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 Wake up and smell the Black Hill Ammunition contest goodies (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

Ah remember those days when you could choose what type of ammo you wanted to buy? Well those days are back! In our collective imagination. Imagine unlimited ammo availability and an unlimited budget. How much of what would you buy? And if you’d like to win some Black Hills Ammunition coffee, a Cuisinart coffee grinder and a big ass Black Hills branded bag—fo’ shizzle—provide your ammo wish list AND finish this sentence: “You can’t have enough ammo because . . . ” We’ll announce the winner at the same time tomorrow.

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  1. .44 Special
    .9mm luger
    .45 ACP
    .40 S&W

    “You can’t have enough ammo because…because I read TTAG and I know how many idiots are out there, both in office and out, so I come prepared!”

    • Another lover of the .9mm. I wish I could try one to see what the attraction is. I’ve been shooting for about 50 years and I’ve never even seen one.

      • I made a mistake! I apologize, I hope you never suffer such embarrassment to your family name, as I have shamed mine by using a mere decimal when one did not belong. I beg forgiveness good sir.

        • Lighten up JB. The .9mm is a running joke on this site. Like the shoulder thingy that goes up. No insult was intended. I apologise if it was taken as such.

      • I seriously was more embarrassed than offended! I was trying to play along, but I failed at that too apparently:)

  2. .40 S&W

    “You can’t have enough ammo because…If you could you’d be able to find it in stock.”

    • Steve in Mass! I hail from there, one point in time. Maine now. I feel your pain.

      5.56, .45, 9mm – all for business.

      You can’t have enough ammo because there are far too many reasons to shoot.

    • Steve in Mass! I hail from there, one point in time. Maine now. I feel your pain.

      5.56, .45, 9mm – all for business.

      You can’t have enough ammo because there are far too many reasons to shoot!

  3. 9mm
    .35 Whelen
    120mm M829A1

    “You can’t have enough ammo because…those zombies aren’t going to kill themselves!”

  4. .44 mag
    5,000 rounds of Black Hills 77 grain 5.56

    “You can’t have enough ammo because…shooting is like sex. You can’t pull the trigger just once.”

  5. 5.56
    8mm mauser
    …the enemies of liberty are relentless.

  6. 5.56
    8mm mauser

    …some people don’t want me to have it at all.

  7. The question was, “WHO makes the best ammo?”, and every respondent so far reels off CALIBERS?

    Excuse me, my understanding of the English language seems to have wandered FAR WIDE of the norm!

    CALIBERS and MANUFACTURERS aren’t the same thing AT ALL.

  8. Lawman Clean Fire FMJ: 1000 45acp; 1000 .38sp
    Remington Golden Saber Bonded: ditto above
    .22LR CCI MiniMags: 5,000 rounds
    Brenneke Tactical Home Defense 12g slugs: 100
    Remington Express #1 12g Buckshot: 100 rounds
    Aguila Minishell 12 Gauge slugs: 200 rounds

    You can’t have enough ammo because friends may come and go, but enemies accumulate.

  9. 9mm
    .45 ACP
    .308 Win

    You can’t have enough ammo because… anything less than 1.7 billion rounds is letting DHS win.

  10. .380 ACP
    .40 S&W
    .243 Winchester

    You can’t have enough ammo because your XD(M) doesn’t fly as well as a good rock, and an AR-15 is too light to make a good club.

    • Listed calibers, forgot my brands, derp, and I couldn’t edit.

      .380 ACP – Hornady Critical Defense
      .40 S&W – A large pile of Winchester White Box, and smaller pile of Hornady Critical Defense
      .243 Winchester – A couple cases of every bullet weight that Hornady makes ought to last me the rest of my life
      .22LR – Anything by CCI, so my Mosquito is happy. Stack it wide and deep.

      You can’t have enough ammo because your XD(M) doesn’t fly as well as a good rock, and an AR-15 is too light to make a good club.

  11. “You can’t have enough ammo because, theirs always a ample supply of Tyranny around the world”

  12. 25 cases of .22 LR
    20 cases 5.56mm FMJ
    10 cases 5.56mm OTM
    15 cases 9mm FMJ
    5 cases 9mm HST
    10 cases of various training 12ga bird, buck, slugs
    3 cases of 12ga premium buckshot
    2 cases of 12ga Brenneke slugs

    You can’t have enough ammo because . . . you never know when an event will make ammo scarce, firearms training, practice, practice, practice, and defense.

    • Tee hee. Yeah, I missed that too. I think it’s a little confusing because you can win Black Hills Ammunition……branded coffee, but that’s it. The wish list is to show your favorite ammo brands, not what caliber ammo you’d like to “win.”

      I usually go for the cheaper kind, or reloads (such as the American Marksman ammo). Anything American Eagle is just fine. Speer ain’t bad either.

