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Another Chicago Record: 1,000 Gunshot Victims In Shortest Time In Decades – “At 1,000 victims, this year’s shooting toll exceeds last year’s total at this point — about 600 victims — by more than 66 percent. At this point in 2014, 483 people had been shot.” Dumping Gary McCarthy didn’t help. They say a fish rots from the head down. While Mogadishu on Lake Michigan may not be at the statistical top of the murder heap, headlines like this one don’t do much to dispel the impression that Chiraq is officially out of control. Speaking of things that stink to high Heaven . . .

Clinton Bets Focus on Guns Will Hurt Sanders in Connecticut – “For all the high-volume rhetoric drawn by the gun control debate in the U.S., the issue rarely rises to the top of voters’ priorities. Even in Connecticut, where 20 children and six adults were killed in a mass shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, only 3 percent of likely Democratic voters named gun policy as the issue most important in deciding who to support in the nomination race, according to a Quinnipiac University poll conducted April 12-18.” Another Clinton campaign master stroke.


Need a new (not so discreet) vehicle? “Conquer the most rugged and challenging off-road trails in this Black Ops Jeep Wrangler generously donated to The NRA Foundation by HPR® Ammunition. As a collaborative effort, the National Rifle Association and HPR® Ammunition customized the Jeep to be auctioned on beginning April 20 and will end May 22, just in time to enjoy the one-of-a-kind vehicle all summer.” Auction is here. Current bid as of this writing: $40,000.

Norwegian fighter jet mistakenly machine-guns control tower – “Two F-16s were taking part in a mock attack on the uninhabited island of Tarva off Norway’s west coast when one of them opened fire with its M61 Vulcan cannon, which is capable of firing up to 100 rounds a second.” Dontcha hate it when that happens?


Guns, Harry Potter memorabilia stolen from Imperial home – “Among the stolen items was a Ruger 9mm semiautomatic handgun, a Glock .40-caliber semiautomatic handgun, a replica of the Harry Potter Time Turner necklace inside a display case and a replica of the Harry Potter Deathly Hallows necklace, altogether valued at $990, according to the report.” – As Dumbledore said, “Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” Perhaps invoking the caterwauling charm wasn’t a sufficient deterrent for the Death Eater perps.

Ted Cruz Was Wrong on Murders in New York, but Perception Is Hard to Shake – Actually, he wasn’t – as the New York Times writer admits.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 1.54.32 PM

A freebie from Springfield. Click image above to download.

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  1. The fact that Dem voters low-prioritize the gun issue is an advantage to us. If they want to be distracted by bathrooms, Benetton fantasies, and $15/hour, let them.

    Pass all the regulations on equality and minimum wage you want. Those issues can be worked on rather easily. I’d rather negotiate the bathroom issue (simple solution – floor to ceiling stalls – it’s actually quite cool, you can let one rip in peace!) than have to negotiate against the curtailment of my gun rights.

    The more BS issues they prioritize over guns, the easier our job is. Heck, Trump knows this. He specifically said that trans people can use whatever bathrooms they want in his opinion. He knows this is a good dodge to distract people from smearing him too much.

    • I don’t know why Hilary and Sanders beat around the bush. $15 an hour? Why? Why not just give them $40 an hour. Why an arbitrary 15? And if we are going to make it 15 – why not just make it $40.

      I would literally pay money – if someone on national TV would ask either of them – why $15 when you can make it $40? And if you don’t want to do 40 why not?

      • If the minimum had been indexed to inflation, it would be somewhere around $12.50 today. That’s why.

        The idea of the minimum wage is that someone can scrape by on it. You can pay for an ok apt, food, a cheap car, and see a movie here and there. Maybe go to school instead of working 2 jobs. It was doable well into the 80s. This mythology that entry-level jobs are paid nothing, is a relatively new piece of propaganda. That’s all there is, or will ever be for most Americans — a basic job. They deserve to have a life out of that, and maybe you’ll get someone who actually gives a damn serving your french fries.

        • This is sarcasm right? I can’t really tell.

          “They deserve to have a life out of that”

          They deserve? They deserve what? Are you saying there is some kind of income minimum that exists in the bill of rights? A minimum income is some right of man written down somewhere?

          This is the folly of the statist, that there is some magic potion the state has access to – and only the state can possibly control, that exists to make the lives of the poor livable, and that when this is written in law that the state will actually apply this magic and make everyone equal and happy.

