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Why is divorce so expensive? Because it’s worth it! Don’t ask me how I know . . .

Soooo, and go figure, it’s time to have a sale !! LaRue barrels, triggers, polymers, our ultra-nice Stealth 2.0 chassis, apparel, etc. This is your chance to get all your Ultra-Precision Christmas shopping done at a savings. And help a single feller (me) out in the process … kills two birds with one stone, making you a good Samaritan. . . .

If I have just 3 tips for you today, they would be …
1.) take your 81mg aspirin and your cholesterol meds at night … because your liver makes cholesterol at night.
2.) whether or not you and your other half are sailing on smooth water, get two copies of “The Five Languages of Love” by Gary Chapman. Target Stores carry it. Both of you read it … thank me later.
3.) Buy a suppressor and get the paperwork going, then forget about it. It will be a neat surprise when your paperwork gets approved.

FBI investigating Rancho Tehama Elementary School (courtesy
Wait. Prohibited people lie about having guns?  . . . Northern California shooter exploited ‘honor system’ in telling court he had no guns

“The justice system relies on the honor system,” Tehama County Assistant Sheriff Phil Johnston told The Times in an interview Friday. “You have to see what it is on its face. Did the guy meet the requirements of the court?”

Experts say that after Neal turned over a firearm and said he had no more, there was no legal requirement that authorities check that he had told the truth because he was not a felon.

“That would be pie in the sky. There aren’t resources to be able to check out the veracity of someone’s claims,” former Los Angeles Dist. Atty. Steve Cooley said. “All you do is wait for a violation and bring it to the attention of the court.”

Lone Star Arms modified KS-12
After Fostech dissed Saiga-rebuilders, Lone Star Arms directed us to their website . . .

All Lone Star Arms high performance builds will cycle a wide variety and range of commercially available 2 3/4″ and 3″ 12 gauge ammunition, and are renowned for reliably – routinely, and flawlessly cycling ammo that other S12 builds simply will not.


“Gun violence” is not an infectious disease. Just so you know . . . Gun control: The assault on Congress by the medical journals

The Lancet editorial then lambasted the U.S. Congress and called for the lifting of the restrictions and the resumption of the shoddy and fraudulent gun research formerly conducted by the CDC. To raise the tempo of the accusation it called the restrictions a “scandal,” and then exhorted, “gun control advocates should be looking strongly at rescinding the abhorrent and nonsensical legal restrictions that keep the USA ignorant of the true toll of its gun violence.”

Congress should do no such thing, and in fact, there is no scandal. The fact is the CDC was restricted from conducting such gun studies because they were biased and politicized with preordained results, studies that could only be characterized as junk science and anti-gun propaganda . . .

Money allocated to public health should go for the control of infectious and occupational diseases; money allocated to scientific research should go to the investigation of carcinogenesis, diseases of aging and epigenetics; money allocated for the study of gun crime should go to schools of criminology and law enforcement.

Michael Bloomberg's The Trace blames gun owners for crimes committed with their stolen guns (courtesy

Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun agitpropmeisters at The Trace blame gun owners who’ve had their gun stolen for criminal use of their stolen firearm. Go figure. Missing Pieces; Gun theft from legal owners is on the rise, quietly fueling violent crime across America.

In Pensacola, Florida, a group of teenagers breaking into unlocked cars at an apartment complex stole a .22-caliber Ruger handgun from the glovebox of a Ford Fusion, then played a videogame to determine who got to keep it.

One month later, the winner, an 18-year-old man with an outstanding warrant for his arrest, fatally shot a 75-year-old woman in the back of the head who had paid him to do odd jobs around her house. She had accused the gunman of stealing her credit cards.

Greg Luther pro-gun control hunter (courtesy

Fudds of the world unite! Your tyrannical government is at hand! . . . Hunters, it’s long past time we stood up for gun control

As a sportsman, I have to say that it’s long past time for us to stand up in support of stricter gun control laws . . .

Let’s be frank: Hunters know that high-capacity magazines and semi-automatic rifles are unnecessary for our sport. These guns are weapons of war, designed to kill human beings. You could say the same about handguns.

