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Judge Kavanaugh and the Second Amendment

A must-read from Dave Kopel on Brett Kavanaugh’s view of gun rights . . .

As Justice Kavanaugh explained, semi-automatic rifles date back to the Winchesters and Remingtons of 1903-06. Meanwhile, “The first semi-automatic shotgun, designed by John Browning and manufactured by Remington, hit the market in 1905 and was a runaway commercial success….Many of the early semi-automatic rifles were available with pistol grips. These semi-automatic rifles were designed and marketed primarily for use as hunting rifles, with a small ancillary market among law enforcement officers.” (citing John Henwood, The Forgotten Winchesters.) “Semi-automatic rifles remain in common use today, as even the majority opinion here acknowledges.”

Although a few states and municipalities ban some categories of semi-automatic rifles, most of the country does not, and even the bans that exist are significantly narrower than D.C.’s. What the Supreme Court said in Heller as to D.C.’s handgun ban thus applies just as well to D.C.’s new semi-automatic rifle ban: “Few laws in the history of our Nation have come close to the severe restriction of the District’s” law. 554 U.S. at 629. …

in its 1994 decision in Staples, the Supreme Court already stated that semi-automatic weapons “traditionally have been widely accepted as lawful possessions.” 511 U.S. at 612. Indeed, the precise weapon at issue in Staples was the AR-15. The AR-15 is the quintessential semi-automatic rifle that D.C. seeks to ban here. Yet as the Supreme Court noted in Staples, the AR-15 is in common use by law-abiding citizens and has traditionally been lawful to possess.

Brett Kavanaugh nomination Trump Supreme Court
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Gun Owners of America Statement on Pres. Trump’s Nomination of Kavanaugh to SCOTUS 

Reason No. 7,593 why the anti-gun left is apoplectic (well, more than usual) today . . .

“Gun Owners of America is optimistic that Judge Brett Kavanaugh will be a huge improvement over the retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy on many constitutional issues, including the Second Amendment.

“Initial reports suggest that Judge Kavanaugh deeply respects the Second Amendment, even though he was not the strongest of the finalists.

“Nevertheless, Judge Kavanaugh filed a pro-gun dissent in Heller II, arguing that Washington, DC’s ban on semi-automatic firearms was arbitrary and unlawful.

“In fact, his dissent was so well argued that GOA’s subsequent legal briefs have repeatedly held up his dissent as the model to follow.

Dallas Cowboys Marquez White Brandishing Gun Assault Road Rage Charge

Marquez White Responds To Assault Charge

Brandishing or defensive gun use? . . .

Cowboys cornerback Marquez White responded Monday to reports that he has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon stemming from an incident that occurred last October while driving in the Dallas suburb of Plano.

In a statement obtained by his hometown newspaper, the Dothan (Ala.) Eagle, White says he and his legal team “believe strongly that this a personal attack on my image as well as the Star.” White told the paper that he flashed his weapon – a legally-owned gun, according to reports – after his life was threatened during a road rage incident.

FBI agent charged in shooting while dancing gets gun back

Because only highly trained law enforcement agents are qualified enough to carry a firearm . . .

An FBI agent accused of accidentally dropping and firing his gun while dancing at a Denver nightspot, hitting a bystander in the leg, can carry his work weapon again as he considers a possible plea deal.

A judge allowed the change to Chase Bishop’s conditions for release from jail during a short court hearing Tuesday.

Bishop’s lawyer, David Goddard, told Judge Fran Simonet that the FBI strongly encourages its agents to carry the service weapons when they are not working. Prosecutors did not object, so Simonet said Bishop could be armed both on and off duty.

Bishop will still not be allowed to drink or use drugs while his case is pending.

Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick Giffords Endorsement

A Top Gun Control Group Just Endorsed a Republican Gun Rights Defender

It’s cute that Mother Jones thinks the Giffords endorsement is “coveted.” And the fact that Fitzpatrick got that endorsement means he’s been doing it wrong . . .

Last week, Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick received a coveted endorsement that no other Republican has obtained this election cycle. Fitzpatrick, the GOP incumbent in Pennsylvania’s highly competitive 1st Congressional District, won the approval of Giffords, the gun control organization founded by Gabby Giffords, the former Arizona congresswoman who was severely injured in a 2011 shooting.

