical cover you ass stuff. As much as I would like to continue to fight this and get lawyers involved, I do have finals next week and hence have a lot of work to do and not much time to invest in battling school administrators who will probably never change their ways.

      • Ben,
        Get through finals. That is your main priority now.

        Then go talk to a (or a few) lawyers to see if they can take the case pro-bono. This action the university is taking against you is a violation of your 2nd Amendment rights, and the pseudo-reprimand is a violation of your right to due process. You are essentially being accused of a crime with no witnesses, no corroborating testimony, no evidence.

        This is also begging for a lawsuit. You may not have cash right now, but any good attorney knows that California schools are loaded with cash.

        Do not converse with the school representatives again without it in writing or without witnesses present. This gal you spoke with is not on your team, she’s creating a case against you. This whole “reaching out” business is bull.

        Don’t do stupid stuff. Stay completely within the law. Dot your i’s and cross your t’s. For now, shut up (verbally, for the duration, so no record can be made) and get a lawyer as soon as finals are over. Don’t shoot your mouth off at the administration. Let the lawyer be the jerk — it’s far more effective. In fact, as far as lawyers go, contact the NRA. They will have info on good lawyers in your area or know who would have them.

        One other thing – go really square (if you’re not). Get a haircut, shave, wear nicer clothes. Make sure you look the part of an upstanding citizen, not just a push-around college student.

        • Yes, the main thing now is to get through your Finals week. . And what the poster above me said is SPOT ON! Do all of that!

          Your legal objective should be to have that letter removed from your student file of record. That I see as being very possible to achieve. This is a clear violation of your 14th amendment, due process rights. I expect a high likelihood that the University will back down when faced with the legal facts and potential costs facing them.

          best of luck..

    • It would not be a negative to me, if I were reviewing his file. Quite possibly he does not want to work anywhere that such a “letter” would make a difference. Own the letter, and be proud of it. As in, if questioned, “Damn right I did!”

    • “My question is how can you be seen carrying a concealed weapon?”

      He probably made a pro-2A comment that someone overheard and assumed he was carrying.

      Because those 2A people are always armed just waiting for any thin excuse to do a mag dump in an area because the they had to ‘stand their ground’…

      You know how those whack-jobs think. By not thinking…

  11. Ben, with respect, get a lawyer before you post on the internet if you are skating this close to the edge.

    In no way do I condone the semi-legal swatting by UCSB nazi’s but clearly they are out to get you, and you need to be crystal clear on what is, and is not okay in CA, Santa Barbara, and on campus.

    I am not surprised at this borderline unconstitutional violation of due process with a tgreat of a secret file…on UC campuses, just look to the false rape charges and oppression of young mens rights elsewhere. The teachers and administrators are running scared from pc litigating multi-culti oppression activists that they spawned that are consuming the administrators themselves, and its at serious cloud cookoo land in CA. Google it

    Remember, these are the same administration nitwits that responded to multiple rapes of students in Isla Harbor, by issuing PRs saying it was safe, and maybe the trend was “due to empowered women reporting more of what they had covered up before…”. I am not kidding. Oh, yeah women need more rape whistles. They also promised more rent-a-cops on bike patrol…(when seconds count the Mall Cops are only minutes us)

    Sort of an academic passive-agressive blame avoidence and A$$ covering with implied victim shaming.
    “War on womyn” is ok, I guess when an administrators job is on the line…

    Then Isla Harbor…where the Sheriffs report made clear they did it all by the book, despite past incident, of Rodgers filing a police report against his room-mate for using his tupperware, and Rodgers being under psych care for years, even a paid “life coach”…jeez, ya think that mental health history *might* have made him do it,

    there UCSB Chief, or are you still blaming the knives, for making him lie in wait and stab his room-mates one-by-one, hiding the body from the next…or was it the BMW’s fault for running down kids on skate boards, driving on sidewalks to throw strollers 50′ in the air…y’know, he drove in slow circle around the housing area, per Sheriffs report…where were the bike cops?

    So, yeah, I’d say UCSB admin and security office failed on the “mental health screen and monitoring” need, there, and in deep cover-yer-A$$ mode. So, Ben, with respect, they would love nothing more than a law-abiding gun-nut to point to…and deflect from their abject failures. You arent white are you? Oops, sorry, not pc…

    You might call F.I.R.E. for civil rights on campus, or Calguns, to get a good referral to an attorney, but in the meantime, pack more discreetly…your bag, dude! Weed = ok, boolits = not ok. Get it?

    And don’t be a douch to the cops. Most are on your side, 2A-wise, and really are there to keep everyone safe, so its not about you…

    But spoiled trust fund kids and mouthy surfer dudes giving them lip would be annoying to anyone, ok? Don’t be “that guy”.

