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I’ve been chatting it up with Bill Frady on Lock N Load Radio every week for years. This week, the first of 2023, we kicked off the hour with the five most-read posts from last year, then we discussed Stanford Law Professor John Donahue’s deep thoughts on the spread of constitutional carry now that it’s the law in 25 states.

Next we solved most of the world’s problems while discussing Jon Boch’s excellent post on how to handle yourself in road rage situations. Then we finished off the hour by talking about defensive gun uses and what the media doesn’t seem to report about them.

You can listen to the full hour at the link below or at Audacy, TuneIn, Libsyn, Apple and the Google Store.




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  1. Works for me. Constitutional Carry is an issue whose time has come. An armed society is a polite society.

  2. I think if the United States government feared We The People being armed We The People wouldn’t have arms.
    Technology has progressed beyond the powder and ball era.
    It’s one reason “In common use” is a thing. .Gov isn’t going to let we the people have what it would take to talk about a New Revolution. (well yah know, we dont want to change the world)
    A standing Army in time of peace? If it’s not Grenada it’s you Crane, there will always be a reason for .gov to have a standing Army.
    “Well in Afghanistan,,,Vietnam,,, whatever. – – uh yeah whatever. If the U.S. would have wanted to it could have won those wars.
    And Biden is lying when he says We The People would need nukes and f16’s to win a revolutionary war. We the People would need far more then those two outdated weapons.
    They’ve got stuff that makes coronavirus look like an allergy, laser guns in outer space that can fry an ant or melt a mountain.


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