The Patriot Depot seems to have a surprising number of bumper stickers and decals that resonate with the TTAG Armed Intelligentsia. Now here’s something for the ladies in our audience – a window decal expressing support for the 2nd. Of course, it can be debated on the wisdom of broadcasting both your carry status and the idea that a sticker like this might lead a criminal to break into your vehicle searching for a gun to steal. But then again, I’ve always thought a great design for a car alarm would be one that provides a nasty electrical shock, should you try and open the door without disarming the alarm first. (Test question: how big a capacitor would you need to give a Taser-like, non-lethal yet incapacitating shock if the entire car serves as the probe?) Still, this is one way cool sticker, no?


  1. I checked out the site and they have some cool stuff. I just ordered the T shirts with this same logo for my three nieces.

  2. It is amazing how many guns my brother sells to women who have to walk alone at night, gays that have been or are in danger of being bashed, stage performers, local organic farmers, delivery men/woman, contractors, construction workers, new couples who all the sudden have children which they care to protect beyond the level they felt they needed for themselves prior, essentially the whole cross section of people in society who would like to live in peace and mind their own business, but are often chosen as victims. The large silent demographic of non-activists who anonymously support of gun rights.



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