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Parkland Survivor Criticizes Laura Ingraham For Only Apologizing After Advertisers Fled – Ingraham was a fool for apologizing. She should have known that these people are never satisfied and can never be appeased . . .

Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg on Friday pilloried Fox News host Laura Ingraham, declining to accept her apology after she mocked him for getting rejected from several colleges ― one of several right-wing attacks against the student activists of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

“She’s only apologizing after a third of her advertisers pulled out, and I think it’s really disgusting, the fact that she basically tried promoting her show after apologizing to me,” Hogg, 17, said on CNN’s “New Day.” “If she really wants to do something, she could cover inner-city violence and the real issues that we have in America.”

Why N.J. gun sales are rising again after the ‘Trump slump’ – Hmmm, let’s see. “Repeal the Second Amendment.” A new “assault weapons” ban. No gun sales until you’re 21 . . .

“There’s definitely a correlation between people’s perception of gun regulation and their likelihood and desire to buy guns,” said Joseph Blocher, a professor of law at Duke University who specializes in Second Amendment issues. …

“When gun owners see the clamor and hear the rhetoric, of course it makes them concerned,” said Scott Bach, executive director of the Association of New Jersey Rifle and and Pistol Clubs.

That may be part of the reason gun sales have begun to rise again in New Jersey and nationally, as politicians in Washington, D.C. debated banning bump stocks or implementing other gun control measures. For his part, Trump briefly entertained the idea of some modest measures, but then appeared to walk back his support.

Biden denounces ‘the prostitution of the Second Amendment’ by gun-rights activists – Please run in 2020, Joe. PLEASE . . .

“What’s happened here is the nation as a whole has decided it can no longer, in my view, continue to turn a blind eye to the prostitution of the Second Amendment here and can no longer turn a blind eye to the enormous damage being done not just in our schools but on our streets,” he added.Biden, considered a potential 2020 White House contender, said he was proud to see students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, where a shooter killed 17 students and faculty last month, organize a “spontaneous” demonstration against gun violence without the aid of more seasoned politicians.

“This was totally, thoroughly, spontaneously on the part of the students; there was no adult inspiration for this. They insisted and that’s why guys like me who led in the gun issue did not show up to speak. We wanted to make sure everybody knew this was a spontaneous, thoroughly spontaneous effort on the part of young people,” Biden said.

So, The Anti-Gun March Was Just Another Event For Educated, Middle-Aged Women To Bash Trump, NRA? – Well yeah . . .

So, as you can see, it was pretty much another Women’s March. It also helps when the Democratic Party, the Hollywood elite, the news media, and the scores of progressive organizations, who have already been pushing the March for Our Lives anti-gun initiative latch on and gather hordes of people who, whether they realize it or not, support shredding the Bill of Rights.

Yes, they’re vocal, but outside the liberal hubs of New York, D.C., Chicago, and LA—it’s a different story. In fact, fewer than half of those in high school support new gun laws; they still like their guns. They’re organized and Democrats winning the 2018 elections will yank their agenda items all the more closer to reality. We cannot let that happen.

I understand the political obstacles that face these anti-gunners. It’s very steep, but why even allow them to gain an inch. We have to act as if we don’t control Congress, the White House, two-thirds of the governorships, and 69/99 state legislatures. We need to have the mindset that we’re always down by a few touchdowns. Every year is an election year. Every issue is on the line. The Left is starting to get more organized and they have the money and enthusiasm to inflict a lot of pain on the Trump agenda come November. Let’s surprise them.

Chelsea Handler Sniffs That Her Armed Guards Don’t Have Semi-Automatic Weapons. Twitter: Whaaaaaat? – Lots of gunsplaining ensued . . .

On Wednesday, supposed comedienne Chelsea Handler beclowned herself when she engaged in a gun control debate on Twitter, insisting that her armed guards didn’t have semi-automatic weapons.

Of course, this wasn’t the first time Handler had said something irretrievably stupid on Twitter, whether it was moaning about returning from her month-long skiing vacation,attacking White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ appearance, misrepresenting what Dr. Martin Luther King stood for, or accusing President Trump of setting the world on fire.

Still, this was a new nadir for Handler, who has no idea of what constitutes a semi-automatic weapon, and her elitist life with the protection of armed guards while condemning other armed guards didn’t sit well with people on Twitter:

Advocating for repeal of the 2nd Amendment is a gift the NRA doesn’t deserve – The over-reaching anti-gun left; AKA the gift that keeps on giving . . .

Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens has raised a ruckus with a call to repeal the 2nd Amendment. It pains me to disagree with a lion of the court, but I think a repeal effort would be deeply misguided. It’s politically unwise and legally unnecessary.

Advocating for repeal, in essence, advocates for National Rifle Assn. leader Wayne LaPierre’s vision of the Constitution. But the 2nd Amendment doesn’t guarantee unlimited gun rights, and it never has. The Constitution is not a bar to sane gun legislation. A broken political system and a failure of will in Congress and statehouses are the culprits, not the words scratched on parchment two and a half centuries ago.

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      • I thought it was democratic socialism? Yay.

        Nothing says happiness like having your stuff taken because someone else didn’t make similar life choices.

      • “Republican” governor of Vermont said he had a recent change of heart on the matters of 2A rights. Which is funny. Because he was elected on the basis of his views. If his views suddenly changed, then his position of governor should probably suddenly change too.

        It’s almost like a democrat said all the right talking points running as a republican, and whispering in closed rooms, “Psssss, I’m actually a democrat!” And then when the bills come his way, everyone expects the veto, but instead!!! – The gov says: “Guy’s I’ve had a change of heart here, so we gotta pass this.”

        It’s just amazing to me.

        • What are the chances of getting a recall campaign started before he signs – just to send a strong message?

        • Flip Flop Scott,or my favored is Benedict Scott aka Phil Arnold,either way he is going to be Gone.

        • Once they are replaced; repeal the law that was just passed.

          If Vermonteers can do that, you will have won the gun rights battle on the state level.

          Good luck.

    • Vermont elected Bernie Sanders, possibly the most communist representative in the country. You really think a state like that is going to care about liberty? How will they be able to force their new socialists economic control if the people can fight back with guns?

    • LOL, my brother got hired by the Pinkertons while he was kicking around looking for a real job. The new hire firearms training was to hand them an old 4 inch Smith model 10 and see if they could hit a hat on the back of the door at least once with the five rounds (wax bullets powered with a primer) they were handed. He said the other new hires were firing single action and slowly. Little brother popped through his five double action, opened the cylinder with his fingers through the frame and dumped the empties in his hand with a stroke of the ejection rod. He was the one that got the armed post.

    • I don’t even know who she is. I googled her, and came out not knowing anything more than I started with. Buyt if she thinks that her armed guards (WTF does she need armed guards for?) are all carrying revolvers, she is stupid, badly misinformed, or lying. I tend to think that the only semiautomatic firearm she thinks exists are AR 15s, which would ‘splain everything.

      • Maybe Chelsea’s right. Maybe her armed guards are carrying full auto guns–or even the more deadly full semi-auto ones!

    • I’ve said it before and I will say it again. My firearms have killed fewer children than Chelsea handlers abortions.

  1. It would have been much better if Laura Ingraham had asked this young white boy if he supports black people having guns to protect themselves. I understand his father is retired FBI, his mother asked him to use his gun to protect them from NRA supporters. Laura might have also asked him about the racist gun control history in his state of Florida. Her comment on his college status was dumb. Her apology was stupid.

    Unfortunately many a conservative with a microphone are weak people and can’t bring themselves to “kill” or at least “bloody” their opponent in a debate. That is why so many people voted for Donald Trump. Because he is a “killer”.

    • Our side should critique flawed reading and bad proposals from the Parkland teenagers, but it had stupid to engage on ad hominem attacks. Listening, Ted Nugent?

  2. Can’t say that I blame Mr. Hogg for not accepting Miss Ingrahams apology. It’s become far to easy to say something provocative and then apologize as if everything is okay now. Both sides are guilty of this practice and it’s just a game. Make a radical point…Wait for someone to be offended…Then apologize. Miss Ingraham should have never apologized in the first place. If you are going to say something provocative . Have the courage to stand up for the comment. Only a coward backs away from their beliefs in the face of adversity. Both sides of the media spectrum are playing a game of click bait for ratings. I for one am getting tired of the righteous indignation being voiced by both sides. What have any of them done for the everyday person beyond keep us divided and fighting amongst ourselves. All the while living in their Washington/New York make believe world and preaching to the choir. Screw em All for the frauds they are…Keep Your Powder Dry.

    • It wasn’t even that provocative. She pointed out he’s a B student, and called him whiny. It’s not exactly cutting stuff and he proved her point.

