PHILADELPHIA, PA - MARCH 24: Demonstrators participate in the March for Our Lives rally on March 24, 2018 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. More than 800 March for Our Lives events, organized by survivors of the Parkland, Florida school shooting on February 14 that left 17 dead, are taking place around the world to call for legislative action to address school safety and gun violence. (Photo by Jessica Kourkounis/Getty Images)
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Reader Guy LoPresti writes:

Dear Gun Control advocates, progressives, and anyone left of center,

Congratulations on the March For Our Lives and your efforts to reduce gun violence. It looked like a big success. Only one problemL it showed you for the would-be totalitarians that you are.

You used young, uninformed children to push your agenda for complete disarmament of Americans in order to “save the children.” Still, you may have managed to convince an entire generation that the Constitution is anachronistic and the Second Amendment should be repealed. Good work.

You did a great job showing how much you care about children’s lives (unless they’re fetuses). However I have a hard time taking people seriously who think Donald Trump is the most dangerous world leader since Adolf Hitler, but advocate for the complete disarmament of the American people. There’s an inherent contradiction there you don’t seem to grasp. So please clarify your stance for me given the following scenario:

Imagine in the coming months and and years that all of your worst Trumpian nightmares come true. He decides to enact measures designed to MakeAmerica Great Again, as he sees it. And since he’s a racist, sexist, homophobic, islamophobic white supremacist, he will target groups he blames for destroying America.

First he will begin by stripping rights from all racial minorities and LGBTQ people. They will be forced into ghettos and then, possibly, concentration camps. Next, he will enact the Handmaid Doctrine requiring women to bear children and wear red dresses and bonnets, with no control over their reproductive rights.

Christianity will be the new state religion in an effort to create a theocracy. Next he will begin to eliminate political opposition and end the presidential term limit. He would then be able to continue his march towards remaking America to fit his vision to revive this nation, unopposed.

My question to you is this: what would you do about it? Would you protest in the streets? Would you march on the Capitol as you did on Saturday? Do you think he’d allow that? What are your options, practically speaking? Would you fight or would you just talk to the media’s cameras and broadcast your victimhood on Facebook Live?

You only have to look at recent history to see that this kind of thing happens all over the world in nations that don’t have the Constitutional rights and freedoms we enjoy in the United States. Why hasn’t it occurred here?

You’re probably saying to yourself “That can’t happen in our modern, enlightened progressive society.” You’re probably right, of course, thanks to the checks and balances built into our Constitution (the one you take such pride in denigrating).

But are you willing to take that risk with a dangerous demagogue like Trump in the White House? How would you really #resist a truly oppressive regime besides furiously hashtagging and virtue signaling? Would you join Antifa and begin fighting Trump’s fascist white nationalist supporters? With what?

The answer is right there in the Bill of Rights. It’s called the Second Amendment, where the God-given right of armed self defense is recognized. It establishes the final check on a tyrannical government by giving the power to the people to fight for their freedom should the need ever arise.

That right isn’t recognized to the extent it is here by any other nation. Read the Second Amendment it and you may come  to see its truth. Focus on the phrase “necessary for the security of a free state,” and extrapolate from there. You won’t find a word about deer hunting there.

Before you advocate for the removal of a fundamental civil right from our Constitution, consider what you would be taking away from not only Americans you disagree with and despise, but from yourself as well. Think about what you would do if the day comes when you’re confronted by actual tyranny in the United States. I know what I would do and I have the means to do it. Do you?


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    • Only a small portion of the mob that assembled in DC were under the age of 18. Sure, the kids were trotted out as the window dressing, but the others were the usual suspects that show up for anti-American rallies – all funded by the socialists’ financiers such as Soros and Bloomberg. Should these totalitarians ever achieve their goal of disarming American citizens, we would see the same police state and violence that occurred when Hitler and the Khmer Rouge disarmed their citizens. Of course, the kids in DC don’t know this because they haven’t been taught history.

      • What’s scary about Progressives is their hair trigger use of violence against anyone who disagrees with their ever more radical political stances. Examples include burning children in their homes to “save the children” (Janet Reno), arranging for drug cartels to have the very weapons they want banned here (Fast and Furious), stand-down orders in the face of violent leftists assaulting peaceful citizens (UC Berkeley, Charlottesville, Philadelphia, Seattle, Chicago, LA). There is no question but that the progressives are the tyrannical fascists against whom the 2nd Ammendment was prepared to keep our citizens free. Unless they find a new path besides deviancy, corruption and government policy based on insanity, eventually I fear a bloody revolution against them is inevitable.

