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The Ruger SR40 is an extremely accurate gun. The .40-caliber pistol’s recoil is, as advertised, as soft as a nine. We fed it 400 rounds without a problem. The trigger, however, is diabolical. It’s squidgy, gritty and unpredictable. And that’s odd. Because the SR40 trigger I sampled down at D&L felt exactly the same as the SR9c‘s, a gun we lauded for its 1911-style go-pedal. Ruger assures us that the SR40’s trigger uses all the same bits as the SR9c and the new, improved SR9. So I’m sending the SR40 back, and holding off on the full review awaiting a replacement. I want to see if the trigger trouble is a one-off production problem or the nature of the beast. In the interests of transparency, I’m keeping TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia in the loop. Watch this space. Meanwhile, make the jump for a trigger demo and comparo with the Springfield XD-M.

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  1. That's not surprising to me. When the SR9C came out, I was curious and fondled one at the local toy store and was aghast at the trigger. Gritty, yet mushy. I haven't picked up a Ruger SR9C since, but for the longest time, I was bewildered by others' reports that the trigger was good to great.

  2. I’m with Joe on this one. I played with an SR9C at a dealer’s this morning, in fact, and I noticed the same thing. While I love the styling of the SR series, I was repelled by the stacky, gritty, heavy trigger. The often criticized go-button of the Chiappa Rhino was far smoother by comparison.

    The XD series may be blockier in profile, but they are blessed with outstanding triggers. What’s up with the quality control of American armsmakers?

  3. I've owned the SR9c since April, 2010 and have fired over 600 rounds through it. I've had now FTF or jams and the trigger is very smooth with a nice break. No problems. I love it, great for CCW.

  4. I don’t have much experience with SR9 but from what I have read, it seems many of the new plastic guns have some trigger issues during break in. It seems that the patrolium lubes and cleaners are maybe a little thick for the new guns to digest. There is a new cleaner/lube on the market that seems to be getting rave reviews called Force Field Weapon Conditoner. It is a less, “thick” non patrolium product that …”cleans, protects, lubes, todays high tech guns” to read about it…..


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