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Obama advisor Dan Pfeiffer really does want to confiscate your guns.

Remember, no one wants to take away your guns . . . Former Obama Senior Adviser Comes Out and Says the US Should Do Gun Confiscation

Dan Pfeiffer, former senior adviser to former President Barack Obama and co-host of a podcast called “Pod Save America,” wrote his detailed plan to solve mass shootings like the recent one in Las Vegas.

In his post at the Crooked podcasting platform site, Pfeiffer writes that the reason no major gun control laws have been passed and signed is mostly because Republicans are in the pocket of the National Rifle Association — but also because Democrats don’t push the issue hard enough. …

While Pfeiffer never says the word “confiscation,” a gun buyback program is essentially one because you have to turn in the firearms within a certain time period or face consequences. It makes things easier for authorities to identify who has the guns if the country also implements the national gun registry he first suggested.

More impotent, transparent deflection . . . Alleged Sexual Predator and Hollywood Mogul Harvey Weinstein Threatens NRA (Again)

As for Weinstein’s recent threats against NRA, gun owners shouldn’t lose any sleep over the alleged sexual predator’s bluster. Even if Weinstein weren’t preoccupied with mounting legal woes, the producer isn’t much for follow-through. In response to criticism of his 2014 comments on The Howard Stern Show, Weinstein said he would curtail his support for violent movies. Weinstein said, “I have to choose movies that aren’t violent or as violent as they used to be,” and, “I know for me personally … I can’t continue to do that.  The change starts here.  It has already.  For me, I can’t do it.  I can’t make one movie and say this is what I want for my kids and then just go out and be a hypocrite.” A year later, Weinstein put out the blood-soaked Quentin Tarantino film The Hateful Eight.

On October 8, the Weinstein Company board, which includes Weinstein’s brother Bob, fired the embattled producer. Given the criminal implications of some of the allegations against the mogul, and reports of an FBI investigation, it is has yet to be determined if Weinstein’s retirement party will be held at a state or federal penitentiary.

Lyman products new Guardian Grip for J-frame revolvers.

Lyman® Products Introduce the GuardianGrip™

Lyman® Products is proud to unveil the first in a grip that offers the concealment of a compact with the shooting control of a full-size grip: the GuardianGrip™, by Pachmayr, a division of Lyman Products. The patented design allows the user to simply squeeze the button on the front of the grip and a spring loaded finger extension drops down out of the GuardianGrip, converting a two-finger compact grip into a controllable three finger grip.

Cop shoots Idaho ranger in bull euthanasia gone tragically wrong.

Appropriately enough, from the Daily Beast . . . Lawsuit: Idaho Father Killed By Doomsday Prepper Deputy In Bull Euthanasia Gone Awry

The events of that November 2015 night remain the subject of fierce debate in Adams County, Idaho, where Yantis and his family owned a cattle ranch. When Yantis and his family went outside to shoot the bull, they encountered two sheriff’s deputies at the scene. The deputies fired at least 14 shots at Yantis, killing him on the spot. Both deputies claimed the shooting was in self-defense.

But in a lawsuit against the sheriff’s office filed on Friday, Yantis’ family describes the incident as murder by an officer who had previously spoken of a looming societal collapse, during which he would allegedly need to kill looters.

Katie Pavlich: Gun Rights are Women’s Rights

The right to bear arms isn’t just a constitutional issue — it’s a women’s rights issue. Author and commentator Katie Pavlich explains why guns are the great equalizer between men and women.

The Chicago Tribune's Amy Dickenson thinks open carry is the same as an unattended firearm.

OMG! My children might see a gun! OMG! . . . Gun-toting brother-in-law wants to open-carry around kids

Dear Amy: My brother-in-law and I don’t have a particularly good relationship, and one of the sticking points is gun ownership.

He believes in the right to carry (openly), and I think guns should be carried only by police.

Every time I ask him not to bring guns near our family (we have three young children), he gets unbelievably offended.

Is there a polite way to ask him to please leave his guns at home?

Virginia Civil War reenactors flip the bird to those who threaten them.