The group lauded the freshman lawmaker’s support for expanding background checks and for restricting assault weapons sales. It also praised his across-party-lines vote against a bill that would require states to recognize the validity of concealed-carry permits issued by other states—a top legislative priority for the National Rifle Association. “Congressman Fitzpatrick is a leader in the Republican caucus on the issue of gun safety,” the Giffords group wrote.

The Giffords announcement has raised more than a few eyebrows, putting Democratic operatives at odds with a gun control group they usually view as an ally. In part, that’s because Fitzpatrick’s record hasn’t always aligned with Giffords’ portrayal of him.

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  1. Wow Gabby endorses a RINO. She must have a hole in the head. I’ve read and heard some amazing claptrap about Brett today. That GOA speaks well of him is telling(they seem to hate everyone). With some 300 decisions/motions everyone won’t be happy. Had an African fella go on and on that he was unfit because he wasn’t”anti-abortion”. On a GUN FB page. Lord he’s Catholic and appears to be devout. They’re all anti-abortion. Duh…

    • (Giffords) ” She must have a hole in the head.”

      Two actually. In and out.

      She only survived because he used FMJ…

  2. If the FBI lets that numbskull carry a gun on his credentials (i.e. not suspended) they’re as stupid as he is.

    • Seems by what I’ve seen in the news that, They are that dumb.

      i’m starting to think that ‘the swamp’ needs to be drained all the way to Quantico.

  3. Did the socialists/communists/fascists(all the same) think we would just roll over for them?

    Wait til November. There will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth from the left. Some violence will result as they realize they’ve finally been stopped.

    Regardless of your opinion of shotguns you should have one. Hard to get ballistics from a shotgun.

        • The 20 gauge sounds like the one to get.

          I’ve also been half-eyeing that Silencerco (?) shotgun can, and using that for home defense.

          It would be kinder to my tinnitus-dinged ears.

          Either that or building up an AR-platform SBR with a .30 cal can on it…

        • Bought one in 20guage about 12 hours ago. Last one on the shelf and LGS, and usually packed full of 12g. It was a sign. I’ll take it out Sunday or Monday and see how it is, but looking forward to it regardless.

        • I have the 12 and I find it pretty tame, actually, surprisingly so. Nowhere close to the 3.5s in my Mossy turkey gun. Shockwave is a blast to shoot, just got a laser and rail to mount. Before I put it up I was blasting stuff pretty good with the .00 from hip-level. I may get the 20 for my wife, but she didn’t have any problem with the 12 either. That raptor handle works, great design.

        • Or you could get the standard tubular magazine 12ga model, get an OPSol mini clip, and use Aguila 12ga minishells. Less recoil than standard 2.75″ 12ga shells, higher number of rounds in the magazine, and no bulky magazine hanging off.

        • 20 gauge isn’t necessarily lighter recoiling than 12 gauge. There’s a lot of overlap in their respective loadings. Sending the same mass of lead down range at the same velocity produces the same amount of recoil energy. 12 gauge shotguns are around a pound heavier than comperable 20 gauge models on average, so with similar loads, the 12 gauge has less felt recoil. Just get low recoil 12 gauge shells.

    • I’m going to enjoy the Leftard’s said gnashing,moaning,pissing,whining and crying immensely,great entertainment. I thought the Burmeister may have stroked out at mondays announcement of Brett Kavanaugh.

    • Don’t count your November chicks before they are hatched….

      Hopefully, the Left will continue their fine work in support of conservative candidates. And hopefully more conservatives show up to vote than Leftists.

    • And when the dems loose it will because Russia and the evil NRA interfered in the elections. Replay of Hellery’s list of excuses.

  4. The group lauded the freshman lawmaker’s support for expanding background checks and for restricting assault weapons sales.

    Wait, when do we get to the “Gun Rights Defender” part?

  5. Wait- Giffords endorsed a Republican who wants to ban ar15’s And opposes National Reciprocity and that’s somehow unexpected? That filthy Republican should be indicted and executed for treason.

