Amber Guyger Police Shooting
courtesy Dallas Police Department
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The Worst Police Shooting Yet

This stinks to high heaven . . .

This is what we know so far. Jean was home alone in his apartment in the South Side Flats complexin Dallas when police officer Amber Guyger entered and shot him dead. The precise chain of events is somewhat disputed. The affidavit supporting Guyger’s arrest warrant states that she believed she was entering her own apartment, which was directly below Jean’s and laid out almost identically. When she placed her key in the lock, the door pushed open, the apartment was dark, she saw a “large silhouette” across the room, and she believed she was facing a burglar. She “drew her firearm” and “gave verbal commands,” which she claims Jean ignored. She fired twice, and only then, she says, entered the apartment, called 911, turned on the lights, and realized she’d made a terrible mistake.

These statements, however, don’t square with other testimony. One witness reported hearing a woman yelling, “Let me in! Let me in!” before the gunshots and a man’s voice saying, “Oh my God. Why did you do that?” after them.

Aside from the horrific details of the shooting itself, there are already troubling indications that Guyger’s identity as a police officer is providing her with actual, undeserved advantages in the prosecution of this case.

Diane Feinstein Assault Weapons Ban AR-15
courtesy and AP

Assault Rifles Aren’t the Weapon of Choice for ‘Active Shooters’

But what about the narrative? . . .

A large amount of coverage of gun violence in America focuses on when semi-automatic weapons are used, particularly when brought to bear in mass killings, given their capacity to quickly inflict grievous harm. The intensity of that media klieg light, however, may be disproportionate to how often those firearms are actually used in these bouts of sudden violence, which have been given a name: “active shooter events.”

A study published Tuesday in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that semi-automatic assault rifles were used in only about 25 percent of such U.S. incidents from 2000 to 2017. The rest of the time, firearms including handguns, rifles and shotguns were the weapon of choice.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation defines an active shooter event as “a situation in which an individual is actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a confined or populated area.” The researchers used FBI data on 248 U.S. shootings, as well as legal filings and media reports, to determine what weapons were used. The study may raise questions about whether calls to restrict only semi-automatics in the wake of such attacks are missing the bigger picture, one in which other weapons are used three times as often—albeit with less carnage.

Pennsylvania Second Amendment Sanctuary State

Pennsylvania Bill Would Set Foundation to Build a Gun Rights “Sanctuary State”

Going downstate Illinois one better . . .

A bill introduced in the Pennsylvania House would prohibit enforcement of some federal gun control laws. Passage of this bill would take a big step toward making Pennsylvania a sanctuary state for gun owners.

Rep. Daryl Metcalfe (R- Cranberry Township) introduced House Bill 357 (HB357) on Sept. 5, with 41 bipartisan cosponsors. Titled the “Right to Bear

Arms Protection Act, the bill would render any Federal law which attempts to register, restrict or ban a firearm, or to limit the size of a magazine of a firearm, “unenforceable within the borders of this Commonwealth.” This restriction would apply to both federal and state agents.

Baltimore Cops Police Toy Guns

Baltimore Cops Carried Toy Guns to Plant on People They Shot, Trial Reveals

Charm City . . .

Last week, the beginning of an explosive corruption trial involving eight members of Baltimore’s elite Gun Trace Task Force revealed that a handful of Baltimore cops allegedly kept fake guns in their patrol cars to plant on innocent people—a failsafe they could use if they happened to shoot an unarmed suspect, the Baltimore Sunreports.

Detective Maurice Ward, who’s already pleaded guilty to corruption charges, testified that he and his partners were told to carry the replicas and BB guns “in case we accidentally hit somebody or got into a shootout, so we could plant them.” The directive allegedly came from the team’s sergeant, Wayne Jenkins, the Washington Postreports. Though Ward didn’t say whether or not the tactic was ever used, Detective Marcus Taylor—another cop swept up in the scandal—was carrying a fake gun almost identical to his service weapon when he was arrested last year, according to the Sun.

