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After the U.S. Supreme Court’s conservative majority revoked women’s right to an abortion, overturning a 49-year-old legal precedent, it also struck down a more-than-century-old state law that restricts the right to carry a concealed handgun in public.

Our governor just responded by signing new legislation to sharply limit where guns can be carried in New Jersey. Where you have fewer guns and stricter laws, you have fewer gun injuries and deaths, research has shown. Yet while most people are solidly on his side, the law may not withstand legal challenges. The gun lobby has vowed that it “will go down in a flaming ash heap.”

Now imagine a world where we didn’t have to struggle with this. You don’t have to look far for inspiration: There it is, just north of our border, where Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is almost reaching the point of banning gun sales in Canada. They have no Second Amendment, no constitutional right to gun ownership. Guns are treated the same as any other consumer good that the government can regulate.

Meanwhile, in America, we continue to bleed daily, with an average of more than 300 people shot every 24 hours, including 22 children and teens. The core rationale is that we need guns for self-defense, but what we have is a public policy in which nearly 49,000 people a year are killed by guns and nearly 400 million firearms flood our streets – more than one for every citizen.

Compare that to Japan, which has less than one gun per 100 people and rarely sees more than 10 gun deaths a year in the entire country. Then ask yourself: Why do we need this fanatical interpretation of our Second Amendment, when no other advanced country has that kind of guarantee of personal gun ownership?

— Newark Star-Ledger Editorial Board in The 2nd Amendment is a curse

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    • Well newark star-ledger editorial board History Confirms your beloved Gun Control is an agenda Rooted in Racism and Genocide. Unless you imbelciles are the likes of Jim Crow and the third reich and want those 400 millions guns pointed at your kkk, nazi butts in defense of Freedom I suggest you find another much more sane route to your utopia. The kind of route that deals directly with the criminal misuse of firearms, bricks, bats, knives, feet, fists, vehicles, etc.

    • “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau” – they worship Justin Castro. All you need to know about the rag.

      • From what I hear, the Kenaydeuns are starting to fight back against the young Castro. So the paradise of no opposition does not exist in Kenayda.

        I just finished Orwell’s Homage To Catalonia. The communists then used exactly the same tactics as they do now. Lies, propaganda, and slandering their enemies.

        • It is a tradition.

          Just like the familiar playbook they always follow when they get power.

    • Total Euphorian/Utopian Barbara Streisand… Sounds like a line from a John Lennon song. Little more.

  1. There is only one interpretation of the Second Amendment and it simply means exactly what it says.

    • From the article:

      “After the U.S. Supreme Court’s conservative majority revoked women’s right to an abortion,…”

      Um, no. SCOTUS revoked nothing. The Court simply moved the matter back to the States, where even uber-Lefty RGB said it should have always been.

      • They simply cannot open their mouth without lying.

        Correct, SCOTUS revoked nothing but a malformed attempt to legislate from the bench. As anyone who can read can see, there is NO malum prohibitumon on abortion in that ruling.

      • Not to mention the Bruen decision was released first. In reputable J-schools, years ago, a fact error would be an automatic fail on an assignment. Times have changed.

    • or grow a pair. freedom is scary stuff to these people. they want the gov take care of them because they can’t do it themselves.
      the two types that want gun control, the power hungry and the sissies

      • There is overlap of the two but keep it binary to mess with the intersectional oppressor types.

        • Maybe not. Unlike us here in the USA other countries have immigration standards.

          Moving to Japan or Canada requires you prove you have a job,a home and a native sponsor. Often times large fees are imposed as well as probationary periods during which you may be asked to leave.

          We here in the world’s doormat just take any asshole who wanders in. Like being forced to marry your rapist.

        • LEGAL US immigration rules are so strict many US citizens would fail if they had to comply.

          Downunder legal immigration is strict and illegal immigration will result in extended stays in immigration detention which is also offshore in places such as Nauru and Chistmas Island.