My dad often talks about bringing a sidearm for protection while hunting in serious grizzly bear country, but I tell him not to bother. Studies have shown that bear spray is more effective anyway, and there’s a good deal less collateral damage likely to be caused.

Let’s not, in our silence, allow ourselves to be painted over with the NRA’s broad, blood-soaked brush. In doing so, we lend our voices to a lobby that is more interested in protecting its bottom line than in saving innocent lives . . .

Despite what the NRA might have us believe, hunting is not under attack, but our freedom from violence is.

Tell that to Stephen Willeford or the 60k+ Americans who deploy their firearm for a successful defensive gun use each year (presumably different people) . . . I’m an Army veteran and gun owner. The ‘good guy with a gun’ theory is a myth.

Charles Clymer (courtesy

When I see a young man openly carrying a firearm in public, whether to prove a political point or because he honestly believes at he could be called upon to stop an active shooter, I can only think of how much could go wrong.

I do not see a “good guy with a gun”: I see a naive human who is more likely to exacerbate a tragedy than stop it. Is this person a civilian who has forgot to clear their weapon?

Are they disciplined enough to avoid accidents? And if a mass shooting does occur, how do I know they will have the skills to take out the bad guy rather than, say, an innocent bystander?

I am a gun owner, a military veteran and a proud American. I believe in the essential right to bear arms, but with that right comes the obligation of responsible ownership. If a young man is brazen enough to brandish a powerful weapon just to attract attention, why would I trust they have the maturity to use it responsibly?

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  1. “Is this person a civilian who has forgot to clear their weapon?” I almost choked laughing on my sleepytime tea when I read this. More often than not i’m asking myself if my fellow concealed carriers are responsible enough to remember to chamber a round!

    • “If a young man is brazen enough to brandish a powerful weapon just to attract attention, why would I trust they have the maturity to use it responsibly?”
      You just countered your own argument, you bigoted twit.
      Brandishing is a crime and is neither mature nor responsible. The person you’re talking about is a thug, not one of the tens of millions of good gun owners… stop lumping them in with the majority of us.

      • You do realize that LEOs routinely carry a gun, right?
        Are they thugs in your mind?
        And please don’t try to tell me it’s OK because they are properly trained:
        Just one example.
        Don’t get me wrong, I’m far from being anti-police. What I am is anti-stupid.

        • LEOs are the standing army our Founders warned us about. Most of them are thugs and should be disarmed. Citizens should be armed, not government employees.

      • “my fellow concealed carriers”

        See that distinction? This is one of the many problems of licensed carry. It creates a division in the base of RKBA support; special snowflakes with licenses… badges… sashes… etc. Give them special little hats with flashing lights on them already. This is a current permutation of the Fudd.

    • Watch out for the editorial that asks dozens of questions, but doesn’t answer them. The point of such a writing style is to instill doubt and fear into the reader, while offering no real evidence of anything. If the author would just answer some of his questions with factual data, then it would be perfectly clear that there is really nothing to worry about.

      Watch out for folks like this author. They are intentionally trying to deceive you.

    • “my fellow concealed carriers”

      See that distinction? This is one of the many problems of licensed carry. It creates a division in the base of RKBA support; special snowflakes with licenses… badges… sashes… etc. Give them special little hats with flashing lights on them already. This is a current permutation of the Fudd.

  2. ‘The Trace blame g un owners who’ve had their gu n stolen for criminal use of their stolen fir earm.’

    Because no 18 year old man could ever possibly overpower a 75 year old woman.

      • My favorite Pathetic Leftist Poor Criminal Excuse was the defense of a Canadian thug who murdered an 84 year old woman in Texas. It was OK to kill her because “she was wealthy and had lived an easy life”. Dude got the free gurney ride, regardless.

  3. A “sportsman”? Pretty sure a “sportsman” wears plaid shorts and plays tennis/golf out at “the club”. Which seems about right for this “dude”

    The Lancet editorial – “send us more money (lots more) and don’t ask where it goes” Thank you.

  4. Video of the recent successful defection (and got shot several times during it) of a North Korean soldier across the DMZ has been released :

  5. “…The Trace blame gun owners who’ve had their gun stolen for criminal use of their stolen firearm.”

    But would never offer to stand trial themselves for the actions of a criminal who stole their property and then committed some crime with it.