Because American history is irredeemably racist. Or something . . . ‘We wanted to send a message’: Reenactors stage Civil War battle despite threat

Late Sunday morning, hundreds of Civil War reenactors concluded their battle on a rolling patch of grass 80 miles west of Washington.

In normal years, taps would be played and each side would march back to its tent encampments. But this was hardly a normal year. Last week, organizers announced they had received a letter threatening “bodily harm” to attendees. And Saturday, the battlefield had to be temporarily cleared because a suspicious device, possibly a pipe bomb, was found.

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  1. Hey I’m just gonna put this out there, not trying to thread hi jack, but that troll more dead soldiers hasn’t commented, at all I believe, since someone went nuts in Vegas… just saying.

    • Yep. Also 2ASux has been noticeably absent. Maybe he was the shooter in Vegas, or maybe he did us all a favor and did a Private Pyle reenactment.

    • Perhaps the DNC should be compelled to explain why not only was the Las Vegas shooter one of their own, but why there is a “statistical anomaly” of why about 7 in 10 spree killers are Registered Democrats.

      Is there something in the water at Tamany Hall?

    • I believe comrade more dead soldiers hasn’t commented since the Hurricane.

      Maybe he got caught in his momma’s basement and the bloated corpse hasn’t been found yet?

    • Chris Dorner actually posted on the cnn discus forums while he was carrying out his rampage, so it wouldn’t surprise me.

    • I’ve been accused on more than one occasion of being this more dead soldiers guy…I suppose if you want to heap abuse on someone you can heap it on me.


  2. Not gonna lie… That Guardian Grip looks gimmicky, but at the same time I really really want to try it on my J-frame.

    • Yup, looks like a gimmick, but it’s probably going to be the greatest thing ever. Put that grip on a 3 inch revolver and I can’t think of a more perfect backup gun.

    • Looks gimmicky to me. I wonder how long it takes to deploy the extension. Might be cumbersome except in ideal situations…but you can’t plan on things being ideal…

  3. “But all responsible gun owners use gun safes, and that is where they keep their deadly weapons, not slung on their hips.”

    Makes one wonder what all those holsters are for. Also I guess cops, hunters and everyone else who ever removes a gun from a safe is, under this definition, an “irresponsible gun owner”.

    Personally I think Abby doesn’t know her ass from a hole in the ground.

    • Abby HAS been dead for years. Now it is Dear Amy. [email protected]. The mail address is in Addison Texas, wherever that is (too lazy to Google it).

      I couldn’t help myself: I wrote to complain.

      Boy, Amy, did you ever miss the boat on your advice to “Concerned Dad.” By your own statistics, there are fewer than 200 children accidentally killed by guns each year, and although each child death is a tragedy, the number is statistically insignificant. In fact, according to CDC statistics, a child is more likely to drown and far more likely to be accidentally poisoned that being shot.Moreover, even by the most conservative estimate, firearms are used in defense of self or others 60,000 times a year (and the most liberal estimate is 2.5 million times a year), or 165 to 6800 times a day (most of which do not result in shots fired).
      Yes, it is critical that firearms cannot be left unattended and must be secured in some fashion. No matter how well hidden or how high the shelf, children will find a way. But a firearm is just as safely stored in a belt holster as it is in a safe. But these incidents demonstrate a point that must have gone completely over your head: these deaths result from unsupervised access to unsecured firearms, not firearms legally carried on one’s hip or in one’s waistband, whether by a citizen exercising his or her Second Amendment right or by law enforcement officers. I just cannot imagine a child successfully disarming an adult and injuring him/herself or others.
      What Concerned Dad’s real issue is that he has no experience with firearms and he fears them. I was once that Dad. But I learned safe handling of firearms, and taught my children as well, and I am one of the more than 7 million Americans who legally and safely carry firearms every day.

      [I wanted to add that she should have also told Concerned Dad to grow a pair, but I restrained myself.]

