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Beto O'Rourke Arrested Burglary DWI Drunk Driving Leaving the Scene

Cruz Forces Democratic Opponent to Repeatedly Claim He Supports Second Amendment – His Views on Gun Control Suggest Otherwise

Bwa haa ha ha ha ha ha ha. HA hahahahaha. *snort* Ha ha ha ha ha ha . . .

“I fully support the Second Amendment,” O’Rourke continued to say.

O’Rourke is an advocate of numerous anti-gun policies, including banning magazines over the standard capacity, and he is against concealed carry reciprocity, according to his website. O’Rourke is also an advocate of banning the sale of AR-15s — he faced backlash when he said they should not be sold in America.

“I just don’t think we should be selling AR-15s in this country. That weapon was designed for one purpose and one purpose only, to kill people as effectively and as efficiently as possible on the battlefield,” O’Rourke told CBS regarding AR-15s. “It has no place in our streets, in our schools, in our concerts, in our movie theaters. We should not be selling that to civilians.”

courtesy and Canadian Press

What gun owners need to know about Ottawa’s new firearms bill

“Modest and reasonable.” Good luck, Canucks . . .

The Liberal government is poised to pass new firearms legislation — changes to the country’s firearms regime that Ottawa says are “modest” but necessary reforms to reduce the frequency of violent gun crime.

In the last election, the Liberal Party vowed to reverse a decade’s worth of Conservative changes to gun rules they claim bolstered firearm-related crime. Bill C-71, introduced by Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale, fulfils that commitment through an overhaul of the background check system, new record-keeping requirements for retailers and further restrictions on transporting a firearm.

“The provisions in Bill C-71 are modest and reasonable, and they do not entail a significant new cost,” Goodale said of the legislation, which is at third reading in the House of Commons.

New Zealand MARS-L Rifle LMT Lewis Machine and Tool Firing Pin
courtesy and New Zealand Defense Forces

NZDF’s new rifles – all 9040 of them – get firing pin replacements after breakages

Yikes . . .

The first shipment of the 9040 rifles bought from United States manufacturer Lewis Machine and Tools arrived in May last year.

They have been gradually rolled out since, being introduced as military personnel trained with the new weapon during which time issues with the firing pin emerged.

Then other issues cropped up with about 130 rifles showing cracks around the mechanism which houses the bolt allowing the weapon to be fire.

NZDF confirmed: “Identified issues were the firing pins, trigger mechanisms and cracked bolt carriers.

“During introduction into service training a number of firing pins suffered breakages and to ensure all rifles are now at the highest standard, LMT has replaced all firing pins under warranty.”

Randi Weingarten AFT American Federation of Teachers Guns in Schools
courtesy PJ Media and AP

Teachers Union Boss: Guns in Schools Harm Community with ‘Fending for Themselves’ Mentality

Because the last thing we want is teachers who are able to protect themselves and their students . . .

Describing the AFT’s “position in terms of school safety,” Weingarten said her organization is working on “ensuring” that guns are not in schools.

“Schools need to be safe and welcoming communities. The worst thing you do is you actually introduce more guns in schools. We need to actually make sure that kids feel like schools are safe sanctuaries, but it’s the same kind of mentality that says people should be fending for themselves as opposed to schools being communal institutions and organizations,” she said.

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan NRA Rating Endorsement
courtesy and AP

NRA downgrades Hogan’s ranking, declines to endorse him

Hogan made it clear that in deep blue Maryland, the last thing he wanted was an NRA endorsement . . .

The National Rifle Association said Saturday that it was downgrading Republican Gov. Larry Hogan’s ranking and refusing to endorse him — after he signed several pieces of gun control legislation.

Jennifer Baker, a spokeswoman for the NRA, said the organization now rates Hogan a “C” grade on protecting the rights of gun owners. Four years ago, it rated Hogan as an “A-.”

Governor Andrew Cuomo Expand Gun Control Laws Campaign
courtesy and AP

Cuomo vows to expand gun control laws in New York

It’s election season. And a day that ends in a ‘y’ . . .

