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How calls for a Second Amendment repeal could easily backfire for gun control advocates – The Dems biggest weakness is their tendency to overreach . . .

It’s not just that repealing the Second Amendment is impossible and unnecessary, though. Suggesting that we repeal the Second Amendment also gives significant fodder to those who claim that contemporary gun reform proposals are a thinly veiled first step toward complete disarmament — and toward the government coming for their guns. Even those who support meaningful gun reform proposals may think twice if they believe that such proposals are merely a prelude to all-out repeal.

Thus, by framing the debate in terms of absolute repeal, Justice Stevens’s Times piece may therefore have the complete opposite of its intended effect — implying that common-sense reform proposals wouldn’t be constitutional today and satisfying the narrative that many gun rights supporters have been using to oppose those proposals on policy grounds. There are lots of plausible ideas worth pursuing when it comes to contemporary debates over gun control; repealing the Second Amendment just isn’t one of them.

Today, The Left Has Finally Given Up Their “No One Wants To Take Your Guns” Nonsense – The mask is well and truly off . . .

There are so many things to be said about the left’s fawning over the recent piece in the New York Times by former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, but the thing that stands out the most is one simple fact.

That the left is so happily foaming at the mouth about the piece that they may have failed to notice it rips back a veil they’ve kept over the face of their gun control arguments since I can remember.

Yes, they do want to take your guns away. Not just a few guns, or restrictions on magazine sizes, age requirements for purchase, or bans on accessories. They want to ban all of them. All of the guns.

It’s a fact many already knew. For ages, we’ve seen picket sign after speech calling for the banning of firearms and the repeal of the 2nd Amendment.

U.S. Investigates Florida ‘Kalashnikov’ Factory With Ties to Putin Allies – Knock, knock comrades . . .

U.S. prosecutors have opened a criminal investigation into a Florida factory that makes shotguns modeled after the iconic AK-47 assault rifle and is run by executives with ties to top allies of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The U.S. attorney’s office in Miami is seeking records related to Kalashnikov USA’s 2015 request for state and local tax breaks, according to a grand jury subpoena sent to the city of Pompano Beach, Florida this week. Federal prosecutors are investigating the business practices of RWC Group LLC, which owns Kalashnikov USA’s plant in Pompano Beach, a person familiar with the investigation said.

It’s unclear which business practices are under investigation, and a spokeswoman for the U.S. Attorney’s office in Miami declined to confirm or deny any probe. Representatives for the company didn’t respond to repeated requests for comment, but a top executive for RWC Group and Kalashnikov USA has said the manufacturer is doing nothing wrong.

One in five Americans wants the Second Amendment to be repealed, national survey finds – Please, Democrats, run on repealing the Second Amendment this fall . . .

But public-opinion polling shows that it would take a lot of persuading to bring the public around to that view. In February, for instance, the Economist and YouGov asked Americans whether they supported a repeal of the Second Amendment. Twenty-one percent said they favored such a proposal, compared with 60 percent in opposition.

The poll does, however, show surprisingly robust support for Second Amendment repeal (39 percent) among Democrats (by contrast, 8 percent of Republicans would support a full repeal). Black Americans (30 percent) and Northeasterners (28 percent) also showed relatively high levels of support.

Huh. Network news coverage for 40 kids. That’s a lot of exposure for a bunch of teenage Tide Pod eaters. Wonder why.

Justice John Paul Stevens Is Wrong About the Second Amendment, Again – A consistent record of short-changing civil rights in favor of big government . . .

In his 2008 dissent in District of Columbia v. Heller, Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens insisted that the Second Amendment offers zero protection for what he called the “right to possess and use guns for nonmilitary purposes like hunting and personal self-defense.”

Writing in today’s New York Times, the retired justice reiterates that losing view. “For over 200 years after the adoption of the Second Amendment,” Stevens maintains, “it was uniformly understood as not placing any limit on either federal or state authority to enact gun control legislation.” To clear the path for sweeping gun control restrictions now, Stevens advises, activists should turn their energies towards passing a “constitutional amendment” that would overturn Heller and “get rid of the Second Amendment.”

One problem with Stevens’ position is that he is dead wrong about the legal history. His preferred reading of the Second Amendment has never been “uniformly understood.”

Comedian Michael Ian Black: Private Gun Ownership Is ‘Slavery By Another Name’ – Again, please keep this up, Democrats. Oh please oh please oh please . . .

First off, kudos to Black for making his argument explicit: he wants total gun confiscation. That’s what John Paul Stevens, former Supreme Court Justice, would like as well. Typically, those on the hard Left simply lie about their actual agenda, and call for “reasonable gun control legislation” without specifying exactly what that would be. Black, however, has his eyes on the prize.

