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Maryland murder suspect Radee Labeeb Prince was caught in Newark, Delaware.

Nabbed in Newark . . . Police: Suspect in 6 shootings in Maryland, Delaware, caught

A suspect in shootings in Maryland and Delaware on Wednesday that left three people dead and three others injured was caught in Delaware after a manhunt, authorities said.

Radee Labeeb Prince, 37, is accused of killing three people and wounding two others at his job in Maryland on Wednesday morning. Police say he shot a sixth person about two hours later at a Wilmington, Delaware, car dealership.

Prince was caught in Newark, Delaware, according to the Harford County Sheriff’s Office in Maryland.

How the gun control debate mirrors larger political debate.

This is what constitutes deep thinking in the media these days . . . Twitter chat: How the gun control debate mirrors larger issues of partisanship in America

What would it take to turn Texas, a Republican stronghold, into a blue state? According to data from SurveyMonkey, just remove all the gun owners from the Lone Star State and it would have gone to Hillary Clinton in 2016. You can do the same thing in liberal California. Remove all the non-gun owners and the state would have voted for Donald Trump.

That’s how divisive the issue of gun control is in American politics.

SurveyMonkey found that no other demographic — not race, religion or gender — so perfectly divided voters. In the 2016 election, 47 percent of Trump supporters said gun control was an issue important enough to influence their vote. That’s compared to just 27 percent of voters who supported Hillary Clinton.

And Hollywood has a huge amount of moral credibility right now, too . . . Melissa McCarthy, Emma Stone, More Stars Urge People to #RejectTheNRA

In response to the devastating mass shooting in Las Vegas on Oct. 1, stars including Melissa McCarthy, Emma Stone, Bill Hader, Laura Dern, Sheryl Crow and Adam Scott have teamed up for a video showing how everyday Americans can call on their congressional lawmakers to reject legislation that would roll back gun silencer safety laws and to reject a national concealed carry reciprocity bill.

Emma Stone starts off the clip. “The mass shooting in Las Vegas has left all of us grieving, scared and angry,” she says. “Knowing what to do about it can be confusing. Here’s one thing that can make a difference right now,” Bill Hader adds. A slew of stars then urge viewers to text “REJECT” to 644-33 to connect them to Everytown Gun Safety, which will then connect people with their Congressional representatives. The group also provides a script to use when speaking to lawmakers.

The last suspect in the 2010 murder of border patrol agent Brian Terry has been arrested.

Finally . . . Last suspect arrested in 2010 killing of Border Patrol agent

The last of seven suspects in the 2010 murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was arrested over the weekend, the US Department of Justice said in a statement.

Jesus Rosario Favela Astorga, 37, was arrested in Mexico and is awaiting extradition to the US. He was charged with first-degree murder in connection with Terry’s killing.

Authorities said Terry was fatally shot near Arizona’s border with Mexico during a gun battle between Border Patrol agents and a group of five men, including Favela Astorga.

It’s almost as if the media have an institutional bias against civilian firearms ownership . . . Report: Major Media Networks Favor Gun Control 5 to 1 in Vegas Shooting Coverage

A media watchdog group released a report on Monday that found the three major broadcast networks presented coverage in favor of new gun-control measures nearly 5 times as often as they presented coverage in favor of gun rights during the aftermath of the Las Vegas shooting.

The Media Research Center, a conservative nonprofit, said between October 2 and October 8, ABC, NBC, and CBS’s news programs spent 30 minutes and 17 seconds arguing in favor of more gun control while only 6 minutes and 27 seconds were dedicated to support for gun rights. The report, authored by Deputy Research Director Geoffrey Dickens and published on the group’s NewsBusters website, examined all statements from anchors, reporters, guests, and soundbites that took a position on gun control or gun rights.

Double Take: #MeToo Proves Women Deserve Access To Guns [VIDEO]

In this episode, the hosts discuss NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch moving her family from her home because she has received serious threats of rape and assault from unhinged leftists. Loesch shared her story with the viral hashtag #MeToo, which encourages women to identify themselves as victims of sexual harassment or sexual assault. However, very few leftists have given Loesch any sympathy, which she claims is because liberals are okay with a little sexism as long as it silences conservative women.

Cimarron Firearms Company Bad Boy .44 Mag, a Modern Take on an Old Classic

Cimarron Firearms, recognized as the leader in quality and authenticity in Old West replica firearms, is proud to announce the arrival of the “Bad Boy.” One powerful .44 Mag on a Pre-War frame with an Army style grip and an octagonal barrel, the Bad Boy earns its name as an annihilator whether out hunting, hitting steel or just needing some reassurance when out in the back woods trapping, hunting or living off the grid.