    • Exactly! I am so sick of people(especially those that are newly American citizens) that want to bring the laws of their birth place with them.
      Why did you become a citizen if you don’t want to support the US Constitution if full?

    • It would appear Canada is now falling under the tyranny of the urban elites…be interesting to see how this plays out…but they are a docile lot…so who knows?

  2. “Where you have fewer guns and stricter laws, you have fewer gun injuries and deaths, research has shown.”

    Really? Source for this claim?

    • It is axiomatic that where there are fewer guns, there are also fewer gun deaths.

      What that axiom ignores, however, is that fewer guns do not correlate to fewer overall deaths (or violent crimes). It is a straw man.

      The assertion about the correlation between more gun control and fewer gun deaths/gun crimes, however, is unfounded and more than adequately refuted by John Lott. (And the same point holds regarding overall deaths/crime.)

      • It is all about control. American citizens are allowed firearms, so if we are to become a police state, the citizens have to be limited. That will not help the murder rate, but it will help the police state gather more control.

    • It’s just another propaganda piece, dumbed down for easy consumption. There’s no new information or realistic solution to problems offered. They have to keep pushing the message on their flock. That’s why they threw in the abortion tidbit. You’re supposed to be very angry at the conservative Supreme Court for more than one reason.

      • Correct.

        Also, the bit about abortion was incorrect. SCOTUS did not “revoke[] women’s right to an abortion…” For one, the constitution does not create rights; it merely declares preexisting rights and constrains the government from restricting those rights. For another, SCOTUS merely (and correctly) stated that nothing in the constitution enumerated authority for SCOTUS to supersede abortion statutes in the several states – i.e. it retuned the decision to the states, where it belongs.

        • The media constantly repeats the same lie. Unfortunately, propaganda works. You’d think the freak out over the new twitter ownership and management would be a wake up call to the sheep, but no. They just fall in line. Now they’re upset about the minority having a voice. They hate equal treatment and freedom.

        • Being old and coming from a legal and feminist family, I remember R v W very well. I also remember it’s supporters understanding it was bad law and would need to be reinforced if it was going to stand at the time it was passed. Where’s the blame for those generations of politicians who were so afraid of the hot potato they declared the issue settled? Somehow it’s the court’s fault you let it lay for 40 f-ing years?

        • the left hates to see judicial “victories” reversed…even if they were never constitutional to begin with…

    • It’s called making it ups as you go along. It’s really the difference between journalism and writing fiction.

  3. As much as getting full firearms rights back for NY would be amazing watching NJ get even PA tier rights would be unimaginable given how much of their population exists in built up urban areas. The screeching one would observe would be incomprehensible to normal people.

    • I imagine it would sound like those poor subjects screaming from their makeshift prisons in Shanghai.

      • ……….well that went to a dark place………one that reinforces the necessity of a armed public especially with how they tried treating us when we were armed.

  4. No need to imagine. There are plenty of communist dictatorships all over this planet that serve as an example of what it looks like.

    • Came to say the same. “Imagine…just imagine it.” Not really that hard to imagine. Thanks anyway, Lennon (or Lenin).

  5. imagine a place where we didn’t have to worry about government restrictions on a Constitutional right.

    the 2 biggest threats to firearms is rust and politicians. neither of them will stop without intervention by POTG.

    • Amazing how they fail to note most crime committed with a firearm oozes from gun control paradise’s, which poignantly illustrates what they claim in their dystopian rants…

      Doesn’t work.

      Definition of madness is doing the same over & over again, despite the fact that it has never once succeeded. Obligatory reminder: Freedom is an animated contest, of which sometimes requires a gunm.

      • guess the “hillbilly states” just don’t know any better…even though it’s a hell of a lot more peaceful there….

  6. Imagine a world where we didn’t have journalists writing about things for which they are completely ignorant, like this piece of ignorant trash.

