Tactical Fitness low-light course (courtesy thetruthaboutguns.com)
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Course Review: Tactical Fitness Mini Combat Rifle Low Light Course – TTAG’s resident war hero takes our Krav Maga guy’s nighttime course and [once again] discovers that adrenaline makes him stupid.

I’ve said it before, and I’ve proven it over and over again. I’m an idiot in combat. To overcome my strategic stupidity, I drill tasks until I don’t have to think about them. Inserting something into that process — even something as simple as turning the light on and off — is particularly difficult.

I know I’m not alone. My beam was often pointing at the ground or the sky long after I’d engaged my target, depending on whether I was at the high or low ready. This was compounded when we started working reloads in the dark.

Form 4473 and GLOCK (courtesy fbi.gov)

BREAKING: Attorney General Sessions Orders Investigation Into Lack of Prosecutions for Lying on Gun Background Check Forms – As the “fix NICS” bill enlarging the FBI’s background check database wends its way through Congress (thanks for that, Senator Corwyn), the U.S. AG wants to know why people who lie on their form 4473 get away with it. Whether the Trumpster’s top cop will do anything about the lack of prosecutions is another story . . .

“He also ordered another look at the federal form that gun buyers must fill out to buy guns,” NBC reports.”And he asked for a summary of how often federal prosecutions are brought for making false statements on the form.”

Hopefully this latest effort will lead to the Justice Department actually attempting to prosecute those who falsify their background check forms. As it is now, the entire process is little more than useless security theater, which protects no one.

Egyptian mosque attack (courtesy cnn.com)

Egypt Mosque Attack Tactics WILL Happen Here. Look Before You Run! – A horrific two-stage terrorist attack in an Egyptian mosque reminded us that it ain’t over until it’s over.

Do NOT think an attack is over after an initial assault. Do NOT run with a crowd of people towards an obvious exit without scanning for additional threats.

Consider an alternative route to safety. Move away from the crime scene after you escape.

Unless you can immediately engage your attacker, your only priority is getting out of the area of a terrorist attack. Anything else is just waiting to die.

Bear Spray Saves . . . Bears [VIDEO] – Dean Weingarten has carved out something of a niche for himself: bear attacks. In this case, a hunter, uh, barely got away from his four-legged foe. Seems a large caliber countermeasure is a good idea to save an outdoorsman from a grizzly fate– if only for a Plan B. Who knew?

Two months previously, a woman was mauled in the same area. Companions used bear spray to drive off the bear after the woman was chewed up. That mauling was close to the carcass of a cow.

Some people claim the bear spray worked exactly as intended. It saved the life of the bear. Even though the hunter (and earlier the woman) were seriously injured, requiring hospitalization, they survived, and so did the bear.

Black Friday Sets Single Day NICS Record, Trump Slump Be Damned – Big discounts, big sales. And the big players are in big trouble.  

The FBI was flooded Friday with more than 200,000 background check requests for gun purchases, setting a new single day record, the bureau reported Saturday.

In all, the FBI fielded 203,086 requests on Black Friday, up from the previous single-day highs of 185,713 last year and 185,345 in 2015. The two previous records also were recorded on Black Friday.

Bentley Bentayga Field Sports Edition SUV and Purdey Shotguns: Obscure Objects of Desire – Malingering. Heh.

That’s a mighty purty Purdey. As it bloody well should be; the handmade British side-by-side shotty runs some $330k. Which is a hundred grand more than the bespoke Bentley Bentayga Field Sports Edition SUV by Mulliner malingering in the background.

Gun Review: FN 15 Military Collector M4 – Jon Wayne Taylor takes a trip down memory lane with the civilian version of his combat rifle…and likes it better than his old gun, despite its semi-auto-only configuration.

I never used any of my service rifles in full auto or burst fire in combat and neither did anyone else in my teams. It was always semi-auto fire. If we needed full auto fire, we used one of the crew-served weapons. Given that, I really didn’t miss the full auto setting at all. The giggle switch was really just that, purely for fun.