Senator Durbin Blames GOP For Chicago Gun Violence. James Woods Smokes Him.

That’s hardly a fair fight . . .

Actor James Woods slammed Sen. Dick Durbin after the Democratic Illinois Senator blamed the Republican Party in a tweet for Chicago’s gun violence problem.

Durbin shared an ABC News report on his Twitter account about a 19-year-old “anti-violence activist” who was shot while standing outside a store in Chicago’s South Side.

“This is heartbreaking,” Durbin wrote. “Chicago has lost far too many aspiring young people to senseless gun violence. When will Republicans in Congress finally decide to act?”

California Cracks Down on Insurance Product Offered by NRA

Had to happen. Which state’s next? New Jersey? Maryland? Hawaii? . . .

California’s insurance regulator ordered the National Rifle Association to stop marketing an insurance product without being licensed.

A “Carry Guard” product was allegedly being marketed by the NRA in emails sent to subscribers that featured the group’s spokeswoman Dana Loesch and Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre, the regulator said Tuesday in a statement. In May, New York regulators said an investigation found that the NRA marketed those policies online and through the mail, while not having a license to do so.

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    • Yup, this is exactly why I leave my door open and prance around in the dark…

      Much of this is probably going to come down to any evidence available (assuming it is collected), most importantly: positions at the time of the shooting, and whether or not they had any prior relationship. Stay tuned.

        • What I am seeing/feeling at this point, I’ll mention the obvious ‘first’:

          B. Jean, the victim, is no longer here to in-fact orally/verbally report his side of the incident.

          Without some hard forensic evidence, –the reason– for the shooting will most likely be another fiction/novel; made-up (cannot be verified).

          THE SHOOTING:
          Civilian-Police, in my opinion, are nothing more than trained civilians; unless they have had prior military training, which should not be employed on homeland citizens. Given the following:

          This trained civilian LEO
          … just finished an extended-hour(s) shift
          … after returning home (in uniform), did not have the presence of mind/recognition to park her vehicle on the correct/same level as her flat/apt/abode.
          … physically inserted her door-key into an already unlatched door, by the way, this is challenging to accomplish, physics plays a roll ‘here’; the unlatched door would move.

          This is where I stop –with the reported details.

          When anyone has absorbed training, (medical, LEO, CDL driver), then puts that training to practice, multiple hours/days in succession, this is almost how you live 24/7/365. There may be times when you lapse, I.E. returning from vacation or sick leave, but not after you just finished a shift of professional work –for which you were trained to do.

          If anything, after the extended shift-hour(s), your training is still full-throttle. If not, the said person should not have submitted ones-self to those conditions citing safety concerns.

          Comparing the two apartments, I am willing to bet both apts. had a different odor that should have triggered one or more of the LEO’s spidy senses; not to forget the previously mentioned item –the door was unlachted.

          Clearing a house/apt by yourself, LEO or not, is not something advised for even trained personnel, unless you have enough body-armor from your weakest toe up-to your longest strand of hair.

          This is what ‘we’ see to this point in time.

    • Were the verbal commands the conflicting type such as:

      “Get down!”

      “Stay still!”

      “Get down!”

      “Stay still!”

      No matter what you do you’re going to get shot for not following the commands.

        • What gets impaired and what doesn’t is a weird, counter-intuitive mix.

          Psychoactive drugs act a lot like a temporary brain injury. What, exactly, is a weird product of the drug, the history-driven brain structure and patterns, and the immediate operating state like mood, neurotransmitter mis and stores, etc.

          I know more about this than I’d like. (I had an “Acquired Brain Injury.” Meaning I still have that. Brain injuries are forever…)

          I my case, in a properly-configured situation, I function cognitively more or less equivalent to my pre-injury peak. Easily disrupted, erodes with fatigue, get tired fast, likely won’t remember what I said, and a bunch of other limitations that confuse people.