A classic Model P design with a modern feel, the Bad Boy features standard blue finish with smooth walnut grips and flat top with adjustable sights. The Bad Boy is available in a 6 or 8 inch octagonal barrel and an MSRP of $687.70.

Trump Era NICS check near all-time highs.

Trump slump? What Trump slump? . . . Trump Era NICS Checks Close to Record in September

The Trump era of the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) has been showing robust numbers for nine months now. Two of the nine months are all-time records.  The overall numbers for the year are on track to be the second highest year in the history of NICS.

NICS checks for September 2017 have been 1,967,104, almost identical to the record number in 2016, of 1,992,219.  That is just short of 99% of the record. The total for the year to date is 18,235,898, more than the entire year of 2011. It is 92% of the 2017 NICS at the end of September.


Most Americans are very happy to be gun owners.

Yep, the great majority of us are . . . Happy To Be A Gun Owner

I’m happy to own a couple of shotguns. One of them I grew up with, hunting quail and pheasants with my dad and making memories I’ll cherish forever. My own kids love to shoot it now, and it makes me happy watching them do so. Another is tricked out for 3-gun competition, with an expanded loading port, oversized charging handle and extended magazine tube. Neither of them are bad, and neither has ever killed anyone—innocent or otherwise.

I’m also happy to own a handful of deer rifles of various calibers. I’ve hunted extensively with them, often with one or more of my children. The stories we have about deer taken with each rifle bring back memories of hunts old and new, both far and near. Just looking at these rifles in the safe makes me smile and look forward to going back into the field with them again this fall.

Don't repeal the Second Amendment, just enact "sensible" gun laws. As if.

Problem: deep down, your audience wants both, including full-blown gun confiscation . . . Don’t Repeal the Second Amendment—Just Pass Sensible Gun Laws

In this bleak moment, some gun safety supporters have offered a startling new stance. They urge a repeal of the Second Amendment itself. Anything less, they argue, is a placebo.

It’s an understandable impulse. The use of the amendment as a talisman to protect against sensible gun laws is one of the more infuriatingly predictable parts of our national culture. But this new call is woefully misguided. It accepts Wayne LaPierre’s vision of the Second Amendment and what it allows. But the Bill of Rights isn’t the obstacle to sane gun laws. A broken political system is.


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    • The Harvey Weinstein fiasco has merely reminded people of what they should have remembered all along: Hollywood has no moral authority. They are quite possibly the most superficial, narcissistic subculture in the entire world. They made going to drug rehab trendy. We measure their marriages in months. We all knew it, it’s just they have a knack for making us forget what we already know.

      • And lets not forget we can usually count their years of education in the single digits. Taking life or political advice from people who whore themselves (literally) in exchange for fame and notoriety is unwise to say the least.

  1. I’m guessing now the msm will now bury that Maryland shooting story…

    And “sensible” to gun grabbing leftists only means egregious, unconstitutional, and draconian on par with Soviet or chinese communist oppression.

    And ever notice how they can’t let go and continually perpetuate their commie fantasy of turning Texas blue.

    • He had a lengthy arrest record but minimal jail time. But remind us again how guns and the NRA are the problem. He even got caught with guns in md and not prosecuted.
      Wish he raised that .380 up so a Delaware trooper could save us all money.

  2. Gun control zealots calling themselves “gun safety supporters is like calling Al Qaeda a women’s rights organization…

  3. Geez I seriously liked the rotund McCarthy in Spy. A deliriously violent gun filled opus. Oh well scratch Spy 2 off the list…I didn’t actually BUY an AR in September but I put one on layaway and bought some 223. Does that count?!?😆

      • A tricked out Delton Sport. All Mugpul stock,pistol grip,rail thingy and trigger housing. A deal. I hope my damn state (Illinois) doesn’t ban them. Whatever I can switch and get something else deadly😆

        • Nice. Congrats.

          I don’t have a heck of a lot of experience with Del-Ton products but they have a decent rep. Does Illinois have mag capacity limits? If not, I’d grab a bunch of milspec and Magpul mags most ricky tick.

          And a Dremel for those Magpul mags…

        • No real limits where I’m at. BUT there are gun bills banning EVERYTHING AR related. Our shite governor Rauner can’t be trusted to veto this BS.

        • All the more reason to get that stuff as rapidly as you can afford…

          LOL and people wonder why a good section of the population hates the government.

        • Oh I don’t wonder. I was around during Vietnam. Illinois is (maybe!) the most corrupt state in America. Certainly the most broke!

