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Oliver Reed's broom handle Mauser
“Oh, so you ‘improved’ it??? Philistine.”

Last week’s champ was bfitz76239. This week’s winner will receive a box of IMI Systems 5.56 ammunition. To win, just enter the best caption for this photo in the comments by Sunday at midnight. Good luck.



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  1. “This is hardly the time or place, but I never noticed your creamy soft skin and your perfect nails, Jim.”

  2. Hans, I don’t think that is what she meant when she said, “can you pick up a mouser on your way home for our mice problem? We could also use a new broomhandle.”

  3. Frankie paused to contemplate the seriousness of what he was watching. Between shots, Charlie was not pausing to do Tactical T-Rex hands and side to side tactical vision sweeps. Frankie wondered just how far Charlie would go. Would he Teacup his grip or go full Weaver stance? Surely Charlie would not take it that far.

  4. That day Lester, a former SEAL, managed to convince potential investors his long-barreled pistol design was where the industry was headed…

  5. As he sat there looking at his friend about to shoot the scoped and stocked Mauser “broom handle” his first thought was “he’s about to lose his thumb”…..

    If you’ve ever shot a stocked broom handle, especially a full auto one (I have) the first thing you are taught is not to place your thumb where you think it goes. The hammer will cut you thumb off when the stock is attached.

  6. You’re sure that they’re gonna say Solo acted alone and even when they release the documents decades from now, they’ll keep my involvement redacted?

    Okay. Greedo is one dead Rodian.

  7. Army Times Photo 10-23-2020. Army announces replacement for M-4, M-17 and M-18. The Army has chosen the Louser XM-20 as the Universal Combat Weapon. It replaces the M-4 Carbine and M-17/18 sidearm. Louser Arms is not new to the Arms Industry, and was formed from a merger of the failed Bolt Industries and Glick Arms.

  8. “They were both professionals, so neither said a word of it…ever, but the truth hung heavy in the air. When your 9 year old daughter says “Daddy I packed your sniper rifle today!” its still best to check before leaving the house.”


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