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We love TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia. We love it even more when you feel moved to comment on something you read—as long as you avoid flaming. But in the big-league, razzle-dazzle, live-on-the-razor’s edge, take-your-life-in-your-hands world of blog commenting, sometimes there’s a slip betwixt the “publish button” and the lip. In plain(er) English, you hit “send” and just as the key travels back up to neutral on the old keyboard, you realize “butwaitI’mnotreadytosendthatIneedtomakesomechanges.”


We hear you. But being that TTAG is not the brainchild of some little-known, multinational corporation, bent on world domination, we don’t have an army of crack PHP programmers to go forth and instantly do our bidding. Nope. There’s just me, and some guys up RF’s way that host our site.

So to answer the call, we are trying a few plugins out, to see if they get the job done. The one we’re trying right now will allow you to edit your comments for up to 90 minutes after you hit the SEND button. So it’s not a fix that will work if you change your mind (much) later. But it will help if you want to immediately edit, or clarify something you’ve read that you want to say a little differently.

Please let us know if this works for you. Remember…after 90 minutes, your comments are set in eConcrete.

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    • I think the feature would be more useful if we could apply to have our comment held “unable to be deleted” for 90 minutes. That way we could get a half decent discussion going on this shitty site. I guess I can kiss this comment goodbye hah.

  1. OK, here we go. I’m purposely misspelling my name: Jihn Frutz.

    Let’s take that edit button for a spin…

      • Did it not work, John? I can’t tell from here – as an admin, I have priviledges right up there next to God Almighty (on this site, at least…His powers have FAR greater scope), so I can edit pretty much anything. Let me know. We’re trying to get this right for you guys…

    • Guess. But there are context clues aplenty within the way we posted the picture, as well as in links. Do a little sleuthing and you’ll hit paydirt.

  2. That is a good and useful feature.

    Another one that I like even more is the notification-by-email one. Especially on a site like TTAG where the posting is so much it would be helpful for me to know what comment threads I’m involved in.

    That’s not a complaint. I like your site very much.

  3. There is Subscribe to Comments Reloaded plugin for WordPress which handles notifications quite well. It would be great having it here.

    • If we could request that our remark be made “unable to be deleted” for 90 minutes, I believe it would make the service more helpful. Then maybe we might have a conversation worthy of this crappy website. This remark is officially dead to me, haha.

  4. I’m confused about the edit process, please help me. And if Jacob thinks this is such a shitty site, he can leave and go hang out with the “BANNED ONE” . I can’t bring my self to type that fools name, but Brad had a great posting about the ban.

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