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You know Rahm Emanuel, the then-Obama chief of staff whose motto was never let a crisis go to waste. He’s desperately fought the easing of unconstitutional gun laws in Illinois and Chicago for as long as he’s been mayor or Murder City.

Hizzoner has a long and distinguished record of failure in holding back the Second Amendment rights of the people of his city. He’s impotently watching as the Supreme Court ruled that the Second Amendment applies to cities and states. Then gnashed his teeth as concealed carry was legalized in the Land o’ Lincoln. And after throwing up legal roadblocks to gun stores opening within city limits, well, he took it in the shorts on that one, too.

But that was then. Now…

Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants banks doing business with the city to set gun-control sales restrictions on their business customers.

It’s a potentially far-reaching measure that could raise the media-conscious mayor’s national profile on a much-covered issue.

“Media-conscious”? I think they mis-spelled “attention whoring”.

Emanuel and influential 14th Ward Ald. Edward Burke, who also knows a thing or two about getting headlines on hot-button topics, have introduced the “Safe Guns Policy” ordinance. The measure would require banks and financial institutions that work with the city to only take on arms-selling customers if they set certain restrictions.

That includes selling guns or bullets only to people 21 or older; requiring background checks on all gun sales; banning the sale of bump stocks that allow semi-automatic weapons to fire bullets at nearly the speed of machine guns; and not selling high-capacity magazines.

Rahm was apparently impressed by the precedent set by Citigroup last month and wants any bank that would do business with his virtually bankrupt city to follow a similar course.

“The private sector has a role to play in supporting public safety,” Emanuel said in a news release. “Chicago should give our business to companies who share our values and want to be part of the solution to gun violence, not profit from it.”

Rahm knows how to may mau with the best of them. He’ll no doubt find more than a few financial institutions that want the city’s deposits more than they value the business of the handful of area gun retailers that would fall under such an edict. But the practical effect of this will be virtually nil.

Chuck’s Guns and the rest won’t have any trouble finding local banks — banks that don’t do business with the city — that want their business. But that’s OK. Hizzoner will have gotten his name in the papers and on the local nightly news, piggybacking on the virtue-signaling anti-gunapalooza that was the March for our Lives and the rest of the post-Parkland gun control fury. Same as it ever was.



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  1. Not a big deal…Chiraq( and Illinois) are dead broke. Massively so. I know it well…anyone soliciting business in Chicago is INSANE😩😖😧

  2. I just used my Citibank DoubleCash card cash back balance to donate to the NRA-ILA, GOA and SAF.

    Huge donations. Huge.

    And I got Citibank to make the payment, and to pay for it.

    How’s about that for banking?

    • I used the Citi Double Rewards as my primary card until they went public with their civilian disarmament agenda. That extra 1% reward is now a casualty of this culture war. Sadly, it won’t be the last.

    • I haven’t used my Citi card in years. I prefer my USAA card. It has 2.5% cash back and USAA is pretty gun friendly (their offices are mostly in Texas and Arizona, they hire a lot of veterans, and their customers mostly have some military connection).

    • I love that Citi Double Cash credit card. It’s been our primary household card for about three or four years now, since Costco and Amex ended their joint venture. It’s the absolute best cash rewards card on the market today or ever.

      We generally let the 1% purchase and 1% payment reward mount for about nine months or so. Then we can it in, have a nice dinner at Fogo de Chao, and use the rest for donations to causes we care about. In gun world that means GOA.

      I can’t see how Citi makes any money off of us, though. We don’t carry balances, don’t go over limits, and don’t pay late. Even with the merchant fees they collect, I figure they’re just breaking even on our transactions.

      • “I can’t see how Citi makes any money off of us, though. We don’t carry balances, don’t go over limits, and don’t pay late.”

        Credit card companies have a name for customers like you –

        Deadbeats. Seriously! They *hate* people like you, milking off the freebie ‘bait’ the other customers that carry forward balances hoover up.

        Some card companies have even been dumping customers like you, so it may be worthwhile to lead them on and maybe carry a 100 dollar balance for one month maybe once a year.

        Let ’em hope you might eventually fall into a credit hole you can’t get out of like so many Americans…

        • Been a Citi MasterCard holder since 1986. I was planning on cashing in the $350 I have in that rewards account, cutting up the card, and sending it to a VP. I have been making internet firearm purchases with that card for years. I particularly liked the virtual credit card #’s that were available for a single use. But if they REALLY hate me due to my $35-40k in purchases that carry no monthly balance I need to reconsider.

