1. Speaking as a Creative Director/ad agency owner, this is the kind of thing you expect from an Art Director that knows NOTHING about guns. “Gimme some bullet holes…spread them around so they look artistic. No, I don’t want them grouped all together…that looks stupid. What? I don’t care if you own a gun – as long as you don’t bring it to work. This is a Gun Free Zone, remember! But nobody’s gonna know about…about what’s that you called it…that’s right, ‘tight groupings.’ We just wanna show the billboard all shot up. Oh, and make the holes different sizes. That’ll look even better. What now? No, I don’t care if this implies a bunch of different people and guns are shooting the billboard. We’re not in this to be accurate! It’s ART people.”

    This is a conversation (only slightly paraphrased) that I’ve heard, time and time again, at other agencies. And, truth to tell, before I got into self defense and learned something about guns, that kind of ignorant crap could have well come out of my mouth.

    Bottom line, don’t confuse an art director with facts, logic, or reasoning. Different point of view. And you’re only killing the creative buzz when you bring up stuff like that.


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