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Every shooter has a bucket list of things they want to do. For me, my list was pretty simple. Hit a target at 1,000 yards. Fire something in .50 BMG. Try not to get hit in the face by a Desert Eagle. Fire a machine gun. Go to SHOT. Most of those things I’ve done (or will do in January), but there’s one big thing left on my list: Attend the Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot. I just got the word that RF is making that particular dream come true, and you’re all coming with me.

Well, not literally. But I will be in attendance, along with my friend Mr. DSLR and his glassy associates. Pictures, video… Just like with NDIA earlier this year and SHOT next year, we’ll be bringing it to you. And you won’t even need a plane ticket.

Why is this on my bucket list? Twice a year the Knob Creek range assembles the largest collection of privately owned¬†machine¬†guns and cannons in the world and then uses them to blow the shit out of old cars and various explosive-laden objects. There’s even a night shoot, with machine guns firing tracer rounds into the wee hours. In short, it’s an orgy of cordite and NFA paperwork. It’s so cool even the New York Times sent someone to cover the last shoot.

Like the New York times, we (I) were (was) denied a Press Pass. Mostly because they don’t exist. Your standard attendee has all of the access they need to go everywhere they want. Rest assured, barring Murphy’s Law kicking in, you’ll be seeing some pretty awesome stuff on this blog in a couple weeks.

Stay tuned, and if any of you are going say so in the comments and I’ll make an effort to meet up with you when I get there. Because the only thing better than a picture of someone shooting a machine gun is if they’re a reader as well.

The Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot runs October 14-16 at the Knob Creek range outside Louisville, Kentucky.

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  1. Thanks to the Army (69-71), hit a target at 600 yds, fired a 50 Cal, but liked the M60 better, and it’s cool, or should that be hot, to watch the barrel turn red at night!

  2. Have fun man. Being at the Lucky Gunner shoot was incredible. there’s something magical about hearing that many full autos go off at once. That’s right, I said magical.

  3. My friends and I attended this spring and will be there again this fall. How can we tell who you are? I would like to meet you and shake your hand. Btw I live in Kentucky a very firearms friendly state.

  4. Just look at all the beer bellies in that first picture. You could open the worlds busiest rendering plant down there.

  5. Robert – definitely go there. It’s one of those “ultimate experiences” – make sure to arrive before 7am to find a decent parking spot, and consider hanging around well past the end of the night shoot, unless you like sitting in a long vehicle queue while everyone leaves.
    October is generally a better time to go than April – generally better weather. Heavy rains can make the ‘shoot a miserable experience, and turn the parking lots into a quagmire. Extracting stuck rental cars is a cottage industry down there.
    Consider staying at the Seelbach Hilton in downtown Louisville – it’s reasonably priced, service oriented, cozy and has a haunted reputation.
    You don’t need a press pass to shoot footage in the common spectator areas – just a video pass.

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