  13. 10 cans 420 Federal Cartridge 5.56mmx45mm 62gr FMJ
    2000 rds Federal 9MM 124 gr FMJ
    10000 Federal Ammunition 22LR 40gr Auto Match

    You can’t have enough ammo because… you never know when there will be another shortage.

  14. Black Hills: 5.56 77 gr otm
    9mm 124 gr
    ASYM: .45 Match hardball
    CCI .22 Mini mag

    You can’t have enough ammo because, because you never know when you need all of them

  15. In mass-manufactured ammo, I have found Federal to be the most consistent and the best overall quality. Norma has excellent game rifle ammunition, but it is so scarce as to availability, it’s often hardly worth mentioning.

    In components, I like:

    – Norma, Lapua and Federal brass, in that order for accuracy. For game rifle brass, Norma or Federal.
    – Barnes, Berger, Hornady and Nosler bullets, in that order, with a few Sierra’s that I also like. For fat pistol pills in lead, there’s a couple of local guys who cast nice pre-lubed lead bullets I use in .45 Colt & ACP.
    – Hodgdon for powders (both “H” and “IMR” versions), altho Alliant and Vihtavuori powders are quite good. Of these latter two, “Reloader” powders (Re15 and Re17) are attracting some new attention.
    – Federal and CCI for primers; Federal for most everything, and CCI for NATO-spec small and large rifle primers for service rifles and benchrest.

    In .22LR ammo, Ely, Lapua and RWS, but as with all things .22, you need to find out what works in your firearm, especially rifles.

  16. You can’t have enough ammo, because like fruit cake…it never goes bad!

    If my budget was unlimited then I’d buy all the ammo made and decide which I like best….

  17. 9mm 124g Speer Gold Dot, 115g +P Cor-Bon
    45 ACP any practice ammo and 185g ASYM for competition
    357 magnum Cor-Bon 125g +P
    .223 Remington 55g Power-Lokt

    “You can’t have enough ammo because paper targets still have us outnumbered.”

  18. .22 long rifle
    .38 special

    “You can’t have enough ammo because winter is coming.”

  19. You can never have enough ammo, because you can always practice MORE!

    357 Sig
    7.55 Swiss

    5K rounds of each would be a good start.

  20. I should add this in a separate posting, since so many people here don’t shoot anything other than AR’s:

    I have found Lake City mil-surp brass to be of good quality. Before the recent sales campaign by Dear Leader, once-fired mil-surp brass in 5.56 and 7.62 was one of the best bargains out there. There’s a lot of prep work involved in reloading once-fired military brass, but for Lake City “LC headstamp” it’s worth it, IMO. NB that you should check capacities on military brass before assuming that it’s the same interior dimensions as sporting brass.

    If you shoot Garands or 1903’s in service rifle matches, hunt down some Lake City ’06 brass and work it up (if it hasn’t been already). Lake City ’06 brass used to be quite good.

    Also, Lake City used to make a .30-06 “match” round called the “M-72.” If you used that in a rack-grade Springfield or Garand, you used to be able to spank a lot of people at matches until people started loading good quality ’06 brass with MatchKings in 168 or 175… then the performance you got off LC Match was just OK. Recently, I’ve see LC Match ammo priced for collectors or something… way too high to bother buying for shooting, considering the results you can get with mil-surp ’06 brass and modern all-copper VLD pills.

  21. Black Hills 5.56, 55 gr. 50,000
    Cor-Bon 5.56, DPX, 10,000
    Black Hills 308, 168 gr. 25,000
    Black Hills 45, 230 gr., FMJ 100,000
    Cor-Bon 45, 230 gr DPX 15,000
    Black Hills 9mm, 115 gr. FMJ 100,000
    Cor-Bon 9mm, 95 gr. DPX 15,000
    Federal 12ga, OO Buck, Flite Control 5,000
    Federal 12 ga, Low Recoil Slugs 5,000
    Fiocchi 12 ga, Crusher, #8 shot 100,000
    Fiocchi 20 ga, Game/Target, #8 shot 50,000
    CCI 22 long rifle, AR Tactical copper plated HP 100,000

    You can’t have enough ammo because . . .
    there’s no such thing as “enough ammo”.

  22. Federal .38 Special +P 129gr Hydra Shock JHP

    “You can’t have enough ammo because they don’t make that much.”

  23. 1 case of Cor Bon 9mm Luger Plus P 115gr DPX
    10 cases of Winchester 9mm Luger 115gr FMJ

    You can’t have enough ammo because you CAN have too much government. There is a good reason for the second amendment. Just ask the Founding Fathers.

  24. 45 ACP: 2,000 rounds Winchester white box, 400 rounds Hornady Critical Defense
    22 LR: 10,000 rounds CCI Mini-mag, 1,000 Wolf Match Target
    .223/5.56: 5,000 rounds Black Hills 52 gr Match HP, 5,000 rounds Black Hills 77 gr Sierra Matchking HP

    You can’t have enough ammo because…firearms shouldn’t be sitting unused and neglected in the safe!