  7. Raise your hand anyone who wants be Canaduh or Nippon!?! Both are effectively po-leece states. Meanwhile a cabal of revrunts & politician’s who want black rifles banned in ILLANNOY are in Springfield. Mentioned loudly was 14 colored folks shot on Halloween. By gangbangers. Not by law abiding people. Do these grifters think crime will cease with gat control? Murder’s were higher in Chiraq during several years in the 70’s and 1990’s(check it out). No CCL then or anyone shot with a black rifle. Handguns banned in She-ca-go too. Ho hum🙄

    • no immigration “problem” in Japan…or in Canada, for that matter…no long lines at their borders…

  8. And if pigs could only have wings they would be songbirds! These nitwits from the deepest darkest part of the Democrat wasteland that is New Jersey have been hitting their stash hard while listening to John Lennon and thought this ridiculous opinion piece would impress that hot new girl in accounting.

  9. Today in Utah 8 members of a family were found slaughtered. Just another day in the madhouse of Capitalvania where life is considered cheap and expendable.

    Tracking homicides in the last 145 years proves most happen inside the home and by people they know.

    Most mass murder also takes place in the home, not in public places.

    The rate of suicide goes up dramatically if there is a gun in the home and it is more lethal as most First Responders will tell you they have saved many people lives but none when they blew their brains out with a firearm.

    Handgun ownership associated with much higher suicide risk
    Men who own handguns are eight times more likely to die of gun suicides than men who don’t own handguns, and women who own handguns are 35 times more likely than women who don’t.

    Conclusion you are far less safe with a gun in the home or even carrying one on the street as the majority of people killed in a robbery are those that tried to resist.

    • only people that are passengers in automobiles die in car crashes
      should we ban all those too
      only people that swim in pools drown in pools
      should we ban all those too
      only people that travel on trains and plains die in train wrecks and airplane crashes
      should we ban all those too
      your logic is flawed
      oh yeah and so are all your sources

    • One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn’t belong. Not nice to mess with the differently abled so I’ll end this song.

    • That’s cute, now explain the suicide rates in Japan where almost no one owns a gunm.

      I can hear it now, “That’s (D)ifferent!

      • To Wallace

        Studies show that if handgun ownership were as prevalent in Japan as in the U.S. that the suicide rate would be astronomically higher.

        And lets not forget that the Japanese own rifles and shotguns which they do indeed use to commit suicide. Considering that only 1 in 100 people in Japan own a firearm the proof that the suicide rate goes up when they have access to even small amounts of firearms is again is dramatically proven here. It is therefore another Right Wing piece of pure propaganda that the suicide rate in Japan is high even without access to guns because no one has them. In fact they do indeed have them.

        • Dacian the demented dipshit,

          That may be the SINGLE stupidest thing you have ever posted here. It is literally NOT POSSIBLE for a “study” to predict what WOULD HAPPEN if underlying facts changed, it’s stupid to even try. WE. DON’T (and can’t). KNOW. what would happen. We can speculate, hypothesize (look it up, since you never went to school), make projections, and to “computer models” (GIGO), but . . . it’s all bullshit. (Which you would know if you’d ever been schooled in the ACTUAL ‘scientific method’, or statistics, or predictive modeling . . . oh, but that would have required that you’d actually had an education, which we KNOW you didn’t. Sorry, didn’t mean to make fun of the mentally handicapped.).

          You are an uneducated, ignorant, idiotic, Leftist/fascist oxygen thief. Please hie thyself off to the theological place of eternal punishment.

        • @Lamp

          It’s worse than that, he’s rounding the numbers up heavily in favor of his position. Very dishonest.

          Last survey by Small Arms Survey, the gatekeepers cited world wide by antigunners, in a 2018 (last entry made) survey concluded that gun ownership in Japan was .3 per hundred, per capita. i.e. 1 gun per 333.33333 ˌad infinitum.

