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College Republicans’ pro-NRA flyers trashed, members smeared as ‘racists’

Diversity and freedom of expression for all . . .

Conservative students at the University of Wisconsin at Stevens-Point were the victims of vandalism and a public shaming campaign recently, with the leader of the school’s College Republicans stating the group has been twice “silenced” by acts of property destruction and that group members were smeared as “racists” in a social media post.

Amelia Heup, chair of the College Republicans at that school, told The College Fix that the school has not yet taken any action against the vandals, while the university said it is “investigating” the matter.

The controversy began after members of the College Republicans posted fliers advertising an NRA event on the university’s campus. Within twelve hours, Heup said, “every single poster was removed.” Subsequent fliers were also removed. “We have had to repost over 40 posters,” Heup told The Fix.

Gun owners are frustrated by conflicting concealed carry laws: ‘Guns: An American Conversation’

Which is why we need national reciprocity so badly . . .

The ability to carry a concealed weapon into another state is governed by a web of complex state laws and interstate reciprocity agreements. An Ohioan with a concealed carry license can go into Michigan, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Kentucky and West Virginia without problem, for example, according to Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine’s office. But if this gun owner was caught carrying his concealed weapon in Illinois, he’d face trouble.

This is why Zelenka, an attorney, and Squid, a nickname used by a Navy veteran participating in a nationwide dialogue on guns, support the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017.

The bill, which the Republican-led House of Representatives passed almost entirely along party lines in December, would declare that every state must recognize the right to concealed carry if the gun holder got a license in another state.


Gun rights — Constitution needs to be amended to protect the lives of our patients

Hey, we read this stuff so you don’t have to . . .

There appears to be change afoot in the area of gun violence research. For example, at the federal level, the new CDC Director Robert Redfield agrees that there’s no ban on gun violence research, and on the state level, seven (so far) governors have recently created a consortium to study the problem of gun violence.

We are nurses who have a vested interested in the health of the public. Each of us has many years of experience working in practice, and in teaching public health, mental health, and women’s health. Gun violence touches on all these areas.

We agree that there’s a need for gun violence research but we also think about the root cause. By definition, there would be no gun violence if there were no guns.

courtesy and Getty

Secret Service Destroys Lie Pushed By Media, Parkland Activists About NRA Gun Ban

We know you already knew this, but it bears repeating . . .

On Monday, the United States Secret Service (USSS) dismantled a lie pushed by the media which was started by far-left Parkland activists who claimed that the NRA banned guns at their upcoming convention this weekend in Dallas.

The false claim started when gun control activist Cameron Kasky, who has a history of making wildly inaccurate claims, tweeted a screenshot from an article that noted that firearms would not be allowed at the convention due to President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence attending the event. Kasky tweeted: “The NRA has evolved into such a hilarious parody of itself.”

However, the quote in the tweet explicitly stated that the Secret Service would be responsible for the event’s security, not the NRA.


Oregon attorney general drafts ballot title for initiative to ban sales of assault weapons

More fun for gun owners on the left coast . . .

Oregon’s Attorney General has drafted the ballot title for an initiative to ban the sale of high capacity magazines and many semiautomatic rifles, pistols and shotguns.

Initiative Petition 43 “criminalizes possession or transfer of ‘assault weapons’ (defined) or ‘large capacity magazines’ (defined), with exceptions,” according to the draft ballot title written by Ellen Rosenblum’s office.

The public now has until May 8 to comment on the draft.

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  1. “….. By definition, there would be no gun violence if there were no guns.”

    By that logic, there would be no “gun crime” if there were no “gun laws”. Problem solved princess; gun crime is non-existent, and we get to keep our guns.

    If guns didn’t exist, then someone would invent them.

    • There would be no tyranny without the banning and confiscation of individual arms

      • We could end the stupid discussion (and more than 85% of the world’s problems) if there were no Fing POS communist (D).