        • Deviancy , corruption , and government policy based on insanity. So true. Note , police state. Disenfranchise our children and disarm our good citizens. Wtf will be next on their agenda ? We should march like puppets whilst the Don watches on. Sound familiar.

        • Perhaps we should all start calling for a repeal of the First amendment?

          Not that it would get a lot of traction, but make the argument: “You want the second amendment gone, OK, lets do away with the first too”….

      • News article I just read said only TEN percent of the DC rally were students. The median age of the rest was 49!

        So much for the children’s crusade.

        • Well of course the majority were adults… did we expect parents would let their lil’Brownshirts go to that bigot rally all by themselves? And then there were the throngs of adult propagandists who had to do the hard work of disseminating the prejudice to the masses via the major news media. And that’s not even including the entertainers who showed up to virtue signal as well as their fans who showed up not because they actually gave a warm turd about the subject of the day, but to get to see a free show.
          So yeah, the lil’Brownshirts were outnumbered – interesting, but not significant or unexpected.

  1. I’m not too worried that they convinced many people of anything. A poll out yesterday (CNN/YouGov IIRC) had support for repealing the 2A at 20%, that is to say that 80% oppose such an idea. (Que the OMG we’re losing, the sky is falling the 2A is doomed! Oh, wait, that’s NOT what the polling says? Oh, well ignore that shit then.)

    Were I a betting man I would place a hefty wager that of that 20% who supported 2A repeal the vast, vast majority of them would have said the same thing when asked that question a year or more ago. That’s just not the kind of hardline position people just wake up one day and have.

    The younger kids will, by and large, wake up as they grow up and leave this shit behind as reality starts to hit them in the face and they start to mature in the way they think. Teenagers often think everything has a simple solution, as they grow up they realize that complex problems don’t actually have simple solutions you can put on a piece of poster board. (Again, questions answered by the biology of what we are and how we mature but nearly no one wants to hear that reality because for most people it’s really, really scary to admit it to ourselves.)

    • I think the saddest part is that these young people have been ‘childified’ to the point that they don’t see the Constitutional issues as a 9th+ grader.

      Understanding (and learning to understand) issues of this ilk is what highschool is effen for. Full stop. I know I was in HS way back in the early ’80s, but Christ-on-a-cracker, these kids are borderline retarded. That the adults aren’t slappin’ this dipshittery down is pathetic, and proves beyond doubt that these kids are merely tools of an agenda.

      How unbelievably sad that they can’t even see they’re being used by 16/17/18.

      We are truly lost…

      • “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” – John Adams

      • Learning to be an obedient slave who supports and functions well in the police state is what high school is effin for.


  2. The problem is, these types of people will not fight. They’re not ingrained that way. They want someone else to do everything for them, they are completely helpless.

    Worst case, they are all complete totalitarians, and seek a world like you described, only for themselves.

    • The postmodern left reject moral truth and value, so there is only power. To them, society is a power struggle. They don’t care about truth or responsibility, just their own victimhood ascribing power to their status. This is the leftist game.

      I am surprised they don’t like the 2A. Although Antifa show up every once and a while with airsoft guns… I guess most don’t want to fight, they want the gain with none of the risk. They are totalitarians but only under the leftist banner. They’re too blind to realize it’s all the same pit of hell.

    • Most of America doesn’t fight about the other Amendments either, as the Patriot Act, Guantanamo, national-security gag orders, “free speech zones”, FISA, and countless other affronts indicate. Why expect the response to 2A infringement to be different?

  3. Guy LoPresti you are absolutely right. It is shamefull the use of children who do not understand the gravity of the debate they were manipulated into partaking in. It is a proven fact that that their minds are not even developed fully. Shame on those that exploited them & shame on them trying to change/ alter our constitution & shame on Donald Trump , racist control freak with his Twitter account. He is dangerous.

  4. All of these mass murderers were known mentally ill. None of these victims offered them any help. My guess is that they were bullies, not part of the cool kid crowd. So they are victims of there society (the one established in these schools.

    • I believe there is a strong argument to be made that radical Progressives are also mentally ill based on their reasoning alone. Juxtapose any two of their political positions and you’ll find crazy.

  5. Everyone resist this fascist regime! Run out and buy a bump stock before they are banned. That will show Trump we oppose his ideas. Come on liberals do your part to resist.