          Their, SAS’s interactive map states simply < 1 per :

          However the raw data is here:

          And it is a foregone conclusion that in the wake of the Shinjo Abe assassination, that's been ratcheted down on hard… So even less than Dacian's extraordinarily deceptive high claims to begin with is extremely likely.

    • anyone who looks to Stanford and USA today for truth is demented right out of the gate. OK smarty, splai to me these two stats: Canada who have far more restrivite gun ownership, storage, use laws than the US, have almost exactly the same suicide rate as we do here. One fourth or less as many guns per dult in Canada. Suicide by gun is very rare therem yet overall suicide numbers and rates are all but identical to ours here.WHAT does this mean in everyday life? Simple: when some ne wants to check out, the vailblieity of a gun does not deter. Another means will be used.

      How about Japan’s stat of only ten suicide with gun incidents per year? their overall suicide exceeds ours by a significant margin but they ONLY report suicide using a firearm. Hmmmm. Truth much?
      Guns don’t jump up off the table and kill people. SOMEONE has to put their HAND on it and POINT it. They almost never discharge all by themselves. Careless handling can make them discharge, but that’s not the fault of the chunk of iron. Its the fault of the ignorant or careless handler. Like that clown on the movie set took up in his hand what was supposed to be an empty guy, but FAILED to verify HIMSELF whether it had rounds in it. (treat EVERY gun as if it is loaded). He then POINTED it at a human… muzzle control. NEVER point a firearm at anything you are not willing to destroy. He THEN pulled the trigger…keep your FINGER OFF the trigger until your sights are on the target and you are ready to shoot.

      Then there is the total, in the article, given for firearm deaths in the US as 49,000. NOPE, Latestt stats list that number and jusst above 30,000 with TWO THIRDS being suicides, people that would have offed themselves with another method if they did not have a gun. That also means guns were used to kill someone else 10,000 times, not near 50,000. And one third of those incidents were SELF DEFENSE. That means only around 6,000 were deliberately killed without justification.
      Meanwhile 100,000 people died from fentanyl overdose last year. WHRE are all bhe bleeding hawrt libruls screaming to close the border to shut down the incursion of fentanyl into the US?

      You are a uselss shill pumping and pimping the disarmament of honest law abiding folk.

  10. Europe Shows a Clear Link Between Immigration and Crime — Like the One the U.S. Seriously Downplays >

    “Violent crime is becoming common in Sweden, shocking residents of the famously placid Scandinavian nation, where horrific acts of violence have become “all too familiar,” according to Common Sense Media, part of a Swedish nonprofit organization.   

    Since 2018, Swedish authorities have recorded an estimated 500 bombings, while what they describe as gang shootings have become increasingly common. The country reported a record 124 homicides in 2020 and many residents were shocked in April when violent riots injured more than 100 police officers.

    But Sweden’s crime spike is not an anomaly in Europe, as homicides have risen during the last decade across the European Union, from Hungary and Germany to Denmark and Finland. An analysis of EU and United Nations crime data by RealClearInvestigations shows that, as in Sweden, the broader crime wave is strongly correlated with immigration. 

    “The country-level data for EU countries keeps track of immigration data that allows you to look at many different places over time in a way that we simply aren’t able to do looking across U.S. states,” said Carl Moody, an economics professor at William & Mary College who specializes in criminology.”

    Gasp, “advanced” countries in Europe, ya know those places without a second amendment like we have, that have all these anti-gun laws and gun bans that were suppose to work to stop violent crime, still has violent crime and their homicide rates are growing (ya know, the homicides that dacian says doesn’t happen in these civilized’ countries ’cause the no guns thing)

    • to Booger Brain

      Europe’s homicide rate is still only a fraction of the U.S. homicide rate and the majority of homicides in the U.S. are by Americans not immigrants.

      Latest News today.

      Dollar General Clerk charged with manslaughter for shooting and killing a robber. An innocent bystander was also hit by the random gunfire of the Dollar General Clerk.

