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I’ve always been somewhat of a generalist. A jack of all trades, though perhaps a master of none. My rifle of choice reflects that sentiment: the versatile Marlin 1894C in .357 Magnum. With .38 wad cutters it can take squirrels cleanly and with Buffalo Bore 180 hardcasts a black bear (the biggest baddie in Missouri, unless you count cougars) would have a bad day. So when searching for my ideal carry pistol one would think I would go with  revolver to match the rifle . . .

Well, I have a S&W Model 19 for that, so I decided on an autoloader. I also wanted to try IDPA competition in addition to concealed carry. Off to the LGS to try on a few. GLOCK had the reputation, but was too blocky. Taurus just didn’t fit. Kahr was excellent, but not enough capacity for IDPA (this was pre-CCP class). Others were fondled and put back. Then, I picked up the then-new Ruger SR9c. Yes, this one was just right. Though a California Special, with more safeties than an infant car seat, the grip was comfy and it pointed so naturally that she went home with me.

Removal of the mag disconnect was the first mod. At about 2000 rounds I began to experience the occasional light primer strikes, but it only seemed to occur with Winchester Wally World White Box. Ruger had an upgraded striker spring available if I sent in the slide, but I went the aftermarket route and installed a Galloway Precision striker spring, return spring, and polished plunger and striker indicator. Five hundred rounds and a few matches since then with no light strikes and a smoother, albeit slightly heavier trigger pull.

Perhaps the coolest thing is I get to compete with the gun I carry. It may give up some long range precision to the full size guns, but it often rides in a DeSantis SOF-TUCK IWB holster for matches which gives me more confidence when carrying the same setup.

Bottom line: the little Ruger is a reliable companion with a balance of firepower, “concealability,” and fit and finish to make it “just right.” Goldilocks would be proud.

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  1. Big Lars, how big are your hands?, was the carry size the factor in pistol choice. The grip was comfy, but still small-ish especially for competition?

    • Yes, grip size and angle were both factors. I have smallish hands and wanted to get the trigger reach and handling correct. My wife has tiny hands and can still fit the sr9c.

  2. I do love my SR9c. I too do the same with pistol matches. I ended up buying the big brother to shoot matches with it since a lot of the matches I shoot, do not have the 10 rd limit. I think they(SR’s) get a bad rep some times, but I see week to week I beat a bunch of the “Blocks” when the dust settles and the results are posted.
    Mine are bone stock other than the mag disconnects are removed.

    • I’ve considered getting the full size, especially since the new 9E can be had for nder $350 nib.
      In the time since writing this a CZ75 P -01 has found her way into my safe. This one again just felt so right when I first picked it up. And I do like the da/sa decocker only for safety and ease of carry. It will take a “few” rounds before I reach the confidence level I have with the Ruger, so the SR will always have a place on my hip, the nightstand, vehicle, etc.

      • I have the SR9 full size, and am very tempted by the 9E, but I am hoping they produce a 9Ec. If/when they do, I will be on it. And it will be my new carry gun. And I will call it George.

  3. We have both the SR9c and SR40c. Simply put, these pistols have the smoothest and lightest out of the box go pedal of any striker fired pistol I have ever shot. Trigger reset is crisp and predicable. And you won’t go broke buying them. Packed full of safety features, these are excellent first guns for just about anyone. The mag disconnect is very easily removed should you so desire and the thumb safety is ambidextrous. I think the loaded chamber indicator flag is a bit too big, but one could always file it down a bit. I really have nothing bad to say about these guns. The 10 round magazine makes carrying significantly less weighty, while sitting in the background is a full size 17 rounder.

  4. I love my 9c, it’s a great shooter. It’s nicely sized for edc and yet you don’t sacrifice anything that you would get out of a full frame. I removed the mag disconnect on mine, added Talon rubberized grips, and it’s perfect.

  5. This would be ideal for BUG in IDPA provided it can fit in the box, but even at CCP you’re leaving some on the table in terms of “gaming” it with respect to grip area, sight radius, etc.

    We used to have a dude who shot one of these at our weekly shoot, the loaded chamber flag is a bit over the top.

  6. The Ruger RS9c is a great shooting pistol. I bought it for a carry pistol but upon the first five shots the slide spring broke. Eventually they had a run with springs breaking. I sent it in and they repaired it free of charge. Can’t beat that service. I own six other Rugers and find all great preforming firearms.

  7. This is OK by me. I’m sorta’ a fan of safety’s too.(one reason I like Taurus-but I had 2 with none. Almost bought one too as I liked how it felt in my hand.

  8. The SR9c and the CZ P07 duty are in a dead heat for my next pistol purchase. I personally prefer the DA/SA on the CZ, because I occasionally appendix carry, and I won’t carry half cocked pistols with light trigger pulls AIWB.

    The SR9c would make a nice big brother to my wife’s LC9s. And they seem to be more common. And it’s made in the USA. And the trigger is awesome.

    Choices, choices, choices.

    How bout it AI? which would you choose and why? 🙂

    • Rami, PCR then P07, in that order for AIWB. With a hammer fired gun you can hammer check on holstering, preventing NDs. It seems like no big deal, and as a former striker guy I didn’t realize how much I appreciated hammer checking until I spent some time living with one.

      RAMI comes with night sights, but is spendy. PCR is a really great size, P07 is fatter than the PCR. Really can’t lose. PCR has 21$ MecGar magazines while you will be buying 40$ magazines for the other 2.

  9. SR9 is very reliable and fit my wife’s and my hands better than most other pistols. Ergonomics of the SR9 are very good for the wife and I. Sigs seem very bad on ergos for me. One pistol that was easy to handle was surprisingly a Beretta 92. Double stack magazine .45 acp pistols are just too wide. I do not do well with pistols with grip safeties.

  10. I bought an SR9c for carry, but it wound up being a car gun after I went single-stack. The pros outweigh the cons by sheer number if nothing else, but there are a couple things I don’t like about it. For instance, the safety is annoyingly small for the intended use, but snagging that sharp front corner while racking the slide makes me wish there was a delete option. Speaking of the slide, those serrations WILL cut you; I actually filed mine to alleviate this issue.

    Despite these minor issues, it looks sharp (I have it in stainless), points naturally and is quick on-target, has an amazingly nice trigger out of the box (even nicer with a little TLC), is quite thin for a double stack (10-rounds), and can use the SR9 17-round mags at need. Furthermore, it can be had for a steal: I bought mine at more-or-less full price and found it at a local shop’s annual Ruger sale for $360 new-in-box.

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