  4. That reject the NRA thing was covered on Breitbart this morning. The story said they were also urging people to reject concealed carry.

    I had to laugh. Of all the days to read that. My wife had a procedure done at the hospital this morning. I CCed all day, as per usual, including right past their “no weapons” sign. Reading that story around 11 was amusing as hell having, at that point carried for a touch over six hours, including 5+ in a “sensitive area” and having shot exactly no one.

    It’s almost like a gun is an inanimate object that doesn’t do anything until a person picks it up and does something with it…

    A side note: A security checkpoint doesn’t do a goddamn thing if it’s not manned (Really in this case it doesn’t do a damn thing either way since the obese guys who man it aren’t armed with anything more than a radio and bad breath. Those guys would starve if their lunch bag fought back.). I walked in to the hospital around 5:30, before it was manned. Useless.

    • What??!! That evil firearm did not seek out weak or people of color and just start blasting away? Im pretty sure all firearms mind meld with their carriers and force them to fire upon innocents.

  5. I viewed the idiotic rejectthenra ad and flagged it for affecting my rights (or whatever the exact wording was). No surprise that comments was closed.

  6. So easily we forget that the only point on which Hillary had never modified her position (in line with her Goldman talks about how “you have to hold both public and private positions on things”) was her support of gun control. So, yes, it was a very strong negative for Hillary (This reminds me of a conversation I had with a coworker early during the early primaries- coworker said “But the news says that Trump is very negative towards hispanic voters” and I said “No, it says that he has strong negatives with hispanic voters”… she refused to believe me about what the difference was).

    Her hatred for a large portion of country (the deplorables) was exemplified by her zeal in favor of disarming law-abiding citizens.

    Don’t openly be a contemptuous [epithet of choice] and maybe you’ll trick some people into voting for you.

    • Right. It’s not so much that gun ownership vs gun control is divisive, although it is.
      The real divisive feature of the 2016 Presidential election was Hillary and her unrelenting attacks on gun owners, which infuriated all but a few commie loving Fudds among the gun owners (I worked with one who liked Bernie but hated Trump and tolerated Hillary, his wife loved Hillary) and thrilled many of the non gun owners.

  7. “And Hollywood has a huge amount of moral credibility right now, too . . . Melissa McCarthy, Emma Stone, More Stars Urge People to #RejectTheNRA”

    It’s easy for Hollywood to decry people outside their tribe (the NRA). It’s nearly impossible for them to take such action against their own (Polanski, Weinstein). But, they attempt to frame their discussions in terms of principles.

    • I think it’s an 1891 Salvator Dormus with a heat shield over the chamber.

      Either that, or the guy has never seen an actual handgun, but once had a four-year-old describe one to him in Esperanto during a night of heavy drinking.

      • I’m just surprised it didn’t have a 32 round double stack magazine sticking out from the bottom.
        No top strap, had to be pre something or other.

  8. Radee Labeeb Prince lived in Washington State also. I guess the guy must have drove like a total moron here also.

    1 Prince, Radee Labeeb
    Defendant Kent Municipal Court 3Z0501687 05-22-2013
    2 Prince, Radee Labeeb
    Defendant King County District CT012754K 02-10-2014
    3 Prince, Radee Labeeb
    Defendant King County District 3Z0359845 05-22-2013
    4 Prince, Radee Labeeb
    Defendant Renton Municipal 2Z0724075 09-10-2012
    5 Prince, Radee Labeeb
    Defendant King County District 3Z0359844 04-25-2013
    6 Prince, Radee Labeeb
    Defendant King County District I06653789 09-14-2012

    • Yes, but how can you be sure it’s the same Radee Labeeb Prince?

      It’s possible that two different women drew the same sequence of random Scrabble tiles from a sack when it came time to name their kid.

      • Yeah but I looked at my Magic 8 Ball and it said: “Without a doubt”

        I mean really, how many kids can be named Radee Labeeb Prince and my Magic 8 Ball be wrong?
        I’m not a statistician, but the odds have to be astronomical.

        • Nah. With those same letters she could have just as easily named him Earl Abed Bee or Able Bea Reed or Beebeard Ale… She had options, is all I’m saying.

  9. I live in CA and I work at a warehouse checking delivery drivers in and out. About 75% or maybe more of my drivers have the magical “Federal Limits Apply” on their drivers license. And to a man their helpers are illegals. And they talk about voting for hillary.

    I believe the only way she won the popular vote was by counting illegal votes. I did not see a single pro hillary sticker in the bay area, including Berkely, until the election was nearly over.