    • What they seem to want is a world ruled by large, strong men armed with clubs and edged weapons.

      We tried that.

      It was called the “Dark Ages”…

      • ….or the 1970’s in large US cities.

        I grew up in an inner-city neighborhood in the 1970’s. Voilent crime was epidemic at the time.

        There were plenty of guns around but they typically weren’t used in violent crime (mostly for suicides) in my neighborhood. The weapon of choice was an aluminum baseball bat or a knife (or just a gang).

        That’s what gun control will do; return us to the 1970’s and high violent crime (like in England now).

        Gun control benefits outlaws.

    • That’s why the term ‘gun violence’ and its definition is so useful. It was intentionally chosen by gun grabbers and pushed by complicit media to suggest this very idea. No guns -> no gun violence. It removes responsibility for violent act from the person committing it and lays all blame on an inanimate object.
      What better way to convince the public when you want to take that object from it?

    • I take strong issue with the ANA claiming to “represent” nurses. They actively deny membership to LPN’s /LVN’s, and also work against RN’s with “only” an associate’s degree.

      They are an over-educated cabal of paper-pushers who haven’t seen a bedside in years, if ever. They don’t represent me or millions of other nurses who they have actively denigrated and slighted.

  2. “By definition, there would be no gun violence if there were no guns” But gun violence is not the issue, violence of all kinds is the issue. Brittian has more violent crimes than the US and guns are highly restricted. Their criminals still have guns and knives are being now considered for restrictions due to high “knife violence”.
    I have never met a violent knife or gun for that matter, has anyone else? They are very boring actually they just sit there unless disturbed by a human.

    • Exactly! Supposing all the guns in the world were to suddenly vanish, and “gun violence” in every country went to 0. Then one person created a gun and used it commit a crime. His country now “leads the world in gun violence” (with 1 incident), but this tells us absolutely nothing about how violent the country is compared to others.

      They’re right to look for the root cause, but they’re wrong to suggest that the root cause is the tool used to commit the crime. Ultimately, the root cause of these crimes is malice, insanity, or negligence.

  3. Oregon. Glad I left that state last year. Believe it or not, it is one of the few states that allows concealed handgun license carriers to carry in schools. I wish more red states would allow that.

    • left that s… h… in ’92 after the state rep. told me to my face I didn’t know what was best for me over a new lefty state tax.

    • Right now, Oregon is honestly one of the least infringing states in the union. Unfortunately the forces of disarmament have been in ascendance for a while. I’m hoping that we can turn that around this year.

      We also still don’t have a sales tax. 🙂

      Edit: I meant to say least infringing *for residents of Oregon*

  4. Her sign reads: “Respect My Existence or Expect My Resistance”

    Now picture that very sign being carried by a pro-2A supporter with an AR-15 slung on her back.

    • Boom. Mike drop. 👍👍👍👍👍

      You win today’s internets. Where would you like it delivered?

  5. Yeah, These “Red Flag” Weapon confiscation laws worry me! And should seriously worry everyone here! This is right out of the Dystopian Sci-Fi movie “The Minority Report” and the movie “The Enemy of the State!”. And the NRA reps answer in the sentinel was unbelievable. How could they even support such a Big Government / Authoritarian power grab like “Red Flag-weapons seizure laws ” by bypassing proper checks and balances set forth in our US Constitution-Bill of Rights! There is NO DUE PROCESS here! Just Paramilitarized Police Commandos run amok for left-wing politics! Next it will be members of TTAG, targeted by overzealous STASI aiming to take out Pro2@ political dissidents! Just one non-PC comment about “COME AND TAKE THEM !!! or SHAKING UP THE LIBERTY 🗽 TREE! Could result in an deadly police encounter…Maybe -for both sides….Everyone needs to get active and fight the future! I’m doing me part! How about YOU!