Governor Andrew Cuomo is promising to expand gun control as part of his re-election campaign. Republican candidate Marc Molinaro is somewhere in the middle — wary of alienating gun rights supporters and trying to sway moderate voters behind the SAFE Act.

As he seeks a third term this year, Cuomo has not just defended his staunch support for gun control, he’s pledging to expand the existing law.

“We have mass massacres almost on a weekly basis. These guys sold their soul to the NRA so they won’t pass common sense gun control. We did in New York and we’re going to expand it even more,” Cuomo said.

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    • “I fully support the Second Amendment,” O’Rourke continued to say.

      Beta male O’Wreck supports the second amendment totally and completely while he simultaneously eliminates everything the 2nd amendment protects. Typical Dem. Total liar. Deceptive manipulative liar. He should be honest and say, no! I don’t support that f****** amendment! I would at least have a bit more respect for him.

      • Beto is tha Affluenza Candidate

        Wealthy family.
        Mama a money launderer. ( $600,000 + )
        DWI & Burglary gets a slap on the wrist.
        Participated illegally in SEVEN IPOs as a Congressman, should have been cuffed & booked like Collins, instead, allowed to self-report for slap on the wrist.

        • Beto the Marxist Deadbeato O’Rourke can say what ever he likes,however his words and statements say he is Anti Constitution and American,next petty tyrant.

  1. Not that they’ll get attacked but damn you can’t sell decent guns to NZ Lewis? Cuuuuuumo sucks(Jesse Jackson pronunciation)…

    • Its going to end up being a sub contractor issue. LMT probably couldn’t meet the purchase order dead line so they either went to a different supplier for bolt carriers or rushed their regular supplier and cut corners on QC. Lets wait and see what LMT’s excuse is going to be.

    • No candidate is ever my perfect candidate nor ever will be. But Cruz is infinitely better than Beta Male O’rape America. What are you talking about?

      • Lots of people don’t like Cruz. He has a moral compass and lives it out the best he can. He also is a strict constitutionalist. Both those things scare the heck out of some people.

  2. Teacher’s unions are the most harmful thing to the community. Implement school vouchers and while we’re waiting ban teachers unions.

    • The teachers unions probably started out with good intentions, but they/it has morphed into something evil. Nothing but a left wing political machine.

        • they’re employees…not missionaries…and deserve a decent living…something that has recently been reaffirmed in a number of states that have tried to acquire their services on the cheap…

      • It’s important to understand that organizations like the AFT and the NEA are controlled by left-leaning leadership that tend to harbor an anti-gun stance…largely because of their urban roots…but that view is not shared by the rank and file throughout the country…..

      • probably????….it was fashioned out of necessity…even opposed by some educators, at first…those unions, most…wouldn’t exist if there wasn’t a need for them…

    • The NEA makes the Teamsters and AFLCIO look like a bunch of pikers,however they always come out blameless.

      • they have considerable political clout…and have chosen not to ally themselves with gangsters…so far…enlisting politicians has proven more effective, in any case…much like the NRA, they’ve proven to be a powerful voting bloc…

  3. Teachers unions and “community control” destroyed NYC’s once-superlative public school system–I know, because I was there !!! DMD FRHS ’57

    • these “excesses” that some object to…are usually unique to large urban areas where the unions can influence the outcome of local elections….that’s hardly the case in the rest of the country…and applies to other govt. workers, as well…

      • I can see that possibility, but unlike some other areas, Austin is not going to overpower the rest of the state, it is a minor player.

  4. Like most all government unions and probably most all unions, the leadership is hard core left wing; need I say communist?

    All government unions should be outlawed. All states should enact right to work laws to free workers from union boss control.

  5. If you don’t fend for yourself you’re submitting yourself to the mercy (or lack thereof) of others.

  6. Tsk tsk. Lewis Machine and Tools, you forgot one of the key rules of any business. Before you export a product, make sure you get it right!

  7. “…it’s the same kind of mentality that says people should be fending for themselves as opposed to schools being communal institutions and organizations.” Hers is the same kind of mentality that believes individual people are nothing by themselves. Any value they may have derives solely from the group to which they have been assigned. Give up your guns, leaving yourself helpless in the face of a mugger, carjacker or home invader, because it might prevent two would be suicides from successfully offing themselves. We are getting close to it with autonomous vehicles. Ride one of them into a concrete abutment, because it followed the wrong white line, to save the lives of slobs more involved with their phones than the road.