  25. Unlimited budget:

    7 pallets federal xm855-unknown part number
    1 pallet speer golddot 5.56 64gr-24448
    3 pallet speer lawman 9mm 147-53620
    3 pallet speer lawman 9mm 124-53651
    5 pallet speer lawman .45 200-53655
    1 pallet speer golddot 9mm 124 +P-53617
    1 pallet speer golddot .45 200 +P-53969
    1 pallet cci .22lr mini-mag 40gr-0030
    1 pallet cci .22lr standard velocity 40gr-0032
    1 half pallet cci .22lr subsonic hp 40gr-0056
    1 pallet federal 13200 truflite 00 buckshot
    1 pallet federal 1321b truflite 1 buckshot
    1 pallet federal leb127lrs truball slug
    2 pallets federal #8 tg12 topgun target

    1 very secure shed to store above in.

    You can’t have enough ammo because…

    …without ammo, my firearms become very expensive clubs.

  26. 50 cases match grade 223/556
    50 cases 62g 556
    25 cases 22lr

    You can’t have enough ammo because your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.

  27. who makes the best ammo?…well I do myself each caliber I have is matched perfectly to my guns and rifles…as for a wish list ….(just a few things)
    50,000 small rifle primers
    25,000 .223 55 gr FMJ’s
    25,000 .223 65 gr FMJ’S
    (20) 8lb containers of powder (Alliant Powder)
    50,000 small pistol primers
    30,000 9mm 115 gr hollow points
    20,000 38 cal 124 gr jacketed hollow points

    “You can’t have enough ammo because you never know what the “anointed ones”are going to try next…..

  28. “You can’t have enough ammo because . . . the Dianne Feinsteins of the world keep replicating.”

    “You can’t have enough ammo because . . . ‘Praise the Lord and pass the ammo’ should be our national motto.”

    “You can’t have enough ammo because . . . what, are you kidding?”

  29. .45 acp JHP
    .357 mag JHP (Especially if it’s Black Hills)

    You can’t have enough ammo because…

    of the children. Your stash may be the only ammo available to future generations if the 2A fight is lost. Think of the children!

  30. Federal .223/5.56 as much as possible.

    You can never have to much ammo because no one ever regrets having more ammo than they need.

  31. Black Hills Ammo
    .45acp. 9mm. 7.62x54R. 25auto. 38spec. 270win. 12ga
    You can’t have enough ammo because…..there are way more thugs, crooks, creeps and nuts out there waiting for you!

  32. 9mm I would take 3000 Speer Lawman FMJ 147gr for silencer fun and 300 147gr Gold Dots. Shoot just the same and look cool in the water expansion tests on YouTube.
    .40 I would take a hill of Federal FMJ 180gr just to see what the round count on Glock 23 service life actually is. Then about 300 of the 155 Winchester Ranger Talon.
    .357 Sig just needs as many Gold Dots, Golden Sabers, and Ranger Talons as you can find. Cuz affording em is always tricky and the ballistics are identical as far as energy, weight and speed are concerned…whatever the delivery fairy can manage there. Those are the best of the best and it’d be worth comparing them.
    .45ACP I want 10,000 rounds of Remington UMC Target. I love this ammo. It’s nickel cased FMJ and it would go good with any .45 I’ve played with and own without corroding in storage.
    5.55mm/.223 I want about 50,000 of the Lake City steel penetrator load. It would be good to break my AR in on and do good when the zombies start driving vehicles and taking cover.

    You can never have enough ammo because…personnel carried lasers haven’t been released for commercial sale.

  33. .22lr CCI mini-mags
    9mm Blazer or Fed Champion
    .223, anything under.35 per round

    You can’t have enough ammo because I said so.

  34. 7.62×39

    You can’t have enough ammo because… I don’t always go to the range, but when I do I prefer dos AK’s! (sorry, stole the line from the internet)

  35. “You can’t have enough ammo because…” when the world goes to hell, asking nicely gets you nowhere.

    2000rds Federal Premium 5.56
    2000rds PMC .223
    2000rds Remington .223
    2000rds Stinger 22LR Hollow Point
    2000rds Remington 22LR

  36. Black Hills Ammo 5.56 / .223 22LR 30-06 7.62X39 9MM 38 Spec.
    You can’t have enough ammo because…..the world is a big bad place so you need to go train more.

  37. Black Hills 308 Match 175gr. Why handload when that stuff is so good?

    You can’t have enough, because no one needs that much ammo…right up until she does.

  38. 9mm 124g Speer Gold Dot, 10k
    .308 168g Federal Gld Medal, 5k
    .22LR Winchester Xpert, 20k

    …because you never know when you’ll have to miss the weekend fun show to fly to California for a custody hearing on a 8 year old with addicted parents who are facing drug and weapons charges.

