Joe Biden thinks Stephen Willeford should have been disarmed.
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Slow Joe’s ain’t getting any quicker . . . Joe Biden: AR-15 Used to Stop Texas Church Massacre Should Not Be Allowed

During a November 13 appearance on NBC’s Today, former Vice President Joe Biden answered a question on Texas church attack hero Stephen Willeford by saying, “Well, first of all, the kind of gun being carried he shouldn’t be carrying.”

His response came in response to an audience member who was asking how Democrats can justify pushing gun control when it was clearly the presence of a gun in the hands of Willeford that ended the attack.

On November 6 Texas officials credited Willeford with ending the attack.

The Sutherland Springs good guys with guns who stopped a mass shooting.

Harshing the anti-gun narrative . . . How the Sutherland Springs good guys with guns transformed the politics of mass shootings

Herein lies the political value in the current moment of the good-guy-with-a-gun narrative: It transforms the problem into its solution, even as it reduces the chances of backsliding into politically distasteful discussion of regulating gun ownership.

Any discussion of curtailing gun rights can be swiftly, and easily, met with a simple retort: How much worse would this have been if there hadn’t been a good guy with a gun? So while this tragedy may lead some Texas Democrats and liberals to think that the mass murder in Sutherland Springs might tilt the state’s conversation on gun control and gun ownership, the opposite is more likely. Moving forward, we should expect the presence of an armed civilian returning fire and its narrative of a good guy with a gun to drown out discussion of even relatively minor adjustments to gun ownership practices — even those that might fit within the usually reliable mental health narrative.

Tighter Gun Laws Will Leave Libertarians Better-Armed Than Everybody Else

Well yeah . . . Tighter Gun Laws Will Leave Libertarians Better-Armed Than Everybody Else

Gun controls then, like other restrictions and prohibitions, have their biggest effect on those who agree with them and on the unlucky few scofflaws caught by the powers-that-be, and are otherwise mostly honored in the breach. As a result, gun laws intended to reduce the availability of firearms are likely to leave those who most vigorously disagree with them disproportionately well-armed relative to the rest of society. That raises some interesting prospects in a country as politically polarized and factionalized as the United States.

That gun restrictions are widely disobeyed is a well-documented fact. I’ve written before that Connecticut’s recent “assault weapons” registration law achieved an underwhelming 15 percent compliance rate, and New York’s similar requirement resulted in 5 percent compliance. When California imposed restrictions on such weapons in 1990, at the end of the registration period “only about 7,000 weapons of an estimated 300,000 in private hands in the state have been registered,” The New York Times reported. When New Jersey went a step further that same year and banned the sale and possession of “assault weapons,” disobedience was so widespread that the Times concluded, “More than a year after New Jersey imposed the toughest assault-weapons law in the country, the law is proving difficult if not impossible to enforce.” That’s in states with comparatively strong public support for restrictions on gun ownership.


Christina Hagan is running for an open congressional seat that surrounds Cleveland

There is no right that is more fundamental to the character of America than the right to bear arms. Without this right, America would have been unable to defend herself against the British during the American Revolution. The right to defend yourself and your family is not just a constitutional right, but also a God-given one.

Christina has a record of supporting every single measure to restore Second Amendment rights while serving in Ohio. She has most recently fought to ensure our paramedics serving alongside SWAT units can exercise their Second Amendment rights while running into dangerous and deadly circumstances to help protect our citizenry.

Christina Hagan will stand up to any and all attempts to infringe on our constitutional and God-given Second Amendment rights. Period.

If you believe a semi-automatic target shotgun should point and balance like a fine double gun with perfect balance and weight distribution, then the L4S is the gun you have been waiting for. The magazine is shortened to a four round capacity to reduce the length of the fore-end for improved balance. The L4S does not have an action spring in the stock and attaches with a simple stock bolt. This feature allows us to sculpt the pistol grip to eliminate the awkward feeling that affects many semi-auto shotguns. Because the L4S is designed for 2 ¾” target loads, the action is shorter than guns made to function up to 3 ½” cartridges, further enhancing the handling characteristics.