Kate Steinle's killer

Jury Finds Illegal Immigrant Not Guilty of Murder in Kate Steinle Shooting – Unlucky ND? TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia disagree. And how.

A jury of six men and six women started deliberations last Tuesday and considered dueling arguments that Garcia Zarate was either a hapless, homeless man who killed Steinle in a freak accident or a calculated murderer intent on playing a sick game.

They apparently went with the former argument, though how that doesn’t constitute manslaughter is for more educated legal minds to divine than ours.

Concealed Carry (courtesy safetysolutionsacademy.com)

National Reciprocity Bill Sponsor On the Coming Full House Vote – Will American gun owners’ post-Trump dream-come-true?

Currently, the patchwork of reciprocity laws and agreements between states is confusing and has caused law-abiding citizens like Shaneen Allen to unwittingly break the law and suffer arrest and detention. Even the most careful and knowledgeable concealed carry permit holders find it difficult to navigate the current maze of state and local concealed carry laws. H.R. 38 is a common sense solution.

The bill, which is supported by major pro-Second Amendment groups and has 213 cosponsors, would allow law-abiding citizens with a state-issued concealed carry license or permit to conceal a handgun in any other state that allows concealed carry. It would also allow law-abiding residents of Constitutional carry states the ability to carry in other states that recognize their own residents’ right to concealed carry.



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  1. “National Reciprocity Bill Sponsor On the Coming Full House Vote – Will American gun owners’ post-Trump dream-come-true?”

    One can only hope…and IF it happens, it will not be without incidents, watch for those that will challenge at every turn, from ignorant LE to ignorant gun owner…

    Patience is a Virtue…

  2. “Some people claim the bear spray worked exactly as intended. It saved the life of the bear.”
    Well guess what, I don’t give a shit about the Bear. We got rid of them because we are supposed to be the top of the food chain. not part of it. That’s the reason they were hunted to extinction along with wolves and cougars in the lower 48 and now these idiots have put us back in danger again by introducing these animals back into the wild. Good thing I carry large caliber when I get out of the truck at the trail head. Not going to give up my walks with nature because of the stupid Enviro’s. Just doing my part to put them back on the endangered species list. You can thank me later.

    • Boy, you are hardcore stupid if you think hunting anything to extinction is a proper way to go about doing things. Being out in the woods on a hunt is not about killing the predators that get in our way (predator hunts notwithstanding,) it’s about getting our quarry with as little disturbances to nature and ensuring that there are more for our children and grandchildren to enjoy. Am I saying that bear spray is an effective means of stopping a bear? 9/10, hell no! But lethal force must be a last ditch effort against bears. You don’t have the mentality of a hunter or even a woodsman. For shame.

      • Guess what, I still do not give a shit about the bear if it’s trying to eat me just as I don’t give a shit about you. keep your self-righteousness to yourself. You are the type of Enviro I’m talking about, putting dangerous animals back into areas that humans will frequent because your type of thinking is there are so many of us that we’ve got to thin the herd. Thank heavens with your mind set you’re the type of guy that goes out to commune with nature and gets eaten. Let’s hope that the bear spray works for you but you’re probably a hypocrite and the first thing you reach for is a gun rather then the spray. Do I feel properly chastened by your comment, not a chance and if you’re holding your breath, waiting for an apology, you’ve probably passed out by now.

      • Notguiltfree got it right, I don’t look good on an operating table or the slab being autopsied to find out what killed me ( two legged or four ) the best laugh for me would a grizzly (evy000) get you on a trail and your can of crap fails to work, thanks for playing the life game lose

  3. Im 100℅ sure I’m going to die, It would be horrendous to be killed by a bear, but a whole lot better then laying in a hospitol, or nursing home. Hemingway got it right.

  4. I take it that the Purdey Company goes out and mines the ore, refines it into an ingot, rolls out the steel and forms the pieces by hand, because otherwise $300,000 is simply an outrageous price in terms of the cost of production and a more than reasonable profit. What, is it like one guy and he makes one gun a year? Yes, I appreciate a finely made gun, but there are a multitude of finally made shotguns and hunting rifles with the proper pedigree that don’t cost anywhere near what this piece does.

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