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C’s Loaded Springfield Armory M1A .308 WIN/7.62×51 Sage International M14ALCS EBR Stock, GG&G Bipod Adapter, Harris S-BRM Bipod 9″, UTG 3-slot Universal QD Lever Lock Riser/Adapter (2), Vortex Crossfire II 4-12×40 AO Dead-Hold BDC, Checkmate Industries 20rd Magazine

The Commander in Chief has made it clear that he’d like to outlaw so-called “weapons of war” (a.k.a., scary black rifles). Apparently, they have “no place on our streets.” As a symbolic middle finger to anyone who would infringe on Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms, we asked TTAG readers to send us pics of their WoW. You’ve responded in droves (excluding those who lost their guns in a tragic boating accident). We’ll be posting more here and on our Facebook page. Meanwhile, make the jump to ogle take a look at TTAG readers’ WoW. Info on how to send us an image of your gun(s) at the bottom of the post . . .

DM’s Colt Sporter Lightweight with ACOG and gray Magpul furniture
A’s Team Wendy Bump Helmet, TNVC PVS-14 PSA SBR Custom AR-15 with AAC M4-2000, Steiner DBAL, Aimpoint Pro and Geissele super combat trigger, Spikes mid-length AR-15 with Trijicon ACOG and Troy canted flip up sights.


J’s Mini 30 with Archangel Sparta chassis, Accu-Strut socom barrel stabilizer, Leupold Vx-R 1.25x4x mated to a Leupold mount
4U7A3638 Phone
F’s 5.56 SBR with Spikes Tactical Lower, Hogue pistol grip, Timney 3.5lb single stage trigger, Magpul STR stock, X products x-15 skeletonized 50 round magazine, Spikes upper, Eotech XPS 2-0, Gas buster charging handle, 10.5” Noveske Barrel, Noveske BCG, AAC 51T Break, AAC mini 4, and Diamondhead VRS-T handguard
Colt “M4” LE6920 in 556 updated with Magpul furniture, Geisselle SSA trigger, Aimpoint Micro T2 2 on Larue mount, Proctor sling, WMLX 500 lumen light.
J’s Advanced Armament MPW 300BLK 9″ Complete Rifle, AAC 762-SDN-6 Suppressor, Magpul Furniture, EoTech XPS2 300BLK, Geissele Trigger


J’s H&K PSG-8 by Tommy- built tactical in .223


Tom in Oregon’s weapon of war with an assault shoulder thingy that goes up with a tactical assault pocket. It’s got a trigger in the middle that turns it into multi-automatic ghosttacular weapon of war. That there is a pistol grip that makes it easier to use the shoulder thingy that goes up. It also a tactical assault pocket to store the souls of children. It has a modified bullet button assault trigger (ISIS scary and baby killer scary) and silver thingy which shoots fire out of the barrel. You might ask, where’s the rest of the gun? Well, this is the devil incarnate according to Kevin de Leon. It has a ghost assault invisible Casper-the-not-friendly-ghost lower with a chainsaw mount, an auto aim sniper scope, super high capacity baby-seeking bullets that allow it to shoot 500 rounds per second 100% of the time. On the end is a silencer that lets you shoot people so no one can hear you. It also discriminates against people of color and only shoots little white kids because according to CNNMSNBCFOX, they’re the only ones that deserve air time. (Can only be used while wearing assault clothing with tacticool military grade ammosexual pockets, a mullet and an NRA sticker).


SpeleoFool’s IWI Tavor SAR chambered in 5.56 with an 18″ barrel, Mepro M-21, bullseye reticle, ShootingSight TAV-D trigger pack, IWI Window magazine with Federal M855, Gearhead Works FLEx gas port cover (not pictured)


R’s .300 Blackout AR with Palmetto State Armory Multi-Caliber Lower, Magpul adjustable stock (actually needed to get correct eye relief), Magpul Pistol Grip, Velocity 3.5 lb drop-in trigger, Free Float .300 blackout barrel with short quad rail, UTG Super Duty Bi-pod (for the range), UTG 3-9×32 AO RGB scope, Milspec (full-auto) Nickel Boron Bolt Carrier Group Charging Handle with over sized (tactical) release latch (because of scope position)


J’s Primary Weapons Systems Mk 116 in 300 BLk, Trijicon SRS, Magpul AFG2


T’s 18″ IWI Tavor DMR with Trijicon TA33 3x ACOG with Larue mount, Manticore curved buttpad, Gearhead Works short Razorback rail, Fab defense TAR Podium, Surefire M600v – IR and White light, Geissele Super, Sabra trigger back and Geissele Lightning trigger bow


Ithi and Halberd
E’s 15th century German Halberd

Send your “Weapon of War” to [email protected] with WOW in the subject bar. Please provide a full description of your gun(s) listing any and all accessories and modifications. [NOTE: TTAG does not share reader information with any third party and does not recommend boat travel for acquisitive gun owners.]