The L4S also incorporates a revolutionary new fore-end design that does not rely on wood to be part of the mechanical assembly of the gun. This removes all wiggle and movement in the fore-end that plagues all current semi-auto designs. Additionally, it makes the barrel to receiver relationship more precise and stronger while eliminating the forces that can damage and crack the wood.

Pulse Nightclub killer's wife claims she knew nothing of his plans for an attack.

The Sgt. Schultz defense . . . Pulse nightclub shooter used online dating sites to cheat on wife, her attorneys say

Attorneys for the wife of Pulse nightclub shooter Omar Mateen wrote in a motion filed this week that he was using online dating websites such as Plenty of Fish to cheat on her.

Noor Salman’s attorneys said in the motion that Mateen used a mutual friend as a cover story so he could go out with other women.

Salman told the FBI her husband told her the night before the attack he was going out with this friend.

Salman’s attorneys argue this is relevant because Mateen was actively trying to hide what he was doing from his wife. Salman claims she knew nothing of the attack.

How guns move from state to state (courtesy

And “universal background checks” won’t change this one bit . . . How guns move across state lines

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives traced more than 211,000 guns back to their original point of purchase on behalf of law enforcement agencies in 2016. Of those, roughly 71 percent were originally sold in the state they were found, while the rest were from out of state. This interactive map shows the pattern of how guns move from state to state.

Why it matters: It’s often impossible to establish the chain of ownership from owner to original point of sale. Firearms legally change hands without a paper trail through private purchases, including those made at gun shows. Additional restrictions on how records can be stored can make the entire chain even harder to trace.

Bulletproof Backpack

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  1. Wow, Joe, you really know how to sh#t your pants and pretend like nobody notices the smell. I have never seen a more cut and dry example of the Left Wing Echo Chamber, as well as the old saying about not correcting your enemy when he’s making a mistake.

  2. That VestPack “Protector”… On sale it’s $469-$499.

    The Oakley Mechanism (a completely different design of pack, more of a ruck style) has a similar slot where you could drop in a plate and the backpack costs ~$90-$135 if you shop sales. Shop some more sales for stand alone level IV ceramic plates and you can save $150 or maybe even more.

    • “The Oakley Mechanism (a completely different design of pack, more of a ruck style) has a similar slot where you could drop in a plate and the backpack costs ~$90-$135 if you shop sales.”

      What’s this ‘ceramic plate’ bullshit, Strych?

      Drop in a thick AR-500 plate in there and it’ll build some body strength for the ‘lil tyke as he-she-(zee?) humps it through the day. 😉

      (I recently scored a *sweet* heavily-padded camera backpack at the local Goodwill for five bucks – It’s gonna make a *nice* go-bag for the HF rig…)

    • humm lets compare a backpack that HAS ballistic panels included in the price to ONE that does NOT have them–seems fair???

  3. Please, please, please, please, please, please, PLEASE run for president, Uncle Joe!

    Listen to those little voices in your head! People like you! And you’re smurt, too!

  4. “…This interactive map shows the pattern of how guns move from state to state.”

    While interesting from a data perspective. and an interesting graphic, this is relevant how exactly? What, exactly, does knowing the firearm was sold in Florida, then somehow a dozen years later is used in a crime in New York, how does that do anything as far as solving crimes?

    The whole exercise just feeds the gun-grabbing trolls by accepting their ill-conceived notion that somehow the gun is the problem and if we could just get those pesky things to stay where they belong. It also accepts, however thinly, that somehow the person who owned the gun last is culpable in the crime committed.

    When data like this is trotted out it needs to be shot down immediately as the propaganda that it is.

    • I wonder if a gun sold by a gun shop in Tennessee online, shipped to an FFL in Texas is being counted as sold in Tennessee or Texas. The manufacturer sold it to the Tennessee shop so that is where the chain would begin.

