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Liberty Cosmic Internals

Liberty Suppressors pioneered the multicaliber, highly adaptable firearm muffler with the release of its Mystic model. I purchased a Mystic in 2012, which Liberty has since upgraded to the X flavor, and Nick owns a Mystic X as well. Considering the $200 Federal tax and the 3- to 9-month wait times for approval, more manufacturers are now responding to the market’s desire for a single suppressor that can be used on many firearms and many calibers. Though I’ve used my Mystic on 9mm pistols and rifles, 5.56, .300 BLK, .22 LR & WMR, I’m still unable to suppress calibers with a projectile diameter larger than 0.357 inches. Well, that’s about to change when the Form 4 for my new Liberty Cosmic is approved, at which point I’ll be able to suppress just about anything from .458 SOCOM on down. And the mounts I already own for the Mystic will work on the Cosmic. Sweet! Expect a review in 3 to 9 months. Liberty’s press release and a couple more photos follow. . .


The Cosmic 

The Sky is the Limit! The ultimate in multicaliber
Over 60 Calibers for rifles and handguns
Liberty Cosmic Muzzle
Liberty Suppressors is proud to announce the release of the new Cosmic Sound Suppressor.
We have designed the most versatile 45 ACP pistol suppressor available. This unit can be used on several different calibers including all of the ones the Mystic X is rated for as well as the list shown below. The Cosmic is backwards compatible with all of the mounting solutions already in place at Liberty Suppressors.
Liberty Cosmic Baffle

       Check out the Cool Video at this link

Cosmic Caliber List:
All of the calibers that the Mystic X is rated for plus…
454 Casull
45 Long Colt
45 ACP
45 GAP
44 Remington MAG
44 Special
41 Remington MAG
41 Action Express
10mm Magnum
10mm Auto
.400 corbon
458 SOCOM – * Not Rated to be hearing safe – But the silencer will handle it *
450 Bushmaster – * Not Rated to be hearing safe – But the silencer will handle it *

Liberty Cosmic on Pistol

45ACP Multipurpose centerfire pistol suppressor.
Designated Caliber: 45 ACP
Length: 8″ (Suppressor module only)
Material: Titanium / Stainless steel
Weight: 9.5 ounces
Average dB in 45ACP: 134dB
Attachment: Multipurpose mounting system
Finish: Type C Cerakote
MSRP: $799


Order Today
Dealers CONTACT US for updated Dealer Pricing

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    • There are some out there but they’re huge (the larger bore allows a fair bit of gas through the baffles so they make the cans long to try to trap it all). I’m hoping this will come in under 140 dB on subsonic .458 Socom or .450 Bushmaster, since either can be loaded with some whopping heavy projectiles that’ll still do some serious hog damage at 1,000 fps. Or, it could go on a .45-70 lever gun shooting massively heavy slugs or a .44 mag lever gun shooting 330 grain or whatever the max is for that caliber. Now that there are wild boars around these parts as well, a suppressed, subsonic .458 is on my radar and if that proves too expensive it’ll be a suppressed .45-70 lever gun instead.

      • With a 20″ barrel you’d have less than half the uncorking pressure that JWTs 10.5″ does.

      • Good point on the subs. I’ve shot 500gr subsonic loads at pigs before and even out to 50 yards they punch half inch holes right through them. I’ll contact the company to see what the subsonic load db is at. I built the gun with the intention of suppressing it, hence the SBR.
        The 350grain Hornady RNFP rounds just hammer anything though. It’s pretty impressive, even through the SBR.

        • Tx300BLK, no sir. They are difficult to find, and the multitude of readily available soft points do the trick very well.

    • My emailed question to Liberty:
      “Would your new Cosmic .45 caliber suppressor be hearing safe with a subsonic (500gr) load in a 10.5″ .458SOCOM SBR? Thanks, JWT”
      Their response:
      “Jon, Thank you for your question and interest in the new Cosmic. We would not warranty the Cosmic on a 10.5″ barrel so I would have to say no to the whole question. Have a great afternoon.Tim Hall”

  1. Sweet. Still a YHM fan, but really dig the multi-caliber aspect. Would like to see some comparison shooting.

  2. I’ll wait for more multicaliber suppressors from rival manufacturers to hit the market before I buy into one.

  3. 134dB is still insanely loud. I thought it would be more like “pfft pfft” (jk, for those of you with broken sarcasm detectors).

    If Maxim had called them “modulators” or “mufflers” instead of “silencers” they probably would never have been banned/NFA.

  4. I was really excited about this when they teased it on Instagram last week. Now I’m left kind of feeling meh, it’s a little bigger than a dedicated 45pistol can like an osprey, and I imagine it will be a fair bit louder on a 5.56, 6.8 or 300blk host than the Mystic X would be. So yeah if you are like me and your pistols are all 45 then this would do it all*. I put an asterisk because the larger bore brings as many or more compromises as it corrects and neither take full power 308win based rifle rounds so for someone like me you will end up “needing” a second can anyways.

    So for me their Chaotic still sits at the top of the list as what I will likely get as a first can which leave plenty of cash to add a pistol can somewhere down the road.

    • ^^ for the life of me I cannot figure out how my iPhone “autocorrect” got “complicated to misses” from my mispelling of compromises… what I meant to say was:

      …the larger bore brings as many or more compromises than it corrects

    • I’ll definitely let you know what I think about volume level and tone vs the Mystic X when the Cosmic is run on 9mm, .300 BLK, etc. I’ll try on 5.56 also but I don’t shoot that without ear pro regardless. I’m going to be very happy to be able to finally suppress .45 ACP as well as .40 cal stuff like my 10mm Glock 20, even if there’s obviously no subsonic options for the .40 calibers.

    • >> and I imagine it will be a fair bit louder on a 5.56, 6.8 or 300blk host than the Mystic X would be

      Is it actually true? I thought that length is much more important to how well it suppresses than bore diameter.

  5. Seems awfully loud in the video. And videos usually make cans seem quieter than they are. Having only 5 baffles in the core makes me question its overall performance. Geez that’s a big hole lol.

  6. I just got a mystic a few months back. It is awesome, highly recommend, and I have an omega too and they sound about the same shooting 556 or 300. Highey recommend both….

  7. Picked up my Cosmic yesterday! I plan on putting some .40 S&W, 10mm, .45 ACP, 9mm, .458 SOCOM, 5.56, and who knows what else through it in the next couple weeks and then writing up the review…

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