          Just standing there is enough work that I get fatigued, and standing discernably impacts my other, seemingly unrelated cognitive functions. Distractions and movement other people don’t even notice reduce me to word salad. Practiced muscle-memory, or response sequences are robust, even when other stuff is eroded.

          I ask the kids at the coffee shop to put it down on the counter … we’re likely to be disappointed if I try to grab it hand-to-hand.

          The mix for a colleague of mine who was in a car wreck is … different.

        • The guy who said she should know the smell: that’s true. When I come home it’s second nature to smell the house. Sometimes I can smell the neighbor’s steak on the grill. Sometimes I smell a wet dog (who just came in). Rule 1 or 2 or 3 know your target.

          • If she’s anything like my wife, she uses an Air Freshener “Every-Hour-On-the Hour”, and should be able to SMELL her apartment as soon as she walks past the Front Door. And realize that’s SHE’s Not In Her Apartment…

        • Exactly! I did less than that and got wrongfully arrested by a testosterone over laden group of police men and woman fueled by an exaggerating 911 dispatcher called by a hyper-paranoid neighbor. Luckily for me, I was asleep in my own bed, alone (anyone heard of the Fourth Amendment?), and did not offer any resistance to the misguided officers. Still had to spend a long weekend behind bars, spend over $12K in legal bills and a month of monitored release. The court dropped the case. Damage done, at least I am alive, unlike Mr. Jean.

      • I’m sorry, at what point will YOU take commands from someone entering your home? Are you completely ignorant to reality???

    • she looks deranged. police depts will hire and keep deranged females and cover for them, let them cheat on tests and physical requirements. the police department should be sued for negligent retention.

  1. in case we accidentally hit somebody or got into a shootout

    It’s not really a shootout if the other guy doesn’t even have a BB gun until you plant one. It’s just a shooting.

    • Let me correct that for you. If the victim has to have a BB gun or replica planted on them it’s not just a shooting it’s murder.

    • I was thinking the same thing. If the other guy didn’t have any weapon until crooked cops planted a toy gun or BB gun on him, then what you engaged in was not a shootout, but rather a firing squad.

    • And these are the folks that we are supposed to ‘rely’ on should the progressive have their way…


  2. Durbin wrote. “Chicago has lost far too many aspiring young people to senseless gun violence. When will Republicans in Congress finally decide to act?”
    Why doesn’t Kim Foxx(D), Cook Co SA, try and convict some of the vast numbers of arrestees that are thrown her way? Why doesn’t the aldermen(I can’t think of any who aren’t D) tell their communities to stop covering for and start turning in these animals? Oh yeah, it’s because the gangs control Chicago by controlling the political class.
    Maybe take the vote away from convicted felons?

  3. Maybe PA can restore reciprocity to all the states it dropped a few years back. A Utah non-resident permit used to be recognized but not any more.

    • The (now convicted and imprisoned) former AG did that unilaterally. Whether she had the legal authority to do it is unclear, but the new AG hasn’t reversed it. Unfortunately, the Dem Governor Tom Wolf will not sign any bill that eases restrictions on ownership and use of guns in any way. That is also true of the Bill discussed in the article.

    • reciprocity agreements changed when our now convicted former AG decided she didn’t like them…and imposed a residency requirement forcing you to get a PA permit..

  4. My credit union sends me offers in the mail for life insurance. I doubt they are “licensed” to sell insurance.

  5. ” She fired twice, and only then, she says, entered the apartment, called 911, turned on the lights”

    Hang her even if this is 100% true. Cops are not exempt from the whole “know your target and what is beyond it”.

    ” the bill would render any Federal law which attempts to register, restrict or ban a firearm, or to limit the size of a magazine of a firearm, “unenforceable within the borders of this Commonwealth.””

    Given all NFA arms are registered and restricted while full auto is banned, this sounds like a welcome idea.