      • remove the homicides from the top 20 biggest and bluest cities in america
        and america suddenly becomes the safest country in the world
        the violent crime problem in america
        is a failure of the blue city/blue state governance model
        not a failure to pass more gun control

      • so lets see dacian ….

        deaths from use of other than guns don’t bother you then. Typical liberal, cry about the least and the rest can just die as long as you get to say “Look at me, I want I want I want and am willing to lie to get it.”

        Shut up you stupid baffoon. You have spent literally years here claiming that all those other ‘civilized countries’ countries in Europe with anti-gun laws and bans didn’t have homicides. You have posted links to debunked studies false logic ‘correlation = causation’ biased studies repeatedly saying it was “proof” that ‘homicides’ are lower when there are gun bans or anti-gun laws and totalitarian suppression of a constitutional right.

        Yet, comes along some of those very same countries you claimed were ‘civilized’ because they had gun bans or anti-gun laws – and their homicide rate starts climbing with immigration and the gangs continue shooting it out daily (just like they have been before bans or anti-gun laws) that you have claimed didn’t happen ’cause guns banned or anti-gun laws …. and all you can do is continue with the false crap.

        Once again you stupid, ignorant, second grade educated, liberal left anti-gun, tyranny cheer leading, mentally ill moron – its the frigging criminals and not the guns and your European ‘civilized’ countries with their gun bans and anti-gun laws just proved it.

        • Again Booger Brain you prove how depraved and what a total abject liar you are.

          Crowing about a few percentage points rise in Europe is laughable when compared to the full blown daily blood and carnage and rivers of human blood running down the streets of Capitalvania along with its daily ass murders many times running up to 50 or 60 people.

          Try again you depraved paranoid fool you only dig yourself in deeper with every depraved ranting post you scream over.

        • Depraved? From the one unhinged old man screaming at the clouds of “liquidating” somewhere north of 50% of the population you sick demented fuck.

          I for one welcome the moment you pussy boys try. Stack up bitch, I dare you Jerry.

        • @daican

          You apparently don’t know proof right in front of you and even now you try to deny it. Your ‘anti-gun law gun ban’ countries in Europe have proved you wrong and have proved the whole anti-gun false logic ‘correlation = causation’ lie wrong yet you still cling to that lie.

      • This will not stand. an armed robber in progress of a robbery IS a lethal threat and may be met with lethal force. Self defense will be a justification and defense. Don’t forget, they charged George Zimmermn with murder after his own carry weapon was discovered by his murderous assailant who was entertaining himself by smashing George’s head into concrete sidewalk. When the pun happened to eiscover George’s handgun he declared he would use it to kill George, George fought hard to retain control of it and in the tussle over who was going to control the gun it discharged and killed the punk kid. No one know for certin which one of the pair depressed the trigger to discharge it. George was acquitted by the jury. Punk kid was judged and sentenced by the One who judges accurately and never gets it wrong. I do not know for certain but I’d lay a YUUUUGE pile of cash at the longest odds I can get that that punk is one very HOT punk right about now. And will still be long after this big dirtball disappears.
        Being charged is NOT the same as being guilty.
        Nice try, but epic fail Dackie Boy

    • First shut the heck up dacian, second this article is a preview of things to come here in the states. The completely useless and dangerous bidum administration has let the next 911 cross our southern border. The MSM will never make the connection, or should I say will never admit to their complicity to their viewers. Elections have consequences and half the country is clueless or America haters or both.

      • European compassion toward immigrants actually risks changes in their culture…a few countries [like Hungary]..realized this early on…the rest are paying the price for their folly….

    • “As a matter of fact in deep red states their cities are red as well and full of just as much if not more crime than blue cities.”

      [Laughs in Indianapolis/Marion County. IN]

  11. *pauses to imagine*

    Yeah … sounds like North Korea, the Soviet Union, China and Cuba. How awful that people are allowed to oppose laws they don’t like.