  39. Dear Ammo Clause,

    I’ve been a Cranky SOB only because thare ain’t enough ammo to use for practice. SO, a pallet of each of the following would put me back at the top of the super best ever happy people list

    CCI .22lr in each flavor. hold the shot shells
    5.56 lake City 109 and 855
    7.62 x 39 Golden Bear
    .45 Federal Classic – 230gr JHP Hi-Shok
    And a few thousand .380 JHP

    You can’t have enough ammo, period.

    And if you could find some mags that would be coolest.

    Who Loves ya?,
    Sammy does

    P.S. And a lot of 12 gauge buck and slugs!

  40. I’m going to immediately recuse myself from the contest. You’ll see why in a sentence…

    It seems to me that only Ken and John above are thinking with “unlimited” in mind. So with that in mind, I’m going to double down on John’s ammo entry and flagrantly plagiarize Ken’s “can’t have enough ammo because” entry.

    Now I’m off to start laying the foundation for the above mentioned storage shed…

  41. Time to get sentimental…

    When I was a kid growing up in LA, I noticed at T-ball practice kids were all being hauled off by their parents. That’s odd, I thought. Then my dad came, grabbed me off the field, and just carried me away. He said there was a riot, which I didn’t understand. There was smoke from the fires everywhere creating a fog like haze.

    He sat me and my brother in front of the TV and told us to play video games (an old Atari, of course). I watched as he got out his Colt National Match .45, got out the ammo (because he kept them separate, always a good idea with young kids in the house) and picked through the ammo he had in his .50 caliber ammo can. He literally tossed aside a bunch of stuff, until he found his box of 230 grain Federal Hydra-Shok ammo, and loaded it up. He sat in the living room watching the news, with the gun right by his side, and I never felt safer. Federal Hydra-Shok is the only ammo I will ever use if I have a choice. Of course I run cheap stuff for practice, but after those few days, everything else is just that, cheap stuff.

    • Also, you can’t have enough ammo because you can’t go to the store when there’s a riot.

  42. 250k, minimum, of the following:

    CCI .22lr Segmented, HV and Subsonic
    CCI .22lr Velocitor

    Corbon 9mm DPX 115gr
    Corbon .223 DPX, 62gr
    Corbon 300AAC Blackout DPX
    Corbon .308 DPX in 130gr and 168gr

    “You can’t have enough ammo because… research has proven a direct correlation between dead sociopaths and their repeat offense prevention.”

  43. 2.0 Billion rounds of .40 S&W in 165 grain Gold Dots
    2.0 Billion rounds of 10mm Auto in Buffalo Bore 180 grain
    2.0 Billion rounds of 9mm in 124 grain +P Gold Dots
    4.0 Billion rounds of Federal 5.56 55 grain FMJ
    4.0 Billion rounds of Winchester Razorback XT in .308 Win
    500,000 rounds of Federal Premium 180 Grain TSX in 300 W’by
    1.0 Billion rounds of Hornady Superformance 95 grain in .243 Win
    1.0 Trillion rounds of CCI Blazer in .22LR
    You can’t have enough ammo because there is no such thing.

  44. 1k .50, .338, .308, .44, 9mm, .380
    2k 7.62×39, .223
    10k .22, .17, .177
    Or a billion of each.

    … there are seven billion possible bad guys.

  45. “You can’t have enough ammo because . . . the wife keeps borrowing my stuff !”


  46. 9 mm Luger

    “You can’t have enough ammo, because ammo is like Israeli supermodels, there’s never enough to go around!”

  47. 5.56
    45 ACP

    You can’t have enough ammo because… I keep finding the deals online and passing them to friends in (legislation pending, could be) banned states.

  48. 100,000 rds Green Tip 5.56mm
    100,000 rds Hornady Critical Defense .45
    100,000 rds Hornady Critical Defense .40
    100,000 Gold Dot .38+p
    Winchester PDX1 .410
    100,000 Surplus 8mm mauser
    Assorted 20ga
    Assorted 16ga
    2,000,000 CCI .22LR

    …Because I’m constantly taking newbies to the range to give them a life changing experience.

  49. 9mm

    “You can’t have enough ammo, because finding 5.56 or .223 in Hawai’i was already a waiting game BEFORE the panic or election, since most distributors seem to be unaware that yes, you actually CAN ship ammo here to private cutomers.”

  50. 5.56mm M-193
    7.62x51mm M-80 ball
    9mm 147gr HP
    .45 230gr FMJ.

    As for company Federal makes best factory ammo.

  51. 9mm
    40 S&W

    …we live in a dangerous world, plagued with targets that will need to be serviced.

