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The hunt for the killer of FPSRussia‘s Ballistic Best Friend continues apace. reports that the Georgia Bureau of Investigation has ID’ed the caliber of the weapon used to assassinate Keith Ratliff [above]. That’s not as easy as it sounds given the wide variety of firearms Mr. Ratliff and Mr. Myers (a.k.a. FPS) fired in the course of their work. GBI spokesman Mike Ayers told Fox there were guns aplenty near Ratliff’s body but “those weapons were not involved in the killing.” FWIW Ratliff and Myers were in the process of branching out from shooting other people’s stuff to manufacturing suppressors. Ayers said his GBI peeps are “actively interviewing people and seeking leads” and that the case is “progressing.” Which is better than passively waiting for leads and calling out for pizza. FPS has said little about the murder; save asking his fans to “show respect to the situation for the family’s sake.” Which could be the first time in [non]recorded history the faux Russian has practiced the fine art of STFU. In other shocking news . . .

Talk about applicable experience . . . Member of Biden’s Gun Control Task Force Has a Son Convicted of Planning School Mass Murder

Harvey Levin of launches an on-air rant about gun control. Looking for the clip. So to speak.

Can’t find popular calibers? Switch to an unpopular one!’s SPS Vista Long Model in .38 Super may not be the ideal bedside gun (the trigger’s a bit touchy) but the ammo’s out there. $2450 for the gun.

Yes, well, there is that. “The eventual arrest by Ogden police of a soldier on a desertion charge went much more smoothly than the botched attempt at the wrong house about an hour earlier, says the soldier’s family.”

Most emailed tip of the day/year/nascent decade: Wyoming bill HB 0104 would nullify any federal restrictions on guns, jailing federal agents attempting to confiscate guns, ammo mags or ammo.

Second most emailed link [above]. No surprise there—except for the burglars. The lack of national coverage also something less than shocking (I was being ironic in the first paragraph).

Who could have seen this one coming, either? “The Trenton police officer who was photographed for allegedly sleeping inside of his police car over the summer lost his gun in a police station parking lot.”

Since mid December NRA’s added over 100k members. But who’s counting?

Mayor Bloomberg? Mayors Against Illegal Guns Membership Skyrockets After Newtown Shooting To the tune of 400k, apparently. Oh and “We support the Second Amendment and the rights of citizens to own guns.”

From the “Whatever Is, Is” School of Willful Ignorance: “After more than 200 years of intense scrutiny by people more versed in The Law than you and I — and in the face of seemingly endless American gun violence — the meaning of the Second Amendment continues to baffle and elude.”

Maybe the Second Amendment has a little something to do with this? “The armored vehicle is also meant to reassure residents, letting them know some heavy artillery is at their disposal.” Armored truck patrolling community after break-ins

Or maybe it’s this [via Judge Andrew Napolitano at]:

The historical reality of the Second Amendment’s protection of the right to keep and bear arms is not that it protects the right to shoot deer. It protects the right to shoot tyrants, and it protects the right to shoot at them effectively, thus, with the same instruments they would use upon us. If the Jews in the Warsaw ghetto had had the firepower and ammunition that the Nazis did, some of Poland might have stayed free and more persons would have survived the Holocaust.

They say those who can’t, teach. Looks like one of the things they’re not too good at is investing.

Major Starsky & Hutch policing moment in dramatic video here and here. The cop jumps out of a moving squad car, onto the pavement, no cover, no concealment, and returns fire. And lives!

Piers Morgan just said it to Tony Robbins: “I’d prefer all guns banned.” This after asserting that he supports the Second Amendment. “The catalyst for the killing is the gun.” No surprise but it’s nice to hear PM admit it. Although “nice” doesn’t seem like quite the right word.

These Guns Protect My Children What else needs saying?

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  1. “…the meaning of the Second Amendment continues to baffle and elude…”

    Mr. Krafft has put that controversy to bed. Quite nicely.

  2. I’m not worried about justice being done in the Ogden, Utah case. You see, the mayor is having the assistant chief of police conduct an investigation into whether or not policies were followed. That would certainly help me sleep well knowing that although 6 officers burst into the wrong home and pointed guns at me while I was handcuffed and my daughters watched…. the mayor is letting their assistant boss check for policy violations. Good work there. That is decisive action that will certainly stop this from ever happening again.