  12. Yes, just imagine a world where the editorial board of the Newark Star-Ledger got to impose its will on everyone.

    Then, imagine a world where another group of people believed in something like this:

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they
    are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are
    Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are
    instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed . . .”

    Too bad so many people are willing to exchange the Founder’s world for the Newark Star- Ledger’s.

  13. As usual. the cry for “gun control” ignores the simple fact that the firearm is only the implement used. No firearm available today loads itself, walks itself to the location of a shooting, and fires itself at the victim. At every step along the way from storage place to shooting, there was a human involved. We need people control, not hardware control.
    I was stationed in Japan for a couple years back in the long ago. first issue is the fact that Japan is a largely homogeneous society. Very few immigrants or long term residents of other ethnic groups. Secondly, Japanese society is extremely conformist. Thirdly, the gangs and Yakuza figured out that gunfire brings police presence and unwanted attention. Much better to toss someone from a balcony or push them in front of a train or bus. Looks like and usually is classed as suicide. Add in the fact dead bodies don’t pay for product or gambling debts.
    Murder has been illegal for a very long time. Are those killed by other methods or tools any less dead than those who were shot?

    • not to mention too loudly the 100,000 deaths last year due to misuse of Fantanyl……. which pours over our “secure” southern bundary by the tonne…. every day. WHAT is really being done to halt or even slow thi? And folks get their knickers all beknotted over ten thousand deliberate deaths by firearms each year which number INCLUDES defensive legal gun uses?

      • Fentanyl or liquor, it’s the person who chooses.
        If there were no one in America doing either it wouldn’t be here.
        I blame drug overdoses on the person doing the drug, not the drug itself or the person selling the drug.
        In my world the pharmacy would be just like a grocery store, with the caveat that no antibiotics could be sold without a doctor’s permission.

      • would appear Biden has suddenly become aware that there is a “problem” at our southern border….

  14. Imagine there’s no Dimwitocrats, Leftists, and Communists, too. No Socialists, Statists, Authoritarians, and busybodies.

  15. But we do have about 2,000 abortions each and every day…all legal…also helping with population control.
    Forget all the folks dying of self-induced heart disease…strokes…obesity…diabetes out of control.
    Deaths by guns is way down on the list and far outweighed by defensive uses.
    Find another fight.

    • nor do I see Dackie boy or anyone else weeping and wailing and gnashing their teeth over the tens of thousands of deaths directly traceable to the WuFlew shots and their “adverse reactions” that have killed somewhere above a quarter million Americans since the ijeckshins were trotted out as “safe and effective”. Why izzatt I wonder…….

  16. Maybe instead of stomping on the constitutional rights of Americans we can talk about our porous southern border and the Fentanyl that is killing 300 Americans every day.

    I don’t worry a bit about guns. I do, however, worry about some kid spiking the punch at a college party with Fentanyl and killing everyone there.

    • The millions illegally pouring through our open border every year will be making babies who will be born as U.S. citizens. Statistics tell us the majority will grow up to vote for Democrats. That’s the strategy. Dems are hoping they can skip ahead and use the people already here by offering amnesty (approximately 30 million people). Amnesty is more difficult because even many Democrat voters are against it. But no one thinks about the babies from those illegals. They’re stocking red states with them. Do the math.

      • will be making babies who will be born as U.S. citizens.

        NOPE. That is a false perversion of that Fourteenth Article of Ammendment. Go and read that Artile. It confers citizenship ONLY upon those born here who are born of parents “subject tothe jurisdiction thereof” the word”thereof” referring to both the United States AND the state in which the child is born.
        Not legally present means they are NOT “subject to the jurisdiction thereof”. In truth those parents ar still “subject to the jurisdiction” of their country of citienship, no matter where they are physically present.
        this ‘birthright citizenship” is badly misunderstood and abused. WE MUST begin to speak out against this travesty.

