Marjory Stoneman Douglas student Isabelle Robinson (courtesy
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“No amount of kindness or compassion alone would have changed the person that Nikolas Cruz is and was, or the horrendous actions he perpetrated. That is a weak excuse for the failures of our school system, our government and our gun laws.” Isabelle Robinson (above), I Tried to Befriend Nikolas Cruz. He Still Killed My Friends. [via]

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  1. And Guns!, And Guns!, And Guns!, and Guns! I getting a headache from always rolling my eyes into back of my head from the stupid s#it these lefties always say.
    He wouldn’t have gotten a gun if the POLICE had arrested him and charged him with aggravated domestic violence; But sheriff numbnuts wanted to be a community organizer instead.

    • By policy, they wouldn’t arrest him. The school district would have lost federal funding. Then they wouldn’t be able to afford a school resource officer.
      (Who hid while kids were being murdered).

      • Maybe they need to review that policy, IDK is it state or federal?

        Also I’m sorry your state is run by gun hating @zzholes. I’m not much better off in the Peoples Totalitarian Democracy of Seattle. pfffft

        • Federal, it was set up by Barrack. Its supposed intent was not to put truants in the system where they would be exposed to violent or other criminal teens. But this bastard was both already.
          He could have been charged with 2 counts of assault with a deadly weapon that the Sheriff ignored.

      • So, how does that policy stand now in the wake of 17 killed and more injured? Cruz was still arrested. Does that kill the funding? Was that funding worth 17 lives?

        Where did that funding go? For what? It certainly wasn’t for school security. It certainly wasn’t for teachers to teach what the Constitution and the Bill of Rights mean.

        I could go on and on. This whole thing, whether it was set up by BHO or anyone on down was a ticking time bomb created for the perfect storm to happen. And this perfect storm is now raining down on the rest of the law abiding citizens in this country that have had absolutely nothing to do with Cruz at all. His actions has affected us as a people, as a society. Instead we get herr Hogg with that modified Nazi salute.

        I hope all these snowfakes enjoy this deep cold winter they have created by chilling our civil rights, and theirs. Civil rights, like arms, its better to have them and not them than to need them and not have them.

    • I enjoy the panicked responses from gun nuts, a group who think of themselves as brave, rugged individuals whose role is to protect themselves and humanity from the tyranny of government. But the people they fear the most are the HS students without guns. Well, Chickenhawks, I’ll see you at the big parade Washington on Veterans’Day! Because I’m a veteran, and your whoremonger in chief is a 5-time draft dodger!

      • Afraid of high school kids? No idea where you come up with that. I’m sad that they are being manipulated and used, of course, but that’s pretty much a given now – after they have spent 12+ years in the government slave indoctrination camps.

        I don’t want to harm any other person, but I will not stand by and be harmed by any of them either. I’ll keep my guns.

      • Pansies airforce and squids ARE still able to claim veteran status even in their leftist freekdom. Showing up didn’t automatically make you smart or worth a shit to the military or to society. If you earned an honorable discharge then you did EARN the right to vote and as a braindead progtard gor the marxist democrap of your choice.

        • You really should not be so upset that you couldn’t score high enough on the ASVAB to enlist in the Air Force or Navy. Maybe your mother should not have drank all that MD 20/20 while carrying you.

        • I served in the air force and I am proud of my service. I kept your sorry ass safe for many years.

      • But the people they fear the most are the HS students without guns. Well, Chickenhawks…

        That’s a mighty fine Straw Man you’ve got, there. Have fun demolishing it.

      • The high school teens are just a subterfuge used as pawns by a few NWO elites,
        George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, propped up by leftist business owners and the main stream media.
        I’m not scared of a group of teens or homely moms that demand satisfaction.
        It’s the powerful people in the shadows pulling the strings that concern us “gun nuts”

      • Fear? I don’t think that word means what you think it means…
        BTW, “veteran” person, a question: how much do you get paid for this? I grow weary of having to work for a living and have thought about taking up a new gig as a leftist troll.

      • Larchar Welsh : Why do you assume it is HS kids? They are being used as a front, plain and simple. Post protest analysis calculated 10% of the crowd were teens, average age 49. Which makes sense, teens typically don’t have the scratch to travel to DC for the weekend. We already know the web of gun control groups and activist in general provided substantial structure and funding for the movement. It was a brilliant move, no one is going to tell a kid to suck it up post shooting. Most will give them a really long leash and let them say whatever they want, even if you don’t agree with them.

        Long term, I am betting the protest and a 2A scare will drive up membership in the NRA and revive lagging gun sales.

