Members of TTAG’s Armed Intelligenstsia are bound to recognize this thingie. So I’m looking for the firearm. Well, actually, I found it. And now it’s mine. But what is it? I’ve got a box of Honady Critical Defense .357 ammo for the first person that IDs the gun. [TTAG writers are excluded from this competition, Nick.] UPDATE: Ed nailed it right from the git-go. It’s the peep sight on an Anschutz Modell Match 64 in 22LR. Make the jump for a pic of the rifle. Review to follow.


    • Instantly recognized it as a .22 peep sight. Brings back memories of the old Remington 40-x .22 target rifles we shot on rifle team in high school. Great times.

      Nick – A-17, A-36, or another target?


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