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You know the old maxim: all feedback is good feedback. Whether it’s positive or not, you can always learn something. Here’s artist Sharon Loper’s email to TTAG Central Command presented verbatim: “Shame on you, your NRA is reasonable for the dead in Colorado. How can you live with the blood on your hands? Band assault weapons now. The people of the United states need to be protected from the availability of assault weapons. Our family”  We know we learned something. You?

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      • I like that she knows the NRA is a “…reasonable…” organization. She obviously knows that guns don’t kill, and the NRA is only protecting our right under the 2nd Amendment.
        So now that she as a lib, openly states that position of being “…reasonable…” what possible criticism could she have?

  1. I learned a few things about spelling just now.

    1. “Assault” weapons are weapons capable of select fire.
    2. A weapon is just a tool like just like Sharon.

    • Take home point: Artists need more schooling. That was atrocious. Shows the kind of minds we are dealing with on this issue.

      Alternatively, drugs are bad. This email illustrates that. *Obviously this is the truth, since we are drawing irrational conclusions based off of nothing but stereotypes and nonsensical preconceived notions.

      • Nobody learns civics anymore. Most programs are just degree mills. Most people go through school without ever really being told that even the best-intentioned teachers are selling them a point of view, and only a few teachers are aware of this themselves and try to alert their students about it. Leave alone things like logic, too…math is all about learning how to matrix multiply or run a fourier transform, but your basic everyday logical process isn’t covered.

        • For those schools that live up to that, it can mainly be blamed on this standardized testing garbage, in which no school wants to look bad on. Thus, they only teach how to pass THAT particular test, leaving the students incapable of addressing any other related problems in life. Secondly, it can be blamed on lack of funds to teach said students, where, just like the gun grabbers feel removing guns from our hands will have a positive effect, those who cut the budgets (and are in a vegetative state of mind) feel less money = better education. Those who know better, only cut because they have no other choice.

          Fortunately not all schools are that way. Unfortunately too many are.

    • The FAMU marching band might be able to tell you about assault weapons. (Incidentally, Robert Champion, the young man who died, reportedly asked to be hazed.)

    • No, I think banding weapons was part of the ATF’s “catch-and-release” program to track gun migration routes. Unfortunately, the bands kept coming off for some reason.

  2. I’ve been a voting member of the NRA for over 35 years. I must have missed the directive endorsing the use of guns to murder unarmed folks in public places. Anyone else get one?

  3. In my area uniformed fuzz earn some extra coin providing security on weekends at the local theaters. Some have questioned theater security at the cinema in question, essentially indicating they wish an appropriate armed response was close at hand. We know they meant a uniformed police officer, but if the awesome old fart from the recent internet cafe incident had been there and it was fair game to carry… I think folks would happily overlook the fact he didn’t have a badge and stood his ground.

  4. Yes. I learned Sharon Loper is another person is not only willing to give up her rights, but she is willing to sacrifice the rights of others. All because of another bat shit crazy individual abused his rights. She whole heartedly believes her view of the world is the truth and the only truth. She is not alone I know.

    It is damn sad that these people want force millions of people to give up firearms and accessories because of a small percentage of criminals. They seem to claim it is about safety. It is really about forcing us to live the way they say is right.

  5. You guys bought the NRA? Wow, I knew the site has been doing well, but this is really exceeding expectations. Congratulations.

  6. I took a look around her site and it is unsettling what passes for art in our modern-era. My favorite part of her site is this from Sharon Loper Statement section:

    “I have always been a thinker. When I begin a project, thought is number one, research is number two….”

    She definitely fits in with the Northern California anti-gun thinking culture.

  7. She sent a message here, so I sent one to her. Who knows what will come of it, but I’m willing to give those who disagree with me a chance to discuss the matter.

  8. Only the government needs assault weapons. The government employees can be trusted to use them wisely. Government doesn’t kill innocent people. And certainly not “our” government. NRA members act like the gummint would shoot infants in Idaho or burn children alive in Texas churches. The craziest NRA or GOA members, those evil libertarians, even suggest “our” government has killed hundreds of thousands of brown people in Iraq, Af-Pak, and elsewhere for absolutely no reason but to enrich the ruling class.

    I for one feel warm and fuzzy when I visit NYC and am defenseless going to and from. I feel safe when I see the mongoloid officers with machine guns in the subways. I feel free. I don’t know if they kick their dogs or throw things at their wife, they wear that uniform and I just get down on my knees and worshipppp!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!

  9. @RF: just curious, how much traffic has TTAG gotten in the last 48 hours? I know the Armed Intelligista have been burning up the bandwidth, but how many new viewers seeking the Truth About Guns?

  10. Sharon, The Second Ammendment is the only reason you can enjoy The First Ammendment and have the right to be wrong.

  11. Seems like either Hollywood, and their relentless publication of increasingly more violent movies; or the Liberal Left and their attempts to eliminate any moral (i.e. religious) influence on the development of our youth; or maybe our “progressive” government who routinely ignores the enforcement of laws that do not match their agenda; would be far better targets of blame than he NRA. The only crime the NRA is guilty of is endorsing and supporting the 2nd Amendment.

  12. If she pays for a personal 24/7 security detail for my family we might be able to discuss her gungrabbing. until then she can go take a hike.

  13. Try again Loper. The gunman walked into a heavily populated gun free zone with his plan set. The blood is on the hands of the people that had decided such a safe haven was a good idea. As it turns out, perhaps someone could have lessened the tragedy with a legally carried weapon. Alas, no dice. As has been pointed out before, the hollow words of law meant nothing to this man. The technical proficiency Holmes displayed with improvised explosives should serve as an indicator of what other means were at his disposal, so in essence we all got off easy.
    I honestly hope this bitch is a little more careful about what she wishes to accomplish.
    It really bothers me when we are accused as accessories after the fact when a tragedy happens.