    • At the very least, he should get de-elected. An endorsement from the human sock puppet should be the kiss of death for a Republican. We’ll see.

      • Yes, it should be. The problem now (post-Primary) is that means a Democrat takes the seat. No doubt at LEAST as anti-Liberty and likely worse. Plus they contribute to giving the majority to the Democrats.

        I know internet prognosticators love to pontificate about blowing up the two-party system and only voting for pure candidates. Real life is messier. Republicans suck, until you compare them to Democrats. The anti-Freedom forces aren’t gonna stand aside while Conservatives cleanse the party. They will take power and begin pogroms to stamp out opposition once and for all.

        I’ve already seen articles about how the left needs to pack the SCOTUS next time they have the chance to forever ensure they are friendly.

  6. “(FBI agent) Bishop will still not be allowed to drink or use drugs while his case is pending.”

    How nice.

    The FBI can use drugs while they are not under investigation?

  7. ‘An FBI agent accused of accidentally dropping and firing his gun while dancing at a Denver nightspot…’

    Exactly who is ‘accusing’ this agent of this? The videographer? The dude was videoed dropping his gat and picking it up by the trigger. He’s not accused, he’s been busted red handed.

    • Seriously? What about due process, friend? The state of Colorado is formally accusing him. In criminal court. Until conviction, it’s “alleged” and “accused”

    • Would be great at the state level, but I don’t see how it falls within the federal government’s powers.

      • Many states (and D.C.) have had them for years (typically passed as anti-KKK laws):

        California not only has one, but if memory serves they also have a provision that makes it a crime for law enforcement not to enforce the mask law (again, going back to the heyday of the KKK, where local law enforcement looked the other way).

        But will California and other “woke” jurisdictions ever enforce these laws on their books against Antifa? Of course not. That’s different because shut up.

        • Which is why the feds must get involved. If the states refuse to stand up for human and civil rights then the feds must. States rights stop when they violate the rights of the individual.

        • “But will California and other “woke” jurisdictions ever enforce these laws on their books against Antifa? Of course not. That’s different because shut up.”

          That’s where video recording of cops doing nothing about masked thugs will come in oh-so-very-handy…

    • “The bill also includes 2 years of jail time for “Destroying buildings or property” while wearing a mask or disguise.”

      Does the law also include a law enforcement officer exemption?
      Or will the paramilitary police death squads have to stop wearing masks?

  8. “Bishop will still not be allowed to drink or use drugs while his case is pending.”

    Oh, so you’re saying he can’t indulge his meth habit while the case is pending then…that’s harsh, man.

  9. I’m positive if any of us shot someone after doing a backflip, drunk, would be shown the same considerations and leniency.


  10. All of those articles about FBI dumbass are all saying “it went off”.

    Tired from this. It’s a Glock. It doesn’t go off. It can’t just “go off”. You literally, have to pull the trigger.

  11. Sounds like Marquez had a legit reason for flashing his gun. If someone says they want to kill you, and they can do so, it’s time to pull your piece and show them you the error of their ways

  12. As D.C. (born and ass-bred) broke-d1<k In-"Justice Kavanaugh [FAILED TO EXPLAIN], semi-automatic rifles date back to . . ."

    Ferdinand Ritter von Mannlicher produced the first successful design for a semi-automatic rifle in 1885. (

    "The Girandoni air rifle was an airgun designed by Tyrolian inventor Bartholomäus Girandoni circa 1779. The weapon was also known as the Windbüchse ("wind rifle" in German). One of the rifle's more famous associations is its use on the Lewis and Clark Expedition to explore and map the western part of North America in the early 1800s.
    . . . The Girandoni air rifle was in service with the Austrian army from 1780 to around 1815. Many references to the Girandoni air rifles mention lethal combat ranges of 125 to 150 yards and some extend that range considerably. The advantages of a high rate of fire, no smoke from propellants, and low muzzle report granted it acceptance.
    . . . The Girandoni air rifle was an important first. It was the first repeating rifle of any kind to military service.[citation needed] It was one of the first uses of a tubular magazine. (

  13. “Bishop will still not be allowed to drink or use drugs while his case is pending.”

    What about dancing? That should be prohibited too. I cite the case of U.S. v. Footloose (1984).


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