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  1. Funny thing is that if I had a choice in getting hit by any of the above, the Halberd would be the one I would fear most.

    • I would have to agree, having a hole in you is less aversive than having an appendage hacked off.

    • True. If you knew with practically 100% certainty you were going to be hit by either a bullet or the business end of that halberd, you’d best choose the bullet. People routinely survive bullet wounds with just a little luck and prompt medical care. After that ginormous polearm opened you up, the undertaker would be your next stop.

      • Century C39v2 will take an optic nicely. More and more companies are making rail accessories for the AK platform.

      • RS Regulate takes care of all optics provided you have a side rail. My M77, WASRs, and otherwise are all fitted with them.

      • Also have an Arsenal SAM7, mine with a CompM4s. But I didn’t have a nice glamour shot of it, so I went with the Tavor instead. 🙂

      • I was going make a comment, but everyone else seems to have it handled.

        The AK is G2G with optics.

      • I also have a SAM7R. It has an RS Regulate Mount topped with an Aimpoint T1
        It’s one hell of a battle rifle.

      • Side rail mount on my Saiga 7.62X39, fitted with a basic Bushnell TRS-25 red dot. Decent set up for a cheapskate like me.

    • I’ll take a photo of mine tonight, would that make you happy? It doesn’t have any whizzie add-ons or anything, except a rail. I haven’t figured out what optic I want to get for it yet.

  2. I only see hunting and Target rifles. I hate to be the child in “The Emperors’ New Clothes”. But Tom’s Ghost Gun is missing the bayonet lug, that’s the most leathal part.

    • Operators hold the bayonet in their teeth, operationally.

      Plus did you see the Glock brand Glock on that thing?

      I’ll bet it can shoot 30 caliber clipazines per second all day long.

  3. I know, each to his own, but the chassis on the two garand action rifles, uh? Hay, I think 1911 rail guns are hideous, so take my opinion with a grain of salt.

    • I kept the original stock I just didn’t wanna mod the original stock in case I ever decide to part ways with her.

  4. perfect for making the anti’s wet their pants…

    If we want to really make them cringe and cry in their coffee house… GUESS WHAT???? THERE ARE MILLIONS OF THESE RIFLES ALL OVER THE COUNTRY!!!! Thats right. You may not want to believe it but there is probably one within walking distance of your home!!! I dont care if you are in NYC, San Fran or Chicago… I can pretty much guarantee there is one within walking distance of your home that has never been used in any nefarious way.

    Suck it!

  5. More than a bit jealous of the gear here. I am glad to see so many patrons of this website are doing so well financially. I guess I will have to settle for Santa’s hand me down WASR.

    • Nice toys are not always a good indication of being “well off.” You’d be surprised how often they’re an indication of large debt and maxed out credit cards.

      If your WASR was paid for cash and within your budget, be proud.

      • I wish I had an AK 🙂 But I hear you. Not all are well off yet have great gear (cuz America) but I imagine some are.

      • +1 to what ROHC said. I’m not saying my Tavor was what sent my credit card debt into, “You need help boy!” territory but… my Tavor was what sent my credit card debt into, “You need help boy!” territory.

  6. I’ve got an old 6530 like DM’s. Low S/N. Mostly a safe troll nowadays, but drag it out now and then. ACOG as well (original TA01…and the tritium is dead…really need to send that in…)

  7. You know, I think any proud violent, insurrectionist, reactionary would want to publish their box score along with a photo of their willie-compensation instrument of choice. Here, let me help:

    “Box Score for me and my instrument of war: 0

    Total Mass Shootings: 0
    At schools: 0
    At offices: 0
    At malls: 0

    Total Individual Murders: 0
    Crimes of passion: 0
    Crimes of property: 0
    People I just don’t like: 0

    Total Brandishings & Intimidations: 0
    At gun rights protests: 0
    At opposing protests: 0
    At whatever group is being
    intimidated this week: 0

    Total Autonomous Discharges: 0
    Home discharges with no one around: 0
    Flying around intimidating people
    while I was at work: 0
    Times it took over my brain and
    made me do bad, bad things: 0

    Where’s the carnage? God, you people are lame.

    /Unwinding the Irony

    It ain’t the guns, it’s the people. And it ain’t these people. Like this:

    “GUESS WHAT???? THERE ARE MILLIONS OF THESE RIFLES ALL OVER THE COUNTRY!!!! That’s right. You may not want to believe it but there is probably one within walking distance of your home!!! “

  8. It would have been so much cooler if you guys had spun this series a bit more creativly. Like, “Well Mr. president, I don’t have any weapons of war, but I’d be more than happy to show off my personal defense weapon.” Or better yet, ‘Show Me Your Weapons of War’ and have pics of all race guns and hunting rigs.

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