But the most astonishing argument here is that private gun ownership is akin to slavery — presumably because my gun will magically kill you on its own, thus making your life subject to my whim. This is factually idiotic.

It is also ahistorical. Slaveowners loved nothing better than a disarmed slave population. In fact, keeping black Americans disarmed was one of the explicit purposes of the Dred Scott decision. And as historian David Kopel writes, Jim Crow laws attempted to keep black Americans without recourse to self-defense:

When Do You Talk About Gun Ownership in a Relationship? – Drop her like a hot spent cartridge . . .

The sooner you talk about this in a relationship the better. Honestly, it sounds like you’ve already had an opportunity to be open about this and you didn’t take it. That’s a mistake, NAG. I understand the hesitation to tell her—it’s not exactly a first date ice breaker for most people—but there are some things you seriously need to consider here before you go hiding this any longer.

First off, you’re not giving her any benefit of the doubt. You’re assuming that disagreeing about this one issue means you can’t eventually find some middle ground, or simply “agree to disagree.” Yes, guns are a very hot topic right now, and she once said she wants to “take your guns,” but did you ever stop to think that maybe you can educate her and possibly convince her to rethink her stance to something less extreme?

Gun-Control Movement May Be Headed Nowhere – Realism starting to set in?

After a massacre at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, in April 1999, journalists thought they saw a groundswell of public support for new regulations on gun ownership.

Frank Bruni, then a reporter for the New York Times, marveled that “the earth has finally moved.” He explained that the National Rifle Association had lost clout. In the Washington Post, Roberto Suro reported that polling had shifted in favor of gun control. Cities were filing lawsuits to hold gun makers responsible for gun deaths.

Some Republicans started to waver in their opposition to regulation. Elizabeth Dole launched her presidential campaign by calling for new restrictions on guns. Republicans who remained opposed to gun control, the New York Times editorialized, were “out of touch with the tides of public concern.” In the Senate, Vice President Al Gore cast a tie-breaking vote for tighter regulations, declaring it “a turning point for our country.”

It wasn’t, as we all know now.

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    • obama didn’t want to lose seats in Congress because his primary objective was passing and protecting obamacare….so he stacked the courts to take guns….the 4th circuit court ruling last year that military style rifles are not protected by the 2nd Amendment…which was kept because the Supreme Court did not grant Cert. has his grimy fingerprints all over it…….

      You guys need to call all of your politicians, the leadership and even the democrats and tell them you are going to vote and you vote to support the 2nd amendment…if you don’t, they win…

      Any vote for a democrat is a vote to end the 2nd Amendment.

      • Obumer filled the courts (and the fed gov’t) with marxist progs because he is a marxist prog. Didn’t have anything specifically to do with the 2nd. He didn’t even need to give the bastards “marching orders” as the collective (see also “the borg”) already knew what they were supposed to do. Is part of the their DNA.

      • Absolutely! A vote for a Democrat is a vote to restrict your and my 2A right. Their agenda is clear. Get rid of guns or to make ownership very burdensome and onerous for average Americans to own and maintain a firearm for their use, personal protection or to throw-off the yoke of tyrannical government. I don’t need to hear any of their positions or stance, because when it comes to the 2A. I will vote for pro-gun candidates. No if, ands or but.

    • A lot of people don’t realize how many of us are willing to not just fight but die to protect our rights and the rights of others.

      • The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure,” Jefferson wrote in a letter to William S. Smith, a diplomatic official in London, on November 13, 1787

        Same is true today, come and try …

    • … as I point out to these soyboy cucks…

      “I’m your huckleberry.”

      I wasn’t averse to shooting commies before they threatened to kill me and take my property. What makes them think I’ll be more averse to doing so now?

    • Interesting fact that the Nuremberg… er… DC rally only 10% were of school age (18 or under). The median age of rest was 49.

      This is why it is spelled A-S-T-R-O-T-U-R-F .

    • I kinda wish; f^&k no, I WANT to dox that f^&ker with that sign and flame his ass…. Publicly embarrass the f%^k out of him…. Ruin his business; whatever…… F$%k him….

      You threaten to kill us; we’ll punch back twice as hard…. Frigging fascist….

    • I truly can’t understand what theses dudes are smoking. “Ok, we’ll pry it from your cold dead hands”
      HOW? WE are the ones with the guns. Derp. Will you twerps lull us to sleep waving flowers and singing kumbaya and then bash us on our heads with your medical marijuana pipes?
      But seriously, I want them to continue being delusional. It makes them easier targets.