  52. .40 S&W

    “You can’t have enough ammo because . . . ”

    As long as you have a barreled action to feed, you need something to feed it. There ARE starving guns here in America after all…

  53. .45 230gr. fmj or jhp 3 cases
    5.56mm NATO or .223 remington 55gr fmj 3 cases
    .308 168gr fmj 3 cases
    9mm 1 case 147gr jhp, 2 cases 115gr fmj
    .380 90gr jhp 3 cases
    .38 special 125gr swc 2 cases
    .357 magnum 125gr jhp 1 case
    12 gauge 1 case each of target, 00 buck, slugs and bird shot.
    You can’t have enough ammo because you’ve got to practice, practice, practice.

  54. 10,000 rounds per caliber. No less, but more is always welcome.

    You can’t have enough ammo because . . . the Constitution doesn’t limit me in how much I can own. Period.

  55. 11,000 PG-7 RPG’s
    3200 FIM-92 Stingers
    250k lake city 556
    100k wwb .40
    10k Hornaday TAP 556
    10k Critical Defense .40
    1.1mm Cci .22

    …because just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you…

  56. My reloads are best( better than factory) 38 spel. 357 mag. 308 win., 3006 spring, 45 colt, and 30/30 win, and last 45 acp and 45/70 government , i fit the bullet and charge to it’s use …

  57. .22 LR 40 gr (Federal Premium 1240 fps)
    .22LR 38 gr subsonic.
    2 3/4″ 12 ga 00 Buckshot (>=8 lead pellets) Remington or Federal
    2 3/4″ 12 ga Federal #8 >=1 1/8 oz lead Remington or Federal
    3″ 12 ga T hevi-shot (>1 oz) Remington or Federal
    3″ 12 ga #6 lead (>1.5 oz) Remington or Federal

    3″ remington accutips 20 ga deer slugs
    30-06 Hornady 165gr superperformance.
    45 ACP (Remington)

    Because you cant have enough ammo.

  58. .40 S&W
    9mm Luger
    .22 LR

    You can never have too much ammo because all your friends come to your place in the country to shoot, and never thought it would actually come to this.

  59. How much of what would you buy?
    50k of each would probably last me a couple years so.

    .308 BTJHP
    50 bmg

    “You can’t have enough ammo because……I lead you.”

  60. .45 ACP, 9mm, 38 Special. 5000 rounds of each.

    You can’t have enough ammo because 2012 happens.

  61. .22 LR, 7.62 x 54, .303 british, 9mm, .223/5.56

    You can’t have enough ammo because . . . you have to rely on yourself to protect your home, hearth, and family.

  62. 9mm, .45acp, and the increasingly elusive 8mm Mauser.

    You can never have enough ammo because King Andy and his Knights of the Purple Tie aren’t going to be there when I need to protect my home.

  63. 9mm
    .308 Winchester
    300 WinMag
    300 AAC
    12 gauge 00 buckshot

    You can’t have enough ammo because di-fi.

  64. Swiss surplus 7.5 x 55. Actually shoots better (and at 1/2 cost) than Hornady.

    You can never have enough ammo because it always gets lost in boating accidents.

  65. I make the best ammo, but if I buy something, I prefer Federal. Never tried Black hills.
    00 buck
    And .300 BLK
    I can’t have enough ammo because the retired guys are waiting to snatch it from the freshly stocked shelves while I am still at work and I’m too paranoid to buy online.

  66. XM193
    You can’t have too much ammo because Homeland Security buys it by the billion and since my government knows what’s best for me I’ve got some catching up to do.

  67. closet full of lake city 5.56mm m855 (green tip)
    cabinet full of federal 9mm 147gr hydra-shok and another case of 147gr jrn pills for reloads
    a few more kegs of leverevolution powder and cases of .30cal hornady pills for my 1894
    a few more spam cans of cyrillic 7.62x54R
    “you can’t have enough ammo.. or training, and there is always too much darkness.”
    or “.. because a mosin nagant is a mediocre spear at best”

  68. FEDERAL GOLD MEDAL MATCH .308 168gr…by the frickin’ truckload

    …because I shoot too darn much of it and it goes too darn fast and there’s too darn little and too many damn idiots that don’t want me to have it.

  69. ….because I plan on keeping all of my guns and shooting them every chance I get until I’m gone. Then its my sons turn to practice and preserve our Constitution by answering the call to action in defense of our most basic rights. This is what we must do together.


  70. 15,000 rounds of .22 lr
    15,000 rounds of .45 ACP
    15,000 rounds of .223
    15,000 rounds of 9mm

    “…the right amount to have is enough to survive your first gunfight, plus all of the practice up to that point…”

  71. 9mm 115gr Federal champion x 500 rounds
    .223 64gr Speer gold dot x 1000 rounds
    22lr 36grain CCI bulk packs x 3750 rounds

    As you can see I prefer to buy ATK when I can.

    “You can’t have enough ammo because if you aren’t careful your buddies will buy everything off the shelves before you get the chance to stock up later.”