      • Hogg has a 4.2 GPA, so I think he’s a pretty straight-A student. Although apparently only got 1200-something on the SATs, not bad, but not super great or anything, and the SATs are easier now than they used to be.

        • He’s not, because that’s out of a 5.0 weighted scale. On that scale, he’s a good, but not exceptional student, and it’s not a surprise elite universities turned him down.

        • The grade scale is based on your grades, and goes up to 4.0.
          However, if you take some “college level” classes, the scale becomes “weighted” (it has more gravitas?), and goes up to 5.0.
          He has a 4.2 grade, which tells us he took some “college level” classes, but doesn’t tell us much more.
          The colleges/universities know this, and de-weight them in their admission process, so his grade level doesn’t really make him Ivy League material.
          While his anti-gun activities would make him appealing to the universities (left-leaning as they are), there’s a lot of other things that make a person appealing to them. Evidently, he just didn’t stack up.
          And I won’t apologize for saying so.

  3. No Laura I. shouldn’t have apologized. She blinked. I don’t care if I ever see her again. Are any Hoggite’s(steal my meme) watching FOX?!?

    • The only person worth watching is TuCah.

      Gawd, give Prager a 2 hr slot from 9pm-11pm slot.

      Over a half BILLION views of PragerU on Youtube in the last year and that’s even with a bunch of them being banned by Youtube because they embarass the Left too much.

  4. That’s why Dad named you David Hogg, that’s why Dad named you David Hogg instead of Nunamaker!

  5. About now Republicans in Vermont are wondering why they bothered to vote in the race for governor. Joe Biden has spent an entire political career acting as a whore for special interests. And the left can’t decide whether David Hogg is a child or an adult. When he’s being criticized, they portray him as a helpless child. When he’s advocating for gun control and leftist change, they portray him as a very wise adult.

    • Heck, they did better with Democrats in power in VT. Watch it become Northern New York now.

      That asshole Phil Scott is laying a devious trap here, just like in Commiefornia, using “legal” weed and universal background checks to tempt people and then strip them of their rights.

  6. Hogg, you’re a little punk with a big mouth and delusions of grandeur. Your 15 minutes are almost up kid and I’m not apologizing.

  7. I do not get offended easily. I wait till its apparent , with out doubt, no uncertainty, its intended.

    The anti gun stance has risen to that level . They mean it to be offensive.

    There can be no saying ‘sorry’ for ignoring your constitutional rights , I meant well .

    They set themselves up to be resisted .

    So it shall be.

    JUST do not react to fast to name calling , insults , put downs , jumping to conclusions , unwarrented assumptions, excettera .

    Instead respond with ;

    ” unconstitional rights restrictions or infringement will not be tolerated nor will lies and made up stuff be eigther . You better get busy to find a constitional way to solve your issue .”

    “YOU have a duty to protect yourself , its not deligated , the cops and gun owners have no duty to protect you, though they might . “

  8. David Hogg is a little snot nose peckerhead. If we all disregard him he will go away. His flame will burn out. He has no credibility when he attacks John McCain. Little David you do for this country what John did, Then and only then can you talk. Go away peckerhead.

  9. Sigh…..? Both sides need to cool the flamethrowers. We are turning into a nation divied and not in a good way. I wish all a blessed Good Friday.

  10. The kid says what they tell him to say.
    Hes turning out to be a very good little socialist.
    Soon to just disappear.

  11. Hogg is just an average kid being propped up and being given celebrity status by the left.
    He’s a nail, and we are hammers. Let’s just keep up those comments on any story he’s featured in. Here and elsewhere.
    Little pissant crybaby.

  12. I saw the bit about Biden contending that the NRA is “prostituting” the Second Amendment. Rereading here and I still don’t know what he means.

    • He probably doesn’t either. And neither will his target audience; but if you just go for the superficial sounds and “feel” of the words it probably comes across wonderfully profound.

      Which is why most politicians hate it when you actually listen to them.

  13. Hogg shit, is not very good for growing WEEDI, you’ve got to let it sit a year, it’s to hot and burns it up, you could dump some lime in the “garden” to mello it out but whos got the time?

  14. What Laura Ingraham said to Hogg was wrong, but it doesn’t warrant his trying to outright destroy her show. It shows him to be a type of psychology that will try to outright destroy a person over a minor insult.