    • By far the biggest hurdle to self-driving cars (even bigger than the fact that most people generally enjoy driving) is the fact that if you follow the wrong line and drive into a concrete abutment it’s you’re own damn fault, but if the car does it it’s the multi-billion dollar corporation’s fault. Monsanto just got slapped with a $289 million judgement despite a total lack of evidence, let alone proof, that Round Up causes ANY cancer, let alone this one particular individual’s. Imagine trying to make cars with those kind of stakes on the table.

    • The problem(?) with arguing against self driving cars is that even if they have a guaranteed 10% failure rate – which is impossibly high – they’ll still save hundreds of thousands of lives, if not more. And save billions of dollars avoiding stupid accidents.

      The fact that these corporations are working on this technology, knowing they’ll be on the line if the software causes an accident, is very telling.

      • I have no problem with saving hundreds of thousands of lives and billions of dollars in stupid accidents. My objection is to sacrificing tens of thousands of competent, conscientious drivers in crashes, caused by failures of AV technology, that they would have avoided had they been in control. There are safety features in modern automobiles (e.g. ABS and ESC) that I appreciate because they make me a more skillful driver than I could be on my own. What I fear is that the standard for acceptable AV performance will be so low, for the benefit of the careless and incompetent, that I will be at greater risk in an AV than when driving myself. The communitarians think that’s right and proper. I don’t.

        • My standard for such cars is pretty easy to understand. I’ll start looking into them when it is common, and legal, for a parent to walk out to start the car, tell it to go to the school and pick up his child and take her to piano lessons, close the door and watch it go on its way. I figure that’ll be around 100 years.

        • but consider the benefit if some drunk gets behind the wheel…presses the autopilot button…and says “Home, James”!….

  8. Still waiting for things to straighten out…Marching Moron, low information voters and Liberal SJW voters stand poised in various states to elect or re-elect “The same or more closet Authoritarians and tassel- loafer tyrants!??! Why on God’s green Earth 🌎 are we standing by while our U.S. Constitutional -Bill of Rights is continuing to be sherded before our very eyes…When will we get it all together and fight these DemoCommie pricks to the bitter end!?

    • Because incrementalism… Every time a Leftist makes two or three steps of progress towards their ultimate goal, “we” are satisfied when we get them to take one step back. Their constant overreaching is a great strategy because, even if they only end up with a quarter of what they wanted, they still make progress.

      The bottom line is that “shall not be infringed” has zero meaning in today’s world…

  9. LMT used to be known for making a great product. Maybe cut some corners for that contract? Tried to get them out too fast?

    • Sounds more like maybe a heat treatment problem at a sub. But, yeah, if it goes out the door with your name on it, it’s your problem.

  10. “I just don’t think we should be selling AR-15s in this country.

    I just don’t think we should be electing “Beta” in this country. The AR15 is america’s favorite rifle, and the “standard” magazine for it is 30rds. It’s too bad “Beta” hates freedom. Individual responsibility? Like teaching your kids not to kill people? That’s not the problem. The problem is the government doesn’t have enough “control” over the people. Sure “Beta.” Keep telling yourself that.

    • His line about the AR being solely designed to kill people is so tired as well. Firstly, it is not true, the AR was designed to be light and to take advantage of new-at-the-time materials and manufacturing methods. The cartridge it is most often chambered in was designed to kill prairie dogs. But, even if it was ‘designed to kill people’, so what? – it is still illegal to do so. I have some old blade weapons that were, in point of fact, designed to kill people. This doesn’t mean they are inherently evil, unprovoked killing of someone with them would be.

      A man who will not kill his neighbor can have all the killing machines in the world available to him and no one will be killed. A murderer, on the other hand, can have no weapons and the people around him are in danger. I don’t see why this is hard to understand.

    • the AR-15 issue has proven to be a good place to draw the line…there are millions out there…and ownership is still growing…this is probably headed for the SCOTUS for clarification and definition…..