        • I generally run 3500-5000 per month in card charges, haven’t paid a nickel of interest to anyone in over 20 years, and nobody has done anything about my cards besides increasing the limits. I think they’re making money somewhere, and we should disregard rumors.

          • Credit card companies make a percentage of every charge, this varies by contact with card processors.

  3. So legitimate question for those who would know – What legal recourse do we have as individuals to hold these private corporations/banking institutions accountable? Sue them? If so, on what grounds?

    Something really doesn’t sit well with me about private corporations forcing their political ideology on their customers. I didn’t like it when a Christian baker refused to make a cake for a gay wedding, and I like this even less. But my sense is SCOTUS is about to rule in favor of that baker, which will set the precedent that corporations can deny service based on ideological differences, which is a dangerous road to go down…

    So what do we do?

    • Most pf these banks are federally regulated. The FDIC should stop guaranteeing accounts at these banks if they decide to discriminate in this manner. Then, let’s see how political they want to be.

    • Legal recourse? Prolly about zero. Proving you were damaged, so that you have standing to sue, would be basically impossible.

      You fight this kind of battle with your wallet rather than a lawyer.

  4. Not that it matters much since it won’t be long before no bank will touch Chi-Towns finances with a poll of any length…. belly fucking up is pretty much the only way Chicago is going.

    • Everyone needs to understand that Rahm isnt threatening to cut off banks that lend to Chiraq. Banks don’t lend to Chiraq. Banks are chosen as underwriters for municipal bond issuances. They earn fat fees without taking any risk. If you have a municipal bond fund in your portfolio…YOU are lending to Chiraq.

  5. Well ain’t that special? Bless your little heart Rahm if it wasn’t for you all those bloody T shirts would go unwaved in Chicago. Oh wait you aren’t waving your city’s bloody shirts you’re using those from Florida… Hmm perhaps you should worry about your own town and maybe just maybe try actually solving that issue before you go virtue signaling about something that happened in Florida? I mean sure solving black on black murders won’t get you in the papers and sure nobody will donate really get behind you until the white kids start getting shot, but since the black kids getting shot are ignored, it seems to me that you might as well give it a shot. It doesn’t matter if you fail or not nobody’d notice the difference since nobody takes notice now including yourself.

    We really should be ashamed of that honestly… Chicago could have 400 dead in just one weekend and it’d never make the news but let 17 white kids get gunned down in a Florida Highschool and all the sudden there are hundreds of thousands in the streets marching and protesting all things gun. Meanwhile in Chicago, media blackout, no marches no protests just another 400 black folks gunned down over a weekend that’ll never go home again. Yet all we hear about on TV are those 17 kids in Florida and their “classmates” (I use the term loosely as most of the Hitlery youth currently screaming on TV probably weren’t even in the same building as the shooter) who are marching to take away more of our rights. What about those kids in Chicago? What are you doing to stop those murders? Nothing, you sit back and you wait until another tragedy that actually gets airtime before you even try to make a move. Now I’m not saying gun control is the answer (it isn’t) I’m saying you have a much larger tragedy in your city every fracking weekend yet since those aren’t in the news and you can’t get the spotlight off those you wait and you wait and when something finally hits the national stage then you speak up. Rahm deal with your city forget the rest of the country and your virtue signaling either do something to let your citizens protect themselves or GTFO and let someone else step up to the plate.

  6. JP Morgan/Chase and Rohm can both jump in the Great Lakes. Both useless.
    I purposely got my smallish mortgage through Chase.
    Should I ever decide to default. They will be stuck with a heck of a busted up house.
    They wont make a dime off of me.

  7. I am not sure what he expects to accomplish, except maybe send all firearm business banking out of state. You can get business loans online, along with all credit processing. Just pick a pro-constitution state.


    Fascism /ˈfæʃɪzəm/ is a form of radical authoritarian nationalism,[1][2] characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition and control of industry and commerce,[3] which came to prominence in early 20th-century Europe.

    Man, that sounds pretty on the mark to me.

  9. Isnt it against the law?

    The constitution does apply to state government doesn’t it?

    oh….Rahm……never mind. That piece of scrap paper has been irreverent to them for a hundred years.