      • Can’t you see that that Hogg kid has turned into a megalomaniac?
        It’s just embarrassing to see the media feeding his arrogance now.
        He spouts lies and invective, and the media keep patting him on the head, keeping him safely away from pointed debate, praising his “bravery,” and don’t care they’re giving him a gigantic Napoleon complex.
        It’s pathetic.

      • I enjoy the panicked responses from gun nuts, a group who think of themselves as brave, rugged individuals whose role is to protect themselves and humanity from the tyranny of government.

        Not really. I just want to be left the f*** alone in a world full of leftists that want to force me to take part in their experiments by taking my stuff.

        But the people they fear the most are the HS students without guns.

        I don’t fear the high school students. But I do fear the mob. Because individual people have morals and emotion driven mobs do not. If you don’t believe me, read “gulag archipelago”

        Well, Chickenhawks, I’ll see you at the big parade Washington on Veterans’Day! Because I’m a veteran, and your whoremonger in chief is a 5-time draft dodger!

        Your? He’s not mine. I would say most people elected him not because of his military service, but other qualities (such as non-PC).

      • He wouldn’t have gotten one legally. He may have still gotten one (illegally).

        Background checks have been demonstrated to have zero impact on criminals. Almost a quarter century since passage of the Brady Bill, and somehow, people who want to obtain firearms – lawfully or unlawfully, prohibited possessor or otherwise – still obtain them just as readily as they did prior to passage of the Brady Bill.

        If Cruz wanted to obtain a firearm, NICS denial or not, he would have obtained a firearm.

        The solution is not to remove the firearm from the evil person, but rather to remove the evil person from society, where he cannot avail himself of the freedoms of society – including obtaining a firearm.

  2. Did she try? Or did she stand idley by because he was one of the freaks at the emo table…

  3. Yet, somehow, this fool thinks that someone like him, whom she describes as “immune” to kindness and compassion, would somehow not have been immune to whatever gun laws could possibly have been in place when he decided to perpetrate evil.

    Just as evil people are neither compelled nor constrained by attempts of compassion or kindness by others, evil people are likewise neither compelled nor constrained by laws.

    • So many of the kids in our society were doomed from the start. Their moms take meds, use drugs & alcohol while they are pregnant, and the brain never develops properly. They are basically born zombies. No matter how much someone tries to help them they are missing part of the brain. I guarantee you that little Nicky Cruz was probably one of these zombie monsters. If a pregnant women is found using drugs or alcohol they should be locked up in a treatment center until the birth of the child and then put in jail for child endangerment. Might give some kids a chance.

      • Drug using pregnant women avoid doctors because the doctors will report them to the police. Women whose babies are born addicted to drugs are usually jailed for the reason you state. I don’t know if this is universal, but it is certainly the law in California and New York.

  4. On the socialization and compassion front too little too late is a thing. If somebody has been treated like shit by the same kids from grade school through junior high and into high school it’s often too late to change course without lots of therapy. They’ve learned the world treats them a certain way and unlearning that is quite a challenge. Especially if that person is treated like shit outside of school as well. Sociopaths and lunatics excluded of course. They can’t be helped regardless.

    • Exactly so…

      I don’t know which is more tragic: the kids born bio damaged in utero, or the bio healthy kids adaptation damaged who didn’t have to be.

  5. What the Leftists will never acknowledge is the cold truth that some people are beyond fixing, and will never be safe to roam society…

    • The irony here is, the author actually does acknowledge the cold truth that Cruz was beyond fixing, and was not safe to roam society.

      She merely goes off the rails by blaming (in part) lax gun laws, along with rightfully blaming the negligence and failure of the school system and the negligence of multiple levels of government to remove Cruz from free society.

      • Also, the multiple times Cruz could’ve been charged with a crime that would’ve put him in the NICS system. Instead, the victims appeased him because he was a little off. His history is littered with acts of vandalism, thefts from neighbors, bringing a knife to school, threatening classmates, etc. The signs were there and now the people who knew exactly what Cruz was (is?) will have to live with that guilt.

      • “…the author actually does acknowledge the cold truth that Cruz was beyond fixing…”

        What they fear facing is what to do with the defectives within their midst.

        The most cost-effective resolution is the most distasteful to the snowflakes…

        • Republicans are equally culpable since they wanted to cut funding for more money on their pet projects. Probably more defense spending which at this point is ridiculous when we already outspend the next 5 largest armies combined!! Defense already has enough damn money but I digress.

          Both sides screwed us over.

          We need to bring back the insane asylums and shove the crazies in them permanently!! I am sick of my rights always being held hostage by these sickos because our government refuses to lock them up but then blames us normal folk for having “too much freedom”!!

