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I’ve always wondered about the expression “aim high.” Why would you want to aim high if your sights are on target (as they should be) and your firearm is properly sighted in (as it should be)? Yeah, yeah, I get it. Dare to think big, even if you miss your mark. Well Ms. Weiss is aiming high. The Keystone State native wants to lure female firearms fence sitters off their perches and onto the range while spreading the message to the gun-averse general public that shooting can be safe, sexy and fun. I reckon it’s only a matter of time before the mainstream media buys in, despite their anti-gun bias. Will they treat Kirsten Joy Weiss with kid gloves? Of course. And if they don’t boy are they gonna be surprised . . .

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  1. Cue the haters.


    She’s cute, she can shoot, and her enthusiasm is infectious.

    I do think she should get together with 22Plinkster, because he routinely shoots things that I’m pretty sure he can’t actually see. The two of them could maybe make some beautiful music together.

  2. Am sad and happy at the same time.

    Sad cuz the only way I’d be able to replicate that shot is with shotgun. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Happy because Kirsten’s ring finger is bare ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hitting things you can’t see is really hard. I like to practice on dimes at 100 yards with a .308. Punching a hole without “breaking” the circle is just fun stuff.

    Shooting like this off-hand is really, really impressive!
    Great shooting Ms. Weiss.

    • When I was a kid we used to lay empty bottles on a fence post with the mouth facing us. We would try to center the bullet thru the opening and punch out the bottom. We used iron sighted .22s and kept backing the disatnce off til only one shooter could make the shot. He got bragging rights.

      Imagine a bunch of 10-14 yo with guns and no adults around. According to the grabbers none of us should have lived or avoided prison.

      • Holy smokes. I did grow up with you….
        This and putting little army men on the wood pile.
        Shooting doves while riding bikes. Shooting the carrier pigeons with the heroin tied to their feet just north of Tijuana. Wonder how many people we pissed off.

        • Talk about triggering a memory. Dude in town had a large pigeon coop, more a barn really. Every morning he would let his feathered rats lose and they would beat wings to our fields and start eating our seeds. A bunch of us kids got together with shotguns just outside the town limits. We already knew the flight path.

          After we had killed a bunch of the little vermin a city cop showed up with an irate pigeon owner. Before it was over we had 2 city cops, 1 pigeon freak, 1 game warden and 2 state police there.

          At no time did the cops order us to drop or put away our shotguns. I got the distinct impression that none of the cops or the warden thought this was a good use of resources but a complaint had been made and they had to show up.

          The end result of it all was the cops told pigeon dude to lock his coop and stop letting his skyrats out.

          The coolest part was one of the city cops took an interest in our group and we made some trips to the range with him. First time I ever fired a S&W model 19 was his duty weapon straight out of the holster he was wearing.

          1 of the kids that was there became a cop.

  4. Just my opinion, you know, that silly 1st amendment “right” that our 2nd guarantees…

    Not even going to click on the link…

    Don’t care about trick shocks…

    Don’t care about here….

    ever since her last motorcycle fiasco…

    And again, just MY opinion!

  5. This looks like a fun one to try ‘at home’! KJW, what’s the range here? Like 10 yards or so? …..actually…. I guess I only have open sights or a scoped .22 rifle so maybe I couldn’t really give it a true shot myself.

    • If you pay close attention, Kirsten’s rifle has a “butt hook” on it. This means that as long as you get into the correct offhand position (NB her left elbow is tucked into her left hip), you can allow the gun to hook up into your armpit.

      Butt hooks make offhand shooting much, much easier than with a regular recoil pad or a slick-butt rifle.

      • Well, every style of rifle has its own pluses and minuses. Its not that it’s “easier” to shoot, tho it may be easier to duplicate the position for repetition due to the buttplate. This particular rifle is a part of me through hours and years of training, though I enjoy shooting “conventional” rifles too. They have their distinct advantages.

        • A fraction of the accuracy required for Olympic shooting, but at least this little ‘trick’ show is slightly better than my GF shoots. Unlike the back-of-a-bike nonsense. Which was a 5th grade joke.

          What desperate-to-get-laid OFJG is funding this (imitation) Annie Oakley? We shot pencil erasers in our parent’s basements at that distance when we were kids with Crosmans. Let alone the scoped Beemans and Feinwerkbaus. We knew it was nothing special then, and didn’t brag about it.Now it’s somehow special cuz it’s tel uh vized? Riiiggghhht….