        • Tionico,
          You’ve said this before, and I’ve refuted it before. You’re wrong.

          The Supreme Court has interpreted this as follows:
          At least since the Supreme Court’s decision in the 1898 case United States v. Wong Kim Ark, the prevailing view has been that all persons born in the United States are constitutionally guaranteed citizenship at birth unless their parents are foreign diplomats, members of occupying foreign forces, or members of Indian tribes.

          That means anchor babies will continue to be a thing in this country until we change the law or get a different Supreme Court ruling. I’m going to copy this and preemptively add it to the next time I make this comment for you.

      • …and yet hispanics…once they get established…are deserting the democratic party in record numbers…

        • frank speak,
          When have Latinos/Hispanics ever majority voted, on a national scale, for any party other than Democrats, in the history of this country? The answer is never. Even blacks and Asians have majority voted for Republicans before. Immigrants, as a whole, tend to vote for Democrats. The only Hispanics voting Republican (on a large scale) are anti-commie Cubans and those tired of dealing with the crazy border issues. That means those deserting the dems are mostly in the red states of Florida and Texas. That doesn’t change our current political makeup.

          Don’t fall for that propaganda. The dems know what they’re doing with their open border policies. Don’t be complacent thinking it won’t help them. It’s a numbers game. They can always bring in more until we make some serious changes. Why do you think the establishment freaked out over Trump’s border policies? Those policies will determine who controls this country in the future.

      • Dud brain you are a rabid racist pig.

        You are so damn dumb you fear immigrants because you think they will all vote Democrat. If you were not retarded you would have observed in Florida Ron De-insane-ous got re-elected because of the immigrant vote you moron.

        • lil’d,
          Immigrant isn’t a race. I’ll ask the exact same thing I’ve asked you a million times before which you refuse to answer. Please quote me where I said anything racist, ever. That’s what I thought. I don’t fear immigrants. I fear losing this country, exactly like I said. I’m allowed to have an opinion on how my country is being run, especially since I’m an actual U.S. citizen. I even addressed the Florida situation which you apparently overlooked. And no, he didn’t get reelected because of the “immigrant vote.” By the way, what they’re doing with illegal immigration is ILLEGAL. It’s literally an impeachable offense.

          You hear what you want to hear. You’re like a caricature of a crazy left winger. All you know is to shout down any opposing view as racist, extremist, far right, blah blah, etc. You couldn’t put together a coherent argument if your life depended on it.

        • And Dud Brain you openly supported Herr Drumpf and his gang of Nazi thugs when they tried to overthrow the U.S. government by force and even murder a republican Mike Pence. You supported Herr Drumpfs attempt to make himself dictator for life and establish a one party system. You are a traitor to the U.S. and it is people like you who are an extreme danger to the U.S. and its democracy, not refugees and immigrants. The FBI agrees and has warned us all about far right jackbooted Nazi’s like you.

          As I said before everypost you make is seething in hatred for immigrants and refugees.

          And I take great pleasure in informing you that the Feds declared that the post office can legally ship the abortion bill into states that outlaw abortion and deliver it even by mail to women who refuse to become your sex slaves. You may believe in Nazi baby farms reminiscent of Hitler’s forced impregnation of German women in WWII but you will never get away with turning America into a new Hitler’s Germany in the U.S.

    • If a certain grinning idiot OD’d on fentanyl, I wouldn’t complain. Isn’t it the new opiate of the masses?

      • Yup. A quick one way ticket on a short route to eternity.
        Go and ask George Floyd. He knows….. but too late now. His train reached its final destination back a couple years ago.

      • old Alfred E is hear to aggravate and get a rise out of you…it would appear in that endeavor he has succeeded…

        • But I could imagine him abusing the medic who uses NarCan on him to save his worthless life. He’ll scream his high was ruined even though he was turning blue and about to flatline.

  17. Theres two headed frogs in the Passaic, that is if you can catch one before you trip over a dead human.

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