    • 1) He probably deserved it
      2) He was probably incredibly low-hanging fruit (i.e. deserved it even more)
      3) Bullying isn’t really a problem or harmful so long as you bother to pay attention to the consequences and have firm limits of acceptable behavior. It’s actually a very useful tool for finding emotional instability or sadism in people…which is why humans instinctively do it. It’s a version of the Voight-Kampff test, that interrogates for psychopathic responses.
      4) The test obviously was pinging “11” on the meter & doing its job with Cruz, hence his notoriety, but unfortunately the follow-on response measures (school, cops, FBI, etc) were intentionally overridden so he wouldn’t make the reported numbers look bad.

      • Oh, yes, I’m sure he deserved to be bullied after losing his mother and father and thrown into the system at young age. Perfectly acceptable bullying material there.

        • If bad things happen in life & that causes you to lose your mind, bullying can identify and isolate you so won’t do harm (under normal circumstance where authorities can do their job). Bullying is not why he murdered a bunch of people, it’s because he was emotionally unstable and obsessed with harming others his entire life. He should have been flagged and arrested/committed after his disproportionate responses to bullying (bringing weapons, etc) since he demonstrated evil intent and a lack of control, which have nothing to do with bullying. I was bullied and have bullied in youth, yet eventually became friends with “victims” and “aggressors” instead of murdering everyone around me. Some people are defective and don’t respond to negative stimulus acceptably, bullying sniffs them out. Negative feelings are natural and inevitable, and failing to prepare kids for them is really, really irresponsible. Gym class for your emotions.

    • What do you mean bullied him? He bullied her from what I read. He threw an apple and busted it in her back, unprovoked, and she didn’t even know him (according to her story).

  6. Indeed…

    Because there are people broken beyond help (plus some crazy n others just plain evil) we should have laws that let us protect ourselves, provide security for others, and restrict the murderous whack-jobs we know of.

    To work, we need to implement these laws. More laws we ignore won’t help.

  7. Maybe if these little shits like the skinhead chick hadn’t bullied him he might not have been non-receptive to kindness.

  8. I can’t tell whether she’s saying the neo-anti’s with their profanity, abuse, salutes n arm bands are making more murderers out of oddballs, or it just doesn’t matter.

    • That’s actually a rather common happenstance for mass-murderers.

      In states with conjugal prison visits, there are women lining up to have their children…

  9. What meds was the Cruz kid on, cause he wasn’t exhibiting self-steerage.

    A kid on Dr. prescribed narcotics is like UBER doing self-driving (over people) cars, without the YUUUUUUGE [undisclosed, but settled in 4 days?] $$$$ settlement payouts.



    Drag their asses in before Congress.

  10. First off, having read the entire NYT article, there is no way that a high school senior wrote that. Clearly, her friends at the NYT editorial staff assisted her, as her friends in the professional civilian disarmament industrial complex assisted in organizing the media campaign and marches.

    That said, she and her ilk still do not escape blame. Whether she and the cool kids bullied Cruz into retaliation, or he bullied them into silence, as she claims, they’re still complicit in creating the circumstances fertile for this killer to decide to take the actions he did.

    • It sounds very much to me like the “I can’t be racist because I have a black friend” argument. The author seeks to exonerate her friends and herself from blame because she was once an assigned peer counselor to Cruz. Again, she was assigned to him and was, admittedly, terrified the entire time. This doesn’t sound like someone who was actively trying to befriend Cruz. By the author’s logic, the way Cruz was treated by his peers in his teenage years didn’t matter because he was already broken. I’m not sure that’s how it works.

  11. Progressive policy Allowed this evil to fester, leftist progressive Democrats cherry picked what laws they wanted to follow; Let this monster commit a heinous act of Evil against Teens, Blame the people that follow the law and the tools we use to defend ourselves, Demand more laws that WE must abide by, Take OUR Liberties, then again Cherry pick the laws THEY forced upon US. Did I get that right?

  12. This is just bs narrative cya. The clam cleaner with the shaved head pretty much admitted that she bullied the shooter when he was in middle school. Can’t let that strain of logic get out into the wild.

  13. Aren’t we conveniently overlooking the fact that a high school student, who has absolutely no formal training in psychology, is making a mental health diagnosis of a fellow student with whom she had only a couple of interactions? Isn’t this the type of “know-it-all” attitude that has been symptomatic of certain Parkland kids in the wake of the tragedy?

    Of course, this didn’t stop the NYT from publishing it.

  14. Yeah, I read her article.

    She mischaracterizes the argument of bullying. Then goes on to insist that since she “reached out” to him and he wasn’t receptive, (she was assigned to tutor him, not try to intergrate him into her social circles) that he couldn’t be helped. Her arrogance is quite astounding.

    I’ll take “Shit that never happened for 500, Alex”

  15. Being a sociopath, Cruz was in all probability immune to things like kindness and compassion. The math checks out there, at least.