    • Yeah, it makes him sound like a Grade A sociopath. Petty, vindictive, and doesn’t care if he ruins someone else’s career over a perceived slight, and no guilt about doing it.

  15. Laura Ingraham WAS A CLASS A FOOL,she is coming to terms with that fact now,hopefully she won’t make the same mistake again when dealing with Communist’s.

  16. Ingraham was a fool for apologizing. She should have known that these people are never satisfied and can never be appeased . . .
    With this new gun control document you can rest assured of Peace In Our Time….

  17. “What kind of colleges would want a dumbass like you?” Alisyn Camerota asks Parkland survivor David Hogg, who says he was rejected from four universities..

  18. Ok I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. What the ever loving fuck did David Hogg survive? Was this little shit even in the same building as the gunman? Did he even hear the actual shots? Did he have to dodge hostile fire? Where are his wounds? Unless he did any of those, unless he watched his buddy get gunned down he didn’t survive shit. He just happened to be in the area, that’s all! He’s not a survivor, he’s not a victim, and he’s not a witness. He’s just a bystander at best most likely however, he’s just a kid who was in a classroom across campus wondering why the school was in lockdown and whether or not it was a real world thing or a drill. Why in the hell do we let them do this? Half these kids they’re trotting out probably never even heard the shots and were in a building across campus all they did was their lockdown drill. No the real survivors are the ones huddled in the classrooms hearing the shots and the screams coming from the wounded, the ones huddled in the classrooms lucky enough to be behind their football coach as he took the bullets meant for them, the real survivors are the wounded still in the hospital clinging to life. These kids are just pretenders to the throne, harpy little shits that should’ve been smacked down and sent home long ago but we refuse to do that because in this modern world children deserve to be sheltered and respected. Sorry but they’re children, they still need adults to show them how to cope with “trauma” not thrust into the spotlight as shining examples of moral high ground. They’re teens and just a couple months back we had to tell them all not to eat laundry detergent. Besides they suffer from something we all suffered from in our teen years, they know it all ( I think Montgomery Gentry actually did a song about that), they “know” how to solve gun violence, they “know” how to fix the economy, and they “know” how to stop school shootings. Sure kid, I did too at 15-18 years old then I got out of school and real life kicked my ass and I learned something, I learned that Moltar didn’t know jack shit about how the world outside of school actually fucking worked. I learned that life sucks, it’s never fair, and the rewards sometimes do not justify the amount of effort required to earn them. Another cold hard truth you learn is that sometimes your best just ain’t good enough, you can do everything right you can put all your effort into something and it will still fail you’ll still lose what makes you successful or not is how you deal with that failure. You either get tough and figure why it failed and correct it or you take the Hillary approach and continually piss and moan about failing. Hogg only one of those answers leads to a successful life and it ain’t the Hillary approach.

  19. “This was totally, thoroughly, spontaneously on the part of the students; there was no adult inspiration for this. They insisted and that’s why guys like me who led in the gun issue did not show up to speak. We wanted to make sure everybody knew this was a spontaneous, thoroughly spontaneous effort on the part of young people,” Biden said.
    About as spontaneous as the demonstrations praising Mao and Kim.

    • dag nabbit somebody give Joe his pills! Seriously gramps you expect us to believe that pile of bull? Especially after watching every major gun control organization leap up to throw money at these kids! No adult had any influence? No adult wrote the speeches these communist little heathens read off the teleprompter? No adult filed for the permits for the march? Come on Joe!! We aren’t that stupid man! Somebody please commit Joe to the old vice presidents’ home dementia ward.

  20. David Hogg wasn’t shot so he’s not a survivor.

    That’s like someone in Austin that didn’t live anywhere close to the package bombings claiming they are a survivor.

    • David Hogg should’ve been a stain on a happy sock but momma just had to have a drink that night…. Just imagine if his daddy could’ve afforded a few more shots of tequila lil David would’ve been swallowed or flushed after breakfast when Montezuma’s revenge hit from the virulent mix of cheap tequila and tacos the night before.

  21. I really, really hope that Chelsea Handler’s armed guards are all packing the ubiquitous.9mm handguns for her “protection” She deserves nothing less if you get my drift.
    As far as David HasselHogg, man can we just all see him fade to obscurity quickly. Listen, kid, your whiney 15 minutes are up, so STFU and return to your safe place little boy. You disgust true Americans.
    Finally, Happy Easter to my friends at TTAG. That is all.


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