  11. “…schools being communal institutions and organizations…”
    seems to me that they should all have the option to arm up then.
    the synagogue down the street from me is barricade surrounded (seriously, slag filled steel rope. not very aesthetic, but the city let them…) and has some idf lookin’ door monitors who seem very situationally aware for the hebrew school. i’m thinkin’ those kids feel extra saferer.
    all children should be so well protected.

    • kids in city schools are generally pretty well-protected…inside the building…it’s the suburban and rural schools with the “It can’t happen here” mentality that are falling prey to these mass shooters…

      • Actually it is urban schools where most school shootings occur. Look at everytown’s list. The large majority are urban.

  12. Whenever liberals tell me that the concept of a slippery slope with gun control is a logical fallacy, I point to Coumo. How much further can they go without banning all guns? At some point even a liberal court will have to say the laws run afoul of the 2A.

    As for O’Rourke, saying a particular gun is designed only for killing people… If I ever have to defend my life, my home or my fellow citizens from a tyrannical government, I don’t want a gun designed to shoot clay pigeons, I want a gun designed to kill people. That’s the whole point of the 2A.

    • they know that…and they still don’t care…it’s all about control….if you want to retain your rights you’re going to have to get active and fight for them…passivity breeds defeat….

  13. The TX race isn’t mine to vote in, but… “O’Rourke is an advocate of numerous anti-gun policies, including banning magazines over the standard capacity, ” So, exactly what is “the standard capacity”?

    • Depends on the gun. MY Sig P229 came with 12-rd mags, which are flush, but the same gun I bought for my son a few years later had mags with dimples stamped in the sheet metal to limit their capacity to 10 rounds, due to Clinton’s AWB. “Standard capacity” is 12 rounds, the 10-round mags are artificially restricted for political reasons, and nothing else. An AR-15, etc, well, we have a bunch of people think standard capacity is 30 rounds, but when I was introduced to it standard capacity was 20 rounds, 30 came later. Either way, standard capacity is NOT 10 rounds.

        • Yeah- THAT’S what I was referring to in my rhetorical question… My old M1-A came with a couple 20 round mags back in the early 1980s, for example. Glock 17s came with more than 10 rounders as they were initially sold, ditto even an old Browning Hi-Power from the 1930s. Just being cute.

    • New York is a classic example of a state that ought to split in two…the precedent was set with West Virginia…unfortunately, that would increase their senatorial clout….and may be opposed for that reason….

  14. Honey, you WILL “fend for yourself”, whether you like it or not. Just ask the kids and teachers at Marjorie Stoneman-Douglas HS. The only question is whether you’ll do the fending with or without a firearm.

    * Police have no legal duty to protect individuals.
    * Police have no legal liability when they fail to protect individuals.
    * Police not specifically assigned as bodyguards have virtually no ability to protect individuals.

    The police don’t protect individuals.  They draw chalk outlines around individuals unable or unwilling to protect themselves.

    If you’re not able and willing to protect YOURSELF, you’re just not going to get protected AT ALL.
    Anybody who tells you different is a LIAR.

      • “They’re legally obligated to try…for whatever that’s worth…”

        No, they’re NOT.

        You might want to look at Castle Rock and all of the other cases that SAY they’re NOT.

        * Were the Chicago cops who refused to protect the Black community from rioters and arsonists like future Mayor Richard J. Daley during the 1919 race riot prosecuted? No.
        * Were the Cleveland cops who claimed not to be able to see a race riot in 1986 prosecuted? No.
        * Were the LAPD cops who refused to protect Korean store owners during the Rodney King riots prosecuted? No.
        * Have the cowards of Broward County been prosecuted? No.
        * Can police who fail to protect individuals even be sued? No.

        For your education:

        Police Have No Duty To Protect Individuals
        by Peter Kasler

      • frank speak says:
        September 23, 2018 at 19:16
        They’re legally obligated to try…for whatever that’s worth…

        You have a number of posts that are wrong on the basic objective facts. Police are not “legally obligated” to do anything whatsoever that might expose them to personal risk.

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