    I’m also fairly certain that violent derangement and a lack of empathy do not make one immune to bullets. The SRO and other officers on the school grounds should have tried using some of those on him.

  16. Isn’t BULLYING the 1st thing everyone thought after the shooting?!? Somehow that justifies mass murder in tiny warped minds. But it’s GUNZ that are at fault(or a butch Cuban girl). Geez we had RACE RIOTS at my HS in the late 60’s/early 70’s. Somehow no one was killed-and now some of the guys are now friends. And guns were common too…

  17. This just reeks of arrogance and covering your ass.
    “I tried, even though I was just tutoring him”.
    “It’s all everyone else’s fault including guns”.
    Stand up and say, “He was f’ed up and we knew something was going to happen”.
    Why didn’t anyone say anything? To busy looking at their phones and trying to be in the “cool crowd”.

    • Students did report Cruz to school administrators and the school ultimately expelled him. That was about all they could do. The critical failure was refusal to start proceedings to send him to prison when there was sufficient evidence to get a conviction.

    • The liberal media ignores the Asian kid who said Cruz was one of the nicest people he knew. Baldy and her buddies bullied him because they thought it was funny. Now they lash out at us and the nra because they feel partly to blame.

  18. He was already damaged goods by the time she met him. Kindness, prayer and a great roll model had a great chance of working earlier.

  19. There’s something seriously wrong with a school system that harbors, and perhaps produces, both a Nikolas Cruz and a Pajama Boy Hogg.

    Whatever is in the water — stop drinking it!

  20. This is the achille’s heel of the Left / progressive ideology. They literally have no recourse when confronted with a lethal threat or their potential demise. Just look at the Ben Shapiro / David Hogg segment where David Hogg excuses the inaction of the deputies. It’s hilarious.

    “Progressives” is an ironic descriptor for the Left. It’s not progressive if you would rather die than fight back or kill a threat. There is a term for an organism that causes or can’t prevent it’s own demise or extinction. It’s what scientists call a genetic / evolutionary dead end.

    And that is why the Left will lose or just die out because they are too stupid to continue existing.

    Hold on to your rights and let the weak die out.

    • That works but only in the long run. A society less squeamish about the use of force runs over and squashes the weak one. In the short run, a lot of good people have their lives ruined or ended by violent criminals because the progressives prevented them from fighting back.

  21. My advice to students and parents who have a Nik Cruz at their school:

    Don’t attend that school!
    Call the media and tell them you aren’t attending that school until the menace is removed!
    Call the police and tell them everything you’ve heard about the fiend.
    If the a-hole is _still_ in the school after that, call the police over and over until he’s gone!
    Picket the school if you have to! Picket the a-hole’s home!

    There’s still hundreds of these evil little pr!cks in our schools making their plans, and their peers and their parents KNOW IT and know who they are!
    Get these monsters out NOW!

    That’s the only way to slow down these atrocities.
    DO SOMETHING to defend yourselves against KNOWN THREATS!

    Don’t wait for guns to be banned. Won’t happen soon.
    Don’t wait for a cure for mental derangement. Won’t happen soon.
    Protect yourselves NOW!

  22. I know a kid who did much worse, he’s the mayor of the town I grew up in.

    Hell, I did worse than throw an apple and stare at a girl’s chest.

  23. A dog in Siberia shot his owner by accident, therefore gunz should be banned in the U.S.A. I don’t want my dog becoming a victim of a ND and possibly causing children to fear stamp collecting.

  24. Isabelle,

    I’m so very sorry for your loss, it is tragic and horrible, and reflects some of the “tradegy of life.” Life is filled with tradegy everywhere you go. You have to find meaning and purpose to make life fulfilling. And it’s terrible that this occurred and those alive are branded with the memories of such tragedy.

    That said, and this is going to hurt because it is logical and not emotional:

    Your dead friends and the possibility of more dead victims don’t trump my rights. My guns and my freedom are not responsible for the choices this disturbed person made. I took no part in his decision. And my freedom took no part in his decision. In other words, my guns and freedom should not be restricted because of his actions, in other words: Your dead friends don’t trump my rights.

    P.S. at the end of your letter you said that adults need to protect you. Just FYI, nobody is going to protect you. Even your resource officer and several other officers stood around outside waiting while your friends where slaughtered. Nobody is going to protect you. You must make preparations for your own protection based upon the risk you accept.

  25. Oh bullshit. All of these kids have been gloating about how mean they were to him his entire life, then after people finally called him out for it, they’re trying to claim that they tried to be his friend.

  26. I kind of agree with this. You don’t shoot up your school because you’re a poor maligned victim. You do it because you’re a self-absorbed homicidal asshole.

    Bullying is a huge problem, but it’s not why we have school shootings. We have school shootings because the media turns them into celebrities.

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