    • Well said. His daughters can rest assured knowing that someone said somebody will look into this matter and speak some words about it.

  3. So some guy did the honorable thing by refusing to serve the empire and the government that wants to disarm me, and he’s arrested by local PD for wanting to change jobs????

    Welcome to the land of the free, home of the brave!

    All you vets who are offended: FO.

  4. Oh about the kid who’s father is apart of biden’s anti-gun thing? The father is a police officer, his kid decided to use his father’s duty weapon in the shooting, AND the kid only served 9 months of his 21 year sentence.

    And they say we need more laws…. Enforce the ones we have and keep the bad people in jail, don’t let them out with less then 5% of their time served.

    • Now David, his father was a police officer. Officers and their families are to be treated preferentially for all the sacrifices they make to ensure our safety.

  5. Yeah, piers wants all guns banned, especially that one with the pipe thing on the end of it. Boy, the children would be saved then, Randy

  6. How often does a state give a direct, legal (i.e. written into law) f-you to the Feds? Honestly curious if anyone knows.

    • Well Montana and Wyoming seem to do it at least once a year but usually in regards to EPA stuff that would effect mineral and oil development but they both have several gun laws on the books that change federal law including an interesting one in Wyoming not requiring an ATF record of the weapon if it is made in state and not transported over state lines

  7. “If the Jews in the Warsaw ghetto had had the firepower and ammunition that the Nazis did, some of Poland might have stayed free and more persons would have survived the Holocaust.”

    Ummmm… I get the sentiment, yereanner, but the ghettos were established by the Nazi occupiers. The ghettos were Phase one of the Holocaust. Prior to that Jews were fairly well integrated into Polish (or Russian, etc) society….

  8. Read up on Wyoming:

    From Wikipedia:

    Wyoming is the 10th most extensive, but the least populous and the second least densely populated of the 50 United States.

    The federal government owns about 50% of its landmass, while 6% is controlled by the state.

    Wyoming receives more federal tax dollars per capita in aid than any other state except Alaska. The federal aid per capita in Wyoming is more than double the U.S. average.

    How do you think HB 0104 will do?

    • Figures don’t lie, but per capita figures do. If a million people in location X received $10 million, and one person in location Y received all of $11, the latter would have received a 10% higher amount per capita even though location Y received almost a million times less in gross. In some of the Western states the per capita analysis is even more skewed since the feds own most of the land.

  9. Guns are a catalyst for violence? PM if that were remotely true there would be 10000 people killed in the US daily. We have more guns than you can shake a stick at you limey prick. My rifle is next to me now by chance. It is not calling out to me to do violence. For someone so sure of himself you certainly have some pretty strange notions about guns, to which you apparently attribute supernatural powers. You are a retard. ESAD you lime bastard. Arrogant British fvcks who, after wrecking almost ever continent on the planet alongside other European powers, now want us to do things THEIR way. RRRRRRIIIIIIIIGHT. Take a look around at the world… MAYBE your way ISN’T. THAT. GREAT.

    I’ll still be buying assault weapons when your country is overthrown from within by muslims and your entire royal family gets beheaded. Have fun being smug while it lasts. We’ll be happy to take the few conservatives you have left who actually care about liberty.

    • What he meant to say is that he subconsciously knows that if he had a gun, he’d use it for violence. One need only give a cursory glance at his past transcripts to know that.

  10. “No word on any of this from FPS, which could be the first time in [non]recorded history the faux Russian has practiced the fine art of STFU.”

    I’m surprised you don’t follow your mancrush on Facebook. In which case, you’d know he said this last Tuesday:

    “As many of you already know I lost a close friend this week, I ask only that you show respect to the situation for the family’s sake.”

  11. 400k new mayors signed up for MAIG? What? They all weren’t mayors? How can you be a member of MAYORS Against Illegal Guns if you’re not a MAYOR?

    Oh and by the way, a more accurate name would be “Illegal Mayors Against All Guns” or IMAAG.

  12. “…the meaning of the Second Amendment continues to baffle and elude…”

    Only to the intellectually challenged or the intentionally obtuse.


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