    Your job is to fly below the radar, young Luke. These are not the droids you are looking for…

  12. Ben should write them back a letter stating that he never has been, nor is currently in violation of PC 16000 et seq. and that the previous letter is a form of harassment for exercising his 1st and 2nd Amendment rights. He should also state that PC626.9 does not cover his private residence, nor does it cover the property not owned by a school district (That’s K-12, not University as defined by PC626). If he was off-campus, he was not in violation of any SCC rules that apply to off-campus actions.

  13. You need to get legal representation and file an order with the court to have the letter removed from the file.

  14. Whatever…move or join the military. I had a wife and a kid at 20.Bad idea but mommy and daddy made no decisions for me. California sounds worse than oh just about anywhere…

    • The Armed Forces are pretty darn disarmed. I didn’t re-enlist partially due to Obama. He’s not much of a Commander In Chief.

      • I hear ya. I punched out during Jimmy Carter (worst ever until now) got back in during Reagan, retired during Bush1. So far as disarmed, I was supposed to allow my rifle to be locked up while I was near the front (2 miles) in Vietnam. WTF were they thinking? We all ignored that, my rifle hung on my bedpost, fully loaded, but it is impossible to forget something that stupid.

    • Yes, join the military. If you live in the barracks, you get to store your privately-owned weapon in the arms room, with all the publicly-owned weapons. To access it, you have to sign it out from the armorer, who will be sure to let you know how thrilled he is to open the arms room on the weekend.

      Or, if you live off post, you can have it at your residence. But you can’t bring it on post. So, basically, being in the military is a lot like going to a university in CA, 2nd Amendment wise.

    • Walter, man, you sound like you’ve got tears in your eyes.
      “C-C-California is the worst!”
      Sheesh. Try breathing. And don’t you have to be 18 to post here?
      “I can’t have MY toys MY way with a 200 round drum mag and teflon-coated rounds. This is worst than Azerbaijan!”
      It’s good you don’t live here, actually. You sound like you’re about to snap, m8.

  15. I’d send a letter to the parents of the police chief that sent a letter to his parents. I’d be sure to outline the unconstitutional behavior he was committing.

  16. It should be UCSB. This should be lawsuit time. There you have it, universal checks are de facto registration.

  17. The California equivalent of the old Jim Crow standard “You better not let us catch you lookin at them white women, boy.”

  18. Dude hate to say it, time to G T F O of California and move to a more gun friendly state. If you can’t because of financial reasons do it right after College. Texas, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, hell any place but NY, NJ, MA, CT, or MD would be better than where you live now.

  19. My college was in California. They actually provided free storage of firearms at a “campus adjacent” location, allowed one of the staff that lived on campus (head custodian, lived by the front gate) to keep guns in his residence, and told me when I visited a year after graduation to simply keep it in my trunk.

    The current policies were adopted after the Gun Free Campus laws. Before that the rule was that firearms could be stored with the RA in the dorm. Of course they didn’t care about airsoft or BB guns … not all California is crazy.

  20. This letter was sent to me. I talked to the lady who sent it today in person and she explained that they sent the letter in order to document that something happened and to reach out to me. She said that on the night in question, a man “matching my description”was seen peeing on some dumpsters near my apartment complex. It also appeared to te anonymous witness that this person had a handgun in his waistband. From what I can gather is that the police got the complaint, realized I lived near the scene of the crime and owned guns. They then sent a report of this to the school admins including the makes and models of the guns I own. I asked her about her request that I not store my guns in my apartment and she said tht was only a request that she thought was reasonable am couldn’t compel me to move them elsewhere. I politely declined her request.

    As for getting a lawyer and suing, I don’t Forster me doing this in the near future. Finals are next week and I only have about $400 to my name now. As much as I would like to put the heat on these people, I just don’t have the time or resources. I guess if nothing else I want this to be a cautionary tale for those of you that still live in free states. This is what happens with universal background checks. This is what happens with firearms registration. Do your best to get involved now in fighting laws like this so you don’t end up like me.

    • Thanks for the update. The whole man “matching my description” BS is stupid and they know it – that line has been used to harass innocent people for centuries.

      You should have TTAG update the original post with this additional info. With a WA state passing Bloomberg’s craptastic “universal background check” garbage law I-594, I fear that this is what’s going to happen to my son and daughter someday.

    • Do you perchance know, is that really allowed by the law in question, that the police can just advertise to anyone on the planet, for no reason, what guns you own? I would think even a legislator could recognize the invitation that represents for thieves, who actually ARE the people we don’t want getting guns.

    • Ben, when you start applying for jobs or you’re basically in a position where UC can’t retaliate hard, you might want to take a look at the provisions of the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act, or FERPA, readily accessible on the web. Since you’re over 18, no one, not even parents footing the bill, can see your education record without your written consent in advance. There’s an exception for law enforcement in an emergency, but the emergency has to be imminent and specific, at least as far as the statute reads now, and this provision is supposed to be strictly construed. Sending a letter to you probably isn’t an illegal release of information, obviously, but informing your parents of your firearm purchases might be a violation.