  10. Well, banks have racially discriminated against blacks and women for hundreds of years. Libertarians have proudly supported this. Libertarian Logic. So I’m sure Libertarians will also support discriminating against the entire american firearms industry. Perhaps the proud self hate liberal Jewish mayor Emanuel can get his Jewish banker friends to help kill the firearms business in america? Libertarian Logic.

    • Banks haven’t been free market in a long time, if at all. They fall into a category of heavy government regulation that stifles diversity and innovation.

      • That has not stopped banks from racially discrimination for hundreds of years. This Libertarians supported. There have never been regulations telling banks they could not loan to black people. They just refused to. Jim Crow laws never applied to bank loans.

    • Libertarians are not fans of bankers. They always have something negative to say about The Federal Reserve.

      • You don’t have to be a fan of banks, to support their racist loan policies. Because you support Liberty. Libertarian logic.
        Just as black business was hobbled so to will the entire firearms business, for the next several hundred years. Libertarian logic.

        It’s different isn’t it, when discrimination affects something that’s important to you?Libertarian logic.

        • I am one of the smallest minorities. Practically everything negatively affects me. I guess everyone is being racist towards me.

  11. With all the dirtballs being shot in Chiraq each year, why hasn’t someone wacked this POS (and his commie brother)? The mob just isn’t what it once was.

  12. This kind of thing will be interesting. Some financial institutions will cave; some others will grow very wealthy tending to firearms and firearms-related business.

  13. Surprise, surprise, an another Israeli US dual citizen pitching for restricting Americans rights.

  14. You know Rahm Emanuel, the then-Obama chief of staff whose motto was never let a crisis go to waste.
    He learned that from Saul Alinsky.

  15. Rahm is a f*cking joke. Always has been and always will be. He is an abyssmal failure, propped up only by the democratic machine in place in chiraq.

  16. They already require a place to post GFZ signage before issuing liquor licenses even though the state maintains all gun law authority. Why would anyone be surprised he wants his influence felt in private business arrangements?

    He’s not interested in the rights of those he rules. He’s interested in getting attention and attracting donations and influence.

    • Need to correct your spelling. Correct would be “bribes”, not “donations”. It’s Chicago.

  17. Why are we paying attention to this like the students know what is best. I remember how stupid I was in high school, c’mon.. Anyone who REALLY wants to know whats going on should definitely check this out, its a pretty scary warning from a history and religion professor. Pretty damn eye opening:

    • Doesn’t seem you’ve gotten much brighter since HS. Have you got your tinfoil adjusted yet?

  18. The President’s Chief of Staff for the administration that brought us Fast and Furious and Operation Chokepoint thinks it’s just peachy to extort enlist industries and companies into enforcing their social-engineering preferences, without the benefit of a legal authority to do so.

    And The Donald is the fascist. Fascinating.

  19. What we should all do as pro-2A individual and families is move out of anti-2A states (MA, RI, CT, NY, NJ, CA, OR, WA, VT, IL, etc). We have a choice when it comes to where we live and how we spend our money as pro-2A individuals and families. We hurt the states and companies were it counts by taking our tax revenue and purchasing power to pro-2A states. Do not buy or use stores, air lines, credit card companies, and banks that are anti-2A. Support pro-2A stores, air lines, credit card companies, and banks only. We change the population of states that are anti-2A by moving to pro-2A states. Anti-2A states will loose representation in the House of Representatives in Congress and loose their power of influence. The anti-2A groups and individuals have cast the first volley in this new economic warfare against us as pro-2A supporters. Do not forget what the ex-supreme court justice John Paul Stevens recently wrote Repeal the Second Amendment last week in the New York Times, which is the second volley. Justice Stevens is not the only one to voice removing the 2nd Amendment. How many more of these before we get the message of total disarmament will take place. Get out and Vote.

  20. Tiny dancer never met gun control regulation he didn’t like. But let’s pretend that Rahm really wants to save lives as he claims. Just this month there was over 30 people murdered on his city. How many of them would be saved by his proposed measures?
    All gun selling businesses already have to check buyer’s FOID and fill form 4473 and run background check. As far as I know, bump stock were used in exactly one crime. Big one, but still just one.
    Teenage gang bangers who shoot other gang bangers every day in Chicago don’t go shopping for their guns in FFL stores. They will not be inconvenienced if the minimal age for rifles and shotguns is raised to 21. They use handguns anyways and handguns buing age limit is already 21.
    So how exactly is all this supposed to help? And where are jurnalists asking these questions?

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