  6. It’s not just college Republicans who’re called “raciss”. Anyone Christian,white or not agreeing with the hive is a target. I suggest fight back DIRTY or leave Shite U…

    • This is true. According to a large number of professors in academia, whites, especially white male, are born raciss and with privilege. Teaching white guilt is a thing nowadays, as are attacks on individuality, hard work, and capitalism,

    • Hell, I own that shit! I’m very racist, because according to the left judging people as individuals and based on the same criteria (as opposed to considering their placement on the intersectionality matrix based on what group they’re part of and their privilege level compared to my own) is unspeakably racist. So yeah, I’ll go ahead and take pride in that for myself, and laugh when those who would claim MLK Jr to be an Uncle Tom accuse me of racism

  7. Every time I hear abut guns that “are just designed to kill people,” I always ask, what guns are NOT designed to kill people–or anything else as the occasion may call for. I mean really guys, can’t you think of anything less stupid than that?

    • “…what guns are NOT designed to kill people…”
      Oh, I dunno…
      Maybe the vast majority of them?
      While it’s true that some are, in fact, designed to kill (M16, M4, and a host of others), I dare say that many more are designed for sporting and target use. (I assume “kill,” in this context, applies to humans only.)
      Many, like my AK47, were redesigned and altered to specifically make them not suitable for military use.
      On the other side of the coin, here in the US, cars account for about three times as many homicides as guns (I don’t count suicides as homicides, as they are self-inflicted deaths).
      Design has little, if anything, to do with it. Cars vs guns illustrates this.
      We can add alcohol, too. There are many things in our lives that are more destructive than guns.
      Including, of course, ideas.

      • Not to mention, what do they suppose swords and halberds were invented for? Rabbit hunting?
        Don’t see too many “ban the swords” campaigns though, do we?

  8. Change the Constitution?, YES.. Let’s start with the 2nd : Every free citizen of America has the right to own or manufacture any weapon or weapons they so chose. Ammunition for those weapons must be available and at a fair market price, This right may not be infringed. Any person or organisation that attempts to infringe this right will be put to death.

    • “Any person or organisation that attempts to infringe on this right can/will summarily be put to death, at the sole discretion of the aggrieved, with complete indemnification”. FIFY

  9. God damn gun owners need to lose weight. I’m so tired of seeing youtube videos where these fat asses play into the “Fat white hick” stereotype portrayed by the left. Drop the fat and get a shirt and tie if you are gonna go to a protest.

    • Fat people still have their 1st A rights. And tie looks funny on bright yellow IGOLD t-shirt.
      How many pro-rights protests have you attended this year in your sharp attire so far?

      • I’m guessing the answer is: none. I’m guessing we have yet another anti posing…
        Anyone who suggests that rights should be subject to a dress code obviously doesn’t care much for freedom or liberty.

    • Well, the older one that says defensive gun uses far outweigh criminal ones would help.
      Now, if we could only get the news media to do their job and report it.
      Nah, never happen. “News” to them only counts if it supports their agenda.

  10. “Gun owners are frustrated by conflicting semi-automatic rifles laws: ‘Guns: An American Conversation’
    Which is why we need national assault weapons ban so badly . . .”

    See how that could have read? You people, I swear. You’re so excited about the power we (seemingly) wield with the WH and Congress in GOP hands. Yet, you ignore the all eggs in one basket caveat.

    It’s better to build state level multilateral agreements. That’s more difficult to unravel, especially once carry licenses and driver’s licenses become enmeshed in the mind of the public.

    Make that the new normal. Swell the ranks of licensed carriers and build an expectation of reciprocity. Would we suffer a few legal martyrs along the way? I don’t know, maybe? Eggs and omelettes, you know.

    Politicians respond to voters, but only when voters vote and their intentions are clear. Increase the underlying carry constituency and you’ll win. Depend on political machinations from year to year and you’ll constantly be on the defensive, with a growing national demographic that leans left unless you give them a reason to lean right.

  11. “By definition, there would be no gun violence if there were no guns.”

    By definition, there would be no stupid without progressives.

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