  4. Sure…bring your confiscation on. Good luck on that doofus. Civil War II in 3…2…1. 😡😡😡😡😡😡

      • Someday people will wonder why people ever had windows on their homes and cars, the utter folly. But after that jurassic “SHTF” period, where the evil POS (D) is hunted to extinction, we can get back to the finer things (like keeping an eye out for the next human weakness to shit out a new pile of them).

      • I asked a journalist friend (AP) if she was willing to have her next door neighbors’ house (police officers) burned down and the fire department held off by snipers. It took her a minute (and she’s one of the SMARTER Democrats) to realize that confiscation is a very, very bad idea.

  5. ‘…simply squeeze the button on the front of the g rip and a spring loaded finger extension drops down out of the GuardianGrip, converting a two-finger compact gr ip into a controllable three finger gri p.’

    Phftbphth… I have not one, but two .44magnums that have two finger grips and they’re both perfectly comfortable to shoot. Man up and grow a pair already!

    • Yeah, that birdshead Vaquero of yours is a beauty, no doubt about it.
      Gotta admit I’m a bit jealous… my 5″ one is not EDC material.

      • I’ve carried the 6-1/2″ before but that requires a shoulder hols ter and a bulky coat.

        Nice thing about Ruger’s SAs is they’re relatively cheap. I’d have paid close to 50% more for a Super Redhawk over that Vaquero.

  6. “squeeze the button on the front of the grip and a spring loaded finger extension drops down out of the GuardianGrip, converting a two-finger compact grip into a controllable three finger grip.”

    Why does GuardianGrip have against people who only have two fingers?

    Maybe they gave the finger to Harvey Swinestein.

  7. Pfeiffer lacks the balls to confiscate guns himself. He will be somebody’s plaything when it hits the fan. A third of the country , at least, owns a firearm. Who does he think is gonna back any turn in scheme and then deliver “consequences ” for non compliance?
    I don’t think these people think things through.

    • I commented on this as well. Not one of these people has a plan. Even if they did know where all the guns are, there is still no way to collect them all, there isn’t nearly enough manpower.

      I think because the left is so used to being deified and worshiped by their constituents, it doesn’t compute when it’s brought up that the bulk of gun owners won’t do as instructed. They aren’t used to non-compliance. Most leftists are invertebrate and utterly dependent upon their progressive overlords. We aren’t.

      • Sure they have a plan. It’s not a plan that confiscates every firearm in the United States, rather, it is a plan that uses administrative regulation to make life miserable for law abiding gun owners and lawful citizens easy targets for felony prosecution.

        • ^This. Get more laws on the books, make more people into criminals, and it’s that much easier to throw those pesky political opponents in jail. Selective enforcement of the law is a favorite tool of tyrants.

        • You’re not wrong, however, that’s not going to be nearly effective enough for them. Take places like Connecticut and New York State, where guns with “military features” were required to be registered, and only a very small percentage were. Ok, they’ve managed to inconvenience gun owners and relegate the standard AR-15 to a gun that stays in the closet. But they know people still have those guns, and that’s what drives them crazy. Administrative hurdles aren’t going to be enough.

          Wait until the Dems someday retake control of both houses of Congress and have the POTUS. Still might be many years away, but it will happen. Then things are going to get very…..interesting.

      • “I think because the left is so used to being deified and worshiped by their constituents, it doesn’t compute when it’s brought up that the bulk of gun owners won’t do as instructed.”

        Election night should have been very instructive. The left has managed to insulate itself from reality very well, to the point that they believe everything they say.
        They simply can’t imagine that their ideas (and subsequent laws) would be disobeyed to the point of violence; they are that sure they are so right that everybody (except those who are deranged enough to actually like guns, of course) will see the goodness of the laws and comply without complaint.

  8. “an officer who had previously spoken of a looming societal collapse, during which he would allegedly need to kill looters”

    Stipulate. What does this have to do with the case at hand. And why does it take TWO years to file anything legitimate.

