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In this video, TAOFLEDERMAUS combines some shotgun slugs and target arrow points, and it’s pretty nuts. A few other variations of this weird slug are shot, too, but the arrow tips really intrigued us.

TAOFLEDERMAUS is doing what he does best: busting some experimental ammo through a shotgun.

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  1. Seriously. Waiting for the post wherein a shotgun is put through a shredder, stuffed into a hull, and fired out of a shotgun.

    This inane take on “will it blend” is rapidly becoming tiresome.

  2. No, Wideopenspaces, it’s not “double the damage”..It’s TWICE the damage.
    Why do so many people suddenly imitate every bit of bad English that pops up on their computer screens? No one did this two short years ago, and it’s spreading like a communicable brain fungus.
    Think for yourselves, everybody.

  3. A perfect example of why I have delayed my YouTube channel.

    It’s not nearly retarded enough to make any money.

  4. This craps cool. Hey Tatorfledgermouse try the steel ball bearings fit in the plastic wad cup.a little wax. IC or open choke, we’ve had it go through 1/2 bridge steel. One ricocheted so be careful

  5. An autoplay 30 second ad that, while I’m trying to read the article context, gets covered up by a full page click-bait NSFW click through ad set…

    I’m done.

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