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You may have noticed that we’ve installed a Lockerdome reader poll widget thingie on TTAG’s home page. We’ve been running a simple head-to-head competition: “Which new 9mm would you buy: FNS-9C or GLOCK 43?” As of this writing, 55 percent of TTAG readers would put their money down on FN’s brilliant new compact rather than GLOCK’s revolutionary [sic] new sub-sub-compact. Just as I, your humble scribe have done. Though I’ll probably buy a GLOCK 43 for pocket carry as well. Anyway, time for a new match-up! We need some classic confrontations. Striker-fired vs. 1911. 9mm vs. .45. Hickock45 vs. Nutnfancy. Like that. Suggestions please!

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      • Right. Which one would you buy, based on the pretty pictures, corporate marketing, SHOT Show booth babe promotion, and the small handful of reviews available, without so much as holding one in your hand.

        The poll was stupid.

        If you want our opinions, ask about stuff we’ve seen, shot, and maintained for a few years. Heck, I just bought a new truck but it’ll be five years before I know if it’s any good.

        • The poll wasn’t stupid. Polls can’t be stupid. They are but a reflection of the votes that they tally. If you think the people who voted on a gun they haven’t shot are stupid, then why don’t you say that? I enjoyed participating in the poll, and I was surprised by the results. It works for me.

        • As I said before in the post that you are responding to, I enjoyed participating in the poll, and I was surprised by the results.

        • I bought a couple houses in my life without living in them first!! I based the one that I would buy on options, builders, styles, and what I wanted. Have I always been 100% happy with the one that I picked based on the information I had at the time? No, otherwise I wouldn’t have sold and bought a different house but that still doesn’t mean I made the wrong choice with the options I was comparing either.

    • I bought one back in January, and I voted for it here. It has a great trigger, and shoots as well as I can aim it. My gun has no manual safety.

  1. If the 43 is the same size as the 42, it would be useless to me. I don’t have exceptionally large hands, and I can barely hold it properly, it’s so small.

    That, and if I were choosing one to purchase, sight-unseen and never-fired, I’d want to give the FNS a spin. I’ve shot Glocks, and they’re fine. But I’d try something new.

    • I involuntarily roll my eyes at comments on a subcompact, micro, or pocket pistol that opine; “The grip is too small”; “I can only get two fingers on it”; “I wish it had a full size grip”; or “it just doesn’t fit my hand”; all of which are hilarious since smaller necessarily comes with the territory of a subcompact ,micro, or pocket pistol.

      • The 42 is perfect for my wife. It’s a good gun.

        It was uncomfortable for me to hold. That lack of comfort would be a valid criterion in choosing between the two handgun models presented. I believe the FNS9c is much closer in size to my EDC Ruger SR9c, which means it is likely to be much more comfortable for me.

        Roll your eyes all you want. Just don’t hurt yourself.

    • The 43 is actually a bit bigger than the 42.

      Glock 43
      159 mm / 6.26 in.
      26 mm / 1.02 in.
      132 mm / 5.20 in
      108 mm / 4.25 in.
      86 mm / 3.39 in.

      Glock 42
      151 mm / 5.94 in.
      24 mm / 0.94 in.
      125 mm / 4.92 in.
      105 mm / 4.13 in.
      82.5 mm / 3.25 in.

  2. The issue I have with it is to see the results, you have to sign in to Book of Face, which by choice, will leave me out of the polling. Sorry TTAG, I have no issues with the site (thanks to AdBlockers) but I have no interest in anything that requires a Facebook account….

  3. Striker fired or Hammer fired ( i prefer hammers)
    As-built or Modified ( i moved my mag release to eject with my middle finger)
    Ambidextrous or side specific ( im a righty so most of its built for me)
    optics or Irons
    mod a gun or get a new gun ( .357 sig barrel for my .40)

    those are off the top of my head

  4. Sort of an apples and oranges comparison since the size and weight of the FNS 9C is comparable to the Glock 26, not the 43.

    • Absolutely. The FN is the better weapon (better sight radius, ammo cap, etc.) whereas the G43 is easier to conceal. Still, we’re looking at newish guns in roughly the same market.

      For me, it’d be FNS9C vs Glock 27, and Shield 9mm vs. Glock 43.

  5. Striker fired vs. 1911? False dichotomy! You can get a non-striker-fired gun without it being a 1911, fortunately, as I’d sure hate to have to make that particular choice..

  6. Piston VS DGI
    Short stroke piston VS long stroke piston
    soft point VS hollow point (rifle)
    bonded VS polymer tip (rifle)
    Farago VS Linoge
    Leghorn VS Fateofdestinee
    Zimmerman VS Elvis
    Open Carry VS Concealed Carry

  7. The results aren’t surprising given how the TTAG powers-that-be have spent the last couple years swooning about what great guns the FNS series pistols are and how little we yet know about the G43 (like, whether it will have an initial flurry of reported issues like the G42).