      • When we say “we,” we mean ourselves, with our own minds and hands. When they say “we,” they mean a SWAT team, or the state more generally. May have something to do with individualist vs. collectivist perspective.

        Then again, there is ANTIFA, who have shown themselves fully capable of getting their own hands dirty, even if they do step back and whine when they face actual resistance.

    • The flaw in this line of thought is that somehow, I have assumed room temperature. The anti gunner that takes satisfaction in this statement must have first placed into effect his plan to convert me to that status. As that great philosopher Mike Tyson noted, “Everyone has a plan till they get punched in the mouth”.

  1. Black has gone back on his statement, now saying that he doesn’t want all guns banned, he just wants the RIGHT removed so that only people that he says are ok to own guns can own guns, and only in the way he approves of.

    • His wiki page says alot:
      Black was born in Chicago, Illinois, to Jill and Robert Schwartz, a store owner and an executive, respectively.[1] His family is Jewish.[2] He grew up in Hillsborough Township, New Jersey,[3] where he attended Hillsborough High School. His parents divorced when he was 3 years old; his mother, Jill, later came out as a lesbian.[4] When he was 12, his father had neurological surgery following a mysterious assault. Days after being released from the hospital, he was readmitted for an infection and died as a result of an allergic reaction to an administered medication. His birth name, Schwartz, is derived from the German word schwarz, which means black. Schwartz changed his name to Michael Ian Black to avoid confusion with the actor Mike Schwartz.[5]

  2. In other news, water is wet.
    Ive never seen some many people so willing to give up their rights. Its unbelievable.

    • Ironhead: Believe it, they are the snowflakes in h3ll, dialing 911 to draw chalk lines, need safe spaces to protect from words, and only will read our Constitution when it’s finally made into a mickey moore video.


    .Baltimore, MD — The mayor of Baltimore is receiving much-deserved criticism after she allocated $100,000 to bus students to a gun control rally in Washington D.C. later this month. The reason for the criticism is founded in the fact that students froze all winter long because the mayor says they have no money to fix the slew of broken heaters.

    Washington Standard 3 / 15 / 18

  4. Any vote for a democrats is a vote to end the 2nd Amendment. Any vote that doesn’t help keep the Senate in Republican hands so Trump can appoint 2 or more pro 2nd Amendment justices is a wasted vote.

    • Yeah but any vote for most republicans is lately proven to be a vote against the second amendment as well. I voted for Cruz for president, then Trump, and my fab Senator republican Rub-eee-ooohhhhNo. National gun control for my reward, thanks you two! Glad you want to make lawful gun owners into criminals! And Aaron Traitor Bean in the state Senate. At least Clay Yarborough stood firm with a handful of others in the FL house.

      We have to Primary out the incumbents who betrayed us, if no one is running, run against them! But it is going to be a hard call if they weasel through it. Nelson or Scott? Democrat or Republicrat?

  5. In other words, 4/5 don’t support repealing the 2nd Amendment. 80% don’t want it repealed. Anything can sound good when you want it to. Just make sure you’re using the majority view, not just what makes you sound good.

    • The “majority view?” OK, so how about if the “majority” of the people in your town decide – regular “vote” – to burn your house down and shoot you, your children and all relatives… How about if the “majority” of the people “vote” to confiscate your property?

      Does a “majority” vote make that (or anything) right? A good thing? If it is done through the non-voluntary government, is that somehow different than if your immediate neighbors took a “vote” and decided to kill you?

      I don’t think so.

      Majority rule is no different than mob rule. And this idea of a “republic” is no different. It’s the insane idea that people are too stupid and evil to control their own lives and property… but somehow wise and good enough to “elect” others to do it for them.

    • This is why we dont have a democratic system .CA has direct votes which undermined the state constitution and created much the mess they have nkw.

  6. I met my wife online, tags on her profile, God, Family, Country, and Guns! yup she’s a keeper put a ring on that country girl’s finger!

    • I love the online profiles that rail on Trump…. My reply back to them if they message me, is simply “MAGA…” That always ends things quickly; as it should….

  7. They wanna ban guns — because they say so, and try every chance they get.

    They wanna ditch the 2A — because it gets in the way of doing whatever they want, to whoever.

    They will if they can.

    D-party people think the more gun control stuff they do, the more votes they’ll get. R-party people know, civil rights violations will lose them votes. Yes, the R squishes suck. They’re maleable, and The Orange Crush will chase the next shiny object: any opportunity to make somebody else looks dumb. Act accordingly.