    • I love how the left rails against victim blaming (the way she was dressed, she was asking for it) except, of course, all bets are always off when it involves guns. No matter what, it’s going to be all about trying to blame legal gun ownership.

  6. Damn it. Somehow I knew the kid that shot the old lady was a man sized black kid. I looked it up and I was regretfully correct.
    When are people going to stop perpetuating bad stereotypes?! I long for the day that assumptions are more often incorrect and we can really start dispelling racism.

  7. Well, I’d like for “open carry” to be legal, so I don’t have to leave my gun in the car to get stolen, when I’m grabbing a coffee to / from coffee. That gets a bit hard when carrying a rifle slung counts as “brandishing.”

  8. That last guy is probably the biggest douche ever. You’re the guy who makes the rest of us veterans look bad.

    • According to the story, this douche is a DC “genderqueer”…. IOW, he can’t even figure out what bathroom to use and will be dead from AIDS soon….

  9. The lancet? Isn’t that the same lancet that published the complete lives theory by Emanuel Goldstein?

    • Yeah, the Lancet. They really ought to lecture us about “scandals. Mr. (formerly Doctor) Wakefield. First published in (yep!) The Lancet. Whose malarkey, non substantiated faux-study has led to countless injured/dead kids due to vaccine preventable diseases. That’s the guy whose b-s was so egregious, that not only was the Lancet required to formally retract the study, but also the medical licensing authorities in England yanked his physician license. So, yeah. The Lancet. Irony! (uh, no. Takes balls. )


    This OP is just one of many exposing a bunch of people who have entered the lucrative anti-gun lobby without even making it out of the closet yet.

  11. All you do is wait for a violation and bring it to the attention of the court.

    A violation like, say, multiple neighbors complaining of gunfire coming from his yard?

    These are weapons of war

    Did somebody tell you the militia was a glee club?

  12. “I do not see a “good guy with a gun”: I see a naive human who is more likely to exacerbate a tragedy than stop it.”

    Yes, because a “good guy with a gun” in the church at Sutherland Springs, Texas would have made the situation worse: instead of 95% of everyone in that church receiving a gunshot wound, 98% would have received a gunshot wound.

  13. “First, gun control does save lives. In 2016, the Epidemiologic Review undertook a meta-analysis that looked at data from 130 gun control studies. It didn’t look at single kinds of restriction but at a variety of measures, including licensing and buyback programs. Its findings were clear: “The simultaneous implementation of laws targeting multiple firearms restrictions is associated with a reduction in firearms deaths.” Fewer people, then, will die if we restrict guns.”
    – No, Mr. Luther, the study only found a correlation suggesting that fewer people would die from gunshots; not at all the same as conclusively finding that fewer people would die.

    • That particular study is easy to disprove in any case: As gun ownership continues to rise, violent crime (even that committed using guns) has decreased. Causation is thus disproved.

  14. I think I have more disdain for fudds than more complete antis. I realize this is a common psychological thing but even knowing that I have a special level of animosity for fudds. They seem to be a very selfish lot.
    And why is it that most anti-gun editorial writers think my skill is inadequate but the that mass murders are all John Wick level fighters?

  15. I feel bad for Larue, but then I remember the dude taking a questionably ethical 400+ yard shot on a bull elk with a 6.5 Grendel as an advertising stunt. And then there’s the bump stock nonsense. I do wonder how this could impact Larue’s gov’t contracting.

  16. As a good guy who has stopped a crime with a gun, I think it’s hilarious that I am now in the same category as Sasquatch, unicorns and the Lochness Monster.

    A myth… *snickers* Anyone wanna touch me? 50 bucks. No pictures, please.

  17. Why the “gun theft” angle? Since “All gun owners are crazed killers.” failed, they need another way to make bad people doing violence your fault, so they can disarm everybody they don’t control.

    It’s right in their name. They’re against guns, not against “gun violence”, violence, people getting hurt, or bog help them *for* people living longer doing as they like. The anti’s can’t *say* it’s about people doing as they like because in the end, they want to impose what they want on you, by force if that’s what it takes. Thugs, predators, terrorists n crazies mostly do the imposing themselves, while these anti-folk farm out the potentially wet work, n hope you won’t notice they’re behind it through the two levels of indirection: “law” n its enforcers.