          This is idiotic. The state cares nothing for you, less than nothing. You are only there to produce things the state can steal and use to their own ends.

          And you, and the poor, deserve only the right to work as hard as you can and make deals with other men to trade that work for money – and get the best deal you can find.

          If a man wants to work for $14 an hour who’s business is it of the state to get in the middle of that transaction and say “no”. Eff off. Let the man work.

          If the minimum wage raised the standard of living then it should be $1000, not $15. It doesn’t work, all it does is pacify the slow thinking and collect more votes for the statist, and solidifies a class of workers as ‘minimum wage workers’ to pit against those who earn more, as designed.

          But you know all this right?

        • Mr .308. So, lemme get this straight. We’re going to pay people a non-living wage and expect them to keep working, yes? Is that the proposition?

          Once again, had the fed minimum kept up, it’d be around $12.50. You know what actually stimulates a consumer economy? Spending. 10 families making $100K per year have a far greater economic impact than 1 family making $1MM.

          These are the people at the bottom. They need to have the opportunity for their honest work to at least keep them fed and housed. Or is that too much to ask? They can’t go homestead and grow their own food, would you prefer them all on Section 8 vouchers and food stamps? Because without some sort of actual income, they end up relying on, wait for it, the government.

        • Yeah but the biggest problem with that is, soon 12.50 will be the new 7.50. Everytime you jack up the minimum wage cost of living goes up accordingly, and within a year or two your right back where you started. In the meantime, you squash all small businesses that can’t afford it, and the major corporations simply cut workers, and find new technologies to replace them with. Raising the minimum wage is a quick fix, quick break solution, like patching up a radiator with homemade adhesives. It’ll get you a few miles down the road, then it’ll take a shit again.

        • “16V says:
          April 26, 2016 at 08:53

          Mr .308. So, lemme get this straight. We’re going to pay people a non-living wage and expect them to keep working, yes?…”

          OMG, you are serious with this? There is so much obviously wrong with the minimum wage idea it could go on for pages. Look, start off with this; who defines a living wage? The state? Do you actually trust the state to do anything right and not be influenced by corruption and greed and stupidity? Really?

          Raising the minimum wage means fewer jobs, employers hire fewer people. Period. So you are in favor of people being fired? And I repeat the question, if a man agrees to work for a value less than what your state says is ‘living’ then whose business is it for anyone to say no to this?

          You cannot repeal the law of supply and demand, if you increase the costs to employers, then the costs of goods and services will go up, removing any benefit from the wage increase.

          The economy is a very complex thing, the idea that some person or group of people can make decisions that will have a beneficial impact on the economy is just not possible, whenever the state interferes in one area it will have unintended consequences on another area (see above paragraph). You need to learn the lesson of The Pencil. Well that, and history, all one needs to do is look at what has happened in the past when the state interferes with the economy… empirical evidence is there for anyone who wants to look.

          But it’s just too enticing for the do-gooders in society to say stick it to the man! Make them pay us more! Even if we aren’t worth it! We want your money!

          Face it, that’s all you are saying when you demand the minimum wage go up. Why not just go full commie, because that’s the only thing at the end of that road.

    • “Now she’s involved with several Connecticut groups dedicated to stemming gun violence”

      And well she should be! I have wondered for decades why there are no laws against gun violence, shouldn’t Congress have passed a law or two, maybe beginning with outlawing murder committed with a gun, just as an example!? And to me, the fact that robbing banks while using firearms is completely legal just seems difficult to believe. I mean, couldn’t we at least outlaw beating somebody to death with your pistol? /sarc off

      More to the point, when will one of these morons (Shrillary, for example) attempt to tell us what it is she’s talking about, and I don’t mean “common sense gun control”. I want to know *what she thinks that means*! I would bet money that over 90% of all supporters of “common sense gun control” think they’re advocating for laws which are already on the books. Wouldn’t it be great for an interviewer to pry a proposal out of her, then say “that’s been the law for 30 years, anything else?” instead of allowing generic and meaningless terms like “common sense gun control” to fly again and again, unchallenged.

  2. All Hail Hillary, Supreme Overlord. And the Hillary in Its wisdom shall smite the gun with a heavy hand. All Hail Hillary, protector of toilets, urinals and shitpots, may your face be buried in your work.

