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TTAG’s resident sharp shooter has yet to learn the lesson handed down to us by legendary magician Harry Houdini: don’t make it look too easy. Houdini used to flub his tricks on purpose so his audience could appreciate the mastery needed to perform an illusion. Of course, Ms. Weiss’ markspersonship is no illusion. The skills needed to blast the infamous candy from its pencil perch are mad. But I’m mad Kirsten Joy Weiss didn’t make it look more difficult. Then again, as Matt points out, it’s a single camera take. And the result isn’t difficult to look at. I reckon that’s half the battle in the world of entertainment to which Ms. Weiss aspires. N’est-ce pas? [Click here to see more trick shots at]

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    • In order to shoot one skittle off that pencil you had to buy a whole bag of skittles. That stuff is toxic waste. Make sure you follow all bio hazard rules for disposing of that stuff. Don’t want the epa complaining you’re poisoning condors or some such.

      I didn’t intend this as a reply to Matt. Also, nice shot.

        • If we’re in this to save the gamer dudes we need to also shoot as many cans and bottles of red bull, jolt, mountain dew etc. as possible. The best way to save the children is to teach them to shoot as good as you.

        • You ain’t savin gamer dudes unless you start shooting cheetos and doritos too… I know I used to be one till the Army brain washed me to stay away from fatty cakes

        • Nope, just voicing my opinion. It’s a real simple process. You pick and chose which posts to comment on. You don’t approve of the young lady, move to the next post. Lot’s of posts I don’t comment on.

      • A woman who can shoot, and probably better than most of the readers, may be seen as a threat.

        I say that as someone who is fully aware he couldn’t hit the broad side of a skittle.

    • What is your obsession with asking that stupid question every time she’s mentioned? It’s been one whole week since the last post in this series, which went up last Monday. Actually more than one whole week, as the last post went up about 3 p.m. which makes it a week + 3 hours.

      One whole week of 13+ posts every day, let’s see… (I’d lick the tip of my pencil except Kirsten shot it off last week…) that’s… at least ninety-one posts since the last one of these.

      Read ’em, don’t read ’em, I don’t care, but please, stop with the whining.

    • Seriously? She likes guns, and is one hell of a shot. As if that wasn’t enough, she’s also really easy on the eyes. What’s not to like?

      • I think the overreaction is the fact that she /is/ easy on the eyes, which RF cannot help but point out every single time.

        I am personally a bit fan of KW, but I can understand how RF could alienate some readers.

    • I think KJW is awesome. I couldn’t think of a better person to assist me in getting my Savage 110 BA in .338 Lapua dialed in at 1000 yards. Although I don’t currently have a scope, so that would be a real challenge. With that being said, I bet I could blow a Skittle off of a pencil at 10 yards with muzzle blast!

    • What obsession? I thought she had become a regular contributor to TTAG, maybe even an employee? Personally, as an oldish, not so fat, white guy, I think anything we can do to diversify the audience can only be a good thing. You know, broadening the appeal of gun rights issues and all.

    • “What is with this obsession RF has with this woman?”

      Um, have you seen this woman? Not only is she a great shot, smart, and funny, she’s a more than suitable replacement for the Israeli supermodel links that are now gone.

    • I second that challenge. Not as a sarcastic request, but an actual test of your skills.

      I once took a Ruger 22lr single six and tried to show off by shooting a nail off a piece of wood. I missed the nail, but the bullet carved a shallow groove right next to it.

      To impress my father-in-law, I took the same revolver and attached a seed husk to a willow and tapped it to swing side to side like a metronome. I surprised both us by hitting it.

      • I once shot at an empty can of V8 – one of the small ones – from a bit over 100 yards with my Remington 700 BDL in .308 using hand loaded ammo and it did not move. I said: “I missed?” and my spotter said no you didn’t. I looked through the spotting scope and there was a hole on it dead center through and through. How it did not move I have not a clue.

        • JAS, in my youth we had beverages in tin cans. When we shot these cans even with our .22s they reacted. As we got more aluminum beverage containers we noticed that even at fairly close ranges the cans didn’t react as the older, more solid cans had when we shot them.

          Maybe your v8 can was one of the thin and light aluminum ones?

  1. I, for one, enjoy this kind of marksmanship. Continuous camera, no shooting jacket, nothing. Just a darn good shooter making darn good shots. I will never get tired of this.
    Bonus, Ms. Weiss is a whole lot better looking than Jerry Miculek.

  2. It is ironic. Maybe moronic….pk in AZ whines about Miss Weiss. So being a critic is just fine, but being critisized he can’t take it.

    I would rather watch Miss Weiss and Robo-Jerry doing what they do best then hear the whining.

    Some people are not happy until they make others unhappy. Goodbye to pk in AZ, his choice. Maybe he should have chose not to watch something he hated, or maybe he should have chose not to be negative and chose not to comment.

  3. I’m very impressed, but I have to point out that this is probably the easiest of her shots to date because I suspect a near miss would have blown the skittle off the eraser.

    I think she should get a high speed camera, but then I’m not the one paying for the high speed camera and I’m not the one spending the time figuring out how to time the shot for the high speed camera, which seems to be an art in itself.

    Great shooting though, without a doubt, and I love how Kristen radiates so much joy.

    • I would like to see a high speed camera too. I know Jorg on the Slingshotchannel was able to get a nice one after the proceeds from a year of videos (cost over $60k US if I remember correctly) but he doesn’t make a living off of his channel. It’s just a hobby.

  4. Ok all, I love Kirsten and I love the videos… but _seriously_ the “joy” puns need to stop…

    And I went ahead and diffed the consecutive frames in my photo editor and they clearly show the skittle being turned into skitdust…

  5. Great shot. Now how about next time she shoots the white off rice? Now THAT would be a show. Also, looks like pk in AZ actually left due to his hissy fit. What a baby.

  6. To Conrad…she is a “Joy” to watch…..

    I grew up around horses and guns. Any “girl” who could ride and shoot…..

    Yes she is “easy on the eyes” but she can shoot smaller things. Complainers usually are just jealous or just plain holes in the backside.

    • For the record, I just think the puns are bad… sobering bad… I might quit drinking…

      She can obviously shoot extremely well, and way better than I… hope she makes the Olympics (which would be an interesting read when the time comes).

  7. Great shot Kirsten!! How about the Annie Oakley shot of cutting a playing card in half?

    “Oakley’s perhaps most famous trick is being able to repeatedly split a playing card, edge-on, and put several more holes in it before it could touch the ground, while using a .22 caliber rifle, at 90 feet.”

    I find that very hard to believe… Sounds more like legend to me.

    Just cutting the card would be awesome.


    • I believe she could cut the card. As for putting multiple holes in it, she could probably do it a few times but not back to back.

      Some people like Bob Munden just have/had talent that no amount of training can meet.


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