    That’s a Beck-level tinfoil hat explanation except everything they do fits, it predicts what they’re gonna do next, and no other story I’ve found does either. Then there’s the language leaking out. They pretend “No guns for you!” is the conclusion; the means to some other good. But, it’s not. They don’t want you having guns, n they’ll get as many people killed as they have to to do that. They’re not horrified at the violence or even lives cut short. They’re horrified that people who aren’t them can do stuff without their permission.

    I’d understand these people any other way if I could: tinfoil isn’t my color.

  18. ” . . . and called for the lifting of the restrictions and the resumption of the shoddy and fraudulent gun research formerly conducted by the CDC. . .”

    AKA: “Medicalization of Deviance”. The purpose of this “research” is to turn traditional American gun-ownership into “deviant behavior” that must be treated as a mental illness.

  19. The Army veteran who worries about civilian firearm owners who carry is self identified at the bottom of the article as “gender queer” whatever the hell that means, so this is less about guns and more about leftist political ideology. Whenever someone says I’m a gun owner and I can’t trust other gun gun owners makes me doubt wonder why they project their own inadequacies on everyone else. Also, just because you are a vet doesn’t make your opinion any more or less valuable than anyone else’s, I hate the I’m a vet so my opinion about X is more valuable, and I’m a vet.

      • He hates that some vets think that being a vet makes their opinions valuable, and by extension, the opinions of the rest of us worthless.

        He probably also hates that some women (Hi Shannon) think that having had unprotected sex at some point in their lives adds authority to their political biases.

  20. The guy talking about “young men openly carrying sidearms” being untrustworthy is just an old fart who clearly has bowed down to stereotypes.

    I’m 28 years old. I open carry a full size handgun on my hip in a double-retention holster, and I’ve taken courses, been to seminars, and have spent countless hours honing my skill.

    This “young man” could outshoot most LEOs without breaking a sweat.

    And in the end, old fart, it really doesn’t matter whether or not you trust me to be responsible enough. My right to keep and bear arms doesn’t rest on the shoulders of your trust.

    I’ll tell you what though, if we’re ever in a public venue together and something happens where I need to use my firearm, you will be singing a different tune.

  21. What the media (almost exclusively anti-gun) will never do is put facts about firearms and crime forward in a clear manner. First, facts defeat their narrative. Just as important, facts tend to assign a real source of firearms involved crimes that the globalist anti-gun movement does NOT want to expose. FBI statistics show that Blacks (12% of US population) commit over 51% of all firearms involved murders. A closer look shows that most of those murders are committed by Blacks aged 15 to 35. An even closer look shows that over HALF of all Young Black Males (that same 15-35) have criminal records and reported associations with drug gangs.

    But that is NOT the whole story. The FBI does a very poor job of tracing Hispanics (a political decision) and some places identifies Hispanics as white, while in others specifies “Hispanic.” Few of the FBI statistics identify whether the perpetrator is an illegal alien (another political decision). Even with those limits, it is clear that at least 23% (probably much more) of all firearms related murders are committed by Hispanics. Again, young males in drug gangs are the principle perpetrators (about 97% of all murder attributed to “Hispanic” are committed by males between 15-35).

    SO, it truth, the US does not have a “gun problem.” What we have is a DRUG GANG problem. And a very bad problem!!! 75% or more or all murders in the country are committed by drug gang members who are either Black or Hispanic. This is not about racism – it is about identifying who the real criminals are.

    And it is not hard to be specific. Blacks are about 12% of US population, black males are 47% of all blacks, or about 6% and blacks 15-35 are 20% of black males or about 1.5% of US population. According to the FBI half of those young black males (0.75% of US population) are alleged to have gang connections. Hispanics are about 18% of US population, and the same math makes young Hispanic males associated with drug gangs also about 0.75% of US population.

    So a very specific and easily identifiable group of people, representing only 1.5% of the population of this country, is responsible for 75% of ALL murders (including firearms involved) and some people want to redirect the blame. Just as a side note, for context only, if these drug gang murders were removed from the firearms involved statistics (globally) the US would be statistically the safest place in the world!

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