  8. So Kalashnikov is being probed because… Russia! Dear Lord the dumb is so strong with this Russia Russia shit. Don’t worry folks we will let Islamic sons of our paid informants shoot up a club, but Russians don’t stand a chance.

    Why aren’t we talking about the fact that mateen (or however it’s spelled) was looking at multiple places to attack and chose the club because the other places were too guarded? So yeah it was in the name of Islam and not because he was a closet gay of whatever the cnn clowns were pushing and yes having the threat of someone shooting back shaped his decision on where to hit.

    • I t has nothing to do with the Russia investigation, but the fact that various Russian individuals and entities with close relationships with Putin are under US and European sanctions regimes for various bad acts including Crimea, the Ukraine, and Syria, plus their assassination assignations and the election meddling.

      • You mean the “election meddling” that did absolutely nothing? The best Muller could do to prove it even happened was indict a handful of Russian nationals who will never get a chance to defend themselves.

  9. Well I hope yer right about peop…er gun control going “nowhere”. It’s going gungho in Illinoisistan. And WTF is a Michael Ian Black?!?

    • He’s an “E Network” D list(at best) snark-entator….. IOW a “douchebag nobody” with a Twatter account…

  10. Just looked up my States gun laws, even the Dems are pro 2a. If the population of this State would have been asked about 2a rights it might have shown 1 in 1000 in favor of restrictions. The only thing I can see wrong with this State is there are no job opportunities, housing is astronomical( 240 million for a two room apartment) the water is unfit to drink, taxes are 500℅ higher then anywhere else, a pound of hamburger cost $12.57 cents, gas prices are $5 over the national average, we have no satellite tv,the weather sucks and the people here are mud fence ugly. Definitely not a place Californians or New Yorkers would want to live

    • Sounds like where I grew up. We also had to drive like 4-5 hours if we needed a large appliance that was not snow removal related.

      Hope your dog, and yourself, are OK.

      • Were doing great strych9, thanx. I’m portraying this State as very very bad, cause I don’t want no California type voting going on. Lol. ….. My son was a conservation officer around Estes and Medford for awhile, you may have met him if you’ve ever camped there? I think you mentioned u were in Co. He’s in Oregon now because he gave a fishing violation to a high ranking police officer and wouldn’t drop charges when advised to do so.

  11. I had to google her to find out who this Kaya Jones is. Apart from her good looks, she has her head in the right place. Today (according to the web) she tweeted: The Republican Party is the party for the people. Less government. The same party that abolished slavery and pushed for the 13th amendment. Founded by Abraham Lincoln. Oh and the NRA is the group who help arm the people enslaved. So where’s the racist party? 🤔 hmm DNC anyone?

  12. Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was hot like Kaya Jones…

    Something about girls with guns…

    • Yeh I do, my girlfeind looks like a buzzard and her vagina smells like a walrus, but she likes playing with my gun, so what the hell, works for me

  13. For the real black perspective on gun ownership and slavery
    “Any unarmed people are slaves, or are subject to slavery at any given moment.”
    Huey Newton

  14. The dems and republicans are both going to make guns a campaign issue, but not because they’re hoping for votes. It’s a base play, and they’re looking for fundraising more than anything else.

    • The POS (D) just got a huge influx of $$$ from the beneficiaries of the 2018 BS Omifuckingbsbus Bill.

      Before that, they couldn’t ante on the small blind.

      F all the stupid (r)inos.

      If any of the D.C. fV<kers they wanna play Trade for Rights bs with us, they better summer on the Moon, cause their constituency won't leave them alone.

    • “Money is the mothers milk of politics” said someone.

      A candidate can always chose the “high ground” and not participate in fundraising. And LOSE.

  15. “The poll does, however, show surprisingly robust support for Second Amendment repeal (39 percent) among Democrats (by contrast, 8 percent of Republicans would support a full repeal). Black Americans (30 percent) and Northeasterners (28 percent) also showed relatively high levels of support.”

    Surprisingly? Yeah, no surprise at all the Dems, the Black communities and Slave States support banning guns.


  16. who cares what a 20 year dead career comedian says? the last time i remember seeing him do anything worth watching was The State on MTV back in the 90’s. and i believe he is canadian so even more so “who gives a fuck what he thinks”

  17. Well it is not just gun owners, carry concealed and self defense people. You see the gun grabbers have forgotten the larger groups called Hunters. While they may not carry concealed, use AR platforms or use large capacity mags they do get the message being sent. Ban Guns. Hunting and sport shooters are the larger of the gun owners.


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