    • I think the news story is using the prepper thing for sensationalism. The family is pointing out that the deputy might not have been mentally fit for the job. Funny how they want to take semi autos from everyone else but pigs, being more equal than the other animals, get to keep them:

      “When Yantis’ family ran to his aid, the officers allegedly ordered them to the ground at gunpoint. Yantis’ nephew Rowdy found himself lying facedown, at the end of Wood’s AR-15.

      “Deputy Wood stepped or knelt on Rowdy’s back and violently wrenched his arms upward. Rowdy told Deputy Wood that he had a shoulder injury, and asked Deputy Wood not to pull his arms so hard,” the family’s suit alleges.

      “Deputy Wood ignored Rowdy’s pleas, handcuffed him, and pulled violently on his arms. Deputy Wood then placed the barrel of his AR-15 to the back of Rowdy’s head. Rowdy thought that Deputy Wood was about to kill him.”

      Yantis’ wife, who was handcuffed at gunpoint after watching her husband die, had a heart attack on the spot and was airlifted to a hospital, the family says.

      • As the officers were acting out of control and beyond the scope of their duties in aggressively assaulting the family, return fire killing them would have been allowed! The family was under deadly assault for no legal reason!

  9. “Alleged Sexual Predator and Hollywood Mogul Harvey Weinstein Threatens NRA (Again)”

    I believe that being despised by the despicable is as good as being admired by the admirable. – a TTAG commenter (name forgotten, but comment remembered) a few years ago

  10. Damnit Barry!!! Man why you gotta throw us under the bus? You, Bush, and Clinton are the reason everybody hates us!!!

    • They are the reason people hate the atf? I doubt that. The atf does quite enough evil deeds on its own to be hated. Not to mention that whole unelected tyrant thing each fed with a badge has going on.

    • I would think that selling firearms to drug cartels, one of which killed a federal border agent, was enough reason to hate ATF. Obama OK’d that operation.

  11. Truth hurts, all of the issues listed above, involving a problem, arr caused by the evil POS (D) and they are not only imbued with the problem, but they are fing proud of it.


  12. “Is there a polite way to ask him to please leave his guns at home?”

    Yes, say “please leave your guns at home or don’t come to my home”. There’s no polite or constitutional way to FORCE him to disarm though, and that’s as intended.

    • Yes, though it might get him excluded from family gatherings. Perhaps that’s what the carrier is trying to accomplish? “Sorry, hon, I’d really like to go hang with [weenie leftist relative], but they just don’t want me to come over. You go ahead, I’ll tough it out here.”

  13. Abby is never to be considered an authority on anything involving firearms! Statistically speaking, 98.9% of all liberal females have absolutely NO common sense or intelligence regarding firearms! They resort to hysterical emotional female responses as a means to solve the problem! Their mindset refuses to believe that there are any violent gun bearing criminals out there that will do them harm. And by denial, the problem will never happen! Any wonder why more women are always the victims of violent crime? I have participated in historical reenactments for years. I enjoy doing it and learning. I do plan on participating in Civil War enactments. And God help the SOB that decides to intervene with violence! Because they will very quickly come to realize the error of their ways! The use of bayonet, tomahawk and live fire is not unknown to me! And I am not alone in this. From F&I through all major periods of our Nation’s conflicts, our ranks are filled with those that will not be intimidated by such left wing extremists.

  14. All of these years, we hear the left come out in favor of forced “buybacks” and confiscation, but not once do they indicate how they intend to implement it. It’s like that old joke, “widget + ? = profit”.

    Ok, do a buyback. Order the guns confiscated. Simply commanding gun owners to turn their guns in won’t work. So what else ya got?

    • make them the same offer.

      “You give up your ‘gun’ and I will get you to give up everything else.” [J.M. Thomas R., TERMS, 2012, Pg. 39].

  15. “In his post at the Crooked podcasting platform site, Pfeiffer writes that the reason no major gun control laws have been passed and signed is mostly because Republicans are in the pocket of the National Rifle Association — but also because Democrats don’t push the issue hard enough. …”

    Hmmm? Not scared that the citizenry might rise up and wipe them from the face of the earth?

    The citizens aren’t trying hard enough, I guess.

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