    Yea, I voted for the FNS Compact too.

    Hickock45 BTW, by a mile.

  8. Polls are fun…
    Hate being hijacked into a “Like us in Facebook!” to actually see results.
    Like TTAG. Like polls. Hate Facebook.

    • Me too. But this one showed results, when I closed the “like window” without loging in to facebook or such a thing. Maybe bug…

  9. FNX45 vs HK45

    Someone else mentioned PPQ M1 vs VP9

    Cabot black diamond vs RIA GI 😉 (you’re going to have to add a “neither” or “stab myself in the eye with a sharp stick” as alternates to this one)

  10. I think it’s pretty significant that 45% of readers would buy the gun that isn’t available yet.

    The FN reviews well, and looks good. But for the midget GLOCK to be a pretty serious alternative when it will be sold out from release until tax time 2016… If one were to look at it like that, you have people willing to wait a year for the GLOCK rather than buy the FN now.

  11. While I haven’t shot either, I have held the FNS9c.

    I cannot and will not buy a gun that has a possible 2 lb. difference in trigger pull. If I knew a FNS9c was going to to break at 5.5-6 lbs I would buy one in a heartbeat. But 5.5-7.5 is way too big of a difference. For that reason alone, I will not buy a FNS9c.

  12. Pump shotgun vs. semi-auto for home defense.
    Lever action vs. bolt action for deer (or coyotes, varmints, etc.)
    Revolver vs. semi-auto for open carry
    Hi-Point vs. Kel-tec 9mm carbine
    Watermelon vs. pumpkin

    • I say “careful” on the DA/SA vs SA poll. Because there are multiple different ways to implement DA/SA, and only some of them force you into the Da first pull. Some DA/SAs allow you to cock and lock, and the DA (functionally) simply becomes second strike capability (unless you WANT to carry with the hammer down).

      So if someone says to me “DA/SA or SA” are they asking me to compare a Beretta 92 (where the safety decocks the gun) to a single action revolver? Or a 1911 to a CZ with a safety? Or what?

  13. I chose Glock because that is a brand that I have enough experience with to know and trust! FN might be just as good, there may be several others that are just as good! In its class there is no better option than Glock, and for the price, it does what it needs to and nothing more! I want to see the same torture test’s done to glock over the years done to FN before even taking a chance. I want to see it thrown from a helicopter in the desert, picked up and fired. I want to see it buried for 3 years, and fired without cleaning. Just to name a few

      • I do not know if Im detecting sarcastic micro aggressive undertones, or if your siding with me about my opinion! So ill just say this and call it a day.. kool-aid is the number 1 reason most teenage minorities act the fool.. to much artificial colors ingested can cloud logical thinking! That shits for amateurs.. I go strait for the Monster energy drinks!

  14. This is the ad that was broken for a week, and would cause AdBlock+ to constantly see it as a new ad and bring my browser to a crawl.

  15. Charcoal vs. propane?

    Kidding aside, I love the idea of these polls. They’re a little silly, but fun. Adds a more friendly feel to TTAG. Keep it up!

  16. The poll was Apples to Oranges, made no sense. Glock 43 vs. Nano, Glock 43 vs. Shield, Glock 43 vs. CM9, I get, BUT a double stack vs. a single stack??

  17. Hicock45 by a huge margin! That being said, I love all glocks, but my wife has an FNS9 and it is on another level for striker fired polymer wonders and it is the same price. I would have went with a 9c instead of my 23/shield combo for CCW if it was out at the time but the large fns has a much larger grip and harder to conceal for me. Anyways so I chose two available options and tailor them for what I wear. I wish it came in 45 ACP (yes it is my preference) and have been waiting to find the right concealable 45 but may just buy an fns9c instead.

  18. Hickok45 versus Nutnfancy? Hickok will win hands down because he doesn’t jibber jabber for 45 minutes and say Dude 4000 times in his videos. I can’t sit through a whole Nutnfancy video.
    PS, better spell his name right or he’ll hunt you down like Elmer Fudd on Bugs Bunny.

  19. Not just the FNS-9C, this reader would take just about any pistol over a Glock including Sig, S&W, Colt, Kimber, Springfield, etc, etc.

  20. Home carry yes or no?

    Subcompact semi auto or snub nose revolver?

    357 mag or 38spl +p out of a snubbie?

    Shotgun or handgun for home defense?

    • I like the subcompact semi auto vs snub nosed revolver one. Maybe even single stack subcompact semi auto vs 5 shot 38 snub or double stack subcompact semi auto vs 6 shot 38 snub. Another revolver vs semi auto poll could be 10mm semi auto longslide vs a long barreled magnum revolver.

  21. Stupid “poll”, especially since they aren’t comparable guns. Double stack vs. single stack. Pocket gun vs. belt gun. Etc.

  22. Don’t understand why anyone would have either over a G19. It’s the perfect pistol for carry, with no compromise on capacity.


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