      More importantly, FERPA gives students the right to access their “educational records,” defined as including just about every piece of paper the school keeps on them, and correct erroneous information. From this post it sounds as though the school lady is trying to be reasonable (as she defines it) so maybe, when the time is right, you can ask her to remove the letter and any accompanying information from your files. Worth a shot, and it’s a lot cheaper than hiring a lawyer.

  21. Bets on the next letter reading;

    “GET OUT!”

    …in blood, illuminated by a burning cross outside your domicile?

    • I think that ferpa only applies to education records like transcripts and such. Nothing is stopping these officers from telling other people about a police report (a public record) is not against the law. Not an honorable thing to do, but not against the law.

      • Oops – should have read a little further. FERPA does exempt some law enforcement activities but that exemption is pretty nuanced and, as i said a couple of posts above, requires that the threat be imminent and specific.

  22. Hey creep. I forwarded this to the Office of Judicial Affairs. If they didn’t have your number before, they’ve got it now.
    Step out of line and you’ll be doing time for felony weapons offenses, rest assured. ARs and pistols don’t belong on campuses where socially inept, kissless virgins like you have so recently blown their stack.
    Anyone who values their masturbatory aid, er, firearms more than the lives of bright young people is welcome to stand their loved ones up at the range in place of targets next time you go have a wank/plink.

    And do you expect anyone to believe that line about “I would never violate a law I think is evil unconstitutional and triple evil?” You sound like a guilty little boy who has been sent to his room to pout.

    –Gun-owning Patriot

    • Wow logan you must be a blast at parties,
      Your a total downer.
      You know comparing firearms to some phallic transferance is a tad disingenuous and a looks comparatively similar to arguments made by people who protest against soldiers and gays, as far as hateful diatribes go anyways.
      Just a little food for thought there buddy.

      • Just like a typical Progressive, a disturbing obsession with the genitalia of someone with the same sex.

        The ‘secret games’ he had to play with his abusive father may have something to do with it.

    • @Logan

      Attempt something anatomically impossible.

      “–Gun-owning Patriot”

      Those words don’t mean what you think they do.

    • Well aren’t you precious. More elementary nonsense. “The teacher left me in charge! I’ll put your name on the board!” Someday you’ll make a fine member of the Party, comrade.

    • Usually, telling someone to “grow up” is speaking figuratively. Since you are obviously a small child, you just need to wait 5-6 years, until you approach adulthood, and then come back to engage with conversation not out of a video game.

  23. I’d investigate the violation of FERPA a little more closely. Unless you are a minor, your parents really have zero business being involved in anything you do while at school. Regardless of who pays the bills.

  24. As someone who works in Higher Ed, it appears that he has recourse for their actions. If he was over 18, they probably violated federal law. FERPA protections would not allow this unless he had given consent.
    Please recommend to him he contact a lawyer.  FERPA violations are serious and the Courts and Dept of Ed. do not look kindly on  breaking them.
    He can get in contact with a 2A lawyer through CALGUNS.

  25. Please speak to an attorney about this letter. They are essentially putting this on your permanent record, albeit the campus judicial record. Without proof or a affidavit from a witness that it was you I have a hard time seeing any justification for that. They are building a case against you. Don’t be complacent.
    Living in California I’ve found pretty much the only thing these types of people understand are lawyers.

    • Stay out of Seattle, it’s as bad as California. All of Western Washington is like this because of all the immigrants from CA that wannebe cool, hip, grungey, Lumber-sexual/Metro-Jacks drinking their Starbucks directly from Starbucks HQ while sitting across the street in the park from Apple in their Prius, while collecting unemployment and welfare. Eastern WA is whole 180* opposite. Extremely gun friendly, open carry, CCW’s, suppressor’s, SBR’s. and LAWYER UP! You’re being setup and thought of as, the next campus shooter.

  26. Campus adjacent properties sums this up, makes me wonder how long it will take anyone applying for or having federally backed mortgages have to surrender their firearms because it will considered federal property.

  27. Wow. This is just wrong on so many levels.

    I mean first, we have the notice of accusation from somebody who may have saw something but with no proof that that they in reality saw anything. Oh, and we’re going to keep something we just state we have no evidence of on judicial file, because, well, you know– Intimidation.

    Second, social pressure much? The parents? Seriously? What’s next? Naming and shaming on facebook? Maybe momma martha can talk some good old fashion sense into Timmy-boy! Go nanny state. but we’ve already seen the statistics of what the gov considers a child, so /shrug.

    Yes, you are being singled out. Welcome to California.
    And don’t dual use your bags like that.

  28. I would write a letter back, as well as a copy to the chancellor/president of the university, and ask them if bullying and threatening students is an acceptable behavior for their administrators. They are effectively saying that “we think this was you, and if we hear again, we’ll punish you.” They have no proof, and yet they are threatening you. That’s not acceptable at all.


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