          Sad what some guys will pander to…

        • Oh. Yeah, because you were on the Olympic Short list, a National Champ, countless medals… with many years of success behind you… thats how you know…Sigh. And you don’t “brag”??? You’ve stalked her videos bragging about yourself and your friends, GF, the man in the moon, how awesome your biking/shooting/bragging ability is…..every chance you get. She’s at a much longer distance than any basement, but you wouldn’t know. Because you’ve never filmed. You’ve never shot what she does, and at the level. And the biggest question is, WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE? Its obvious you have a huge bug up your butt about this girl, and its personal. So do yourself a favor and stop obsessing about her. Because you are boring us.

        • Whoa Ann, thank you for swooping in, but go easy on 16V.

          I don’t know why he’s making a lot of assumptions, in such a cruel manner….(like the funding comment, wish I WAS actually funded, that’d be nice!!! etc.) but I think he’s really just frustrated that he’s not filming his shots. 16v, why not show us your stuff? Like I told you before. I’m not exclusive. I’m inclusive. I want more and more people to love shooting (no matter their level). So share your stuff!

          And…if thats not it…then you really prove Ann’s point. You don’t have to watch.

        • I shot (and was ranked in) IPSC likely many years (if not decades) before either of you was born. Early 80s? Yeah, maybe you were in diapers. But $50 says neither of you was even a dirty thought….

          I’d explain the logical fallacies of your ‘argument’ but it would be lost on you, as you have offered nothing but ad hominems and the other logical fallacies, were you actually bright enough to figure them out… (here’s your primer, ).

          Once again, I have no obligation to proclaim a mediocre trick as ‘uhh-mazing’ simply because I do not know any better. I do know better. I have seen better. Just like everybody else who isn’t a desperate neckbeard looking to be an internet white-knight for some little funded cutie.

          My capabilities have nothing to do with any of this – when I was a kid it was cool to be airborne for 100+ feet and throw the bike sideways while doing it. 40 years hence, you’d better be able to tank-slap, do a standie, and maybe a flip while traversing the same distance. Just the progression of things and all that. What I did would be unimpressive in today’s light.

          Just like that trick. There’s this neat thing called ‘you tube’ where you can see much more impressive tricks from women who aren’t shooting to be RFX-3…

        • “Iโ€™d explain the logical fallacies of your โ€˜argumentโ€™ but it would be lost on you, as you have offered nothing but ad hominems…”

          Which itself, ironically, is an ad hominem attack. But hey, this thread is useful for something. If you read it all the way through, you quickly see that humility out-classes condescension every. single. time.

  6. Aim high when that which is way out of your normal percieved range.
    If your normal way of thinking is the 100 Yd shot but if you are going for the extraordinay 500 yarder, aim high.
    It fits.

  7. Did you notice she laid her multi-K$ rifle in the dirt, just like Nick and other TTAG reviewers like to do in their product photos.

      • Antiques are meant to be babied – so are show pieces. Tools are not. But antiques and show pieces don’t normally make it to the range, right?

  8. That standing shot is how you get your “bar 9” the final bar that completes your circular patch. In 1978, my brother was the youngest .22 LR shooter to reach his bar 9 in such a short period of time. That may have been eclipsed by now, but it was an astounding achievement for a 14 year old.

    As counter intuitive as it might sound, the heaviness of the target rifle helps steady your shot. Aside from that, a woman who can shoot? How sexy awesome is that? Like, totally!

    • Most women can shoot if they have the desire and the proper training.

      What I have observed over the course of my life though is that very few women individually have the drive to be a shooter.

      Many gals love to go shooting socially, or do so to keep skills sharp, but going alone for the pure joy of it? I have not met many.

      It’s a shame too because many of the girls I’ve taught were naturals.

      Who knows. Maybe they feel the same about me and interior decorating.

  9. My father-in-law said he and his brothers used to put kitchen matches on the gate post and light them by shooting the white tips from their front porch. He never said how far away the gate post was, but I tried it with a piece of wood drilled so the matches would stand up and shot from about 10 yards with my .22 rifle and the best I could do was leave a dark streak on the tip of the white match head. none of the matches would light.


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