I just got back from 4 hours on the range with John Hollister, one of the more memorable faces at AAC (you may remember him best in a kilt). We fired everything John could fit in his trunk, most of it full auto, and have video of everything. I’ll get the video up just as soon as I’m on a better connection, but until then here’s me firing an MP5-SD. We had 30 seconds of space left on my SD card and I figured that there was no better way to waste it than with one long burst of awesome.


  1. AAC makes good products, suppressors save our hearing and they improve hunter safety. So why are these things so heavily regulated as to be virtually unobtainable in the real world, or banned outright? I recognize that the NFA doesn’t prohibit obtaining suppressors, but my state government does.

    • IIRC, NFA was about weapons deemed to be associated with gangsters. Silencers still have the association with gangsters/hitmen in the public mind. Most people nowadays see silencers in movies and assume that’s a realistic depiction.


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