    If the feds don’t do something to check CA it can and will take our republic down.

      • That’s actually illegal in California. It’s also illegal for a business in CA to allow ICE on their premises, unless ICE has a Court Order.
        I kid you not. Seriously, Illegal Aliens have more protections in California than citizens have.

        • You might be pleasantly surprised. Sometime look up news stories about the director of ICE, this Homan fellow. The guy is in it to win it, and is completely unimpressed with rogue states like California. ICE under Obama wouldn’t have cared. ICE under Trump is a different beast.

      • In CA it’s against the law to question their immigration status. That’s why their state issued licenses have “Federal Limits Apply” on them. A gentle reminder of how they have no protections outside CA.

        The Russians and Trump was a red herring. The real scandal is the dems and the illegals.

        We are in real danger of our country being balkinized. At which point stronger outside forces gobble the crumbs up and we are all slaves.

  10. Common denominators
    1. Moms promote gun violence. Restaurants and stores were robbed at gunpoint within 48 hrs after caving to their demands.
    2. Moms consists primarily of women with no knowledge of criminal behavior or human behavior.
    3. Moms know nothing about firearms like the majority of women in the US. Lemmings to a fault by gender!
    4. Moms reject all firearm safety training.
    5. Moms do not oppose or reject the cultural standard of black on black violence that comprises most of the violent assaults.
    6. Moms reject all rights to self defense and protection of life. Body counts are more important than lives saved by law abiding citizens and licensed gun owners.

    • “Common denominators
      1. Moms promote gun violence.”

      Only when they won’t shut their yap when told to…

      (Asbestos flame suit /on) 🙂

  11. Get rid of the Second Amendment, and we’ll waste whatever the F time is necessary Fing yer sh_t up so you don’t interrupt our prosecution of the 2nd Paragraph of The Declaration of Independence.

    • Sometime check out the website of National Review, and search for the article “An Open Rant Aimed at Those That Would Appeal the Second Amendment” by Charles C. W. Cooke. This guy is British, but is more of an American than any Democrat I know.

        • Can’t Repeal the Declaration of Independence.

          We can have a new one, but the MFs we’ll be Declaring Independence from are the POS (D), and it’ll be open season on them and theirs.

          If we write a whole new Constitution, it will only include further protections of our individual protections under the Declaration of Independence OR I WILL WORK TO BURY THE LOT OF YOU.

  12. ” One powerful .44 Mag on a Pre-War frame with an Army style grip and an octagonal barrel,…”

    O.K., Let’s see what we have here –

    A pre-war frame, built to handle pre-war chamber pressures, firing full-house, full pressure .44 mag cartridges…

    What could *possibly* go wrong with that little ‘experiment’?


    Does anyone know if early-generation .44 mags like the ‘Dirty Harry’ model 29 suffered problems related to chamber pressure?

    • They did not. My own Ruger Flattop has not had any problems either.

      The original Flattop blackhawk frame is a little smaller than the current blackhawk or super blackhawk frame.

      They overbuilt it to increase weight due to recoil complaints.

      • Thanks, but I wasn’t asking about Rugers.

        I *know* their .44 mags are delightfully over-built battle-tanks, I had a Super Redhawk 7′ in .44 mag and *loved* it. The sheer mass of it, especially with the pistol scope on it, tamed its .44 mag bite nicely.

        Compared to my Super Redhawk, the original S&W 29 was a rather svelte, lithe-looking revolver.

        That led me to wonder if the early 29s had any long-term problems.

        (And I seriously wonder how wise it is to run .44 mag in a pre-war frame. It kinda strikes me as being similar to GM converting a gasoline engine into a diesel in the early 80s. Those motors were snapping their cast-iron crankshafts like crazy after they had a few years on them…)

        • I’d like to interject a true story here about the gas to diesel conversion.
          I had a friend who had an Olds like that,. He told me he was driving from the Bay area to San Diego, one night, when he suddenly realized he was driving on fumes.
          Then he spotted a truck stop ahead. when he pulled up next to the pump, the attendant told him there was a fifty gallon minimum!
          With no other fueling facility near by he asked the man if he could just pay for the fifty gallons, and then he could pump what ever the car would take.
          “Of course, that will be fine”, said the attendant.
          After pumping his tank full, maybe 18 to 20 gallons or so, the attendant said, with a big smile, “Well, I guess that’s all it will take” My friend then told the guy to come around to the rear of the car, where he opened the trunk, Since the car was converted to diesel, he was allowed to have a couple saddle tanks in the trunk. Then he said to the attendant, with a big smile” Put the rest in here”!