  72. “You can’t have enough ammo because . . . you can’t afford tanks, Apache helicopters, F-16s, A-10s & aircraft carriers.”

  73. You can’t have enough ammo….because I need to have enough to uphold my Constitutional duties as a citizen!

    5.56mm – Black Hills OTM 77gr M262 Mod 1 – at least 10k for storage, another 10-20k for practice
    9mm – 10k
    45 ACP – 10k
    22LR – 30k – because practice makes perfect!
    30-06 – 10k, or as many spam cans you can get before the closet floor begins to sag!

  74. Brenneke Black Magic Magnum slugs 200
    Federal Premium Vital-Shok Ammunition 12 Gauge 2-3/4″ Buffered 00 Copper Plated Buckshot 12 Pellets Box of 5 x 200
    Barnes VOR-TX Ammunition 30-06 Springfield 168 Grain Tipped Triple-Shock X Bullet Boat Tail Lead-Free Box of 20 x 20
    Black Hills Ammunition 223 Remington 77 Grain Sierra MatchKing Hollow Point Box of 50 x 60
    Federal Premium Vital-Shok Ammunition 375 H&H Magnum 250 Grain Speer Trophy Bonded Bear Claw box of 5 x 30

    You can’t have enough ammo because if you want it, it’s labelled “Out of Stock. No Backorder.”

  75. 50k – .22LR, 30k – .380, 30k – .38, 30k – .357 Magnum, 30k – .5.56, 30k – .308, 30k – 9mm

    A rifle behind every blade of grass, needs ammunition!

  76. .22LR
    9x19mm Luger
    5.56x45mm NATO
    7.62x54mm NATO
    7.62x39mm Soviet
    .408 CheyTac

    You can’t have enough ammo because you will be far better off with too much than too little.

  77. 5.56

    You can never have enough ammo because there’s always something worth shooting.

  78. For the money, Federal Champion gets the nod for me. Before the panic finding brass-cased 9mm for less than $12/box was almost impossible. Plus I think 9mm is probably the best “all-around” pistol caliber. It doesn’t do any one thing particularly spectacularly, but it doesn’t do anything poorly either.

    You can never have too much ammo, because there’s a range day around every corner.

  79. 9mm
    .45 acp
    12 gauge 23/4 and 3 inch bird and buck shot of various #

    You can’t have enough ammo because . . . of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Shooting makes me happy, it is my life, and when necessary it imbues me with the skills and abilities to protect my liberty.

  80. Wilson Combat 6.8 is the best I’ve used. For 5.56 my personal favorite is Mk 318 Mod 0. Federal, Hornady, Federal and Winchester all have good stuff. If I get a chance, I’d love to try Gunwerks .338 Lapua.

    You can never have too much ammo, because the very existence of ammo offends those who despise freedom.

  81. Unlimited ammo, unlimited budget?
    5000 rnds of 9mm Speer Gold Dot
    5000 rnds Corbon DPX 7.62×39
    15,000 rnds CCI mini mag .22

    At all times.

    You can never have enough ammo because…when it rains, it pours.

  82. I’d buy;
    500,000 rounds each of
    45 acp
    308 Win
    50 bmg

    You can’t have too much ammo because it’s better than gold, it’s always worth something, it’s actually useful in many situations (self defense, feeding your family, fun, resisting tyranny, barter, shtf, etc), and your guns are just hunks of polymer and/or iron without it.

  83. 45acp
    12 gauge
    “You can’t have enough ammo because… its simple too much fun turning all of my hard earned dollars into deafening noise and flashes of light”

  84. 45 ACP & 38 Special

    “You can’t have enough ammo because, seriously, it’s really hard to defend your house with a boomerang.”

  85. A trillion rounds (each) of the following:

    .22 LR, 9 mm, .40, .45, 7.62×39, 5.56, 00 buck shot

    You can’t have enough ammo because those god damn zombies aren’t going to kill themselves.

  86. Buffalo Bore. I can kill a bear or an idiot.
    With the bear, I get to say, “Dang, that was close. I’m glad I practiced.”
    With the idiot, I get to say: “Dude, you know I can see sunlight through you, right?” before he falls down and goes bye-bye.

  87. 10,000 rounds of 168 gr speer gold dot bonded soft tips
    10,000 rounds of 62 gr speer gold dot bonded soft tips
    10,000 rounds of hornady critical duty 9mm
    10,000 rounds of hornady critical duty .45 ACP

    You can’t have enough ammo because the exercise of a civil right or liberty is not contingent upon one’s ability to demonstrate past, present or future need and he/she should therefore celebrate the right to keep and bear arms by exercising it to the maximum extent possible without infringing upon the rights of others.

  88. I’d love to get some MK262! Add to that a dash of FGMM 168 gr. .308, some remmy 220 gr .300 blk, and a nice fresh batch of 147 gr web bulk packs.

    Add in a dessert of some Hornady 55 gr z-max and that’ll fill my appetite for the time being.

