The Outdoor Channel may not be putting all its eggs in a Ted Nugent-shaped basket, but “the Nuge’s” expanded commitment to the network is no yolk. (Neither is that, really.) The channel’s press release boasts of an “exclusive multi-year endorsement agreement with lifelong outdoorsman and rock ‘n’ roll legend Ted Nugent.” It’s hard to imagine the recently chastised (but obviously not repentent) bait hunter and author of the Cole Porter-like classic “Kiss My Glock” working for anyone else—although I would have liked Ted’s take on the Remington 700’s trigger troubles. At a minimum, Ted’s taking over Tuesday at the Outdoor Channel, in addition to making “special guest appearances at top consumer events and trade shows.” No mention of Uncle Ted’s pay and/or percentage of ad revenue. Suffice it to say, the Motor City Madman is as crazy as a fox.


  1. "Kiss my Glock?" Wouldn't you expect a detroit-hatched flag-waver like Nugent to be a 1911 guy? Or at least a "Buy American" Springfield promoter (though I guess if the Croatian-made XD is Springfield's top seller maybe that doesn't work?)


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