    • The law I want to see is the one slapping the State Police for keeping a database of “handgun transfers” (which is “legal” according to the courts) even though a gun registration database is illegal.

      • yeah, the way that state police database was obtained reeks of circumvention of existing law…they bypassed the normal legislative channels…thus not putting any career criminal…uh, legislator’s.. career at risk…and simply asked the state supreme court to rule that it was legal even though the fed’s [ashcroft] said it wasn’t…the whole thing stinks to high heaven…but such is the way things are done in the commonwealth…..

  6. From the National Review article: “…So far, Guyger is only charged with manslaughter. But all the available evidence indicates that she intentionally shot Jean. This wasn’t a warning shot gone awry. The pistol didn’t discharge during a struggle. She committed a crime by forcing open Jean’s door, deliberately took aim, and killed him.Texas law defines murder quite simply as “intentionally or knowingly caus[ing] the death of an individual.”…

    Overcharging would be the number one way to blow this otherwise open and shut case. The difference between manslaughter and murder isn’t nearly as simple as the author seems to believe and doesn’t rest on whether someone shot someone or not (i.e. she pulled the trigger, therefore murder). Crucially, while a jury deliberating capital murder charges can still find someone guilty of murder if they don’t agree on the higher charge, the statute doesn’t seem to allow the same ‘downgrade’ from murder to manslaughter.

    This wouldn’t be the first time public pressure screws up an otherwise good case.

    • Nobody is disputing that she killed an unarmed man in his home. But the difference between man slaughter and murder is intent. The state has to prove malice a forethought, pre meditation, lying in wait, etc…. so far, everybody I’ve listened to who says the idiot cop “murdered” this guy, seem to have a crystal ball that dramatically presupposes some sort of contrived drama between the two parties. Or they can magically read the mind of the stupid cop. It reminds me of all the claims about “hands up don’t shoot” or “Zimmerman was a racist” and the like. Maybe she did murder this guy, but if there is no proof that speaks to her intent, then all these hollow theories mean nothing…… so far the only thing that sounds even remotely sensical (albeit lame as hell) is that she made noise complaints against him in the past: So she came home from work and murdered him, because he played loud music a couple times. Gotta do better than that to get a murder charge to stick.

    • “This wouldn’t be the first time public pressure screws up an otherwise good case.”

      Very true. Over the past decade public awareness of formally discrete police practices has had a politicizing effect on police work. Time was that police shootings were, at best, reported in local newspapers and little else. The only people who paid specific attention to police culture and practices were criminologists—most of whom, observing the sharp social differentiation between the police and the public—defined the police as a deviant subculture. Police deviant behavior has now become a popular feature of public media with predictable results, i.e., politicization. None of this is good for American society in which, of course, the police are an important part.

      The result of all this is that regardless of the relevant facts, Guyger has a significantly better chance of walking away from this shooting where a private citizen would most likely face a murder conviction.

      • carrying a bb gun would be more incriminating than carrying a real one…which could always be passed off as a “backup”…

  7. Damn girl that’s worse than manslaughter…she murdered by all accounts a good Christian man. This had nothing to do with being a coppette. Dick sux…term LIMITS anyone?!?

    • Term limits can be enacted only by amending the US Constitution, which contains no such limits. Therefore, state imposed term limits are unconstitutional. California found this out the hard way.

      • DC will never allow term limits for themselves. I know some GOP have voted for that in the past, but only when they knew it wouldn’t pass.

  8. It’s beginning to look like NRA made a big mistake structuring their Carry Guard product as insurance. USCCA and, I think, several others are set up as associations with dues. This seems to sidestep state insurance regulators.

    I’m a scientist, not a lawyer, so if someone with a legal background can provide a better explanation, please do.

    • The founder of Second Call Defense made this exact point you’re talking about on the Lock and Load Radio podcast several months ago. Apparently it is illegal to have “Insurance” in case you commit a crime. So it’s actually not called Insurance in a legal sense. But in fact you are part of an association paying dues.