  89. Wish list:
    500 rounds 9mm+P 115 gr CorBon
    5000 rounds 9mm ball
    10 spam cans of 7.62×39 and 54R
    5000 rounds 62 gr 5.56
    500 rounds home defense .223
    10000 rounds Remington Gold .22LR
    5 cases each 12 GA buck and bird
    500 rounds Winchester Silvertip .32
    500 rounds .32 ball

    And 1000 rounds .38 for the other half.

    … because lead hits harder than sh*t out of a fan.

  90. .45
    You can never have too much ammo because you can never have too much practice. If you are out of ammo after practicing, you’re then vulnerable to very dangers you practice for: things that go bump in the night, unprovoked assault, protecting your loved ones, but most of all, ZOMBIES! Braaaaains!

  91. BH 5.56 55gr varmint loads, 69gr target loads.
    BH 9mm 147gr jhp, 147gr fmj.
    BH 45acp 230gr fmj.

    You can never have enough ammo because practice and competition take many rounds to be successful.

    • Any ammo I want? I want all future production of ammo to go to me. All of it. I will hold it hostage until gun control is officially declared dead.

      Oh, and one box of 7.65×25 Borchardt.

      You can never have enough ammo because DHS is buying it all.

  92. I’ve been reading the site for a couple weeks now, since I have no cash to go shooting.
    So to quote “Da Yoopers” song “Free Beer”:
    The greatest beerammo in this whole world,
    is the one you buy for me.

    You can never have enough ammo because perfect practice makes perfect. But if nobody is perfect, why bother practicing. Oh, right the same applies to dictators.

  93. You can’t have enough ammo because the government won’t let you.

    I could use .380 and 9mm please.

  94. .22 lr
    8×57 JS
    6.5×54 M-S
    .45 ACP
    12 ga 2 3/4″ shotshells

    You can’t have enough ammo because you need to keep practicing shooting your guns. Shooting skills can be lost if they are not regularly kept up.

  95. 300 blackout
    40 SW

    You can never have enough ammo because civilian disarmament advocates say you can have too much.

  96. 5000 rnd ea 9mm, 45ACP, or Rem. Golden Saber and Fiocchi XTP, 124 & 230 gr, repectively
    5000 rnd 5.56 ‘White Box’
    1000 rnd 175gr Remington Core-Lokt 303 British
    Yeah, had to get weird, but ‘Matilda’ is a rifle I’ve had for nearly 16 years. I sorta like shooting her, but my son loooooves shooting her, so she stays and gets fed. 🙂

  97. 2,400 rounds Black Hills 9mm Luger 115 Gr. Jacketed Hollow Point +P
    1,200 rounds Black Hills .380 Automatic 90 Gr. Jacketed Hollow Point
    1,000 rounds Black Hills Cowboy Action .32-20 115 Gr. FPL (for my sweet 1907 Bisley Colt)

    “You can’t have enough ammo because . . . my wife keeps shooting all of mine!”

  98. Regular (full) container ship delivery of S&B 9mm Luger, .38 Special, .357 Magnum, .45 ACP, and 7.62x54R non-corrosive. Storage space at the Port of Seattle. Regular container delivery by train of Remington Golden Saber in 9mm, .357 Magnum, and .45 ACP. Also on the train would be containers of Federal 12 gauge 00 buck with the flite control wad, and some Federal 5.56 55 grain FMJ. As before, storage would be at the Port.

    The above is a mixture of self defense and practice ammo for the guns I and my brother own. As we acquired different guns, the shipments would be tweaked to suit our needs, of course.

    As for the sentence, you can never have enough ammo because happiness is a warm gun.

  99. Its fortuitous that you would mention Black Hills Ammo…

    Before I was so much into reloading, I bought crates of black hills ammo for compettions. They use top of the line brass. I have gone 10 seasons off of the same brass (reloaded once per season) and I have only tossed 2% of the cases.

    I would have 3000 rounds of 30-06 gold edition, 5000 rounds of 5.56 gold edition, 5000 rounds of the 308 gold edition, 10000 rounds of the 45 (either reman or new loads is fine) and 10000 rounds of 9mm.

    I would take Hornady second in the same quantities.

    Federal Gold Match is a distant third. They laquer in their primers and I can’t reload them without extra work.

    “You can’t have enough ammo because there is always more targets that need killin”.

  100. Federal HST in any caliber for carry ammo.
    Hornady Vintage Match for my WWII era guns.

    Wish list? 9mm, 8mm, 6.8SPC, 7.5 Swiss, 7.62x54R, .30-06, and .22LR. What happened to all the darn .22?

    You can never have enough ammo, but you can’t keep it all in the house without cracking the floorboards.