  14. Hey Dan, since her brilliant little polemic reflected the spelling and logical abilities of a second-grader, I was wondering: was it block-printed with Crayolas?

    • I want to know how to be “reasonable for the dead”?

      Most of the dead people I meet are very reasonable? They do not question or demand that I give up my rights.

  15. I think it was a mistake to correct her spelling when assembling the headline. If she said “your NRA is reasonable” then that’s how it should be presented. Like any artistic work it should be assumed that all the perceived faults and flaws are intentional.

    I don’t have a problem with her demand for “Band assault weapons now”, although I think that due to size and age Jr. High Bands should get bolt action rifles when the armories are opened.

  16. Yeah, that grammar pretty much sums up the intelligence of gun-grabbers.

    Like I keep saying, treat them like the mental children they are. Once they grow up and seek truth rather than the comfort of their emotionally damaged insanity, then they can earn the right to a mature discussion.

  17. It’s a deeply ingrained personality issue, what Jung would call architypical. See where y’all fall on this:

    Being armed makes perfect sense to me–most natural thing in the world from the first second I picked one up. It’s like I’m wired that way. (Interesting: my kids had the same experience.) And having them taken away from me feels like someone wants my limbs off.

    But if it is an issue of “wiring”, those like us have never been in the majority in any civilization. There’s always a percentage of warriors (sometimes that was because the status was restricted to birthright, but not always). What seems clear: there’s a lot more folks out there that seem to be wired against it. I’ll avoid calling them sheep, but they’re terrified of the possibility of violence, even though history and human nature proves a modicum of violence is still necessary to keep them safe, to keep peaceful societies standing. They really don’t want anybody armed (though they’ll settle for some idealized “authority” to keep them safe–the same authority that fails to protect anyone from random criminal violence). And when they get scared, we all get labelled as the monsters because we are the “violent” ones. (Of course, when they get REALLY scared, they’re screaming for us to save them.)

    Lesson from a Buddhist monk (those uber-peaceful bald dudes, a few sects of which became warriors): Revere all life. But if you’re going to revere life, first protect your own–don’t throw it away just because you abhor violence. That’s not revering it. Then defend others (you can’t do that well until you can protect yourself). If you’re secure that you can do the first two (and only if you can do the first two), then maybe you can spare your enemy, afford mercy. Only then can you really revere all life.

    And speaking as an artist: Aesthetically, what color should the “gun band” be?

  18. Blood on our hands? James Holmes did it and therefore the blood is on his hands. He needs to be punished, Sharon. No one else. Can that penetrate your “thinking mind”?

  19. “reasonable”? “Band”?

    If Sharon Loper supports the policies of businesses like Cinemark to create “gun-free” playgrounds for nutcases, she has blood on her hands, as does Cinemark.

  20. No, Sharon, the people of the United states need to be protected from the availability of your “art”.

  21. See who the villains are to the gun grabbers? They hate guns and they hate gun owners who obey the law. The NRA is the target of their vitriol. Not the criminals and psychopaths who actually violate their fascist laws.

  22. What did I learn from this tragedy? Just a reminder that evil exists, and I am responsible for protecting myself and family from evil. In thought and in deed.

  23. I tried to communicate with her, but she wants nothing to do with it. Talking to control freaks makes it hard to believe in the goodness of people. Oh well, every once in a while, someone comes around. . .

    • You can’t have rational conversations with these pathetic fools. They’re not interested in the truth, or facts, or even guns in the end…it’s all about their damaged emotions and mentality, the utter failure to mature as a human being thanks to an improper upbringing or exposure or failed education. The fact that these children in adult’s bodies have the same voting power as you or I is the most disconcerting part of it.

  24. They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety…. by Ben Franklin ,,, How soon we forget history.. government is not reason. government is not eloquence, It is force, and like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master,,,… By George Washington,,, The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference – they deserve a place of honor with all that’s good…,,, By George Washington and also When firearms go , all goes, We need them every hour… By George Washington,, also a this very time is a MAJOR push on to get the U.S.A. to sign onto the U.N. global arms treaty ,,, the TIMING could not be better … You can trust the U.N. , they will keep you safe,,, Ha, Ha..

    • The only thing I trust about the UN is they have their own agenda, and will make everyone bow to it (or die) eventually. It matters not if the elements of that agenda are good, bad, or mixed.

  25. See, it’s the womenfolk who rudely expel each and every person from the safety, comfort and security of the womb and into this harsh and unforgiving environment some still call the natural world. Many of ’em never quite get over the guilt of being the ones that birthed everybody and since that’s the fact, they’re also the ones directly responsible for every evil ever done by anyone. Especially the males. Being that guilt’s a powerful motivator, there’s nothing unusual about the idea of some of them trying to take control over a situation they caused, believing they can fix it. Problem is, almost everyway they go about trying to fix the problem, they only make the problems worse. Meanwhile they’ve no choice but to blame anyone and everyone for whatever problems there are. Due to their nurturing nature, they want nature and human nature to be something it ain’t.
    Eventually thru science, it’ll one day be possible that males won’t be needed at all and all the babies born will be female. Then the females can rule the world without having to fix problems caused by them having any more male babies and get rid of all the guns in the world and the NRA.

  26. I think she meant that AR owners were to band 3 or 4 together so you could just keep going. Its kind of sad to listen to what is a nice lady with a childish mind, Randy


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