      The NRA is very late into this part of the gun rights issue. And it seems they don’t understand the law. I need to get better lawyers.

      • Nope nope nope. It is NOT illegal to have insurance if you commit a crime; rather, it is illegal for an insurance policy to pay indemnity for an intentionally wrongful act. The “intentional acts” exclusion and the exclusion for awards for punitive damages are enshrined in law. There is no suchthing as “murder” insurance. Moreover, the issue here is not the insurance itself, but the fact that the NRA is “selling” (or rather advertising or promoting) the product. On the other hand, the NRA ha been offering insurance products to its members for years, including firearms insurance, live insurance, home & auto, etc. etc through its “partners.” All insurance, however, is contracted through a licensed broker.

        • They NRA screwed up and didn’t follow the law, which was stupid because they know there are people out there who want to tear them down any chance they get. To me it appears to be a simple equation of GREED overtaking logic. The NRA has turned into a money making venture that actually cares less about your gun rights and more about taking your money for nothing to show.

          • You act like advocacy doesn’t cost real money. They advertise, lobby, litigate, etc, on an ongoing, nonstop basis.

        • the NRA wanted to get into an established market…and didn’t take time to do their homework…most of the products they offer can be beat in both price and quality by seeking it elsewhere…

  9. BB guns? Why don’t they just claim that the dead guy brandished his wallet, like the New York City cops did in the Amadou Diallo case after they pumped 19 rounds into the poor guy.

    • I guess they decided to go the toy gun route when a Gretna (across the river from New Orleans) was finally caught and convicted of murder after placing a real throw down gun at the scene of a bad shoot. the victim’s father, years later, was able to establish that the throw down had been slated for destruction after it was used to commit a crime—but apparently got picked off the conveyor belt before making it into the furnace. It used to be quite the common practice–and has always been highly illegal.

    • “45 shots”?…thank you bruce springsteen…hey!…let’s start a new video game called “mag dump”….

  10. I’ll be curious to see what the tox screen – they did blood tests that morning – show for the Dallas officer. “Let me in” doesn’t sound like something you yell when trying to enter your own apartment that you expect to be empty

  11. That cop looks like she has a bad drug problem.

    I heard that California wants to go carbon free in like 20 years. Does that mean they want to ban all petrol cars? What a bunch of fascists.

    • Great idea to go carbon free. That means in 20 years, no means of transportation anywhere into/out of the state. No petroleum based engines, no electric vehicles (uses polluting energy to recharge the batteries). Hopefully someone will have perfected the hydrogen powered car and can then sell them for a cool 1/4 million per copy, 300k to any state/municipal agency in the state.

      • Only one problem! The same technology that’s used to produce a Hydrogen Powered Vehicle used in producing an Electric Vehicle. So nothing changes, except the means of providing Mechanical Energy…

        • What changes is the lithium battery is replaced by a fuel cell.
          And lithium is starting to become scarce, or so they say.

          You still need rare earth magnets for the motors, the vast majority of which is mined in China, but so far it seems they have plenty to sell.

  12. Will any gun rights group in the state of Maryland be brave enough to make the case that the Second Amendment needs to be enforced for the individual since the Baltimore police are corrupt???

    And since the Baltimore mayor said criminals “need to be given room to destroy.”

  13. I don’t buy her claims for a second. She was either high/drunk, or busted in and killed him for a reason. The story is laughably stupid.

    It’s also not a “police shooting”. It’s an armed intruder who forced their way into an occupied home and murdered the owner.

    • The incident is “laughingly stupid” as are a many terrible tragedies, that’s why they end up being the actual event rather than a fiction; “you can’t make this sh@t up!”. That appears to be the case here, person who is tired, her mind on other things (“condition ultra-white/head deeply up her &ss”) goes to the wrong place and the stimulus causes her to immediately react with tragic consequences.

      It will be interesting to see if the mystery witnesses the race hustlers have found hold up their stories. I’ll trust the Rangers on this case.