  3. This just in, the family murdered in OH had a large marijuana grow house on the property.

    I hope Bern burns Hillary in the remaining states.

  4. What is mighty troubling to me is the many lake shore drive/expressway shootings in Chiraq. Many times I’ve come home from a northside auction at night through the city. What’s different from Chicago’s past is the enormous rise in punks with guns. Do adult crime-do adult time(and prison). And a cop got shot today-at 4 in the afternoon…it was in the 80’s today. Fun summer ahead…yeah hildebeast sucks.

    • We can thank the ACLU for completely destroying the ability of police to do their jobs in Chicago. It was bad enough that the worthless judges in Cook county gave violent felons little or no time but now arresting them is next to impossible since a cop can’t talk to a suspect without have to fill out a 72 question form.

      The ACLU and left wing loud mouths are getting exactly what they want and we get screwed.

      • I have it on good authority from an earlier posting today that it is the fault of the police. They should be out there on foot paling around with the gangbangers. It would just turn their lives around overnight. /sarc

        Chicago is not Baghdad — it is worse. They don’t call it Chiraq for nothing.

  5. What no IGOTD trophy for the Norwegian pilot?

    Back in the 80s I was sitting in a meeting in Pentagon when the Flag Captain came in to tell his boss that his son just shot down an AF RF-4 during an exercise with a [fortunately] inert AIM-9 Sidewinder. His kid just flipped out. There was a very awkward silence. The two crewmen safely ejected but the were rather hot under the collar when the helo dropped off on the boat. That is probably the “greatest” IGOTD of all time.

    • “What no IGOTD trophy for the Norwegian pilot?”

      (From the cited Guardian article:)

      “It is the second time in six years the tower has been fired on in error by F-16 jets – no one was injured either time”

      I know a few (retired) military pilots, from a Herc driver to an F-14 then Super Hornet guy who was my next-door neighbor for a few years, and years back worked with a retired AF ATC guy.

      “*Accidentally*” hosed that control tower?

      Yeah, *right*. (sarc)

      “No, your *other* right…” (A favorite saying of the ex-ATC guy I worked with)

    • I think the writer did not understand what he was writing about. The island is/was uninhabited, there was no airport or airport control tower there. The “control tower” addressed was controlling the *range*, and the pilot was supposed to be firing on a target (usually a panel of parachute cloth) where his hits would be detected by a device detecting supersonic booms passing it. The men in the tower were directing the pilots as to whether they were cleared to approach the target (roll in), then whether they were cleared to release munitions (rockets, bombs, guns, etc.) The control tower, in my experience, was around 100 feet (yes, *feet*) to the side of the strafe panel. Whether due to setting up the gunsight wrong, or just not lining the airplane up correctly before pulling the trigger, we’re talking about a pilot who fired the gun precisely when he was supposed to, but he *missed*! Everybody is glad the ammo was inert, or everyone in the tower would be dead.

  6. The statistical Murder City numbers are outdated. The most recent I’ve seen, St Louis took the top spot, Detroit is in third and Flint is no longer counted because the population is under 100k.

    • I haven’t looked in a minute, but yes, I’m pretty sure our thugs on the Northside are statistically more murderous than Chicagoland’s. Fortunately, if you’re not a black male, between 14-45, who is generally involved in the recreational pharma industry, you have pretty much nothing (statistically) to worry about.

  7. There’s a story in the news about a guy who was shot “execution style” in Philadelphia just after meeting with an aide for some political candidate. One article explained the police believed the shooting stemmed from “a dispute between two groups.”

    Two groups? What kind of groups? Two homeowners’ associations? Labor unions? Curling teams? Bridge clubs?

    Come on, spineless media, you know the word, it starts with “g” and rhymes with “bangs”.

    • “Execution style”?
      They found him next to a bullet pocked wall, with a blindfold on and a cigarette in his mouth?

  8. Love how this site and others post pictures showing the craziness of the beast. She is broken inside, never mind her ideology. Should serve as a warning.

  9. Are response/subscriptions working for others? I’m not getting any of the subscribe to post email messages. What gives?

      • When you check “notify me of follow up comments by email” and have provided a valid email address, you should see those reposes in email. I haven’t been receiving those messages for a couple days now. Wondered if it’s just me or if others have the same experience. As it stands, I now have to come back to threads and scan through to sees responses if I want to be involved in a conversation. And no, messages aren’t getting stuck in my spam filter.


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