  101. .9mm luger
    .45 ACP

    “You can’t have enough ammo because…because these IPSC/USPSA/IDPA targets aren’t going to shoot themselves”

  102. 2,500 each:
    38 special
    12ga (assorted slugs, buckshot and birdshot)
    10,000 22lr

    You can’t have enough ammo because practice requires a steady supply. Also, you can’t have enough ammo period.

  103. 9mm luger, please.

    You can’t have enough ammo because… a click is a terrible thing to hear.

    • If we are able to choose brands and quantities, I’d just ask for a good amount of Hornady Critical Defense and as much of either Federal or Winchester 115-gr FMJ for targets as they’d be willing to give. All 9mm.

    • Okay, this should go to show that you don’t read comments to get an idea of what the contest is about. I thought it was about winning coffee, a grinder, a bag, AND your wish list of ammo. Sheesh….

      My official ammo wish list?

      Winchester WB 9mm 115-grain FMJs for practice. We’ll start at 25,000 rounds.

      Hornady Critical Defense 115-grain JHP in 9mm, about 1,500 rounds.

      I don’t think my wife would let me keep more than that.

  104. “You can’t have enough ammo because . . . racking a shotgun without it is a terrible thing to waste.”

  105. CCI Standard and Minimag HP, .22LR
    Wolf Gold 7.62×25 HP
    Good ole Blazer Brass 9mm for practice and USPSA
    American Eagle .45ACP for practice and IDPA
    Hornady Critical Defense 9mm, .45ACP and .38 Spl +P for carry
    Those sexy green tipped 62gr. 5.56mm
    Buffalo Bore .45 Auto Rim
    UMC Bulk Pack .38 Spl
    Federal Power Shok .30 Carbine 110gr SP

    Those were my go-to choices when I was a lad and ammo was a-plenty. These days, you can’t have enough ammo because every time you buy a case, a gun grabber gets diarrhea.

  106. You can’t have enough ammo because its pretty hard to shoot without it.
    My list includes.
    Hornady, Federal, or Fiocchi if possible in the following calibers
    9mm Luger
    .223 Rem
    .17 HMR
    .22 LR
    and 12 ga 2 3/4 in 00 buck rifled slugs and target loads.

  107. Imagine unlimited ammo availability and an unlimited budget. How much of what would you buy?

    CCI Green Tag .22LR – 25,000 rounds
    CCI Mini-Mag .22LR – ditto
    Federal Gld Match .308 – 10,000 rounds
    Hornady Critical Defense – .45acp, 9mm, .357. .38 Spcl, .380, .327 Mag, .22Mag – 5,000 rounds each
    .223 – Black Hills 63 grain – 20,000 rnds
    (Unlimited budget – yeah)

    “You can’t have enough ammo because . . . ” ” … sh*t happens, and you never know when it will hit the fan.”

  108. Cans and cans of…
    Spam cans and cans of 7.62x54R

    “You can’t have enough ammo because it’s not a renewable resource and doesn’t grow on trees”

  109. With an unlimited budget my ammo purchases would be limited only by storage space. I’d start with ~500 rounds of every caliber from every manufacturer I could find. Then I’d launch my own blog site, The Truth About Ammo, and spend my days at the range evaluating different loads through various fixed test platforms & publishing the results.

    You can’t have enough ammo because the ammo you do have generates excuses to use itself up.

    You can’t have enough ammo because manufacturers generate new guns, barrels, optics and other accessories faster than it is possible to create each conceivable combination of them to test-fire even just once.

  110. [quote]You can’t have enough ammo because . . .[/quote]
    …someday you may wake up and find out the US Constitution & Bill of Rights were just a dream.

    12 ga “00”
    9×18 Makarov
    8mm Mauser

  111. I Love black hills loadings in .357 mag. and .44 mag.–my choice for practice.

    Most of these are budget choices, but they meet my needs:

    .30-30—–Federal Fusion. Low buck, good penetration. Good bullets.
    .303——–Prvi Partizan 180 gr. PSP. Good velocity, great accuracy out of my rifles.
    .35 Rem. (oh God, did I admit that?) 200 gr. Remington Core-lokt
    .444——–Hornady 265 gr. Superformance or Grizzly 300 gr. Hawk JFP, but too expensive. If I could find primers, I’d never buy factory .444 again.
    .45-70——HSM with 400 gr. speers. Awesome for the money.

    You can never have enough ammunition because YOU’RE ONLY AS GOOD AS THE LAST GROUP YOU SHOT.

  112. A brick of Aguila .22 Interceptor.
    You can’t have enough ammo because it’s a tautology, and plinking!

  113. 9mm/38spc/45acp/25auto/22lr/22mag/7.62x54r/270/25-06/12ga/anything else I can get.

    You can never have enough ammo because yelling Bang won’t kill your attacker with laughter!!

  114. 45 ACP x All of it
    9mm PARA x All of it too
    5.56 x I mean all of it

    You can’t have enough ammo because….apparently the federal government can’t either.

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