  6. Trump is a facist! Repeal the 2A. Makes as much sense as one of the signs I saw that said this poster board was harder to buy than a gun. These people are just useful idiots. Useful to the socialist fringe, useless to the rest of society.
    What would they do? They would be found cowering in the basement hoping somebody wins the war they have no means to fight. Afterwards assuming they lived they would be back out on the streets trying to assert their world view on the rest of us. Stupid people never learn.

  7. Brilliant article will be lost upon the mindless, liberal minions who hate facts and critical, rationale thinking. All of these things pose a threat to their emotion-fueled tantrums.

    • Wow. You’re so full of hatred towards the leftist boogeyman that you’re patting yourself on the back for hating a strawman. Congratulations, you big smart man, you.

        • What a sad troll you are. The differences…

          Sergei is a former resident of one of your leftist ‘utopias’ or ‘worker’s paradises’. He knows how evil they are.

          My family has been here since a coupla hundred years before The Declaration. 3%’rs, my family has a long history in the DAR/SAR, until it got too clubby.

          Either that, or you have confused the childish accusatory nonsense that works on Reddit, and HuffyPo,. with something that will sell here.

          Good luck with that…

  8. Y’all are missing the point. The latest call to revoke and infringe on the 2A is a papercut, among thousands to marginalize common people’s rights. Corporations, governments, anyone with wealth will do anything to ensure that the system is rigged In their favor. Regardless of what laws get passed they will always have armed guards, lawers, publicists, better medical care etc. The bill of rights was designed to even that playing field so that the rich, government etc. didn’t take full advantage of the poor. The call to marginalize those rights is to ensure you can do less about it when you discover how biased the system is against you. It’s disgusting that they use emotional arguments and the “we have to do something about it” excuse to “legislate” evil, but it works especially when they’ve dumbed down education for and distracted common people with dumbed down entertainment.

  9. I’m going to contact those assholes and see if I can get paid to get bused to cities to demonstrate for gun control. Maybe I’ll wear my Molon Lave t-short while I’m doing it!

  10. Only problem with that is the Leftard’s as a group can’t think that far in the future and because they do not study history,they don’t know that those things have occurred in the past.

  11. Those “children” weren’t duped into being gun-grabbing tools. They were bribed with Tide pods.

  12. This is the same point I made about Regan’s “Line Item Veto”. I was 100% against this, it would the most powerful person on the planet even more power. We have checks and balances in our government which do not go far enough(my opinion).

    How could we ever even threaten to take back our government by force, if we had no firearms? I am not going to sell myself(more important, my children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and any more descendants) into slavery in the free country in which I was born.

  13. Who made the decision to publicize this crap letter? Should any lefties actually read it their takeaway will be, “See even Trump supporters know he’s a racist, sexist, homophobic fascist. That’s why they like him.”

    • The author’s only mistake was not using quotes around his “Racist, sexist, homophobic, blah, blah, blah,…. etc” references when referring to DJT.

  14. In all fairness – maybe they want a dictatorship with no school shootings. No… I agree completely. The dumb-asses don’t even believe that Trump is Hitler bull themselves.

  15. Yeah, let’s keep pretending the “Global anti gun movement” is just a bunch of kids with no one behind the curtain financing, directing and coaching the movement.

  16. Letters like this are written to “us” for show, not those we act like we want to reach. About like “open letters” to POTUS, SCOTUS, etc. in the editorial sections of newspapers. They ain’t a-gonna read ’em.

    Much better tactic if you actually want them to “hear you” is to show up at their events and present your arguments. For example, several times this year I’ve made the 120 mile round trip on days I did not have to teach to give “testimony” on firearms ownership and usage as well as the 2nd Amemdment in open forums at the prestigious small college which is located in the town where the world’s largest firearms parts and accessories firm is located. I’ve been the only pro-gun supporter but have been treated well and it’s not affected my standing. I’ve also had more than a few students and adults come to me afterwards and thank me for being there and expressing myself. I’m assuming they were chicken…

  17. If the federal government were an abusive man and your state were its girlfriend, wouldn’t she be crazy not to have left by now?

  18. I think you’re giving them too much credit. You’re assuming that they are thoughtless useful idiots when it’s clear that they are evil socialists. They want a totalitarian America that BANS Christianity, pushes LGBTQ+, and is single-party rule. As such, waste your breath all you want trying to educate them out of it, but understand that more than likely this only ends with one side or the other having to physically remove the opposition. It’s either us or them.

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