    • Beyond what Specialist38 mentions, it’s a new gun, so it’s going to be using modern (better) steel, and the pressure bearing components are sure to be adequate (cylinder and barrel).

    • I read an article about RSB vs S&W 29 , the guy overloaded cartridge and blew the cylinders on the Blackhawk, the Smiths cylinders just bulged If that Cinnamon is anything like a Herters .44 it won’t take a lot of high pressure loads for very long. Well the particular sample I had loosened up and the ratchet on the cylinder was peening

    • I had a Super Blackhawk, and a friend had a Model 29.
      I reloaded at the time, and my reloading manuals were explicit in saying the 29 couldn’t handle the loads the Ruger could.
      I had one load that used Blue Dot with a FMJ bullet that was loaded just *this* close to the max for the Ruger, and my friend wanted to try it in hos 29. I warned him not to, but he really wanted to see if the 29 would handle it (brave man!).
      His 29 locked up so tight it took a gunsmith to get it to work right.
      OK, that’s only anecdotal. But the reloading manuals were still explicit about the difference between the two.

      • Well I ‘ ll be damned, just goes to show, someone writes and someone listens. Liking my Super Blackhawk even more now. Had it since 79, used it in IHMSA shooting, deer hunting, varmints,E DC n everything in between.

  13. Protesting spree shootings by disarming yourself and deriding a major self-defense civil rights organization like the NRA makes about as much sense as protesting motor vehicle deaths by walking along freeways and deriding the American Automobile Association.


    • Exactly. If you agree, please rally around the gun wagon-train leader, the NRA. Join now. If you’re already a member, do as I did and up your adhesion by becoming a life member (you can do it for a moderate monthly contribution). We need the Association now as we’ve never needed it before in American history. The crazies have control of the lying media, the entire Democrat Party, and a chunk of the pretend-opposition party run by McConnell and Ryan. Remember: Civil rights CAN and WILL be taken from us unless we band together. Adding millions of gun owners to the NRA’s membership list is the ONLY way to protect the 2nd Amendment from liberal lunatics of all stripes.

  14. No one interested in Brian Terry?

    “last of seven suspects in the 2010 murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was arrested”
    If Obumer/Holder/ATF goons were arrested over Gunrunner I guess I missed it.

  15. WTF????
    After 15 Felony convictions and
    No one saw this person as a threat to society???
    as someone needing Rehabilitation, and/or Punishment??

  16. This is my shocked face that the NRA conceding to regulation bought zero good will.

    Also I have not received a subscribe to comments email in over a month regardless of the box being checked.

  17. Psshhh. Hollywood doesn’t have any real people in it. They only play real people on screen.

    When you’re getting paid millions to play as someone else for a good chunk of the year, you are incentivized to lose yourself amongst the personas. They don’t even know who they are, as long as they can virtue signal their way into the good graces of their tight-knit social circle of jerks (mmmphfff).

    Hollywood and their ilk sicken me, they’re incapable of making anything believable anymore, because nobody in it has a firm enough grasp on reality. Characters are flat and one-dimensional (like themselves), plot-lines are erratic, irrational and pointless (like their thought processes), and settings are sterile and empty and devoid of anything good and wholesome (like their lives).

    Granted, this doesn’t include EVERYONE in Hollywood, but unfortunately, the large majority.

  18. “The manhunt ended when three agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives caught Prince … was smoking a cigar when the agents discovered him walking.” The Tobacco side of the house caught him, because they smelled his illicit Cuban import without the right taxes and paperwork.

  19. Ok, let’s use their own setup against them. Text reject to 644-33 and when you get connected state you are FOR supressors, and concealed carry reciprocity, if you are an NRA member as I am state that also. I’m sure we can have a bigger influence than these whiny so called Progressives.

  20. “Hollywood has a huge amount of moral credibility right now, too . . . Melissa McCarthy, Emma Stone, More Stars Urge People to #RejectTheNRA”

    Somehow, I doubt that Harvey Weinstein ever came on to Melissa McCarthy. The other way around . . . maybe.

  21. I am bothered that you did not report anything more than the Md. shooter was arrested. This is the same gripe I have with all the anti-gun talking heads.
    It is my understanding that he is already a convicted felon with an extensive rap sheet; somebody who probably should have already been behind bars with “life without parole!” ….. Somebody who cannot legally even have a gun!
    WHY isn’t this reported?
    WHY aren’t our courts being criticized?
    WHY aren’t our talking heads being called to task on biased reporting?
    Isn’t it time we ALL start giving negative feedback to all those news directors?


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