      And this has never been considered a “police shooting”. It’s been an officer involved shooting.

  14. $100 bucks this is a jilted lover shooting. I’ll bet you they were involved. At least once. Then she made up the story because she’s a cop.

  15. “Baltimore Cops Carried Toy Guns to Plant on People They Shot, Trial Reveals”

    To ALL you MANY cop DOUSHEBAGS who called me a idiot and a liar and that I was telling stories when I said “..lots of cops STILL carry DROP GUNS..” KISS MY ASS !!!!!

    That is all.

  16. The anti gun, would be confiscators are coming for ALL semi autos. These filthy, Liberal Terrorists™️ MUST be designated as domestic enemies and the Citizen Militia MUST be authorized, deputized and indemnified in order to liquidate the 10’s of millions of these feral leftists that pose an existential threat to our Constitutional Republic.

    • No, my friend, they’re coming for all guns. Semiautos are just what some of them think they can get right now.

    • Post like this are why folks like you need to learn to self muzzle yourself instead of posting.
      I’m sure it made you feel all keyboard commando like channeling Pol Pot and wanting to create American killing fields but the vast majority of folks out there including me would resist. And since I am armed that means one of us would need to kill the other. I expect that the majority of other armed folks feel the same so hopefully your fetid dream would meet a quick end if it were ever attempted.
      The odds of your TEOTWAWKI nightmare ever taking root are slim to none but the odds of others using your post as why we need to be disarmed are a lot higher. See, look at the rabid gun nut wanting to kill anyone who does not conform to his rigid beliefs. Pretty sad when you succeed in making someone like a Hogg look like a better choice.

      • tough talk fades at crunch time…if they want you they’ll get you…if they want to disarm you they can accomplish that as well…in an increasing number of ways…the only real defense…beyond the legal…is to band together..something that is hard to do when you’re busy trying to make a living….

  17. It is very suspicious with this case involving Guyger . Most people that live alone would not enter the apartment if a stranger was inside but retreat and call police. There could have been other people that were armed inside and it would have been lights out. A trained police officer like her would not go in without back up . Sounds like she was allowed inside and had an issue with the occupant .

    • Tactically, standing silhouetted in a lighted hall outside a dark room, framed by the doorway, seems a very poor position.

      • All “Monday Morning Quarterbacking” now, but that’s not how the real world presents itself and a person responds. People in “condition white” transition to “red” and act, its the way it is, probably the same for you.

  18. . Perhaps the good police force need a three day waiting period to purchase a toy gun?

  19. You folks in California need to vote Feinstein out……just for spite.
    DeLeon is too stupid to be anywhere near as dangerous.
    If every conservative pulled the lever for the loco pissant, it would send the old hag home.

    • Though, at least Feinstein is relatively sane on a few issues. Gun rights is not one of those issues, but DeLeon is batsh!t crazy top to bottom.

    • Please try to use your head and say something constructive that others might agree with. Your comment only makes you look stupid and, most unfortunately, ignorant.

  20. God! If you’re going to carry a plant gun at least make it real! The infamous “Spanish Automatic” of NYPD fame would suffuse.

  21. The Geiger shooting is going to be a tough one to solve. No bodycam footage, since she was off-duty when it happened. Probably no decent CCTV camera footage. It sounds like there may be a few witnesses that heard something, but probably no one that saw anything. I will say this, there’s a good chance she was never qualified to be a police officer in the first place: Dallas PD is having a very hard time getting new hires, let alone keeping the officers they already have. So, they’re going to take what they can get, unfortunately.

    And James Woods is the man. Anyone can rebut a tweet from a left-winger, but his tweets are always witty and incisive.

  22. The NRA backed the only “shoot the police officer law” in the state of Indiana several years ago. Unfortunately the rest of the gun community doesn’t support it going to all 50 states. Even the Libertarians Liberals and the Left don’t support this law. Why?

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