    • The map does seem to disprove the Clinton campaign claim that Vermont’s lax gun laws make it a preferred source for arming criminals in NYC.

    • The difficulty here is that the 71% figure is too grossed-up to be meaningful to any particular voter. To illustrate, imagine talking to two voters; one from Louisiana, another from Illinois. The Louisiana voter might imagine that if only her State had UBC then tracing the vast majority of crime guns originating in her State might become feasible. The Illinois voter might imagine that the 71% national figure is NOT applicable to the Land of Lincoln. If only UBC could be implemented in all the other states (especially Indiana), more crime guns found in Illinois might be traced to traffickers in other States.

      Neither the Louisiana nor the Illinois voter can take much out of the 71% figure. Moreover, if you disaggregated the data, showing only Louisiana data to the her; Illinois data to him, the pro-UBC prejudices are apt to be confirmed rather than refuted.

      The weak link in UBC will prove to be the “80% receiver”. Imagine an America with national UBC and an efficient national registry. Perfect. Someone will buy lots of 80% Glock 19 receivers and finish them in his garage on a small CNC mill; adding a counterfeit maker’s mark and serial number 12345. Got that? Cost of a counterfeit 100% Glock 19 frame would be about $125.

      Our machinist sells his products to an assembler. The assembler has a team of straw-buyers who buy Glock 19s at various dealers paying the retail new or used price. The assembler dis-assembles the purchased Glocks and re-assembles the parts on counterfeit frames. Commission to the straw-buyers of $25; $50 for assembly and profit.

      The assembler then markets Glock 19s in new/used condition – complete with maker’s marks and serial numbers – to inner-city distributors and dealers. Price increase of about $200 above the current arrangements of straw-buying. Guns with counterfeit serial numbers can’t be traced. Nor can a criminal found in possession of such a gun be proven to be knowingly in possession of a defaced serial number.

      To paraphrase an old adage: “Build it; and, they will find a way around it!”

      After investing a decade in pushing UBC+National-Registration, building the infrastructure to implement and enforce the law, black-market prices will rise by $200/gun and the entire NICS and tracing scheme will be dead-in-the-water.

      Just what the tax-payers and genuinely-concerned voters wanted.

  5. BREAKING! “Slow Joe Biden accused of sexual abuse…is why Joe ain’t running. That and he’s senile. I think Omar’s widow has a point. Quite possible she knew nothing of hubby’s extracurricular activities. Moose-lims hate their women…

    • You might hate your wife too if you had not actually met her until the day of the wedding.

      Arranged marriages are still a thing in many Islamic cultures and I have been acquainted with a few of them. At best they tolerate each other since they have no other choices. At worst it is a series of rapes for no other purpose than to produce children.

      Rarely they actually grow to like each other. More rarely they fall in love.

      • I actually heard a defender of arranged marriages in Islam point to the movie Fiddler on the Roof as evidence that people in arranged marriages come to love each other. I about dropped my groceries when I heard the reply:

        “That just proves Jews are more loving than Muslims.”

  6. Here’s an Add-0n for the digest, a North Koren defected the *hard way*, across the DMZ to South Korea.

    Shot *7* times by his former countrymen, but it looks like he will survive :

    “Brazen North Korean Defector Was Shot 7 Times, But Will Likely Survive”

    A little tid-bit on North Korea I heard recently – Guard duty at the DMZ by the Nor-Coms is frequently given to the kids of the Pyongyang ‘Party Elites’. This defector *may* have some valuable intel, if he isn’t a mole.

    A ‘lil feel-good for the end of the day…

  7. A bit off topic, what stock does Officer Greg have on his shotgun in the video at the bottom? I’d look it up but I can’t spell trafelgerhaus well. Thanks in advance to whomever knows the stock.

  8. So, if you restrict access to something in your state then it will be brought in from out of state. Wow, it is almost like prohibition doesn’t work and black markets exist.

    • It’s why they want national laws and bans. Then the coast guard and border patrol are asked to keep it that way.

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